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Say what you like, and sauna is a hot blissful balm for our always slightly shattered nervous system, and can safely say all the systems of the body. Moreover, it is - the best sleeping pills, if you constantly suffer from insomnia.

What are the benefits of sauna?

As the Finnish proverb: "sauna cleanses anger" .  The sauna should always be supported by low humidity and high temperatures - this is its contrast to the Russian baths .  Even correct to say that a sauna - this is not room, and a bath with a dry air atmosphere .  Women who regularly visit sauna, the skin is usually smooth and taut, supple and rosy .  Because with the help of a couple of dead skin cells are removed .  In addition, even improves blood circulation and muscles become more elastic .  This alternation of cool and steam, which can be carried out in the sauna, well-coached our vital organs .  A whole body is updated, as in the sauna is completely cleaned of toxins .  After all, there is the body begins to sweat intensively to reduce the temperature difference between the environment and the skin .  Fluid loss that occurs at the same time, of course, leads to weight loss .  This long-proven and tested .  So the question is: Does the sauna to lose weight, it may be only for beginners who are just getting ready to get acquainted with this method of weight loss, as a Finnish sauna for weight loss .

But when you consider that even a simple sauna has its own rules and recommendations, of course, there are the most effective methods of how to lose weight with the sauna.

However, and for the Russian baths and Finnish sauna all the rules are almost the same, but if you already practice some kind of a diet, in this case, your best bet is to visit a Finnish sauna to lose weight, because weight loss in this method is carried out by removing excess fluid from the body, and in a dry atmosphere saunas just happens most optimal evaporation. As already mentioned, in the sauna goes activate the circulation of lymph and blood and increased metabolic toxins and waste output, as a result, your skin becomes smooth and elastic.

The preparatory phase before the sauna

Before visiting the sauna must be thoroughly prepared. Otherwise, you will lose weight with the help of the sauna, if it does not approach the process seriously and thoroughly? For example, the day before the sauna is necessary to arrange a fasting day to clear your intestines. It should be made mandatory, since the release of toxins into the bloodstream through the intestine is enhanced under the influence of very high temperatures, and this, of course, need to be afraid. The same day, the sauna is necessary to make a light breakfast only. Oatmeal is an ideal option in this case. And two hours to the sauna to eat anything. And should also drink the day much less water than usual. The most faithful will be limited or strawberry or lime infusion or decoction of rose hips. But coffee and strong tea to this day it is advisable not to drink.

So, after preliminary training can begin the procedure in the sauna for weight loss and beauty.

Before you go to the steam room it is necessary to take a shower, but not wet hair. The time period of each of your call in a steam room must be from 3 to 10 minutes. And for all the time necessary to make a finding of no more than five procedures in the sauna for weight loss.

Temperature conditions in the sauna should not be higher or much lower than 90 degrees. If you sit in the steam room longer than necessary, or the temperature is higher the position, your body will experience an additional burden.

In his first entry into the steam must first sit at the bottom of about 5 minutes, then you need to go out and take a warm shower. Then he should give himself a break of 20 minutes - this time to drink nothing else, that the organism was able to get rid of toxins. In the second set again at the bottom of a seat and sit up until starts sweating, after that it will be possible to climb on the top shelf for 7-10 minutes. Now go down again and stay there for 3-4 minutes, and the wash skin with sweat terry mitten. It will be good to irritate the skin and do more intense sweating.

After coming out of the steam room, take a shower again. It is best to take a warm shower, not cold. And do not swim in the pool with cold water or stay in cold rooms, because if you're going to lose weight, it is very important warm atmosphere. In cold capillaries narrowed, and immediately decrease sweating. After the steam is good to drink herbal tea or warm diluted juice, which stimulates the bowels and heart and purifies the liver. Cool drinks, can decrease sweating drink is not recommended.

Also, there are other effective means of losing weight in a sauna. These include masks for weight loss and body wraps for weight loss.

Masks for weight loss in the sauna

 treatments in the sauna for weight loss

When the skin steams in the sauna, it becomes extremely sensitive to the ingredients of the mask body. That is why this moment the most appropriate to use a means for losing weight in a sauna - a mask. This mask can be done from home by natural ingredients. To do this, take 4 tablespoons honey, 3 drops of essential oil (which is to your taste) and 4 tablespoons heavy cream the most.

Also, before the second call in a steam room rub salt body - is also remarkably contributes to weight loss. For those who have sensitive skin too, salt is best mixed with honey. Thereafter Wrap a towel and sit in this way for 3-5 minutes. When it is necessary to get out of the steam room and lie down so another 15 minutes without taking a shower. Only after that time can obmytsya warm water and then relax for 20 minutes.

Body wraps for weight loss in the sauna

Most likely, after this wrapping in the sauna, you better not have the slightest doubt, could help the sauna to lose weight. This is a wonderful wrap for weight loss is sure to bring you only benefits. This wrap can be a coffee or honey. For him, it is necessary to put coffee or honey mixture on your problem areas and wrap any food or polyethylene film. After 15-20 minutes, remove foil and make a gentle massage on the areas of impact.

Then again go to the steam room - that you reduce perspiration, as after wrapping the volume of fluid in the skin cells decrease. Then drench themselves with warm water and relax. After a session in the sauna should be cool at least 30 minutes.

Contraindications for saunas

The day of the procedure in the sauna you can not smoke and drink alcohol - these bad habits negatively affect the process of losing weight.

Just keep in mind that the sauna and bath also has its contraindications, because the high temperature regime is harmful for people with heart disease, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, asthma, a tendency to bleeding. Besides, you can not go to the sauna for people with fever, tumors, infections, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, exacerbation of ulcers, malnutrition, cirrhosis.

Sauna cellulite

It is also effective against cellulite sauna. You could even say that it is the most accessible and affordable for most people a way to combat cellulite. After all, during his stay in the sauna, the skin is well heated and there is an acceleration of metabolic processes, resulting in improved blood microcirculation. In addition, the pores of the skin dilate, and with their help, the skin gets more oxygen, it starts to deeper "breathe." Muscles also during the procedure relax, for this reason, and massage, and, especially, massage on problem areas, at this moment the most effective. No wonder Japanese women have long used the sauna against cellulite. Even after a 30-minute session in the sauna, you can lose an average of 600 calories and work out the many problematic areas. Moreover, during the treatments in the sauna lost large amounts of water and hence weight.

Infrared sauna: weight loss and anti-cellulite

 infrared sauna weight loss reviews

Not just an ordinary sauna fights cellulite. Today, there is also an infrared sauna: losing weight with its help, as well as the fight against cellulite, is becoming increasingly popular . Almost all the leading fitness centers today are equipped with these saunas. Since it is very effective against cellulite such a way as infrared sauna + Slimming: reviews claim that the procedure it is very efficacious, as does the process of losing weight. In addition, it is good is the process of recovery after exercise or injury.

What is different from the ordinary infrared sauna? It is not a process of heating the air and the body itself. Heat is usually penetrates 2-4 cm, so that, there is almost a direct effect on cellulite and fat deposits. As you know, when heated body starts sweating, and go through the pores of the skin toxins. You can not believe it, but in fact the loss of calories in a sauna can be compared only with sports debilitating occupation lasting for one hour. That is, in a single session in the sauna is lost 1 kg of excess weight, which gives an indication of high performance infrared sauna: weight loss and reviews of those who threw off her using considerable weight, very positive.

The infrared sauna is possible to control the heating temperature, because it depends on how many calories your body leaves, the average amount is 600 kcal. Naturally, much of this loss falls on the excretion of excess fluid, and with it he just leave the fat digested under the influence of elevated temperature and slag.

Recommendations for the best effect of infrared saunas

You can make even more intense sessions of infrared saunas: weight loss will be faster under certain conditions, such as hot showers, contributing the most profuse sweating.

Before the start of the session in the infrared sauna should not eat. Alternate one session in the sauna with one session a hot shower, as already mentioned, to increase the secreted sweat. During most of the session best towel. Before and after the procedure is necessary to drink plenty of non-carbonated water to recover water and salt loss. After an infrared sauna for a while you are alone, because the body still continues its purification and he needs a temporary relaxation. Especially needed relaxation of the circulatory system and the heart muscle. Also, before a session is not necessary to use creams and lotions.

Contraindications for infrared saunas

We should pay particular attention to the contraindications that exist for sessions in the infrared sauna. Since them, this procedure does not help to lose weight, but do considerable harm to health - quite.

Consult your physician if you are taking any medications, because they may be unsafe when combined with thermal treatments. In addition, if you have high blood pressure or severe form of multiple sclerosis, the conduct of proceedings in the infrared sauna is also very contraindicated. And, of course, that, as an ordinary and an infrared sauna, along with a very hard physical activity, forbidden to visit pregnant women.

Many studies of the properties of infrared saunas was conducted in most medical laboratories all over the world: Japan, USA, China. And they all, without exception, have only confirmed the healing properties of these cabins. As a therapeutic treatment sessions in the infrared sauna has its use in the world since the 80s of the 20th century. And not so long ago they have become accessible to all in Russia.

 Procedures in the sauna for weight loss

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