Glass nail file

The tool, similar to a nail file, existed in ancient times, but these were only the latest in the mid-19th century. At Queen Marie Antoinette of France was a nail file from pumice, and she has always been able to boast of its beautiful form of nails. The rest of the French are very interested in this tool, so pumice gave a convenient form of pencil and women began to use it to give your nails a perfect shape.

Today, beautiful manicure - this is a mandatory element of the female image, most important, perhaps, is the same as the make-up. Because the hands are almost always visible, as well as the face. We gesticulating fingers periodically fix our hairstyle, etc. Even if a woman has a flawless make-up, but the rough nails and nail almost peeled, the overall impression of it is not great.

That is why every woman should be in the arsenal of a few nail files and cuticle, because they have different graininess and are used for various purposes.

What is the difference nail file?

Because of the diversity represented very difficult at times to understand how to choose a nail file or nail file which is better?

First, it should be noted that all nail files are divided according to the degree of hardness. Abrasive, nail files, or stiffness, measured in the Gritti. So, the larger grit in sawing the smaller sputtering and, accordingly, so it is softer. For example, if your nail file, you will see the inscription "180240", which means that one side of your nail file has a 180 grit abrasive in one cm2 of surface sawing and cultivable solid natural nails. But the other side - 240 grit, then it softer.

Pilkey abrasive from 100 to 180 grit are used for processing of artificial nails to natural they are too hard. Nail file with an abrasive from 180 to 240 grit can be safely rasp natural nails. Grit from 240 to 500 grit is used for grinding, well over 1,000 grit - for polishing nails.

Here on these parameters can be determined either abrasive nail files:

  • 80 grit - The toughest
  • 100 grit - Very tough
  • 120 grit - Hard
  • 180 grit - High stiffness
  • 220 grit - average
  • 320 grit - average, softer
  • 400 grit - Soft

Crumble the abrasive should not in any case. Also on the file you do not have to be the marks of nails. It is necessary to check its strength.

So how to choose a nail file right? According to abrasion, the material from which they are made, the size and shape different types of nail files nail. What nail file is better - it depends on the individual characteristics of your nail plates. We must remember that when using a nail file nail edge should be handled easily, evenly and quickly "cut down."

To check the quality of the saw blade, it is necessary after treatment to hold your finger on the edge of the nail. If the surface is very uneven and rough, this nail file does not suit you, it should be replaced. If you exfoliate your nails often, especially after treatment with nail file, then from such a manicure instruments also need to get rid of.

In the women's purse must be at least two saws: for the direct formation of the nail and nail file for polishing. At home, though still kept nail file for polishing nails.

Despite the fact that the types of saws much polish, they are usually a standard size: 1, 5-2 cm wide and 17-18 cm long, although exceptions are possible. For example, miniature nail file or nail files curved shape.

Importantly, do not skimp on quality nail file because poorly matched tool only harm your nails. Keep in mind that for shortening the nails need large saws, and nails to give shape - smaller.

 nail file for nail polish

Types of nail files nail

  • A metal nail file

Typically, this is a coarse-grained nail file, because only suitable for artificial nails, and only for acrylic. For gel nails need care softer. To handle this nail used iron tools not recommended, since they injure the structure of the nail plate, causing your nail will exfoliate. The conclusion is that the metal nail file - this is the best nail file, but only for artificial!

If you're just too used to this kind of nail files, then let it be fine and semi-circular shape.

  • Ceramic Nail File

Ceramic nail file is used to give the nails a proper shape. In addition, ceramic nail file is good to handle the rough skin around the nails. For weak nails is considered to be the most suitable ceramic nail file.

  • Emery boards on a wooden base

This nail file is the most durable of all the sawing offered on the market, as in the hands of masters, it will not vibrate, but on the other hand, it is less flexible. In order to smooth out this little flaw, manufacturers usually make it a semi-circular shape. Extremely fastidious care, because it can not be washed and should be kept in a special case.

  • File for polishing nails

To make your nails shine, nail file is needed for polishing nails. Most often sold polishing nail files - four in one - with its sequence numbers. Polishing a nail file with a rough-coated used with great caution. Do not abuse the polish, use a nail file to polish the nail twice a year when you have to completely change the nail. Otherwise, the nail plate is thinned.

  • Emery with emery paper or grit on the basis of polyurethane

This nail file is one of the most popular at the moment, which is understandable: for the nail plate, it is very gentle, and its price is not high. These nail files are suitable for natural nails as well as for artificial. The only thing worth considering - the nail file can not be washed, although you can clean them with a dry toothbrush.

Emery boards based on polyurethane are more durable, so they tend to cost a bit more expensive. These nail files are suitable for personal use only.

  • Corundum sawing

Externally, they are very similar to the previous view of saws, but the more expensive price. The name of the material "corundum" is derived from the Sanskrit word "koruvinda", which means - ruby. Corundum sawing more durable than sawing with artificial emery spraying.

  • Glass nail files

Recently become available to all, and such professional nail files, like crystal and glass nail files.

As for the glass nail files, it is considered the best nail file, however, like crystal. Because everything else she still has no expiration date. That is, glass nail files are used for quite a long time, besides, they can be sterilized and disinfected.

Glass nail file can be coarse and fine-grained. Fine-grained nail files used for polishing nails - to align the nail surface. However, it is not recommended to grind the nail plate more than once a week, or nails can become very weak and brittle.

Glass nail file is ideal for natural nails and artificial. After applying this nail file nails do not break down and exfoliate. When caring for artificial nail plate is recommended glass nail file periodically to moisten in water during operation. This nail file is not afraid of water, heat, salt solutions, UV rays, so they respond well to disinfect. When used at home, a glass nail file is sufficient to wash with running water after work and then wipe with a dry cloth.

High-quality and convenient to assume glass nail file zinger. It does not injure the nails protects them from fragility, prevents their segregation. This file does not require special care, like all glass nail files, not afraid of water or some other liquid. It can be sterilized, boiled or washed. Therefore, nail files zinger enjoyed great success as a professional nail files nail. Their glass surface never wears out and has a lifetime warranty.

  • Crystal nail files

Crystal nail files - is another safe for the health of nails kind of nail files. They are the product of much scientific research and high technology and because the crystal nail file - rather expensive purchase. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a nail file with the utmost care to protect themselves from buying fakes.

Price crystal nail files usually ranges from 200 to 400 rubles. Price always depends on its size, color, manufacturer and some other advanced options. Fakes of such sawing can buy much cheaper, but they usually contain such metals, which, being in excess of its provisions are very dangerous to health.

The original crystal nail file is completely safe for the nail plate and cuticle, and health in general. These saws are made by mikronasechkami on the glass, that is, the structure of corrugated saw blade is obtained. It does not hurt the nail, so it is possible to file the nail plate in different directions. After using this nail file edge of the nail will remain rough and will not require additional polishing. Therefore, it is possible to restrict the purchase of a single crystal nail files and buy additional nail file for polishing nails.

With crystal nail files can be processed rough skin around the nail. This skin will not be injured, and will become more smooth and soft. That is the nail file and cuticle are equally suitable. As it can be applied to artificial nails. But because they are more solid, the saw blade must be made harder, moisten it with water.

Also suitable crystal nail files of extension of nails, because it may push for some time correction procedure. Since using crystal nail files can be compared to the boundary between the natural and Accreted part regrown nail.

The important factor, speaking in favor of crystal nail files, it is their impeccable hygiene. These saws can withstand all kinds of disinfection: ultraviolet light treatment disinfectants, cleaning, etc. That is why they are most often used in professional beauty salons.

The best-known company that produces similar nail file, a German company Bogema Cosmetics. Perhaps the only drawback of crystal nail files, as well as any other glass, is the fact that they may accidentally break.

  • The diamond nail file

Excellent grinding nail file is a diamond nail file "Diamant", which is intended for finishing artificial and natural nails.

Special high-quality coating of diamond nail file makes nail treatment ideal. Also, this nail file is very famous for long life.

Diamond Nail File is ideal firm and do not break your nails.

  • Sawing with the effect of sealing

Nail File Shere Nagel with effect sealing for all types of nails, even artificial. It is particularly recommended for fragile, delicate and stratified nail plates. This nail file to file the nail edge is very smooth, as though it cuts, thus creating a perfect, shiny, smooth cut.
Nail files Shere Nagel boasts a stylish design. It is extremely convenient and fast to use. Its patented metal surface. Its composition stainless steel and plastic.

  • Nail file for nail

There are also special nail file for nail. They are used in the process of building. Jig for nail - it is a tool, which depends heavily on the health of the nail plate. They must handle it with care, it will just be indicative of the high quality of the saw blade.
The main advantages of saw blades for the nail is rugged durability and very gentle coating that promotes the one hand the rapid filing, and on the other, providing gentle effect on the nail plate.

After the treatment capacity should be used for sawing, slightly tapered naroshchennyh nails.
The general rule for all nail files, nail files as a polishing nail and, for example, diamond nail files is their individual use. Remember that every nail file - is a means of personal hygiene. Never use someone else's nail file and do not share your to avoid getting germs into the nail.

Of all the nail files, you can determine for yourself what nail files better for you and your nails, which in any case must always look healthy and beautiful.

 File for nails and cuticles. Tips for Choosing

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