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  • Possible reasons, because of which can exfoliate nails
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  • Layer toenails

Brittle nails are exfoliating - one of the most frequent problems of natural nails. Problematic nails bring a lot of inconvenience for women: they quickly break down, look unsightly and sometimes even terrible, despite all efforts to bring them in order to cling to the hair and clothes to them poorly kept lacquer. What can be the cause of the problem? What to do if exfoliate nails? How to overcome this trouble? Will the master?

When exfoliate nails - their treatment can be very time-consuming and laborious process. To participate in it should be two: the master who advises and prescribes treatment, and the client, which strictly follows the recommendations. Everyone must give everything to the maximum. Before the master task is to tell, what is the reason that you exfoliate nails, nail plates to process, give advice on treatment and care. Client is to listen, to remember (or write), and strictly follow the recommendations.

Why is a bundle of nails? There are several important reasons. Let us consider each of them.

Possible reasons, because of which can exfoliate nails

Health problems

In order to answer the question, why exfoliate nails, enough to pay attention to their health. Often the origins of the problem lie within our body. Therefore, doctors recommend any treatment begins with diagnosis. It's right. Check the kidneys, liver, stomach, pancreas, endocrine glands, reproductive organs. Nails are sensitive to the level of toxins in the blood, to take the medication (especially antibiotics), changes in the hormonal background. Health can shake a lack of vitamins, trace elements. In this case, it will be useful to visit a dietitian and determine whether your body enough of the products that make up your usual diet.

You can help: vitamins E, A, D, B5, calcium, silicon. Try to eat balanced diets do not get carried away.

Exposure to water and detergents

If you exfoliate nails, the reason may lie in the quality of the water, we wash our hands. Everybody knows that the water in our taps is not different spring purity and transparency. The fact that the substance added to the tap water, negatively affect the nail plate strongly desiccate it. So after taking a bath or shower, we advise you to apply a nourishing cream with chitosan on the hands and nails. To protect themselves from aggressive detergents, always use rubber gloves.

If the nails exfoliate very much, it is possible to carry out the procedure, which is called sealing. Its essence lies in the fact that the nail plate and under it apply tonic and nail. Of course, the coating is gradually eroding - it is enough for about a week - that's why this version is not the final solution.

Mechanical damage

You wonder how big of a burden on our domestic long-suffering marigolds? We use them everywhere: to pry something, scrape, otkovyrnut. During our waking nails feel constant stress. The greater the load, the more exfoliate fingernails. The structure of the nail is a superposition of layers of keratin. With strong mechanical action of pressing the density of the layers to each other is reduced. Then the situation will only get worse: there are cracks, microgap. They increase as long as the bundle starts.

Of course, keep a manicure from anything that injures him, you can not. But is it enough to follow a few tips that will suit for your case. For example, if you work a lot on the computer, it does not grow long fingernails, because they are inconvenient to use and damaged by blows to the keyboard. If you have a thin layer of nails, and you love to grow flowers, worked exclusively in the protective gloves and more visit Manicurist.

Incorrect grinding edge of the nail

Remember, by treating the free edge of the nail can not use a blunt instrument! It does not cut the nail plate and presses, because of the keratin layers are displaced, and the nail is stratified. To preserve the integrity of the nail must be properly hold the instrument. The work surface should be positioned exactly perpendicular to the nail. A good option - to carry out maceration (hydration) of the free edge of the nail before shortening. Then strain is significantly reduced.

If you have very exfoliate nails, do not use a metal nail file. It leaves a lot of the microparticles in the nail, leading to further segregation. It is better to buy a ceramic or glass nail files for manicure. Find the best abrasive sawing: thinner than a fingernail, the smaller should be spraying. Do not grind the layer of nails, it is better apply a firming composition. Another important piece of advice - do not release exfoliated part, that you will bring even greater harm to your nails.

Not just to find out why exfoliate nails. This is only the beginning in the fight for your perfect manicure. Now it is time to take decisive action.

 exfoliate nails what to do

Strengthen nails

Remember, everything in our power, the main thing - patience. If the nails exfoliate and break down, get their strengthening. Here are a few necessary steps to ensure that your nails again become a model of health and beauty.

  1. Intake of vitamins and trace elements ovObogatite your diet foods high in calcium and vitamin D: milk, cheese, yogurt, dates, figs.

    In addition, often eat meat and fish, drink carrot juice containing vitamin A. It used to be that useful to strengthen nails gelatin. But as long as there is no sufficiently convincing evidence about its effectiveness. So decide for yourself whether to accept it or not. Why exfoliate fingernails more often in winter or early spring? The fact is that during this period the body's defenses are failing, the immune system weakens. Try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Take immunomodulatory drugs, drink alcohol tincture of echinacea. If you watch your diet, eat balanced, and give your body everything it needs, you will soon forget that a vitamin deficiency or the flu. Your hair and nails will become an example of pride, and overall health will improve dramatically.

  2. Power Oil and nail treatment cream to nail sloilis not regularly use the cream for a cuticle treatment and a special oil.

    Apply the oil on the nail contour nail and cuticle tool to treat the base of the nail. Means to strengthen nails set. Some of them contain panthenol allatonin promoting healing cuticle. As part of others - liposomes and nutrients that accelerate the formation of new cells in the growth zone of the nail plate. There are cream with keratin, a protein and vitamin C, helps increase resistance to adverse environmental effects.

  3. Massage

    How to strengthen the layer of nails? In addition to these tools, you can help your marigolds massage. Agree, this procedure is also useful as pleasant. Area cuticles massaged very soft brush coated with a glycerine or baby soap. This can be called easy peeling, because the cuticles are released from dead flakes.

    It is best to carry out this procedure in conjunction with the bath of sea salt. Sol - excellent strengthening layer of nails, because it contains the ideal proportion of iodine and minerals. Take baths three times a week. Suitable for both ocean and sea salt without aromadobavok. The warm water dissolve one teaspoon of salt. Dipped in the solution, and keep your fingers for about twenty minutes. Repeat the procedure should be for one and a half weeks.

  4. Paraffin and compresses

    If exfoliate nails, can advise another effective procedure - paraffin. It can be done in a beauty salon and at home. The result did not take long. Circulation will improve your fingers, nails shall be filled with oxygen and nutrients veschestvami.V home can make compresses. Composition: 70 grams water, 25 grams of glycerol, and 5 grams of alum. Once or twice a week, before going to bed is recommended to be applied on nails olive oil, put on cotton gloves and so go to sleep. Especially useful is the procedure in the winter when the skin on the hands becomes dry and nails particularly lacking moisture and vitamins.

  5. Manicure

    Caring for the layer of nails includes regular manicure: at least twice a month visit the master. Nail polish remover, use only gentle liquid, forget acetone. Do not forget that the nails occasionally need rest and "take a breath". Some time refuse colored nail polish in favor of a therapeutic. There is a special nail varnish layer, which is called "nail strengthener." It protects the nail plate from harmful influences and makes them stronger. It looks like a clear coat. Later, you can use it as the basis for the decorative manicure. Try to choose a fruit-based varnishes.

  6. Sealing "ER" for the layer of nails - sealing.

    This procedure involves layering products, which include vitamins, nutrients, trace elements. After polishing is applied to the nail plate cream and butter, which gives nails a healthy glow. All nutrients exert their healing effect over the past two weeks to stimulate nail growth and strengthening them.

  7. Baths

    There is an effective way to cure the layer of nails without too much cost and effort. Baths do quickly and easily, and their effect is almost the same as that of the medical devices. To enhance the effect, you can add the warm water essential oils of sandalwood, cedar, pine, bergamot, ylang-ylang.

    And, of course, do not forget about the healing properties of lemon soka.Vannochki layer of nails using iodine are the most popular. How to prepare the bath with iodine and celandine: in infusion celandine add a few drops of iodine and two tablespoons of sea salt. Water should be necessarily warm. The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minut.Slabym nails is very good bath with red wine. You'll need the following ingredients: 200 grams of red wine, a tablespoon of sea salt.

    Wine is heated to a temperature of 40-50 degrees and mixed with salt. The resulting mixture was ten to twenty minutes fingers descend. After the procedure, the hands are rinsed in warm water, dries towel and lubricated cream. For these baths suitable for both red and white vino.Esli you very much exfoliate nails, try the following recipe. Take 100 grams of white wine, four tablespoons of olive oil and five tablespoons of vinegar. First, mix the vinegar and oil, and then, while stirring, pour in the wine. Lower in the resulting substance fingertips on the quarter hour. Then, wash your hands, pat them with a towel and apply the cream.

    How to treat the layer of nails with the help of wine and daisies? Very simple! You will need to make a bag of dried chamomile flowers, which is sold in every pharmacy, a hundred grams of water, leave for an hour and a half. Then re-heat infusion and mix it with the fiftieth grams semi-dry white wine. Dip hands in this liquid. Rinsing time is the same as in the previous recipe. After completion of the medical procedure, rinse your hands in warm water.

    Exfoliate nails: what to do if you have at hand only the most basic ingredients? Do not despair, because there are therapeutic bath, for which you will need a total of 200 milliliters of water, two tablespoons strong tea leaves and 100 milliliters of fresh cabbage juice.

 exfoliate nails

Layer toenails

There is another vital question: why exfoliate toenails? The reasons may be the same as in the case with the fingernails. But there are still some nuances. Problems with toenails may be associated with wearing too tight shoes. This is especially true lovers of narrow shoes with heels. In this case, the nails are continuously under pressure so that they are deformed. Not only that, the nail will begin to exfoliate, there is also the threat of growing.

Toenails exfoliate due to impaired circulation legs, varicose veins, sedentary lifestyle, and so on. As a precaution, we offer an exercise for the feet. Pull the toes on my own, to detain them in this position for twenty seconds, turns toes apart from each other and then Freeze in this position for a few seconds. Repeat at least fifteen times.

So now you are warned, and hence armed. Knowing why exfoliate and break down nail how to properly care for them and how to treat them, you can easily take care of your manicure. Beautiful and healthy nails will improve your mood and self-confidence.

 If you exfoliate nails: what to do and how to treat them?

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