Recalling the words of the great classics of William Shakespeare's "The Beauty - flower, dying almost without having to blossom", unwittingly agree with them. Every woman wants to prolong their youth and beauty for years to come. What just did not do it in the course of human history. For example, everyone knows Cleopatra bathed in a bath of milk and berry juice. One of the queens of England bathed in the blood of animals and humans. In the twentieth century began to give themselves the power of Plastic Surgery. None of the methods can be equally effective at a hundred percent. Fortunately, we have an alternative solution. Thermage - a procedure that has appeared on beauty and health market relatively recently, but already so firmly entered the life that she did not have to prove not only the right to exist, but still maintain the results for a long time.

Thermage as a means of dealing with the withering of the skin has been developed and tested in the United States. This is where Thermage passed many testing procedures on volunteers, ninety-eight percent of them have resorted to additional sessions Thermage. It is in the leading clinics in the US since receiving a patent for carrying out the procedure (in 2002) in the US Department of Health of the population, have been more than one million Thermage patients from around the globe. Thermage has become a popular and sought-after almost a year after he took advantage of the first customers. It Thermage (not plastic surgery and decorative changes in tissues) have saved many young and attractive men and women. It is said that the Thermage procedure has considerably less expensive plastic surgery to change the appearance.

Thermage as health and beauty treatments

 Thermage face
 It's no secret that people are often the novelties are wary. Nobody is ready to immediately yield to loud commercials and stories of celebrities on television. For this purpose, we are ready to help you find out what Thermage.

Thermage (the second name termolifting) based on the impact on your skin (to any area of ​​the body) by radio-frequency waves. Wave action and its implications fully understood today. It allows them to make the body's cells working in the right mode to restore their capacity and stimulate the renovation of the whole organism. RF energy can not be called spontaneous or chaotic. It is set only at a specific frequency that allows it to fully control. Thermage is performed only with the use of low frequency, safe for human health. The wave energy penetrates the skin, in its deeper layers, allowing you to make Thermage particularly effective. The lower layers of the skin (they are about five to seven millimeters from the surface) Thermage starts working on giving the skin elasticity.

The technique is quite simple - under the skin occurs a slight increase in temperature, which is not harmful to the body. This increase, firstly, point, secondly - not durable. All Thermage held approximately thirty to forty minutes. Under the skin are located collagen fibers which become elastic. It is interesting that such a procedure takes place within half an hour, but the effect of it is quite long. Fiber is gradually strengthened in six months. As the body perceives this strengthening, as a natural process, the effect of it lasts a long time.

Thermage cosmetic procedure can be performed at any time of year, since weather conditions can not affect it, and the process of recovery posleprotsedurnogo. In addition, the cosmetic procedure Thermage can take advantage of both sexes of all ages.

Thermage is carried out only by specially trained medical professionals in the field of cosmetology, which eliminates the misuse and poor performance of the procedure. It should be borne in mind that Thermage can be of different type - monopolar (with only one pole wave) and bipolar (dual using radio drainage). Typically, the frequency of the waves can vary from 1000 to 300 kHz. As a result of research and many tests, we selected the optimal frequency of radio waves for the person - 470 kHz. Thermage based on the heating of body tissues, which can not be recognized fabrics as external malicious intervention. It is for this reason that the collagen begins to decline, but not to change their responsibilities in the skin.

The Internet is full of information about what is Thermage: reviews of those who tested the procedure, are also available. Thermage procedure is carried out as often as you can recommend a specialist. Each session will not be a torture, since the frequency of the radio waves and an experienced doctor or cosmetologist will not be allowed to cause you discomfort and discomfort.

How does Thermage?

Thermage causes your body to work in new ways. So, he worked for several years or even decades ago. Thermage designed to improve metabolism process in the body. It's no secret that people who live in warm climates, much less age than those who live in cold climates. This proves that in the heat cell metabolism significantly accelerated. This has the same effect Thermage. Besides the impact on the metabolism of Thermage, affects the process of circulation, the expansion of blood vessels, to lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins, etc.

Blood begins to circulate through the body and a half times faster due to the fact that you have expanded blood vessels, nerve endings excited. The skin is more oxygen and gives more carbon dioxide. That carbon dioxide allows the skin to age. You are full of energy and joy. The increase and the acceleration of blood flow will soon operate the lymphatic system, and provide the body with plenty of nutrients. Thermage allow your tissues to quickly get rid of the wastes, which are usually simply deposited in them. Waste from the entire body will begin to stand out much faster than it was before you applied the Thermage.

Thermage will save you from premature aging and make you feel not only internally but externally for many years younger. Reviews Thermage procedure only confirm the fact that today it is one of the best treatments for rejuvenation.

For really stable result, it is necessary to spend some time Thermage. This will allow your body to open all its energy and ability to put himself in motion at full capacity. Moreover, a few months later the result of entrenched for the long term. Thermage - is not just an alternative to plastic, but its profitable (in all respects) replacement. You no longer have to worry about a major operation and a long recovery period for the short results as Thermage does not alter your body and awakens his inner reserves.

In any case, it is worth remembering that before how to choose the procedure to change their bodies not only need to visit a specialist consultation, but also hear the views of those who are subjected to the procedure. The same applies to the Thermage: reviews of it on the whole positive, but we can not ignore the inadequate reaction of the body that occur in the presence of contraindications (talk about them below).

Thermage body: the change and restoration

 Thermage reviews
 Thermage procedure can be applied to any part of the body that are not only convenient, but is advantageous. Thermage body can directly affect the face, abdomen and legs. Such a correction is not applied several parts simultaneously, for example in plastic surgery.

Each part of the body requires a special approach, even in such a procedure, as Thermage. Essentially may vary the frequency and time of exposure on the part of the body.

So, Thermage facial is fairly long. This is due to the subtlety of the skin around the eyes and on the lips . With Thermage facial wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin is leveled, lost body fat and reduced (up to complete disappearance) pigment spots. It can be fixed eyebrow line, lip contour, and more. Skin color is restored, it becomes silky velvet. It is necessary to bear in mind that you should have a clear idea of ​​all that want to improve. Replace the lifting Thermage is much safer and more effective than the use of other techniques (even with surgery).

When making the decision to change the form of age, their suspenders, you can get rid not only of the overhang of the upper eyelid or lower, but also to strengthen the muscles. You can use Thermage age when giving another form of eye cut or restoration of the form that you had a few years ago. Applications Thermage age does not make you give up the usual work, from visiting crowded places (which can be observed during the operational eyelid due to hematoma). You do not have to give up the usual make-up. You can never apply a procedure such as a plastic lifting: Thermage will forever change the idea of ​​how to be young and beautiful is safe for health.

If you decide that the face is to remove a layer of skin aging, mimic and age wrinkles, making even its color, you should not use bleach, do not plastic surgery, and Thermage face: reviews of it are mostly enthusiastic. Especially when you consider that this procedure can be applied several times during the two years (which is not true of plastic), retains the result of a long and works for you after the end of the session, there's nothing else to say, and not worth it. About Thermage facial reviews you can read on the official websites of cosmetic clinics and women's forums. This is especially useful in cases when you want to compare several opinions.

After delivery or after rapid weight loss observed sagging skin. Noticeably is that the skin and tissue that are located close to it, can not recover on their own, because they need an additional momentum. In this case, a Thermage abdomen. If desired, the client can simultaneously perform Thermage and chest.

By Thermage breast can resort not only to correct its shape, but also to restore elasticity and age-related changes. You can strengthen the pectoral muscle and make the breast shape. By Thermage stomach should contact if you have decided to tighten the skin and restore its flexibility and elasticity, get rid of the bumps and the so-called "orange peel", lower level of pigmentation, forget about banners, etc. You can get rid of the remnants of adipose tissue after a dramatic weight loss. Besides - this is the way that seventy percent effective liposuction. It does not require damage to the internal tissue is not painful and is valid for six months.

Side effects

Not everyone is suited Thermage: contraindications exist for those who have the body built pacemaker, cardioverter, or any other device that generates electrical or electromagnetic pulses. Particularly attentive to Thermage is necessary for all who have a substantial malfunction of the cardiovascular system. Thermage is strictly forbidden to those who are sick with diabetes, various forms of connective tissue diseases and drainage system, diseases of the skin a long period of the patient (eg, lupus, eczema, scleroderma). All patients should consult with specialists before carrying out this procedure, as Thermage: contraindication to it is also the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Reviews of the Thermage procedure can now be found almost everywhere. When deciding for themselves to keep in mind that this procedure can not be applied indiscriminately and advice. Therefore, only the conduct of Thermage in the clinic and expert knowledge will help you quickly and accurately to achieve planned for a long time to save the result.

 Thermage face and body - keeping your youth and beauty

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