how to shave your legs

Statistics confirm that most of the men invariably attracted by the beauty of female legs. The key to female attractiveness are not only the outline of the body, as its well-groomed - a healthy complexion, velvet skin, pedicures and even tan. Therefore, every self-respecting woman regularly replenish their knowledge in the field of cosmetology. Even when a woman is a constant visitor to the beauty salon, she should learn how to shave your legs with a razor. For this there are many reasons.

Firstly, shaving - it is the most economical, quickest and easiest way to remove hair. This method is not only used for hair removal on the legs, bikini area and armpits can also be perfectly smooth after shaving. Secondly, scientists have developed a large number of unique razors, shaving procedure which produce their own - a pleasure.

Some women do not like one thing - the second or third day after shaving the hair resumes its growth, and the process has to be repeated again and again. However, for the majority of the fair sex a regular shaving with a razor or a machine has become a standard procedure. It is worth noting that not everyone knows how to shave your legs, and rely solely on this issue on their own intuition. In this article, we want to tell you about important nuances of female shaving.

Preparing for shaving

Prepare your skin for shaving quality help scrub the skin. Pretreated skin scrub, you clean and exfoliate from the surface of dead skin cells. This procedure will prevent you from getting dirt in the hair follicles are in the process of shaving.

Needless shaving much easier with the use of a special gel. Damage to the treated skin gel makes the process easy and enjoyable. It makes no difference how you are using the gel - male or female, but female versions, as a rule, have a pleasant smell.

The main tool in your hands - it's razor. Women razor blades differs from the male only design and the presence of a movable head. This difference allows the razor to glide smoothly over the skin, repeating all the curves of the body, while minimizing the risk of injury. Female machine, as well as for man has 2-4 blades, but their number has little effect on the smoothness of the shave. The main essence of quality in the sharpness of the blade shaving machine. Shaving inveterate dull razor is unacceptable because it does harm to the skin. Therefore, the blades on the machine should be changed as often as possible.

Selecting machine - responsible business

 how to shave your legs with a razor

Equally important is not just a matter of how to shave your legs the machine, but also the choice of the machine . So it is easy to lose your head in a wide variety of models of women's razors. In addition to standard machines with blades on the market were female shavers are designed for both wet and dry shaving. For wet shaving typically using warm water, as well as additional cosmetic agents. Most of the women's electric shavers runs on batteries, so you can use them while traveling. Advanced models are equipped with special devices - trimmers designed to align and shorten the longest hairs.

Opinions about what the most effective shave - or an electric machine, vary much. Each of these methods has both positive and negative moments. Most likely to conduct their own experiments, and to decide for themselves on their own, which method is optimal for you personally.

The main drawback of the procedure is the need to shave her frequent use, which is accompanied by a risk of skin cuts, frequent occurrence of irritation and ingrown hairs. But because of its affordability and simplicity, shaving does not lose its popularity among the female population. We are sure that if you learn the simple rules and understand for themselves how to shave your legs, then the procedure will be for you the most efficient and safe.

Shave correctly

Before the procedure, it is best to take a hot shower. Hot water to steam the skin, softening it, soften hair and opens pores, which greatly facilitates shaving. While taking a shower the skin should be thoroughly cleaned by the detergent. This measure will prevent the occurrence of inflammatory reactions after shaving. The area you plan to shave, cut the body scrub to prevent ingrown hairs.

When the preparations are over, you can safely proceed to shaving. How to shave your legs with a razor? Apply to the skin foam, mousse or shaving cream. Never use the data for soap because it dries the skin much. Then soak a razor blade and carefully slide it across the skin. It is not necessary to press strongly on the blade, otherwise you risk to injure the skin. Traditionally carried by a razor direction of hair growth - from top to bottom. This method of shaving, while not giving a perfect result, but allows you to protect against cuts and irritations.

Many women like to shave your legs in the direction opposite of hair growth, since in this way is achieved cleanliness and smoothness of the skin. However, when using this method of shaving is not necessary to carry out double-bladed one portion and the skin, or it can be very damaging. Make sure that the blade razor is not clogged, rinse it under water as often as possible. After the procedure, razor blades should also be thoroughly rinsed with water.

When the procedure is finished shaving, shaving residues are washed with water, and the skin is dry it thoroughly. Applied to the skin moisturizer in order to prevent it from dehydration. In the event of an inflammatory response or desirable to treat skin irritation hydrocortisone cream, effectively relieves burning sensation and redness. This cream is an excellent antiseptic. If shaving underarm area has been exposed, it is not necessary immediately after the procedure to apply antiperspirants and deodorants containing alcohol.

The shaving every detail matters. In addition, how to shave your legs, you have to wonder - when shave your legs? Optimally carry out the procedure in the morning, after a shower, when the skin is soft and steamed.

Little nuances

 how to shave your legs machine

When you make the decision about how often you need to shave your legs, you should focus on the individual characteristics of the body's own, not the idle advice from the sidelines. Every woman hair growth occurs at different rates, some hair grow for a couple of days, but some - for 1-2 weeks. So shaving your schedule must be individual.

Never try to go against nature. The more you shave, the more abundant will grow unwanted hair. If nature has awarded you a light invisible fluff, think about whether you even take a razor in his hands. These hairs better touch in the most extreme cases, without touching the blade of the hips and knees.

On the question of how to shave legs machine, there is one answer that can be called the golden rule - shaving one touch. If you have not got one try to remove all the unwanted hair, you can repeat the passage of the razor on the site. But when the third touch of the blade on the skin irritation will inevitably appear.

It is necessary to be more cautious with the procedure of shaving before visiting the pool or water park. Legs better shave the day before the adoption of water treatment for the reason that the salt and chlorinated water instantly annoying freshly shaven skin, with red spots appear with a characteristic burning sensation.

On the bright summer sun so I want to wear light platishko and soar like a butterfly, caressed by the warm breeze. But it is our wonderful legs are open others' eyes. We want you to spend the summer in the wonderful frame of mind, and your clean-shaven legs caused all sincere admiration!

 How to shave your legs

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 slimming patch

There is not a woman who would not want to become even more beautiful and slimmer. And even if nature has endowed woman with long legs and perfect figure, she still sometimes have doubts, not whether there was where the problem areas that also need to bring to perfection. Particular attention beautiful half of humanity pays its weight - excess weight because when talking about the good slim figure is not necessary. And then begins a varied diet, slimming patches and varied diet. It is about a patch for weight loss we talk in our article. You will learn what their advantages and disadvantages as there are patches for weight loss, there are some brands of patches.

Among the many methods of weight loss patches for weight loss, they are otherwise also called anti-cellulite patches are in a special place .  This is due to the fact that the effect of patches on the body rather unconventionally .  After all, we are all accustomed to the fact that weight loss need to pace yourself long diets, exercise, drink a variety of supplements for weight loss, but the patches are very different .  When using patches for slimming the abdomen or other areas of the body do not need to stick to a diet or increase locomotor activity .  That is, the person continues to live a normal life, while the patch burns overweight .  In addition to weight loss patch can be used only on certain problem areas of the body .  That is, if you need to lose a few centimeters in the waist, then the patch slimming the abdomen, weight loss as a way to separate the selected area becomes a perfect solution to the problem of excess centimeters .

The operating principle of patches for weight loss

So, let's see how the patch for weight loss. Generally speaking, the action of patches on the body occurs as follows: the biologically active substance patch penetrate into the human body through the skin directly, resulting in activated in the body fat burning. In addition, patches help to improve blood circulation, improve the work of the lymph nodes, get rid of the edema. Substances contained in the patches, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and enter the body in an unmodified state, and thereby provides therapeutic effect. In addition, patches, helps get rid of "orange peel", otherwise known as cellulite yet, but this task handle only capsicum patches of cellulite.

Using the patch is convenient especially for very busy people, as they do not violate their way of life, are not noticeable under clothes, easy to use.

Use patches easily. The patch for weight loss should be pasted on the problem area of ​​the body and carry it from 1/3 hour to a day for 20-30 days. Duration of wearing the patch depends on the type of patch. Also, patches can be of various sizes - from 3x3 to 10x10 centimeters. During the year, the courses should be repeated wear patches at least 2-3 times. Of course, the use of the patches will cost you dearly, as one pack of patches is an average of 500-1000 rubles, and package them in more than 10 pieces usually does not happen. But the convenience and efficiency of patches are kind of money.

Disadvantages of using a weight loss patch

Plasters, despite their popularity and use, should be used not for everyone. It is best to use the patches to those people who do not have excess weight and cellulite. That is, use the patches for weight loss should be only for prevention. You can certainly use them and people who are overweight is still there. If this figure does not exceed 3-5 kg, then at the same time using the patch should be little change daily diet and workout. If the weight exceeds the norm by not less than 10 kg, it is best to go on a good diet and workout seriously. And the patches in this case only slightly accelerate the process of losing weight.

The main disadvantages of patches:

  1. Plasters are not capable of burning the fat which coats the internal organs - the liver, intestine, kidney, and so on. Patches can substantially only affect appearance, subcutaneous fat.
  2. The active substances contained in the patches do not enter the blood, so they are able to act on the part of the body to which adhered.
  3. The patches contain substances that "burn" fat. But, according to experts, fat burning can occur only during physical exertion. Therefore it is necessary to engage in sports, rather than waiting for a quick weight loss of the patch.

As you can see from the above, the question "Do the patches for weight loss to lose weight? "You can answer that yes, help, but only if the weight is not too excessive. The patches help to keep more normal weight.

Pepper patches and patches with caffeine

 patches for weight loss reviews
 Pepper patch of cellulite not only helps burn fat, but also give the first results on the 10th day of their use - "orange peel" significantly reduced. By the end of one month of the application of such patches skin is completely smoothed, and you forget about what is cellulite.

The composition of the Capsicum plant substances include adhesives, red pepper extract and caffeine. Peretz acts as a fat burner, and the caffeine is intended to prevent the redness from the pepper. Slimming patch with caffeine and pepper should be held no more than 20 minutes after taking a shower or bath, that is to clean skin. After 20 minutes, the plaster should be removed, but it should not be to throw, because these patches are not disposable. The patches for weight loss with caffeine and pepper can effectively help in the fight against cellulite only if he has just started to appear.

Before you can use the pepper patch for weight loss, you should consult your doctor as you may have an intolerance of some of its components.

About how to help patch of cellulite: reviews of women state that the use of many resources did not give any effect, while the anti-cellulite patch in 2 weeks gives the first results - the skin is smoothed, the weight is reduced. At the same time, the women argue that the use of the patches becomes much more effective when combining it with sports.

Flat stomach due to patch

The most problematic area of ​​all women is stomach. Of course, everyone knows that the extra centimeters away from the tummy can be with special physical exercises. And if the patch is able to replace the sport? Since the patches act locally, only in the place where you want to burn fat, then you can safely answer that if you use the patches for weight loss - a flat stomach is quite possible to get. Especially if combined with exercise. In addition, if the look in the internet will be able to see that the patch slimming belly reviews have mostly positive. It is particularly convenient to use the patch for women who are very busy and have no free time to visit the gym. A patch for weight loss provides a flat tummy without any time-consuming. Suffice it to stick the patch on his stomach and continue to go about their business.

Pros and cons of patches for weight loss

The patch for weight loss, like any other weight loss methods, has both pluses and minuses, which we consider below .

Thus, the main advantages of using adhesives are:

  1. There are patches around the clock.
  2. The patches deliver active ingredients precisely where they are needed for effective fat burning.
  3. In contrast, various pills and supplements for weight loss patches, no adverse effects on the stomach and other digestive organs.
  4. Substances contained in the patches completely absorbed by the body, while the tablets and supplements the same components to some extent excreted.

A outs patches are:

  1. High price.
  2. Use patches makes sense only if overweight exceeds the norm by no more than 20 kg.
  3. Action patch applies only to the part of the body to which the patch is adhered.
  4. Cellulite patches only help in the initial stages of its development. Launched remove cellulite patches can not.
  5. Use patches can not be pregnant and lactating women and children under 14 years.
  6. Use patch can not be longer than 30 days, it is necessary to take breaks between courses using adhesives of at least 7 days.

Reviews consumers about patches for weight loss

Slimming patches have very different responses. Some people talk enthusiastically about how a week dropped from 2 to 5 cm in volume, while others say that the patches can help to lose weight only if they seal the mouth. But, nevertheless, before the make their views on the patches, they should try for yourself. At least for the holidays. After all, as well to celebrate the holidays, eat whatever your heart desires - and does not add any extra kilos!

Overview of brands patches for weight loss

In our country we have become widespread brands such as:

  • Soso
  • Xls Duo
  • Slim Patch
  • Lusero
  • Haogang
  • Cettua
  • Slim Hot
  • Beauty Style
  • Rikomed

Let's look at each of these patches makes more detail.

Slimming patch Soso

 pepper patch of cellulite
 Slimming patch Soso is composed of orris root and Pennsylvania sedge. This patch not only promotes weight loss, but can also help with cellulite. The indication for the use of this patch is obesity and excess weight in the abdomen. The patch also improves the digestive system, and in particular the small intestine. Reviews manufacturers state that outputs the excess liquid adhesive from the body and burns fat, whereby the volume of the abdomen and waist significantly reduced. In addition, the use of the patch slimming Soso improves skin condition and has beneficial effects on the endocrine system of the body. The patch is attached to clean skin on the navel, or 5 cm below it.

Patch slimming Xls Duo

Patch slimming Xls Duo breaks down fats, smoothes cellulite, normalizes the activity of the lymphatic system of the body, eliminates toxins. This patch is disposable, it is glued on clean skin. The cost of this brand adhesive bandages ranges from 800 rubles to 5,000 rubles. The patches slimming Xls Duo have both positive and negative customer feedback. Some say that wearing the patch has no effect, while others, combining them with the use of the swimming pool, state of the stunning results. Gluing patches should be clean, dry skin on a daily basis. They are not reusable.

Slimming Patch Slim Patch

Slimming Patch Slim Patch not only helps burn fat, but also improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and removes toxins from the body. Do not use this patch allergies and diabetes. Plasters Slimming Slim Patch in its composition have the herbal ingredients like fruit extract of hawthorn, cassia seed extract, an extract of sesame seeds, and wood tar. Wearing the patch the next day, sticking it to clean, dry skin. Then, the patch should be changed to a new one, because it is not reusable.

Plaster cellulite Lusero

Plaster cellulite Lusero contains caffeine, carnitine and fucus finely, Chinese camellia, horse chestnut, ivy, allspice, cinnamon bark essential oil, ginger, allspice, glycerine, which help to burn fat and effective fight against cellulite .  Use the patch slimming Lyusero can be on different problem areas - the abdomen, buttocks, the thighs, and so on .  Due to the sealing adhesive creates the basis for a kind of greenhouse effect, which improves skin penetration of the active ingredients of plaster .  Slimming patch Lusero recommended to use daily around the clock for 28 days .  If cellulite is very pronounced, it can be used simultaneously 2 patch once, but no more .  Each patch can be used only once .  Plaster cellulite Lyusero be glued to a clean, dry skin, trying to stick it evenly, without air bubbles and wrinkling .  About the patch slimming Lusero reviews producers say that it can only be used on healthy skin, with no injuries or damage .  Also, the patch can not be used on areas around the breast and the breast itself, the mucous membranes and the skin of hair growth in areas .  In addition, about anti-cellulite patch Lusero reviews its manufacturers also stipulate that except for pregnant and breastfeeding women can not use the patch for children under 12 years of age, diabetics, and people with thyroid disorders, kidney disease and those who are undergoing chemotherapy .

Slimming patch Haogang

Slimming patch Haogang designed only for the stomach area. It should stick to the navel, which is also an acupuncture point called "shennisyue." Slimming Patch Hao Gang promotes the breakdown of fat, get rid of toxins, toxins and excess fluid from the body. Also, the patch has beneficial effects on intestinal motility, improves blood circulation and stabilizes the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Slimming patch Cettua

Slimming patch Cettua in its composition is caffeine, which is the best tool in the fight against cellulite. About the patch slimming Cettua consumer reviews in most cases not the most comforting. But, nevertheless, some like it. Those to whom he approached, said that thanks to the patch skin becomes noticeably smoother, and no effects of intense weight loss - sagging and sagging.

Patch Slimming Slim Hot

Chinese slimming patches Slim Hot applied not only in the abdominal area, but also in the areas of the thighs and buttocks. The composition of these plasters include red pepper. That is, this is the patch for weight loss cellulite. In addition, the composition has adhesive components such as ivy extract, nicotinic acid ester, horse chestnut, fucus extract ginger. About this Chinese slimming patch reviews its producers say that it is able to effectively deal with excess fat deposits and cellulite. Use patch can be several times of 20 minutes to clean skin every 48 hours.

Patches Beauty Style

Beauty Style patches contain only ingredients from natural origin, which ensures maximum absorption of substances by the body, and hence the maximum benefit from wearing them. Among the components of the patch are extracts of hawthorn fruit, roots alismy, sesame seed, cassia seed and tree resin. Use patches should be only at night, during sleep (around 8 hours), and before using a skin patch should be wiped with a damp towel. About the patch slimming Beautystyle reviews its producers say that it promotes effective weight loss and anti-cellulite and improves skin tone. After removing the plaster skin should be washed with warm water.

Patches Rikomed

Rikomed patch for weight loss induces liver cells to produce an enzyme that breaks down fats. In other words, this patch restores proper metabolism in the body. As part of the patch there is seaweed extract, Chinese herbs and beeswax. Rikomed patch for weight loss: reviews producers tell that thanks to patch decreased appetite, promotes natural fat loss and restores the liver. The patch should be glued to the liver area, and wear it for three days, then change to a new one. In the last month, thanks Rikomed patch for weight loss, you can lose 8 kilograms or more, the weight does not re-typed.

Here we have considered the most famous brand in our country slimming patches .  The most popular are patches and marks BeautyStyle Lusero .  And about the patch slimming Lusero reviews on the Internet you will find in large quantities, because it is these patches, most women prefer .  And only depends on you, you'll be or not to use anti-cellulite patch: reviews about a particular patch, you can create your own .  Only you can tell whether the patches helps to lose weight or not, what is better - Chinese slimming patches or patches most famous brands, such as patches for weight loss or Lyusero Cettua .  .