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The skin around the nail, called the cuticle is quite sensitive and suffers greatly if it is not enough nourish and moisturize. The strong negative impact on the state of the cuticle and the nail has a vitamin deficiency, as well as contact with household chemicals while working at home. These factors cause dehydration delicate cuticle, it begins to crack, forming burrs. With such a problem often faced resting after swimming in salt water, prolonged contact with the hot sand and sun. To prevent problems with cuticle and nail problems with the state makes a wonderful tool - oil for nails and cuticles. This tool can be important and more serious cases - inflammation and infection.

Regular use of oil to the cuticle helps to maintain its healthy state. Daily massaging the oil into the skin around the nails with a simultaneous massage strengthens the cuticle and nourishes it with useful substances. This procedure removes the burrs, eliminating inflammation, heals minor injuries, improves the structure of the nails, restores their strength, while providing improved growth. Because of the strong impact of therapeutic moisturizing cuticle oil alters the internal state and transforms the appearance of the skin acts as a protective barrier from its dehydration.

Optimally just apply oil to cuticles at bedtime. It is enough to put just one drop of funds on the nails, while performing a gentle massage . Regular care cuticle slows its growth, making the skin flexible, soft, resistant to cracks and burrs. Oil to soften the cuticle can be used for polishing nails while the nail plate gets extra food and protection from harmful factors.

On the shelves of cosmetics stores, you can find a wide variety of tools to soften and nourish the cuticle. The experience of many women suggests that the best oil for cuticles, each of the fair sex chooses for itself empirically. In this article, we will describe the most successful options that are worth considering. But first, we suggest to familiarize with the methods of preparation of useful oil at home.

 Oil for nails and cuticles

Cooking oil for cuticles yourself

The secret of attractive bottles with a magic bullet is quite simple. The basis of the composition of any medicinal oil cuticle consists unchanged substance: vitamin E, nutritional oils (usually almond), coloring and flavoring.

Nothing complicated in the preparation of the composition for the cuticles and nails at home there, and the result often turns out better than the purchased tools, and significant savings budget out.

List of used oil is wide enough. You may want to use almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil (an effective anti-inflammatory agent), essential oils of mandarin (in order to give a pleasant flavor), lemon oil (strengthens nails and makes them shine), oily solution of vitamin E . To make the best use cuticle oil aroma oils of high quality, but they will be able to give the most effective results when used.

Vegetable oils are included in the tool, soften the nails, prevents dryness and cracks. It nourishes nails almond oil. Jojoba - inherently vegetable wax, fine polishing nails. Grape seed oil and rice bran oil due to its light texture quickly absorbed into the skin.

It is desirable to add essential oils individually, depending on the desired effect. Sometimes mixing are successful, such as the essential oil of lemon and tea tree are ideally combined smell.

Prepare oil for cuticle removal is simple enough. We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Make a careful selection of vegetable oils. For example, you can take the jojoba oil (15 ml), which is not bad combined with grape seed oil (10 ml).
  2. To a mixture of the best add lemon oil, since it largely strengthens nails and gives them an attractive healthy shine. Consumption of essential oils against plant goes to average ratio of 1: 5.
  3. Do not forget to add a capsule of vitamin E (easiest oily solution of vitamin E found in pharmacies).
  4. Take for storing oil for nails and cuticles glass bottle and pour into a freshly prepared composition.

Now that our therapeutic agent is ready, it remains to find out how to use the oil for cuticles.

The drug is used every day in the evening, just before going to sleep better. Another option - use during a weekly manicure. If you have no time for regular care, produce it as needed. But remember that only regular use of oil will help your nails to get rid of the dryness, making them hard and strong.

By the way, an identical mixture of oils can be used to soften the dry skin on the elbows. It is desirable in the preparation of a new batch of oil to change its composition, experimenting with different flavors and essential oils. In this case, your nails and the skin will receive adequate nutrition, and the process of cooking oil to soften the cuticles become a fascinating and useful employment.

If you still can not choose the time for self-oil, or you initially prefer to use ready-made cosmetic products, we offer you to get acquainted with the most successful variant Cuticle oils presented at the Russian cosmetics market.

 reviews Cuticle Oil

  • Orly Cuticle Oil

Proven cosmetics brand Orly offers its admirers Cuticle Oil Orly Cuticle Oil with a wonderful orange fragrance. The smell of citrus is a welcome addition to many cosmetic preparations, especially because the smell always reminds holiday and lifts the mood. Orly Cuticle oil basically contains natural extracts of orange blossom. Rich in nutritional formula preparation allows the oil to the cuticle Orly excel with moistening the nail bed and to ensure the growth of strong and long nails.

How to use the oil for the cuticle Orly traditional - Apply the product before going to sleep on the top and bottom of the nail.

  • Cuticle Oil Opi

Cuticle Oil Opi presents in the application of this feeling of comfort. The composition of the oil is picked up perfectly: avocado oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, vitamins D, E, A, B and lecithin.

Fragrant oil composition of the cuticle Opi has a wonderful scent that will satisfy even the most biased of cosmetics users. The oil of this brand improves nail growth and slows down the growth of the cuticle. It can be used on top of the finished nail polish - OPI oil rubbed into the cuticle over the lacquer applying means on the basis of the nail and the nail plate itself. It is safe to say that the reviews Cuticle Oil Opi brand is positive, - its use is most women aesthetic and practical enthusiasm.

  • Cuticle Oil solar oil

Cuticle Oil solar oil on the market is the company Creative Nail Design. The oil provides an excellent composition of jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E, and rice bran. Through this means your nails will become more flexible, resilient and strong, regardless of whether they are natural or artificial. Oil accelerates polymerization of nails, nourishes the cuticles and contributes to its momentary softening.

According to the feedback oil for cuticles solar oil is an excellent tool for strengthening and polishing nails. Its constituent Jojoba oil is an excellent conductor of vitamin E in the deeper layers of skin, resulting in destruction of cells is stopped, there is their gradual rejuvenation, the signs of aging become less visible. Natural soft components of oil Cuticle solar oil protect the skin and soften it. In addition to vitamin E, jojoba oil perfectly conveys the sweet almond oil and rice bran oil deep into the nails, passing even through artificial materials applied to the surface of the nail.

The tool is recommended before going to bed, rubbing the cuticles and nail beds with massaging movements. During polishing oil gives nails a mirror shine. For the more active moisturizing cosmetic preparation is applied to the nails and skin around the nails before the paraffin.

  • Avon Cuticle Oil

Avon Cuticle Oil contains extracts of eucalyptus and lavender, which have a pronounced calming effect. The tool is designed to moisturize cuticles, its power, and to smooth the surface of the nail plate.

The manufacturer suggests using oils for Avon cuticle with a brush. The drug is rubbed into the skin around the nail.

Despite the widespread popularity of the brand Avon and its abundance of admirers, this oil does not cause much confidence among consumers. Many refer to the presence of repulsive pungent smell, as well as insufficient moisture cuticle.

  • Cuticle Oil "Smart Enamel"

In the Russian market appeared Professional Cosmetics popular American brand Frenchi Products Inc. The excellent quality of the product created a furor in the cosmetic markets around the world. The basis of the development of the company is a unique program nail care, which is represented by two means: "Smart Oil» (Smart Oil) and "Clever enamel» (Smart Enamel).

Cuticle Oil Clever enamel is an oil for cuticles, which are the main components of vitamins A, E and beta-carotene. The tool is essentially a unique restorative and nutritional therapy for the skin around the nails. The composition of the oil to the cuticle Clever enamel perfectly balanced: apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, vitamin complex. This combination medication stops the inflammation of the cuticle protects the nail bed of keratinization and drying, softens the coarsened sites, prevents peeling and cracking.

  • Cuticle Oil Sea of ​​Spa

For home care of nails in a time-saving mode, there is nothing better to remove the cuticle oil Sea of ​​Spa. This luxury vehicle contains avocado oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba and evening primrose oil two years. This drug effectively softens and moisturizes the skin around the nails, promoting healing of cracks. Your manicure may be perfect in just a single moment.

Oil Sea of ​​Spa is better to use every day, then you will get the desired result in a short time. Your cuticles will become neat, healthy appearance. Apply the product must be as required, as well as during a manicure. For the purpose of moistening the nail plate is applied to the cleaned oil from the nail lacquer. In order to strengthen the varnish used after the nail and after applying acetone.

Beautiful nails are part of the arsenal of spells lovely ladies. Today, we talked about how you can do your nails and the skin around the nail plate more attractive, what funds are intended for the care of the cuticle, as well as how to use the oil for cuticles. We hope that our recommendations will Palchikov your good service.

 Oil for nails and cuticles

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