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Bronze, chocolate, golden, peach ... Sunburn has long been an integral part of the image of a healthy, beautiful, happy and contented life. Of course, to keep the whole year tan acquired under the generous rays of the summer sun, it is impossible. And as you want! Therefore, we go to a beauty salon and prolongs the life of his serenely ecstatic-tanned in the solarium. Word of what! Space. Yes, and the unit is giving us the opportunity to bathe in the ultraviolet all year round, more like a decoration to the fantastic movie or equipment of Star City.

But let us, as they say, closer to the subject. Incidentally, tanning in a solarium - the only way to prepare your skin before you go to a warmer climate for those who burns quickly in the sun. And this, in turn, allows you to spend a quiet holiday at sea without fear of losing attractiveness panic aggressive yuzhnomorskim under the sun, without heat and lotions on the burned areas of the skin. But whether this is the use of the solarium and, in general, what this method of tanning positive and negative aspects? Let's face it.

Use of the solarium

For the benefit of indoor tanning can cause a lot of arguments, which, of course, flatter artificial sun lovers. First, you Zagora (like - like chocolate, you want - only until light golden), you will like not only themselves but also others (possibly, but not the fact!). But this is only so - to protect the selected image. If more seriously, then:

  1. UV lamps in the solarium emit balanced feed rays A and B, completely eliminating the presence of gamma rays, which are detrimental effect on the skin cells. Therefore there is no reason to worry about the potential of skin diseases and tumors, provided occasional solarium and only moderate tanning.
  2. The Radiation activates the production of vitamin D3, which is responsible for the normalization of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of the human body that helps to strengthen muscles and bone tissue, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, improves mental and physical performance, improves mood and fights depression.
  3. UV-A is beneficial for people who already have skin diseases, such as: acne, psoriasis, fungal lesions. But do not forget that in these cases before visiting the solarium should consult a doctor. Also, the solarium is recommended for people with respiratory diseases, but, again, after consultation with a doctor.
  4. Under the influence of sunlight and after tanning human cells begin to secrete endorphins - the hormones of happiness and joy. Therefore, after the tanning session a person is in such a state - peace, complacency and satisfaction with life. Also, UV rays help to strengthen the immune system, which is especially important during all kinds of acute respiratory disease, SARS and the common cold.

 a nice tan in the solarium

  Harm solarium

It would be unfair to mention all the positive aspects of tanning and say nothing about the potential dangers of such procedures. But every coin, as you know, the two sides. So the reverse side of the coin.

Sunburn (darkening of the skin in the sun) is nothing but as a defensive skin reaction to these same rays. And if the skin is protected, so it is not so good and the sun. But it is bad only from aggressive UV rays. And if by "living" the sun, we can not afford to soak up a little longer, the solarium with a number of passes. Solarium - not fun, and the procedure. Therefore, take a visit to the solarium you need exactly.

Harmful abuse artificial sun. Too frequent visits to the solarium worsens the condition of the skin, making it dry and sagging and speeding up the aging process. In addition there is a risk of developing skin cancer caused by the weakening of the skin's ability to produce the protective pigment melanin.

Apart from the possible harm artificial sun it is simply counter to many people, but under certain conditions strongly not recommended. For example, do not use a solarium or a need to reduce the number of these procedures to a minimum, if:

  • your skin is the first or second photo type: it is very light and the sun becomes not brown color and the red or pink;
  • Your body is a large number of moles or pigmented spots;
  • you suffer from a chronic illness in the acute stage at a season of colds;
  • you have one of the following ailments: asthma, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, gynecological disease;
  • you have recently had any plastic surgery;
  • you critical days.

In addition to the restrictions on health, pay attention to the technical aspects you are visiting the solarium, which can affect the quality of the procedure. For example, the more expensive the equipment used in the tanning bed, the less damage it can cause to your health. The more often in the solarium disinfection, the safer it to take a sun bath. And be sure to observe the hygienic requirements, such as: the use of sunglasses, protective pads on the nipples, a special cosmetics for tanning.

 tan in the solarium

Cosmetic for tanning

For tanning cosmetics manufacturers produce several lines of funds:

  • Cream for beginners - to get a base tan;
  • Sun amplifier for those who already have a tan;
  • Cream for a lasting tan - maximizer;
  • prolongatory - tools that fix obtained tanning solarium and care for the skin after sun;

Cosmetics for tanning in its composition does not contain a sunscreen. But we should remember that the sun is the main drawback of dryness, because of which develops irritation and flaking of the skin. Therefore, in creams and suntan lotions contain additives that nourish and moisturize the skin. Also in the cosmetic composition includes antioxidants, which prevent ozone damage to the skin and free radicals formed in the atmosphere under the action of ultraviolet tanning. And always, before you use cosmetics for tanning, check yourself for a possible allergic reaction.

Between natural tanning and indoor tanning are no fundamental differences. The process of skin pigmentation is developed exactly the same way. It does not matter whether you are sunbathing in the solarium or on the beach, in either case, the result will be - the natural process of skin tanning. Sunburn from the sun deck holds as much as tan resulting in a natural way. So, having no contraindications and limitations, use this product safely and technical progress. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 Tanning - the pros and cons of fashionable treatments

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 Anti-cellulite cream


  • What is cellulite
  • A little history
  • Terms of use
  • Hot and cold wraps
  • The components of cellulite cream
  • Select Users

Anti-cellulite cream - one of the most common means of dealing with this unpleasant cosmetic defect. Despite the abundance of the latest inventions - wraps, massages, mesotherapy, hirudotherapy - cream is still the most popular with the fighters for the smoothness of the skin. This is not surprising, because it can afford one, and ease of use of bribes.

Each women's forum, you can find the theme of "advise the best cellulite cream," but all the answers will be different, contradictory, as different women fit different means, because we are all unique. Some of cellulite cream reviews (and all!) Praise, while others have a negative content. How to sort out all the variety offered by means of the beauty industry? Obviously, it is necessary to properly understand all itself. And try, try, try ...

What is cellulite

Cellulite (or so-called "orange peel") - it is simply a small dimples and bumps on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and sometimes on the sides and even the hands. Usually it appears either under the influence of hormonal changes or due to other factors, unhealthy lifestyle, in particular, improper nutrition, smoking. The role played by heredity, and an abundance of stress and bad ecology.

There is even a view that cellulite can be the result of wearing too tight clothing, because of this there is poor circulation. It is often associated with the appearance of hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. Unfortunately, none of us is immune from the emergence of "peel", and if earlier it was believed that cellulite likes fat women, now disproved this myth. According to statistics, this unpleasant experience with four of the five women.

Men are lucky in this sense is much more, because the appearance of tuberosities on the skin - a consequence of "mischief" of female hormones. They violate the metabolism in the subcutaneous fat, to the tissues of the body ceases to do the right amount of oxygen and toxins and fat are no longer excreted. Fabrics harden and form bumps on the skin, and over the years, the problem is only getting worse. Nowadays, women are out to defeat the ill-fated "orange peel", try to buy the most effective cellulite cream, save money on the latest costly procedures, fear of dimples on the buttocks as fire. But it was not always so…

 Best Cellulite Cream

A little history

In Renaissance paintings to any great artist (unless, of course, he wrote to the people), appeared a woman with touching dimples on the soft parts of the body. Cellulite sang and admired him. It is necessary to look at the extant masterpieces by Rubens or Rembrandt, Titian and Boucher, and we'll see how accurately traced all the wrinkles and uneven skin on the bodies of nude models.

Not averse to capture "orange peel" and sculptors, and women and did not occur to suffer because of irregularities in the thigh as well as because of its completeness, and puzzle over the question of what cellulite cream better. But then came the violent twentieth century, gradually began to reign the cult of sport and the new female figure - strong, taut, with muscular and perfectly smooth skin. And to pay for this fashion we have to!

It is difficult to answer unequivocally, to help you cream from cellulite, because each of us has his own experience and the features of the organism. The same means may be effective for one, and for another - absolutely useless. The result depends on how well we follow the instructions, and of our desire. Buying even the best anti-cellulite cream, it is better to get acquainted with the recommendations on the package and, realizing that you can not follow them, refuse to buy this product.

Terms of use

There are a few general rules applying cream. First, to start the skin on problem areas need to treat peeling or scrub to remove dead skin particles. Secondly, it is necessary to heat the skin active trituration special massager, sponge or simply by hand (in a preheated skin ingredients start to work harder than cold). Only after this is applied anti-cellulite cream. Then start doing ten-minute massage (you can use hand-held or special electric massagers).

For the patient is offered a method of hot or cold packs. At the hip and abdomen are applied even layer of cream on top and wrapped ordinary cling film or a special film for wrapping. Turning film, please note that it is not necessary to peredavlivat body, disrupting circulation. This will only make the problem worse. Cold wrap holds thirty to ninety minutes, while hot - from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Pursuing the same time physical activity, you run the risk of harm to the heart. Therefore it is better simply to read a book in silence, listen to music or do household chores.

Then remove the film and take a warm shower. To wrap is better to choose an effective cellulite cream containing clay or algae, which when heated activate blood circulation, while strengthening the walls of blood vessels. The procedure wraps better not do more than three times a week. Do not hurry to rejoice, seeing that on the hips suddenly melted extra centimeters, it usually turns out to be only a short-term effect of the withdrawal of excess water from the tissue, rather than a decrease in body fat. The real results will be seen no earlier than two months later, after all the fat we accumulate over the years, not one day.

Hot and cold wraps

Hot wraps promote vasodilatation. Thanks to activate blood circulation creates the effect of heat. The skin pores open, toxins are eliminated from the depths to the surface. The procedure is very effective, not for nothing that it is made not only at home but also in the most self-respecting beauty salons. However, if you suffer from varicose veins, the procedure you absolutely not suitable.

Cold packs, on the contrary, contribute to a narrowing of blood vessels and transport of toxins in the internal cleansing organs. For the wrapping, you can use both Anti-cellulite cream and a special cooling gel. Some people prefer to combine the two types of procedures - a hot field adipose tissue accumulations, cold - in the area with loose skin.

Contraindications for treatment: gynecological, cardiovascular, skin diseases, susceptibility to hypertension. Do not forget to wrap a good scrub clean the skin, preferably with sea salt, and make a warming massage for best effect.

 Cream against cellulite

The components of cellulite cream

Today, the beauty industry allows us to choose the right tool from a huge range of anti-cellulite creams. However, doctors acknowledge that the panacea that guarantees complete freedom from the "orange peel" does not exist in nature. Many cosmetic products only make the skin softer and hand tighten it, but do not solve the problem completely. Moreover, most of them help only at the initial stage of the defect, that is, before we turn our attention to his appearance.

Even long-term use of the most expensive and most effective cream for cellulite to be one of the points of the complex effects on the body. In addition to massage and careful rubbing cream into problem areas need to eat right (otherwise all your efforts will come to naught) and actively participate in sports. There are even several sets of exercises aimed at fighting an annoying phenomenon. And to choose the best cream, it is necessary to know what kind of material should be included in its composition:

  • Ivy extract has regenerative properties, improves skin elasticity, improves cell permeability.
  • Horse chestnut extract strengthens the walls of blood vessels and removes excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Horsetail extract makes the skin smooth, maintains the level of collagen in the skin.
  • Seaweed extract promotes the excretion of toxins.

As part of the effective Anti-cellulite cream usually present essential oils (grapefruit, orange, cypress, lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, etc.), Which can easily penetrate the skin and carry out the procedure from within the drainage, making it more elastic.

A good sign is if you find among the components of anti-cellulite agents vitamins A, B5, C, E (they accelerate the process of new cells and collagen) and mineral salts, cleansing the body of accumulated harmful substances.

Usually they have a good feedback from cellulite cream containing caffeine. But it is necessary to be careful, as it has contraindications. People with excitable nervous system, as well as those suffering from problems with blood pressure, it is better to abandon the means of containing caffeine. In addition, it is not suitable for use shortly before sleep and during exercise.

And perhaps it is worth noting that the effect of even the best cellulite cream from can only be expected in two to three months. And that's if you do not forget about the diet and massage, and regular exercise.

Select Users

After reading themed topics on women's forums, where users actively trying to find out what kind of cellulite cream is better, you can make a list of assets, which women are most trusted and who collected the largest number of positive reviews. So, the most effective Anti-cellulite cream according to readers of women's forums are:

  1. Means «Lyposyne» from «Vichy»;
  2. Roller Gel «Garnier»;
  3. Gel-Cream "Active Fat Burner" "Fitness-body» from «Floresan";
  4. Anti-cellulite cream Body Contouring;
  5. Cream of stretch marks «Soin Complet Spécial Vergetures» from «Clarins»;
  6. Cream "laser effect" from «Avon»;
  7. «Energie Vegetale» from «Yves Rocher»;
  8. Gel-Cream "Good-Bye Cellulite" from «NIVEA»;
  9. Massage cream "Vitex";
  10. «Bikini» from «Christian Dior».

Note that the means listed in random order.
As can be seen from the list, any one of us can find a suitable tool for all tastes and abilities is the purse. After all, just to try more than one cosmetic novelty, we will find out whether the help of cellulite cream actually. But do not forget that the key to the success of the application of any cream will primarily control over their diet and careful diet, regular exercise, regular massage sessions are hard, giving up bad habits, and most importantly - perseverance.

 Anti-cellulite cream: its properties and effectiveness

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