how to get rid of corns

In the summer time it is necessary to give foot care more attention as open shoes does not hide the problems with the feet. Clearly, the ordinary care of your feet - it's not difficult. But if there are corns and calluses, then there need special care. Our article just focuses on how to get rid of corns, corns.

To understand how to get rid of corns, you must first know the nature of their appearance. Corns are perhaps the most common problem feet. Outwardly, they look like hardened skin areas that do not have clear outlines. Corns are sometimes quite painful and can remain on the feet for several years. Basically, the cause of corns is tight, uncomfortable shoes. Also, corns may appear from the fact that the load on the foot is distributed unevenly, which usually happens when wearing high heel shoes. Chronic corns almost always are a testament to the development of flat feet, so it is not odd to see a podiatrist, who will advise orthotics. Corns, calluses, unlike, deeper layers of skin do not affect that makes it quite easy to deal with them.

Corn, in turn - a thickening of the skin, always painful, appearing on the toes and on the heels, and with a clear round border. Typically corn diameter reaches only a few millimeters. There are corn wet and dry. In wet blisters accumulated fluid that indicates that damage the deeper layers of the skin, sometimes even blood emerges. Wet corn treated in the same way as small wounds and cuts. Over time, wet corn converted to dry, which have a rod. Dry corn is much more difficult to treat, so for these purposes it is best to acquire the means by which pharmacies.

Treatment of corns on the feet, as well as corns, can be done in a salon or clinic where used for this purpose, liquid nitrogen, laser beam and original drill. But these funds from corns and calluses should be used only for chronic forms of these diseases. In other cases, get rid of these problems is possible in the home, which will be much cheaper, both in financial terms and in terms of time spent.

So, the essence of calluses and corns, now you know. Let's look at how to get rid of corns on my feet, because it is dedicated to this issue and our article.

Pharmaceutical agents

 treatment of corns on the feet
 Pharmacies have in any locality - whether it's a huge metropolis or small village. Therefore, for a long time to think about how to get rid of corns, do not have to - just go to the nearest drugstore.
The pharmacy can always find some remedy for corns. What is the most effective means of doing its job, you'll be able to tell the pharmacist himself. But, nevertheless, you will not hurt to have an idea of ​​what should be contained in the formulation of corns. Such knowledge will accelerate the process of selecting a suitable means to you.

The main component, which is part of the medical means of corns is salicylic acid. Cream or ointment corns should contain 10% salicylic acid in combination with other components, which include: vegetable oils (corn, linseed or vegetable) oil, castor oil, glycerol and benzoic acid.

In the treatment of corns on the feet should be aware that a healing remedy should not be in contact with healthy skin. So first steamed corns in antibacterial bath, then it is pasted a patch, which is a small hole the size of callosities. That is, in the end should happen to corns was fully open, and the skin around it sealed with plaster. After that, corns imposed a remedy and top sealed with plaster on 6-8 hours. Then scrape off the calluses Foot Scrub, pumice or brush.

One can simply purchase pharmacy some vegetable oil in its pure form, preferably virgin, unscented and unrefined. Then, the acquired oil need soak cotton socks and put them on the night, wrapped with plastic film and wearing over it one more pair of socks, but not oiled. In the morning remove the wrap, foot wash in warm water with a mild soap and a brush or scrape off the calluses with a pumice stone. You can also get rid of corns on the feet compresses using glycerol and castor oil in equal parts.

Get rid of corns folk remedies

No less effective folk remedies for corns. There are plenty of recipes according to which you can quickly get rid of corns.

The best-known way to deal with corns are soap-soda baths. They do as follows: 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon shredded soap is added to 1 liter of warm water. Hold the foot in a bath should be from 30 to 40 minutes and then scraped corns, feet rinsed with pure water, wiped dry and then applied nourishing cream. If corns painful, it is possible to make the bath for the feet of corns with sodium chloride and potassium permanganate. Salts need quite a bit, and as potassium permanganate to the water was not too rich pink. Feet keep a bath should be 5-20 minutes, and after the decision not to wipe his feet, and let them dry. The pain from corns after the adoption of the pan is very fast.

In addition, highly effective cold foot bath from corns, which are made from 1 tablespoon salt and 1 liter of water, and lasts 20-30 minutes. These trays not only relieve pain, but also remarkably soften horny skin.

Another good view of a tub baths with hydrogen peroxide, which is easily available over the counter. Grown tray as follows: 1 liter of warm water should be put 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in the solution and soak feet for half an hour, then remove corns with pumice.

If you have sour milk, it can also be used in the fight against corns. Thus at bedtime hot whey from sour milk for half an hour omitted foot, and then lubricated with a mixture of castor oil and glycerol in equal parts.

Also among the popular remedies for corns isolated packs of lemon peel, aloe leaves, onions, tomato puree, boiled straw or oat bread crumb. Selected ingredient is applied to corns, then portions of the foot with corns wrapped polyethylene, and on top put on socks. In the morning leg rinsed with warm water, softened corns scraped with pumice. Making such packs should be at night every day until the complete disappearance of corns.

Here are a few ways to treat corns folk remedies:

  1. Egg ointment. Mix egg, 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. l. Of 70% vinegar, the resulting mixture is put in the refrigerator overnight. The next evening the feet for 15 minutes to steam out to be, and then applied the ointment on top of which rests a napkin and put on socks. Leave ointment on all night and in the morning rinse the legs, not scraping corns. Within 5 days of daily use ointments corns disappear.
  2. Milk seethe prune and remove it from the bones. In hot prunes should be applied to corns, and as cooling prune it should be replaced by hot. The procedure is repeated for a half hour.
  3. Potato lotion. Raw potato peel, grate, folded in a gauze bandage should be to corns at night. In the morning remove the poultice and rinse the feet.

Treatment of corns folk remedies would be more effective and rapid if combine several popular recipes. So, before going to bed can make the tub, and on the night of corns apply ointment or lotion.

So you know how to get rid of callosities home available means at hand. You can now view and cosmetics to soften the corns.

Cosmetics from corns

 remedy for corns

To choose an effective remedy for corns often have to sort through a whole bunch of different creams. Let's look at some brands of cosmetics.

So, how to quickly get rid of corns, if the traditional recipes do not inspire confidence in you, and pharmacy means you do not like? You just need to choose the appropriate means in the beauty shop.
Among the most famous cosmetic brands that offer a variety of cream from corns on the feet can be identified, and the brand Faberlic Avon. The first brand offers you foot cream "K-9", which is struggling with corns and calluses. The composition of this cream, components such as lactic and salicylic acid. A second brand offers the cream of calluses and corns «Foot Works», which included a rice bran oil, glycolic acid, vitamin E and aloe. In addition, good help from corns and cream "Treasures of the Dead Sea" of the same brand.

Also, a good cream from corns on the feet firm offers "LUChiKS" which is called "Corn-Christ." This cream helps to perfect as a preventive measure, but not as the main means for removal of corns. The cream is well softens and moisturizes the problem areas of the feet, which prevents the appearance of calluses and corns.

For heavily calloused corns perfect exfoliating paste «GEHWOL Schalpaste», which belongs to the category of professional cosmetics.

When choosing the means to soften the corns should pay attention to gel "Perfection" of the company «Sally Hansen». As part of the gel are extracts of seaweed, aloe, flowers, orchids. It is also a good way to deal with corns of this brand is a high-speed tool for getting rid of hardened calluses and corns «Thick callus remover» with tea tree oil and corn and vitamins A, E, D.

Cream to remove corns «Crème Pieds Callosites» company «Neutrogena» perfectly softens corns and calluses, has exfoliating properties. The cream leaves the skin soft and smooth stop within 12-14 hours. The use of this cream on a regular basis, not only contributes to the disappearance of existing corns, but does not allow the emergence of new ones.

If you urgently need to get rid of corns, you can choose remover calluses and corns «Callus Away», which allows the use of just 5 minutes to cope with not too horny skin. To do this simply means you need to put on the problem areas, and after five minutes to remove corns attached to the means of sawing.

Cream "Mozolspas" effectively treats dry calluses and corns and perfectly moisturizes the skin of the feet. With regular use a cream to remove corns and calluses "Mozolspas" leather soles will not be subject to the emergence of these problems. To remove the horny skin area should it put the cream, seal the plaster, and the next day to remove calluses with a pumice stone.

Equally effective remedy for corns is a cream «Scholl», of which consists of lactic acid and urea, which not only contribute to a mild exfoliation problem areas, but also perfectly moisturize the feet.

So we looked at a lot of ways how to quickly get rid of callosities or corns, but which one to choose - decide. But do not forget that no matter how praise your girlfriend or another cream or ointment on the corns, is not necessarily so that they can help you. It will be best to visit a salon pedicure and consult with experts who will be able to adequately assess the condition of the skin of your feet and will advise you which tool is best to choose.

 Treatment of corns on the feet

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