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Perhaps today is almost no women who could not care for themselves. After all, we all share the desire to please and attract admiring glances. One of the main types of care, of course, is considered daily application of the cream for the face. This seems to be a very simple procedure helps to preserve the beauty and significantly prolong youthfulness of the skin. After all, the cream protects it from such problems as frost, wind, scorching sun and polluted urban environment. With a similar age should begin to take care of your skin?

Most beauticians tend to believe that twenty years before the skin is in need of additional care. Moreover, the use of nutrients and moisturizers for young skin can lead to the fact that it will "lazy" and will no longer produce the right amount of fat. Therefore, before you start using the cream for young skin, listen carefully to their feelings. If you do not feel the itch, you do not bother peeling and redness, there is no feeling of dryness and tightness, then maybe you should not run to the store for purchase treasured jar or tube - the skin is still an excellent job and without your help.

However, this applies only to those who are not abused, makeup, going to a tanning salon and other beauty treatments, and does not use means that dry out the skin - such as alcohol lotion or cream for acne. If you still decide that the time has come to help nature, the question arises - how to choose the right cream for young skin.

Young skin

Speaking of the young skin, they tend to have a view of people from 13 to 24 years. At this age the skin usually has a good tone, elasticity, resilience and pleasant color. But, sadly, it is this skin can give a lot of problems to their owners. Especially during the hormonal changes of the body. Very often in puberty oily skin is greatly improved, and his face abundantly poured acne. It was at this point, and may be the largest number of errors. Girls, overwhelmed by only one desire - as quickly as possible to get rid of this problem - are beginning to indiscriminately use all the well-publicized means of promising miraculous healing. And it does not think about how dangerous it is for the skin.

However, fortunately, this problem is not found at all. So before you buy a cream for young skin, you need to determine exactly what it is she needs. Then you will only have to choose from a variety of brands represented. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, before heading to the store, go to the doctor-cosmetician. Specialists not only correctly identify your skin type and its immediate problems, but also advise what cream is right in your case. Indeed, in some cases - for example, if the face has acne, pimples, or dilated blood vessels - you need to use a professional therapeutic cosmetics that can be purchased only in specialized clinics.

 Cream for young skin

How to choose the right cream

The basic rule to be followed when choosing the means to care for young skin - cream should have a light texture, mild tonic effect, and must not contain co-enzymes and bioactive components that serve to combat wrinkles and designed for mature skin. Typically, the cream for young skin includes extracts from herbs or oatmeal, honey, olive oil, egg yolk, yeast, sprouted wheat. Very often, they also contain salicylic acid and zinc - these agents help to maintain the health and beauty.

According to recent polls, the most popular brands like Green Mama and Nivea. Cream, Green Mama for young skin has a unique preventive properties - it prevents the formation of scars that result from adolescent acne. A Control Shine cream from Nivea, specially created for young skin, contains UV filters, protect it from harmful radiation. In addition, it includes natural sea minerals, contributes to the excellent moisture.

Before you go to the selected cream to the cash register, you must also pay attention to a few points. Please carefully read the package. As a rule, face cream sold in tubes or jars. It is considered more hygienic use of cream in a tube - it is squeezed out of him only a one-time portion, and everything else is still well protected from any contact with the bacteria. But if you want, you can certainly buy and jar. Just then you must make sure that the kit includes a special spatula. Removing Cream of banks should only be using it, but your finger to touch the content is not necessary. If the spatula not - will have to purchase it separately.

As a rule, good stores have the opportunity to test the cream before buying. And even in such places face cream is a bit more expensive, but you'll be 100% sure of its quality and that it suits you. To see this, it is necessary to put it on the inside of your wrist. Half an hour later see whether there was not some kind of allergic reaction. Of course, if you notice redness or rash, is such a purchase should be abandoned. Once in the store, do not hesitate, go and check your purchase - suddenly you feel an unpleasant odor, or alert you of its kind. Why should you spoiled cream? After all, it can seriously damage the skin.

 right cream for young skin

Features problematic skin

Acne on the face completely annoying at any age. But the most intolerable acquire such "decoration" in the period of the first youthful love, dating and romantic walks in the moonlight. Of course, most likely, they will be on their own as soon as the period of puberty. But who can console that "someday" all will be well, if today in the mirror drives depressed and hopeless spoil the mood for the whole day? How to care for a skin?

The most important thing - in any case, do not force the pimples. This can lead to very dire consequences - a variety of inflammation, suppuration and other "Joy." Get rid of these troubles can be with special creams. However, almost all of them, though, and give some result, but at the same time, cause and harm - because their action is based on the drying of the skin. And that could lead to the fact that after 20, your skin begins to lose elasticity and the first wrinkles and other signs of wilting. How to be in this case? The answer is simple - do not put a cream on his face. Use this point - only on the pimples, trying not to touch the skin around it.

And certainly, you should not use the cream from spots around the eyes. For this delicate and sensitive areas should be selected special cosmetics. Actually, even an ordinary face cream is not suitable for the skin around the eyes and can cause edema. It's all about the special structure of the eyelid skin, which is very different from other parts of the face. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, delicate and absolutely does not contain fat. So, naturally, it requires special care agent.

The main difference is that in their composition ingredients are always present lymphatic drainage, which prevent the appearance of edema. They have a fine structure through which nutrients can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin through the pores. And as the primary means for the care it is possible to choose a light moisturizer that is specifically designed for young skin problem. The main thing that he really moisturize, but not dried.

Useful tips

Before applying the cream skin must be very carefully cleaned. For this is fine foam or milky lotion, and after - a tonic lotion. In other useful substances contained in the cream, not be able to "sneak" into the deeper layers of the skin. They will not let dirt, dust and excess sebum. By the way, if the foams and cosmetic milk to cleanse the skin used by the majority of women, that's tonic, for some reason, often simply forget. And for good reason. After all, he has to complete the cleansing process and prepare the skin to the imposition of the cream. But the use of alcohol or ordinary soap lotions should be abandoned. All this, of course, cleans, but also ruthlessly dry out the delicate skin of the face. This can lead to premature aging and the appearance of completely unnecessary wrinkles that have no decorated.

For morning washing the face, many beauticians recommend the use of a special - non-alcoholic! - Flower water. It is perfectly tones and refreshes the skin and helps to clear it from the remnants of a night cream and excess sebum accumulated during sleep. And another important point - even the best cream for young skin should definitely be changed at least once every six months. During this time the skin has time to adjust to any cosmetics. This means that the effectiveness of its impact is significantly reduced.

However, the manufacturer will love me does not necessarily - just choose another means of suitable your cosmetic line. Well, if you want, then six months later, you may well be able to return to his favorite cream. As you can see, pick up a cream for young skin to help keep it fresh for a long time and radiance, it is not so difficult. And remember that quality creams will keep your beauty and the bad may well be hopeless ruin even the good skin.

 Cream for young skin - add radiance

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