Hands woman give her age

As if a woman does not care about their appearance, no matter how neat and tidy person, but if her chapped hands red or dry skin and nails start to exfoliate, it negatively affects the whole appearance.

It is possible to go to a beauty salon, where every woman will be able to make a paraffin mask, then your skin will acquire grace, softness and elasticity. Also, in the cabin, you can make a professional manicure. Plus manicure will give you advice on how to care for the nails and skin of hands, in your case.

The procedure with the imposition of a paraffin mask, you can make yourself. This would require the purchase store paraffin, and the tub, which will be heated. After that you have in your apartment will have its own SPA-center.

There are many other different recipes for skin care hands. Do not forget the nails well-groomed skin with barbs does not look very nice.

When washing your hands, use a mild baby soap, because the skin on the hands is sensitive enough, and then wipe it well. Good for skin hand mask components such as glycerin, ammonia, cologne and water. Twice a week, wrap your hands with a mixture of honey and almond oil. Well it vmasiruyte. Then you need to put on plastic gloves and top roll up your hands warm towel. From the person acting on your hands mask consisting of avocado oil, with the addition of four drops of essential oil of rose and ylang-ylang.

Also, once a week to do skin peeling of hands, it rejuvenates skin cells and hand massages.

 Hands give the woman's age!

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 bleaching teeth at home

A beautiful smile is a natural result of regular and proper dental care, as well as an integral part of a modern and successful man. Today, there are quite a number of recipes for teeth whitening. Therefore, everyone chooses for themselves the most appropriate option. For example, some people consider dental visits unbearable procedure and looking for ways to whiten your teeth at home.

Another reason is the rather high cost of photo-bleaching and laser treatments. So safe whitening folk remedies for many becomes urgent and necessary procedure. There are many simple but effective ways to help all who wish to obtain a white smile.

Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, lemons and even strawberries - all these ingredients are converted into a home teeth whitening procedures being overbearing. Just remember - you need to use these tools with great care, since any one of them wipes the surface of the enamel, which can result in thinning.

Before you try to whiten your teeth at home, you should consult with an experienced doctor dentist. This must be done to avoid the appearance of spots in the bleaching folk remedies. These spots may appear in the presence of bands and strain on the teeth. Many agents (eg, peroxide) are aggressive enough. With frequent use they may enhance the sensitivity of the teeth and gums cause injury.

Traditional methods of whitening

So how can you whiten your teeth at home? We have tried to gather in this article the most common methods. Let's look at the details of each.

Using hydrogen peroxide

Among the popular methods of whitening can be identified by hydrogen peroxide. You will need: peroxide - 20 drops of water - 50 grams. This solution is necessary to rinse your mouth immediately after brushing. The procedure should last at least two minutes. At the end of rinse the mouth with clean water.

There is also another way to hydrogen peroxide bleaching: Take peroxide, soak a cotton ball in it and rub the teeth. Then brush your teeth clean toothbrush (no toothpaste) and rinse your mouth with clean water.

It is worth noting that home teeth whitening peroxide is not very pleasant. However, this particular method is the most effective. Do not abuse them, only one application per week, otherwise you risk damaging the tooth enamel. Before using peroxide bleaching, do not forget to consult a dentist.

Using baking soda

Teeth whitening soda - another fairly popular home method. Even most dentists agree that baking soda is safe for health, operates efficiently and quickly. However, this method you should not get too carried away. Teeth whitening soda can hold no more than once a week, and even better to combine it with other methods of whitening.

Teeth whitening at home (either peroxide or soda) should be done with great caution. You can just dip the brush into the baking soda and gently for a minute to brush your teeth. Or mix with soda paste - which is less harmful to tooth enamel. There is another effective method - whitening lemon and baking soda. To do this, a few drops of lemon juice should be mixed with baking soda and toothpaste. Using such a mixture can be once a fortnight.

Activated carbon

Our ancestors sought snow-white smile using wood ash. Its sieved applied on the finger and purified teeth. Today ash replace conventional activated carbon, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. The pulverized coal is necessary to dip your toothbrush and brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes.

This method helps to get rid of plaque, as well as providing an abrasive effect on tooth enamel. The main advantage of the activated carbon is its safety to the oral cavity. The main thing is to pound the pill so that no more large particles, which can damage the enamel. Activated carbon can be used once every three days.

 Teeth Whitening

Using strawberries

Strawberries - another natural bleaching agent. All you need to do - crush the berries until mushy state and apply them to the teeth like toothpaste. Or hold a berry in the teeth, slightly pushing to appear juice. And you can just chew a handful of berries and a couple of minutes to hold mush in your mouth, and then brush your teeth. Such a sweet way to whitening is absolutely safe, it can be used daily.

You can cook, and the following means: one large strawberry mix with half a teaspoon of baking soda and grind until smooth mass. Apply to your teeth, hold for 5-7 minutes, brush and rinse your mouth well. Use this method can be no more than once a month.

With milk powder, iodine and herbs

Powdered milk is also often used for whitening folk remedies. Especially this method is useful when a stone plaque and caries. Caries - a fairly common problem, which is to avoid the few who can. And here come to the aid just milk. Use can be 2-3 times a week, the process is the same as in the bleaching with soda.

Excellent effect gives ordinary and iodine. One drop should be mixed with toothpaste and brush her teeth as usual. The result is quite efficient, but often use such means is not recommended: it will be enough once every 10-15 days.

Whiten your teeth at home is possible with the help of various herbs: sage, nettle, oak bark, mint. Of these, it is necessary to prepare the infusion, and to use it as toothpaste. The result is efficient, besides herbs are beneficial to the gums and teeth, strengthening them.

With essential oils

Home teeth whitening is performed with the use of essential oils. For example, orange oil - because it is possible to prepare a conditioner. Dissolve 2-3 drops of oil per teaspoonful alcohol and then in half a glass of warm water. Use after each cleaning.

You can also use oil of grapefruit, lemon, tea tree. Below is a recipe for tooth whitening, which is perfect for home use:

  • The wet brush dipped in baking soda or a fine sea salt;
  • There also add a drop of any essential oil and thoroughly clean the teeth (for 3-4 minutes), not forgetting massage the gums;
  • After the procedure, a good rinse mouth.

Any essential oil can be used 1-2 times a month - it all depends on the sensitivity of the teeth.

As you can see, there are many affordable, safe and effective methods of teeth whitening folk remedies. Adhering to the relevant recommendations, you save yourself from visiting dental clinics that offer expensive procedures.

 Teeth whitening at home: some effective ways

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 Serum for the face

Face Serum is one such cosmetic products that came into use in cosmetology recently. If ten years ago the serum for the face can only be used in professional beauty salons, but now it no problem to buy in any store cosmetics. I do not think that it can be used only in strictly defined proportions and cases, as you need to know the many factors that affect the degree of its action and is a means by which the serum can be applied. For these reasons, when choosing a serum for the face should take into account multiple factors.

Serum for the face is very different not only from our usual creams (night, day, night, and others.), But also on the tonics and lotions. With us you can easily understand the variety of options of cosmetic products and that what it means for you to become the best.

If you need only the best serum for the face, then with our help, you can select it with no problems. Despite the fact that there is no universal formula serum, there are cosmetics that can claim to be the ideal.

As mentioned above, whey is different, which is why it can not be used indiscriminately. Especially when it comes to facial skin. After all, this part of a woman's body attracts the attention of most. And if you're willing to look young for many years, then get ready for the fact that it is our speech today will focus on the numerous sera from different companies.

Serum for face today is produced by many large holdings cosmetology. Moreover, it can vary considerably according to parameters such as the capacity of the packaging, cost, shelf life, conditions of use, time of use and applying it to the skin, interaction with other drugs, the conditions under which it can be used, and more. Since today requires special attention Serum for the face: the application should be strictly checked.


For every woman, it is important to know how to use all those cosmetics that have in its arsenal. It is particularly important to know how to use the serum for the face. There are certain rules that will help you quickly decide which whey suits you the most. Thus, it is clear that use the same in all cases, serum life is simply not possible. How to use the serum for the face is very different from all the tools that we used to use. It is necessary to grasp the fact that the serum can be used in two versions - as a standalone tool, and a tool that will allow you to comprehensively care for face, neck and décolleté.

Methods of application of serum for the face is not so much dependent on the quality and properties of its much on what effect you want to achieve. It is also important for what it is age and skin type you decide to use serum.

At the beginning of the use of the serum should be taken into account and, when it was released during a shelf life it can be used and under what conditions it can be stored. Besides all this, do not buy the serum, which is packaged in a very large bottle. There can be several - first, it's pretty uncomfortable if you have to go somewhere, and Cosmetic (familiar to you) have the means to take with you. Second - the more you use cosmetic product, the greater the likelihood that it may settle bacteria live some microorganisms, etc.

Only after you have completely determine the type of whey and how to use the serum for the face, you can achieve the desired effect and the result of its actions.

High serum for the face: an overview

 Serum for face reviews
 Today, almost all the cosmetic companies can claim that they produce the best serum for the face, using the latest manufacturing technologies and innovative ingredients. Moreover, companies are willing to offer advice on how to use the serum for the face. It should be noted that all of truthful that serum - it is indeed the means, which does not compete with one another or may Cosmetic agent. Serum much longer contains silicone and wetting agent, than any cream. Moreover, as noted by many researchers, serum can contain much more tonics and vitamins that are needed for long-term preservation of the skin young and fresh.

As is known, this can be a cosmetic anti-aging lightening serum for the face, a moisturizing serum for the face, anti-aging serum for the face, facial serum whitening.

In our country, many common serum for the face: reviews of them can be found not only on the women's forums and sites, but also on the websites of the cosmetic companies that are engaged in production. As a rule, all the serum can be divided into those that should be applied only at a certain age, and those that should be used to achieve a certain effect (eg, moisturizing, whitening, eliminate age spots, etc.). We talk about the serum for the face: the use of its different types depending on the components included in it, and the woman's age. Not worth buying at random serum for the face: reviews and recommendations on the application will allow you to avoid many mistakes.

The most famous product of a series of serum

  • Kosmovit

Serum for face Kosmovit created on the basis of medicinal herbs, spread on the territory of Central Russia. This company produces the serum to eliminate age spots, restoring tone and smoothing it, and to restore the water balance of the skin, which is tired of urban heavy air. Moreover, this serum keeps moisture in the skin for a long time. Serum for the face Kosmovit created based on the latest European technology and using only proven (by conducting laboratory tests), fragrances and cosmetic additives.

  • Avon

Serum for face avon presented in a different scheme. It is not only anti-aging (by the way, the most common form of serum), but also whitening cosmetics, which is quite convenient to use and practical, as it is presented in packages of different nominal volume. This serum contains hyaluronic acid plant nutrient elements oils. It penetrates more easily in the top and middle layers of the skin, causing it to work in a renewed mode. This serum reduces wrinkles, it can significantly reduce the traces of small scars and reduce the color change from one color to another. Serum for face avon you will certainly will be satisfied.

  • Estee Lauder

Despite the fact that the serum for the face Estee Lauder appeared on the market of cosmetic products recently. It contains polysaccharides, which can turn flabby skin more youthful. It is this serum allows you to easily smooth out sagging of the skin, restore the contours of the face oval. In addition, serum for the face Estee Lauder can be used to restore the skin after stress (diet, illness, etc.). This effect can be achieved due to the fact that it contains extracts of papaya, pineapple, soybean, ginseng, oak bark, and others. Natural substances.

  • Lancome

Face Serum Lancome used as a moisturizing serum for the face as well as an anti-aging serum for the face. As a rule, this serum combines both warmth and comfort of home serene beauty and comfort. Since this serum contains a special bottle with a pipette, the skin care becomes akin to the tea ritual, which is aimed not so much on external beauty, but on the state of mind and body. Serum for the face contains a special set of Lancome Dermo-Cohesion Complex. He turns the substrate into the net, which stands supporting pillar for the skin. It includes extract of yeast and algae. This combination of components is struggling with sagging skin. Warmth and comfort gives a delicate peach flavor.

  • Chanel

Chanel Face Serum contains firming lipopeptide to correct existing signs of aging. In the same complex have a special serum Aglycal. He did not just restore vital functions of cells, but it contains vitamin E. Pearl Serum is enclosed in an elegant bottle with dispenser. This serum restores youthfulness of your skin and come to her extraordinary radiance. With the serum for the face of Chanel You do not have to wait long for the desired result, as you will notice improved skin within a day.

  • Loreal

Face Serum L'Oreal has become a breakthrough in the beauty industry. It contains many herbal extracts - an extract of camellia, mulberry root, green tea, malic acid and many other components. In addition, it has a hydrolyzed elastin, D-panthenol, and all known hyaluronic acid. With Face Serum Loreal your skin will always be provided with the necessary vitality to restore the ability to control vitality and strength. Your skin will be provided with moisture and strength of the collagen extract. You will notice improvement on the second day.

  • Guerlain

Guerlain Face Serum contains numerous force of active plant components. The most common of them (and respectively - the most acceptable by the human, who lives in central Russia) - is the grapes, oats, wheat, sunflower. Since serum contains ceramides, the skin not only becomes supple and lively, but all this is still going on and the alignment of its color. This serum for the face Guerlain recommended to use at the first signs of aging and skin fatigue. Serum is a lightweight silicone gel with substances that remove many free radicals from the upper and deeper layers of the skin. In the Guerlain cosmetics line one of the best options is considered Whitening Serum for the face.

  • Natura Siberica

Natura Siberika Serum for the face - restoring serum with marine extracts and extracts from algae. It is from nature Siberika Serum for the face can quickly restore skin elasticity and to emphasize the oval face. There may be a feeling of tightness of the skin and its tackiness. But it takes a period of seven minutes.

  • Clinique

Clinique facial serum specifically designed to fight wrinkles and reduce the pigmentation of the skin. She successfully protects and restores the skin using a new technology, the essence of which is to support the functions of the skin due to the powerful natural antioxidants. The Clinique Face Serum contains yeast extract, ultrasomy, pentapeptide. The advantage of this serum that it can be used not only at a certain age, as if desired to adjust the appearance of the skin. At the same time, the serum can not be used continuously, but only when you want to quickly restore the vitality of your skin.

  • Vichy

Vichy Serum for the face is one of those kinds of cosmetics, which can be attributed not so much decorative as to the medical cosmetics. In Vichy facial serum contains extract, honeysuckle extract, ruscus, synthetic elements, which by their nature and the level of effects on the body are natural. This serum stimulates cell renewal and improves the intracellular exchange. It is recommended as a daily means for women about 30 years, although it can be used to quickly restore balance and skin color. This cosmetic product could be regarded as anti-aging Brightening Serum for the face.

It should be borne in mind that the question mark and a serum was used as a facial, it depends largely on the individual components and the tolerance of the varying serum. Not invented yet ideal serum for the face: reviews of each of them you can find on the websites of cosmetic and medical companies.

 Serum for the face - loving-kindness of your youth

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