Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women


  • Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women: what is important?
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Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women - a special story. Firstly, in a state where there are so significant hormonal changes in the female body, the response to various agents can be unpredictable. Oh, and do not forget that taking care of your health has not been canceled: the product must be safe for the mother and her remains.

Cream against stretch marks should contain retinol, which hydrates the epidermis and do not penetrate deep into the skin. After taking a shower apply the body of oil solution of vitamin E or effective cream for stretch marks. Further, the body should do the vitamins C, E and A, as well as the fatty acids contained in fish, vegetables and vegetable oil.

Even the best cream for stretch marks will be ineffective if it is not used regularly. Only the necessary nutrients to help our skin to cope with difficult situations and stay beautiful. But what to do in cases where time is missed? There will need to consult a doctor, may have to undergo some of the procedures. In the best case, the doctor will recommend a cream for stretch marks after pregnancy. The objective of such creams - quality food and improved skin regeneration.

If you do not pay enough attention to stretching, over time they will become much more visible, and beautiful outdoor bathing you have to just forget (aesthetically). Yes, those ladies who breastfeed can not worry: you can find cream for after the birth, which is completely harmless for mother and baby ...

Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women: what is important?

Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy is best to buy in specialized stores and pharmacies, minimizing the chance to purchase the fake goods. How to choose a cream for stretch marks among the abundance of products offered today by various companies? Let's derive some recommendations.

  1. Choose a specific cream for stretch marks for pregnant women. The composition of such funds designed to meet the purpose, that is, skin moms. Moisturizing the skin and resist the appearance of striae (stretch marks).
  2. The most effective stretch mark cream contains emollients such as jojoba oil and shea. Also in the must attend the components that improve blood circulation in the skin. Well, if the cream of stretch marks on the stomach contains amino acids, collagen and vitamins, because they help to restore the skin tissue and make the surface smoother.
  3. And the best cream for stretch marks can cause discomfort if you will annoy his scent. Better to choose a non-intrusive means of flavor.
  4. What is the best cream for stretch marks? Naturally hypoallergenic! So if you have the opportunity to purchase a first probe or borrow a little cream with a friend, take a test on the sensitivity of your skin to this feature.

 Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women

Review creams against stretch marks

Since the market is full of similar goods, without the least common knowledge to deal with the choice of a particular means it will be very difficult. Therefore, we offer you a brief overview of the products on the domestic market.

  • Cream Mamacomfort

Mamacomfort - cream for stretch marks, which is designed for dry and prone to sensitive skin. Good deep penetration provides a means of emulsion composition. The active ingredients enter the blood and stimulate the microcirculation of the vessels nourish the skin and "include" intracellular metabolic processes that affect the natural moisturizing. In general, if you regularly use this cream for stretch marks, the elasticity of your skin has really improved thanks to the content in the medium of olive oil, chamomile extract, horse chestnut and tea tree. Mamacomfort best to use twice a day, morning and evening. Apply to be on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen light massage until completely absorbed.

  • Cream Avent

Creams of stretching avent has a rich but not greasy formula, it helps to cope with the consequences of variations in weight. Means moisturizes, tones, strengthens and relieves itching, contains an extract of algae and sea lettuce, which helps to improve skin elasticity. Thanks to sweet almond oil calms and moisturizes the skin. Oil papaya helps to remove excess liquid. Avent will nourish and soften the skin thanks to its oil shea.

  • Mustela cream

Muster has a double effect: it helps to reduce existing stretch marks and prevents new ones. Use it in areas exposed to changes of this nature: thighs, buttocks, chest and abdomen. It contains moisturizers ANA elastoregulyatory and softening oil.

This cream can be used during the first month after birth. If you are aiming to reduce the already formed stretch marks, start to apply the cream as they become available, use within 3 months.

  • Cream Vichy

Cream Vichy is not for everyone. Some women say that stretch marks in the chest area is still there, and the cost of this cream is difficult to call. But again, we remember about the individuality of each woman. Cream of stretch marks Vichy contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, helps to improve the elasticity of your skin. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers hydroxyproline, and these fibers are known to be responsible for skin elasticity.

The cream is starting to use from the 4th month of pregnancy (prevention), the period of correction of the course will be 2-3, 5 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the skin.

  • Cream Sanosan

Creams of stretching Sanosan made in Germany. This is a good tool that will support your skin during pregnancy in the first trimester and after delivery. It contains wheat protein and olive oil, which increase the firmness and elasticity and resist the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In addition, the period of rapid growth adolescent tool can be used as a care cream for the skin.

  • Cream Lierac

Used as a means of correcting, helps fight skin defects. Such situations can be caused by hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy and lactation, oral contraceptives, and even puberty. Cream of stretch marks Lierac helps to reduce the number and size of fat cells of the skin, affects the reduction of body fat, improves skin color and evens out the texture. Thanks to this feature increases the skin tone, increases its elasticity, and the depth and width of stretch marks is reduced.

  • Cream Pregnacare

Pregnacare contains evening primrose oil, which restores the amount of ceramides in the skin and stimulates lipid metabolism. To soothe the skin from itching used calendula extract. Remove various stimuli will regenerating and antibacterial aloe.

Dexpanthenol and zinc are responsible for the restoration of the skin, allantoin softens the stratum corneum, helping to get rid of old cells, vitamins E and C are the antioxidants and stimulates the skin breathing, help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and cell membranes. Pregnacare - good moisturizer that does not cause discomfort during use.

  • Cream Chicco

Cream of stretch marks Chicco can be called as safe as possible for the future remains. The elasticity of the skin increases, increasing the degree of hydration. Impact cream has only scratched the surface, eliminating the harm the expectant mother and her daze. It contains rice bran oil and wheat, as well as vitamins PP and E.

  • Cream BabyTeva

Creams of stretching BabyTeva produced in Israel, a company specializing in the production of goods for expectant and new mothers. The tool meets all the stringent requirements in terms of quality, it is completely safe for the mother and her baby. Cosmetics brand has a lot of recommendations and certificates.

  • Cream Clarins

Clarins- triple effect: preventive action, combating the existing stretch marks and skin care. Means nourishes as follows moistens it, thereby increasing the resistance to stretching, suspends synthesis enzymes (metalloproteins) responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers.

  • Cream Guam

Creams of stretching Guam contains 10% glycolic acid, which has a stretch on the lifting effect. In addition, the composition contains natural oils and vitamin C. The acid content of the cream promotes more rapid renewal of the epidermis, which makes stretching practically unnoticeable.

  • Cream Weleda

It is used in the second trimester of pregnancy, morning and evening daily. As part of the product has oil, vitamins and oil extract of arnica. Weleda has a nice orange flavor, mixed with the scent of roses. It can be used for three months after birth.

  • Biotherm Cream

Creams of stretching Biotherm has a pink color and the texture of low-fat resembling gel. It is recommended to start using the third month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to grow rapidly, with the result that the skin is stretched. Apply zones thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and do not forget that breast skin also requires care. Biotherm Cream of stretch marks should be used, and after pregnancy for 2-3 months. Since this period, the skin shrinks rapidly and there is a risk of post-natal stretch marks.

  • Cream Elancyl Galenic

Used to prevent stretch marks and to reduce the severity of existing stretch marks. Through means unpleasant pronounced stain stretching the skin loses its intensity.

This cream should not be used during pregnancy only after. If they use during lactation, then strictly follow hygiene chest to the remnants of the cream did not get into the body crumbs with mother's milk.

Elancyl Galenic recommended to use for three months. Apply it, like all such tools, massaging, rubbing the skin completely.

  • Cream Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Cream of stretch marks - a product of average quality, as women, to apply it, they say that the result is there, but not too impressive. Again, all individually. Try and see for yourself.

  • Cream Oriflame

Oriflame restores the structure at the level of the dermis, the skin after regular use becomes smoother. Oriflame cream against stretch marks helps to reduce the depth and length of the stretch marks. This tool can be used during pregnancy.

  • Cream Avon

Cream of stretch marks Avon has a discreet smell and nice texture. But it is not for everyone! Women say that it causes rashes, skin irritations disappear only with other additional funds, in some cases, such "trouble" last for more than a week. And the fact that the cream of stretch marks on Avon is struggling with stretch marks, hard to say.

  • Cream Mothercare

Cream of stretch marks Mothercare - a good product with jojoba oil and shea. It moisturizes, nourishes, prevents stretch marks. Use it similarly to other means: 10-12 weeks and throughout pregnancy.

  • Cream Attirance

Creams of stretching Attirance refers to natural cosmetics, is present in the composition of shea butter. The women say that the cream is affordable, but the quality is not inferior to more expensive products.

  • Cream Rejene

Creams of stretching Rejene help to cope even with the stuffy stretch marks. The skin after application of the cream becomes more supple, hydrated, improves its tone. Suitable for all skin types. The composition includes a peptide means restruksela, regestril and water, which penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and restore it in the abdomen, making it smooth and eliminating stretch marks.

  • Venus Cream

Venus Cream of stretch marks has the effect of lifting, promotes renewal, fights signs of saggy skin -one returns to the natural tone. To obtain a significant effect, use should be at least several months.

  • Cream, Green Mama

Green Mama contains algae (spirulina and kelp), has a draining effect, it strengthens the muscle fibers. In addition, the composition contains 100% pure ester (essential) oil. As with all cosmetics of this firm, means good quality.

  • Cream Roc

Creams of stretching Rock does not recommend the use of pregnant women and nursing mothers. After a period of lactation cream applied at least 8 weeks, after which the results will be noticeable - stretching to decrease approximately twice. Roc does not stain clothes.

  • Cream Thalgo

It has a fat texture and a pungent smell. Women say that stretch marks cream Thalgo makes perfect, most importantly, time to start using it. For the price, of course, the product is not cheap. Thalgo oil contains wheat grains and Tamanu and - elastin.

  • Cream Eveline

Eveline Cream of stretch marks is a whole line of vehicles. Very good results showing restoration cream breast forms. Stretch marks are gone, the skin returns to the tone. Many women are very satisfied with, say, the result is shown at 1, 5 months of use.

  • Cream Evinal

Creams of stretching Evinal belongs to the affordable price range, has a pleasant, non-sticky consistency, economical. Not a bad result for reasonable money.

  • Cream Collistar

Collistar the Cream of stretch marks can be used during a diet, and during pregnancy. As part of the contained amino acids that resist degradation of elastin. The color of the skin becomes much better tissue density becomes higher. Good product, bad reviews were found.

This, of course, not the whole list of products that are on the market, but among them you will surely choose for themselves something suitable. Test and do not miss the moment to remove stretch marks without any problems. Any of your efforts will be rewarded. Any cream or gel will moisturize and nourish the skin, stretch marks and even if you still will, believe me, there will be significantly less than if you do nothing and let everything take its course. Take care of your body and it will undoubtedly please you with its beauty!

 Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women

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