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Many scientists believe that our skin - it is also the body of the human body, it requires care and maintenance. It is the first skin is faced with an aggressive influence of external factors: wind, hot sun, rain, dust, etc. Therefore, adhering to the rules of hygiene care, we should not forget about the food, which will help to hydrate and soften. Today, our discussion will focus moisturizing body milk and everything connected with it.

How to choose a body lotion?

The first thing you notice when you buy, it's the smell. Since this product is designed for everyday use, the aroma should be pleasant, but unobtrusive. If you are a lover of strong smells, you can choose several options that will fit your way of day or evening.

We need to pay attention to the composition of the milk for the body. In high-quality products, if they are made by foreign manufacturer, a mandatory label information must be present on the translation language of the country where this product is purchased. In the absence of transfer of the purchase should not be done to avoid the purchase of "black" products, for which no quality guarantee can not.


Moisturizing Body Lotion is designed for daily use, so should choose a convenient packaging of the goods offered. If the dispenser during flakonchike too weak, the consumption of milk is greater than the required rate. It is not practical. If the dispenser is too tight, it will cause difficulty in squeezing milk using.

Best Body Lotion one that has a uniform, liquid to measure consistency. It should not be spread, but the viscous, jelly-like appearance does not mean quality. Signs of expired or low-quality product - oil or semi-transparent film on the surface of the substance and the bundle weight. Such milk shall in no case be applied to the skin. The result can be unpredictable.

If you do not know how to use body lotion, keep in mind that it should be applied after bath treatments (shower, bath), pre-wiping body dry with a towel. A small amount of moisturizer is applied to the body in a circular motion, should be distributed evenly and thinly, because the way it is absorbed much more quickly and does not leave an unpleasant sensation on the skin.

Use body lotion can be in the winter. During these seasons, the best body lotion you can find a product with the effect of a natural tan, and included in the body milk ingredients make the skin more supple and elastic.

In the summer season moisturizing body lotion should be applied after sunbathing, which will save from drying skin.

What body lotion best and what should be preferred - it's only the buyer, especially since the skin will affect the final decision. But to avoid confusion, let's try to talk briefly about some of the producers and their product.

  • Nivea

Nivea Body Milk is intended for intensive care of dry skin. It will protect against unnecessary loss of precious moisture. When using softening occurs and smoothing the skin.

Body Lotion Nivea in its composition contains moisturizing ingredients, sea minerals, vitamin E and almond oil. With these components, the skin becomes velvety and soft.

We read about the products of the company Nivea Body Lotion - reviews are quite diverse. Some say that the product really helps, for example, atopic dermatitis. Someone says that the product does not moisturizes the skin and not worth the money paid for it. In any case, you should try and look at your individual reaction.

  • Dove

Company Dove Body Lotion is for all skin types. For example, "Humidification and care" is suitable for any level of dryness of the skin. It works not only on the skin surface, but also in its deep layers, which promotes retention of moisture for 24 hours. Body Milk-giving contains a nutrient serum, active substances which return the skin a natural glow.

  • Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Body Lotion is in a different range of aromatic jasmine, blackberry, peach ID The product has a delicate texture, and it includes extracts of various plants and Karite butter. After use, the skin is lightly scented. They say that the product is economical.

  • Garnier

Body Lotion Garnier not only hydrates, but also gives elasticity. Has a lean, light texture in the composition has a fruit concentrates (kiwi, grapefruit, apple), because they have a stimulating properties. The formula is enriched with caffeine, which, when used daily, helps to drain the skin. After the application creates a sticky feel, but at least it runs dry.

  • Chanel

Chanel Body Milk contains an extract of the algae, the very texture of the product -nezhirnaya, humidification takes place for 24 hours. Hide imperfections help light-reflecting pigments and flexibility will encourage ginger extract purple. Body Lotion Chanel relieves dryness, has a pleasant smell, relaxes and gives a feeling of tenderness skin surface.

  • Clean line

Body Lotion Pure Line has a pleasant smell and delicate texture. Judging by the reviews, not bad enough moisturizes, it gives the skin a pleasant tenderness. There are negative opinions, but the taste and color, as we know, no friend. More detailed information could be found.

  • Vichy

Vichy body lotion quite soft, thanks to palm oil. Karite Oil, which is part of, gives a feeling of comfort. Furthermore, this agent creates a protective layer. Apply Vichy body milk as a face cream can not.

  • Aquolina

Aquolina Body Milk is applied by massage movements after taking a bath or shower, it gives the skin a velvety and soft. It consists kokoglitserin, which is similar to the epidermis that allows the product to be absorbed well. The pleasant aroma on the skin persist for more than 1, 5 hours.

  • L'oreal

Body Milk L'Oreal enriched gidraliumom that promotes deep nourishment and moisturizing of the skin for a long period of time. Can produce concentrates Soft-Bronzer, which will give the effect of sunburn. ProDrenil helps to eliminate toxins. In general moisturizing body milk is quite good quality.

  • Pupa

Body Lotion PUPA in its composition contains proteins and milk sugar, which promotes quality moisturizing and gives elasticity. Amino acids in the composition of milk - a pledge of normal metabolic processes.

Proteins will absorb water and retain it, contributing natural moisture balance. On the surface of the skin forms a protective film. Well, finally lactose increases the energy of proteins needed to moisten. Moisturizing Body Lotion fairly high quality, but for some reason, it is difficult to find on the shelves of our stores.

  • Cottage

Cottage body lotion helps restore the natural balance after a shower. It has fresh fruit aromas, formed the basis of only natural ingredients: vanilla, peaches, figs, grapes and so on. Designed for frequent use.

  • Neutrogena

Neutrogena body lotion is using the active formula, which includes glycerin, panthenol and vitamin E, which penetrates the epidermis deeper simple moisturizers. Clinical trials have shown that the penetration means 10 occurs before corneum. Texture is very easy. Moisturizing body lotion penetrates instantly and leaves no greasy residue in the form of films and spots on clothing.

A little about lotions

 camay Body Lotion

Speaking of milk, let's recall that there are still a variety of lotions, for skin moisturizing body can be carried out with their help.

Do not confuse this tool with a care cream, because the consistency of the product less fat and lighter skin, which contributes to the rapid absorption. The purpose of the lotion - moisturize, degrease, align the color and surface brightens up or slow down the rate of hair growth. Naturally, one of the not unimportant tasks should also be called the power of the skin.

To moisten the skin of the body should be selected remedy that will match your skin type (as we have said above, because we will not be repeated). Let's talk about how to choose and how to use body lotion.

  1. "Remove sample". First, you need to test yourself on the possible occurrence of allergic reactions. Grease a small patch of skin and observe the reaction within a few hours. If the discomfort does not appear, the skin turns red and start to itch, then everything is fine.
  2. If you choose guided solely on your own skin type. Winter version - having more feed components, in the summer to use body lotion better than those composed of protective filters.
  3. Pay attention to reading instruction, there can be specified side effects. For allergy sufferers, and predisposed them have hypoallergenic funds without alcohol and fragrance free.

Tip: in the winter, do not apply lotion before going out of the house, soak it still does not have time.

And in the end we estimate a couple of manufacturers offering this product.

  • Dove

Company Dove body lotion is specially designed with a formula that promotes intensive strengthen skin cells. Ceramides make up, strengthens the subcutaneous tissue, and seaweed - tighten and intensely moisturize. Dove body lotion for feedback leaves no unambiguous: they say that before it was a great tool, but now has changed its consistency and it was not clear - the product has expired or has changed its formula.

Actually, giving body lotion works in different variations, so choose the right is not difficult, of course, if it suits you.

  • Camay

Camay Firm Body Lotion is available in various flavors. Its price is in the middle price segment. All he can offer is a slight softening of the skin due to glycerol and flavoring. In fact, reviews of the facility is quite good.

  • Solaris

Body Lotion Solaris has a regenerative, protective and preventive properties. It is able to reduce wrinkles and improve skin prone to acne.

Which means you can buy it to show only individual one-time use. The only thing that can be advised: if there is a probe, start from the beginning with a small, and after making sure that the product is suitable and meets your needs, buy a larger container.

 Body Milk. Taking care of your skin

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