foot care


  • Water Treatments
  • Nail care
  • If you have a fungus
  • Foot massage

Women love to take care of your face and they know how and what to do to look great. But his legs, we often leave without proper attention - and that is quite wrong. Think about how much you have to spend time on their feet, how often do you wear high heels? And how often do you do a massage and a variety of water treatments?

Agree, many can not compare these concepts. But foot care need is regular, otherwise everything will end sadly, the nails become thick and ingrown, heels will crack, and about any chic and luxurious way will not be considered.

The simplest thing you can do - to enroll in a beauty salon for the procedure a complete pedicure. What does it mean? You do foot bath, massage conduct, can do and mud wraps. Then turn professional pedicure - and your legs "run on the track" rested and rejuvenated. But such a procedure is quite expensive, and many women just frankly regret their "hard earned" on the pleasure. Meanwhile, foot care at home, too, can be done on a professional level.

Water Treatments

Caring for legs must begin with baths. Nothing complicated about it, but a lot of fun, and useful to the lower extremities. So, pour into a bowl of warm water. Can it hot - if your goal is to steam the heels. Only here it is necessary to take into account some limitations:

  • You can not do hot tubs at elevated pressure;
  • Such procedures are prohibited at an elevated temperature;
  • When varicose veins and existing thrombosis also can not use too much hot water.

You can not just take vodichku and herbal infusion. Perfect fit: chamomile, thyme, burdock leaves, oak bark. Under these procedures, it stripped the skin, and the upper layer of the epidermis starts to flake off - is dead cells, they are not absolutely necessary. Just do not try to remove the skin for shaving machine, scissors or knife. Yes, there are some ladies who scrape data extreme way your heels. But it is very dangerous: firstly, there is always the opportunity to get hurt; secondly, when such a process can infect the micro-scratches; Third, it's pretty painful procedure.

In order not to suffer and not to cause injury to itself, try one of the following:

  • Well steam out the skin;
  • Gently rub your feet washcloth;
  • Now you can special stone (pumice) to rub the heel and the sole - that you remove all the "extra" skin.

After this procedure should be wiped dry feet and apply foot cream. It can be anything, but it is preferable to use an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

 foot care at home

Nail care

In order to not be ashamed to wear open-toed shoes, you have to take care of his marigolds. Pedicures should be done just after the water treatment - the skin to steam and easily processed:

  • Clean the area around the nail, push back cuticles with a wooden stick and excess skin;
  • Carefully trim the cuticle special device, which can be found in pedicure sets;
  • Cut your nails, be sure to watch out for corners - common problem of ingrown nail begins with partial of a pedicure;
  • Degrease the nail plate and dry;
  • Apply nail gently, without dirtying the skin around the nails.

That's all the wisdom. But it is only at first glance, everything is easy and simple. But in reality - it is also necessary to adjust to such a procedure. First, choose a comfortable position, and secondly, disconnect the phone - let you have no worries. And, thirdly, adhere to the following rules:

  • Foot care, always start with water treatment - not steamed skin and nails is almost impossible to handle properly;
  • If you do not know how to properly trim the cuticles, you should not even try. Better to just move it with a wooden stick;
  • In no case can not cut the skin around the nail, as if it would not hurt you;
  • Cut nails can be different if you apply a French pedicure, it is better to give the nail plate form of "spatula", but if you prefer the classic one-color lacquer, make nails oval;
  • For varnishing neat strokes, use the special tool - "brace" for fingers. With this solution, you will never get dirty varnish skin of the feet.

Note that the foot care at home takes enough time, so choose a time that there was no need to rush somewhere. But what about those who are restrictions on admission hot tubs? In this case, you can simply wash your feet in warm water and a washcloth to rub them thoroughly. Use a little force - so you can steam your skin and nails. After that, everything was fulfilled by the above-painted script.

If you have a fungus

Unfortunately, the fungus on his feet long ceased to be a rarity. Pick up can be anywhere: on the beach, sauna, putting on someone else's shoes, even when washing in the shower. In general, this contagious infection and get rid of it is problematic.

But now on sale are excellent drugs and can be quite successfully carry out treatment. At the same time his legs do not run - leaving no one cancels. You can resort to folk remedies:

  • If you are experiencing severe itching, especially between the toes, after washing the feet certainly wipe the area with wine vinegar or rubbing alcohol;
  • For the fungus is a "disaster" and a series of daisy - here and do yourself a bath in the broth of herbs;
  • If you have a fungus, try to do less of lacquer on the nails. The dried skin with small scratches (and this is a frequent occurrence with this diagnosis) can react allergic reactions.

 proper foot care

Foot massage

Incidentally, the house can be not only a professional pedicure and massage. Just rub your feet, not missing a single zone. Stroking, circular and spiral movements with the use of force, and tapping, and "Finger rain" - all these techniques of classic massage can be applied to the feet and calves.

You can do this massage with cream - very good help return legs freshness and energy cream containing menthol. He stuck to the feet perfectly cool and gives easy gait. If you are diagnosed with varicose veins or thrombosis, the pre-consult with the doctor.

So, ladies, do not forget that you - the Queen! As you all should be harmonious and perfectly - from hairstyles to fingers on the legs. Flaunting on his heels, and you can learn, and that's the beauty of his heels and nails have to work hard. But, believe me, you'll not only feel at the "five plus", but also to attract the attention of men.

So, armed with patience, free up some time in your busy schedule, and start to relax. After treatments, the legs are not only useful and is beautiful, she is also the most relaxing - it is so much fun! You can add a bit of relaxation - Light oil burner, turn on your favorite music and create beauty with their own hands!

 Foot care in the home. Be great in every way!

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 the shelf life of cosmetics


  • Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics
  • Universal shelf life
  • How to check expiration dates
  • Storage conditions cosmetics
  • Terms of use and storage of cosmetics

All of us, before you buy something from cosmetics, look at its expiry date This is precisely what defines not only our security, but also the time, how long will we have to please cosmetic. Shelf life of cosmetics usually prescribed at the bottom of the container with a cosmetic product (a tube, a jar, a bottle). It should always be remembered - the shelf life of cosmetics - is a guarantee of our security.

How to determine the shelf life of cosmetics and how to avoid unpleasant situations? This and much more we will try to find you. Keep in mind that the shelf-life of cosmetics - is not just a shelf life in your box and your healthy skin, nails and hair.

Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics

The easiest option - to determine the shelf life of cosmetics for the code. But it is worth remembering also that each country of the manufacturer or the manufacturer's your typical date format. We unusual location on the cosmetics manufactured in Europe, the date in the format "month-day-year." It can be used, the name and the symbol of the Roman calendar rather than the usual Arabic numerals. Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics for the code becomes a mystery, if the sequence is a set of eight to twelve digits. In this case, there is no universal code for reading information. Such a code - this information is an individual company that is recorded by the manufacturer, in the order in which it is listed in the certificate and the documents confirming the quality.

When you buy any cosmetics The first thing to do - check the expiry date of cosmetics. You must use that system decrypting the date that is used by the company.

 shelf life of cosmetics

Universal shelf life

All of us often wonder how to find out the shelf life of cosmetics. It is enough to find a set of numbers, which will be the date of the release, but there are universal rules. It is worth knowing that if cosmetics unpleasant smells, changed its appearance and texture, such cosmetics can not be used in the future. We give universal tips that will help you learn shelf life of cosmetics.

  1. All creams (both conventional and tonal cream and powdered) in the middle suitable for use from six months to one year;
  2. Powder (except compact ball), shadow and blush - two or three years (no more);
  3. Lipsticks, shadows and liquid eyeliners, lip pencils masking - about a year or two;
  4. Mascara and eyeliner - a few months (up to four - five).
  5. Lipsticks - for about three months.

If the tuba no information about the shelf life of cosmetic products, the shelf life of the need to ask the seller or consultant cosmetic store. Large campaign never force you to think about how to determine the date or dates of production. If you can not afford quite expensive cosmetics, but only want to buy a quality product, you should know that there is a procedure - transcript date.

As a rule, all companies do not use a universal cipher. Therefore, decoding the shelf life of cosmetics is performed separately for each product. There are sites that specialize - assist in determining the shelf life of cosmetics. Typically, the first and second digits - this year, the third and fourth - the day, the fifth and sixth - month. Then - the batch number, the country code of the enterprise and something else.

Check the expiration dates of the purchased item you always help the seller, consultant or any other expert in the field of cosmetic business. Only with close attention to what you buy, you can be assured of the safety and health of the skin, hair and nails.

How to check expiration dates

How to check the expiry date of cosmetics? such verification can be made right in the store, or in any other place of purchase. In addition, there is a variety of various ways to check.

  • Calculator shelf life of cosmetics

With this method to deceive the buyer is impossible. The point of this test is that the shelf life is conducted in the global network on the official websites of cosmetic companies. Simply enter in the form of numbers appearing on the purchase of goods - and you get the expiration date. Even if the top is glued on a new label, then it will be easy to remove. The advantages of this method: speed, absolutely guaranteed result, the inability to adjust the numeric codes on a product, proof of the legality of the purchased goods. All methods, the reliability of which is quite high, can not be compared with a calculator shelf life.

  • Determination of the shelf life of the time use

Determination of the shelf life of cosmetics can be carried out also by vyschityvaniya for the duration of the time during which the facility will be used by you. Often the shelf life of cosmetics can not be carried out without difficulty (for example, erased a label or part numbers). In this case, the best option - a calculator, which we discussed above.

  • Determination of shelf-life appearance

To determine the shelf life and freshness of cosmetics can and appearance: color, smell, of flowability. It all depends on the ability to assess these qualities. When opening the packaging should pay attention to how it is collected as closed and so on. If the cosmetic product is open, they used some of the customers or offer you a sampler, then from such funds should be abandoned. Cosmetic product could be contaminated with pathogenic microbes, putrid bacteria and viruses.

 the shelf life of cosmetics by code

Storage conditions cosmetics

Storage conditions shall correspond to the cosmetics that you use. For example, mascara and lipstick should be in places protected from the outside air, especially warm. Often it is stored in such a lipstick, the upper layers which dry out, crack and slips when applied to the lips.

The storage conditions associated together cosmetics humidity, air temperature, amount of sunlight in storage and access of fresh air. In hot weather means melt or alter consistency, indicating that comes into disrepair. For example, when temperature drop cream becomes laminated and watery. Column lipstick can change shape (if it is not liquid lipstick, which resembles cream) in mascara lumps appear, and so on. Shadows, which are stored in a humid environment, as well as various grinding and powder consistency, poorly applied field as become wet and swollen.

Every woman who has even a small amount of cosmetics, wonder where to store them. Children and strangers calling at home do not have to use your cosmetics. Children can ruin your cosmetic or stain them all in the house. Strangers even when considering the viral disease may bring. Especially dangerous is it for mascara and shadow. Know where it is stored cosmetics, have only you.

When asked what the store cosmetics, experts in the field of cosmetic business meet is quite simple. Makeup should be stored at the place where it will not lose its properties and will be able to serve you for as long as indicated in the term of its storage and use. You yourself should decide what to keep their powder, lipstick, creams, shadows, and others like them, as it should you be interested in a long term use.

How to store cosmetics, must know every girl and woman. Not only that often have an incorrect storage buy new and new products, but also that a product can not be compatible with the other (not only the application but also during storage). Sometimes this information is also in the instructions to acquire the means.

To save the makeup is best to choose a certain capacity. It can be:

  • carrying case;
  • box;
  • container;
  • suitcase.

We do not accidentally do not count cosmetics, as they are not designed for storage, and for the temporary transfer of cosmetics. Case for storage of cosmetics differs usually their reliability, impermeability sunlight having multiple compartments for all kinds of cosmetics. Case is convenient if you have a lot of cosmetic products and their storage space for no.

Cases for storage of cosmetics can be produced by the cosmetic companies in the presentation and advertising purposes. In addition, it is convenient to carry or transport. Almost anything (except respectability and representation) is no different bag for storing cosmetics. Such products can be purchased at almost any store cosmetics or in the department of products for hairdressers.

At home, quite comfortable to handle an ordinary box, as it can be placed virtually all that is in your arsenal of beauty. It should be understood that the carton may be of different volumes, most frequently - plastic. In the box there is no storage compartments of different types of cosmetics, but rather seems convenient option to use multiple size boxes placed at each other.

A similar function is performed and containers for storing cosmetics. They are the most convenient to use, can not occupy a lot of space. Besides storage container cosmetics can be used for other purposes. So, a few containers that do not allow water, air and dust, you can fit all of their cosmetic products and thus to create optimal conditions for storage. This not only saves you from worries about his makeup, but also create favorable conditions for the extension of its service life.

Terms of use and storage of cosmetics

Typically, the shelf life of cosmetic products depends not only on the parameters that have been defined by their manufacturing. During operation, should pay attention to what is called additional factors:

  • the frequency of the use of funds;
  • amount of an agent used in a single application;
  • conditions of use (for example, using carcasses taken into account the extent of its airing);
  • compatibility of funds from one another (for example, in the application of foundation and powder).

Means whichever company you may choose their daily care or holiday, worth paying attention to all the factors, which we discussed above. Only a sound approach and proper use can help prevent allergic reactions in your body, and long-term treatment. Cosmetics was created in order to make more beautiful and brighter. So use this chance, using only high-quality cosmetics. And not when you do not use expired cosmetics. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 Shelf life of cosmetics and how to store it