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  • The truth about the face
  • Why it is important for healthy skin, proper nutrition?
  • A few tips for the care of skin

Today, we all live in a saturated rhythm, and it often happens that we go to bed late and sleep only a few hours. All anything, but in the morning in the mirror is not like every one of us. Bags under the eyes, dull skin and tired appearance can hardly someone decorate. Healthy skin of the face - this is a very important aspect for every self-respecting girl. That is why, once and for all get rid of the effects of lack of sleep, it is necessary to take a number of simple but quite effective action to cheer up and refresh the appearance.

The truth about the face

Most likely you have heard a fair statement of what our skin - is a mirror. Of course, not the soul, as the eyes and above all health. This means that it is almost completely reflects what is happening in our body. Therefore, caring for it not to start with the purchase of a whole range of nutrients and cleansing cosmetics and a consultation with a good cosmetologists who know exactly how to make the skin on the face rejuvenated and, most importantly, healthy. Experts will tell you how it is in your case, you need to care for themselves what tonics, creams, lotions should choose. But another side of the issue, which it is necessary to pay attention to.

A comprehensive skin care should begin with a proper diet, and as a result, and cleanse the body. And only then, as the additional procedures, you can begin to make a steam bath, use a variety of masks, wiping ice and other favorite modern women nice home "ritual."

 Healthy facial skin without acne

Why it is important for healthy skin, proper nutrition?

Everyone occasionally eating greasy food. How do you think that happens? It's simple to digest? No, not at all. Fat along with the products that you have previously eaten, absorbed through the intestinal wall, and after the blood is carried throughout your body. The result is that after a while this is the fat is on the face. Hence, acne or pimples appear. The main thing is that in this case you do not zapudrivali face, because then the pores will close further and form a grease tube in the form of black dots.

Thus, we can make sure again how important proper nutrition for our body. Healthy skin you will be when you do not abuse the sweet, smoked, fried, fatty foods - are the main enemies of the natural beauty. To this list can be attributed more coffee, which contributes to the emergence of an unhealthy color, as well as alcoholic drinks that dehydrate it completely. As a result of modern, too rapid development of industry, especially the food, add here also and cookies, chips, sausages, candy. All at once it is difficult to list, but eliminating or significantly reducing the dose of their use, you can not only cleanse the skin, but also get rid of the various problems with his health.

It is best to replace the usual pasta with sausage on rice or buckwheat porridge with vegetable salad. Coffee - freshly squeezed juice, and salty snacks are the same chips - on a handful of hazelnuts or walnuts. As a result, you will have more energy and strength, you will feel much better. And, of course, excellent menu changes will result healthy facial skin without acne and blackheads.

 healthy skin beautiful face

A few tips for the care of skin

  • First we need to wash with soft cold water. The cold will reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Because of this skin will become fresh and rosy. But in any case, do not wash with cold water from the tap. It contains a lot of impurities, which have a negative effect on the skin.
  • If you find a slight irritation on the face and red spots, then it is necessary to wash using a mild detergent, which include the daisy.
  • In order to give the face a fresh look, use mint flavor. You can make a wonderful tea and drink it or just rub a few leaves in his hands.
  • Also, for toning the whole body is very well suited douche using gels with citrus aromas. After him make light stimulating massage, which is perfectly invigorate your skin.
  • Green cucumber slices will help to get rid of bags under the eyes. Impose on the problem areas of the ring of vegetables, take a horizontal position, relax and lie down for about ten minutes. Then you need to wash with cold water and put on lids special moisturizer.
  • Get rid of the effects of a sleepless night to help citrus energy drink. To make it, you need to take half an orange and squeeze the juice out of it. Next, get some linen cloth or towel, soak it in a cocktail and cover face. Soak a compress with only ten minutes, and you'll see how posvezheet and your skin turns pink.
  • If you need to remove birthmarks, freckles, acne and smooth wrinkles, strawberries is a wonderful and strong folk remedy for this. Before going to bed make lotions from mashed berries or their juice.
  • Another simple remedy for skin care is such a mixture: two hundred grams of honey, fifty grams of olive oil and one hundred grams of lemon juice. Take it should be before meals for one dessert spoon every day.
  • Beautiful mask from Marlene Dietrich cup sour cream, mix with the juice of one lemon, add the whipped egg whites, a tablespoon of glycerin and fifty grams of vodka. Apply this mixture should be immediately after a bath or shower and keep for about ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. This remarkable cream refreshes and nourishes the skin.

Also remember that modern cosmetics should not delay in makeup or throw them out altogether, just better to use them a lot less. This is because you can not be confident in their composition. Try to go on a healthy, proper nutrition, make natural masks from improvised means and products. Not only will you be able to save this great, so also you will look much younger and prettier. A natural beauty - this is the real woman's arms. Be healthy and attractive on any day!

 Healthy skin face: beauty secrets

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 Tonic for the face

Our facial skin, as well as throughout the body, and needed cleaning and makeup as skin - a "first post", which safely meet aggressive external influences. All of our experiences can be read with the naked eye from our face fatigue fades from nervous shock may become peaky and buy gray. But if you live in harmony with yourself and others, and the look is still not so hot. It will help cosmetics that will help restore the natural beauty. Today we will focus on facial toner.


Facial toner for toning up the skin, giving it a fresh, natural glow and healthy color. In addition, it is this "bracer" helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Some may argue and say that enough different kinds of soap, milk or gel to clean the skin of makeup, dust and other dirt. Then the logical question arises: why you need a tonic? The fact that it comes into action already at the final stage by removing dead cells and residues of detergents, is able to pull dirt from the pore depth, but soaps, gels and lotions removed only its surface layer. The difference is palpable!

How to use a facial toner at various small specific problems? In - the first place: it should be properly selected according to skin type. Secondly, we should define the desired impact.

  • Oily and shiny skin. Included in the product alcohols, alcohols contribute to surface degreasing and waste ground dull shine.
  • Problem skin (the tendency to acne). Alcohol disinfects the skin and wash away the plug in the sebaceous glands. During exacerbation of acne should be changed on a tonic lotion.
  • Dry skin. Various emollients, most aloe vera help to restore water-lipid balance.

Use a tonic for the face should be as follows: soak a cotton ball 2-4 times a tonic, and then wipe the face with massage movements. From the middle of the cheeks to the ears on the board walk in a circular motion with a cotton pad, then-from the middle of the forehead toward the temples from the middle of the chin towards the ears, from the inner corner of the eye on the upper eyelid to the outer and lower eyelid from the outer corner to the internal.

To choose the right tonic for the face, you will feel that the skin has ceased to be tightened and become more fresh look. If the effect is not observed, you should try a product from another manufacturer.


The composition of tonic for the face, usually containing alcohol. Often, it is the base. If this product is suitable for oily skin, the alcohol concentration may reach 50%.
Tonic for the face without alcohol is suitable for dry skin. In an extreme case, the liquid should be selected in which the alcohol content is the lowest. They better fit well with the tendency to acne or irritation.

Matting agents are the second component of the composition. Unfortunately, their effect is transient - only a few hours. But it is possible to consolidate the effect: immediately after applying a tonic cause matting cream.
Nutrients. This component is optional, it is not all the products offered. For tired skin well to pick up the composition with essential oils and herbs.

Types tonic for skin types

 Tonic for face reviews

  • Combined

This tool from the category of "2 in 1", they are a mixture of milk and tonic at the same time. Do not expect that the effect of the merger of the two products will be twice as good. Use a tonic for the face of this type conveniently in field conditions, when all the tubes and jars are still not uvezesh.

  • Tonic for sensitive and dry skin

Why do you need a tonic for the face, which is designed specifically for dry skin? The fact is that oily skin requires degreasing, that is a part of such products will include a higher percentage of alcohol, and dry - on the contrary requires a recharge, in addition it can not be overdry. For best effect should be combined with means of moisturizing milk or cream. A characteristic feature of this product is the presence of lipids that contribute to cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. If the label states that the composition of tonic for the face contains the following components, it would show that the lipids in the fluid are: olive oil, grape kernel oil, peach, apricot, shea butter or shea butter, cocoa. Another designation lipids: ceramides, triglyceride, squalane, cholesterol.

The facial toner without alcohol may be present provitamin B5 or panthenol, which will contribute to the synthesis of lipids and protect against irritation; alpha-tocopherol (tocopherol) and vitamin E, and antioxidant projecting soothing effect. Natural facial toner may contain urea, which is a natural moisturizer and retains moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis.

  • Tonic for normal skin

This cleansing tonic for the face includes vitamins and various minerals, aimed to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. To this product could serve as a moisturizing tonic for the face, it should contain a little alcohol. That means more will have exfoliating effect indicates the presence in the fruit peels or aluminum oxide. This will contribute to giving the skin a smoother texture and opacity.

  • Tonic for Problem Skin

Facial toner designed for oily and prone to acne skin is designed to prevent the formation of acne. As part of such means will always be present essential oils, alcohol and herbal extracts. The best tonic for the face of such a plan for improving the appearance of the skin removes the lipid layer, an adhesive horny scales that are on the top layer of skin cells. Facial Toner reviews about which there is a large number of pages on Internet sites, requires a surfactant - surfactants. They open the way to the dermis for the active substances, but at the same time, may be in the dermis and bacteria.

The label says surfactant emulsifier. Therefore, in order not to disrupt the skin barrier in clarifying toner for the face is added only mild surfactants that can disrupt the lipid layer is minimal. There may be used gidroksilovaya alpha- (BHA) and beta gidroksilovaya (ANA) acid. Their task - to remove dead skin cells and borrowing balance of skin oils, which are necessary to hydrate the skin. The label can be identified by their names: citric, lactic, malic, glycolic acid, pyruvic acid and salicylic acid.

  • Tonic for oily skin

Facial Toner tightens pores and removes and shine. The product composition is similar to the composition for greasy skin, but the components are used in smaller proportions.

How to use the tonic for face and why it should be done? During the day, our skin produces oil and sweat, which are the breeding ground for the emergence of microbes. Clogged pores with "banked" germs cause acne. Use the product as a tonic in the morning, and as a cleaning agent - in the evening.

Products from different manufacturers

We called already and moisturizing facial toner, and products designed for different skin types and all kinds of compositions, but have not talked about what manufacturers offer similar goods. Let's look at a brief overview of the most common suggestions.

  • Nivea

Nivea tonic for the person presents as an effective means of removing contaminants and can get rid of blackheads. As the manufacturer claims that the product does not dry the skin. Find reviews of the product from Nivea - tonic for the face - and read, convenient packaging, light pleasant scent short on the skin after use, the tool gently, but with black dots are not able to fight. And tonic facial pores it can hardly be described. On the face of the film a sense of felts, felts tightness.

  • Vichy

Vichy facial toner contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid, zinc sulfate, Glycas and thermal water Vichy. It fights fat shine, cleanses, smoothes the skin surface and pores.

Use a facial toner Vichy morning and evening, attention problem areas. Use not lead to the formation of comedones.

  • Lancome

Facial Toner Lancome has updated and cooling effect, perfect as a final chord cleanse the skin. It contains extracts of white lotus, cedar and French rose, thereby energizing and has a calming effect. It contains alcohol. Reviews of Facial Toner Lancome say only that the product is good and suitable for all skin types.

  • Garnier

Garnier facial toner contains rose extract, acts gently removing impurities and dead cells. Garnier facial toner is applied to a cotton pad and then massaged rubbed the face, neck and décolleté. After you should use a moisturizer.
Clean line

Tonic Face pure line is suitable for sensitive skin. Detailed information could not be found, but the reviews say that the product is quite delicate and does not cause dryness. The composition may include a variety of medicinal plants.

  • L'oreal

Facial Toner L'Oreal can be found with a moisturizing effect, restoring, revitalizing and cleansing. Facial Toner L'Oreal leaves only positive reviews. It can be concluded that this is the best tonic for the person according to the Internet - the wearer.

Doing their own hands tonic

 facial toner tightens pores

Prepare a tonic for the face with their hands and not difficult.   Lovers of natural cosmetics have come up as based on the toilet water to make recipe for Hungarian queen facial toner.

To do this, you need the following ingredients (all taking 1 tablespoon)

  • Calendula flowers, rose petals, mint leaves, lime, orange and lemon peel, lavender flowers, 2 laurel leaves, 250 ml apple cider vinegar.

If you can not find any components of this recipe tonic for the face, use a lightweight structure, but do not add any extra ingredients. And finally, how to make a tonic for the person at home.

Method: dry ingredients infused for 14 days on the apple cider vinegar. Take only the pure vinegar, without the various "E", you can use the self-made. Upon expiration of the infusion is filtered, diluted 1: 1 with boiled cold water, you can take distilled. Tonic for the face morning and evening use, only store at room temperature and diluted composition is effective and suited to the use of only 5-7 days.

Choosing makeup for your face, be guided solely on individual tolerance. Be beautiful!

 Facial Toner

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