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How often do women make the same unforgivable mistake - with careful care of the person to forget to take care of its beautiful pens. At the same few people think that the delicate skin of hands is constantly experiencing the variety of negative effects - changes in temperature, exposure to cold and hot water, detergents, UV radiation. Over time, without the need to care your skin loses its firmness and elasticity, getting unsightly. Dry, flaky, peeling skin on the fingers, painful cracks and wrinkles - that's waiting hands, remaining without a thorough regular maintenance.

Peeling and cracks occur is when dry skin. The problem we propose to discuss with us.

Dry skin of hands and strapped

Most of the women in the world pursues the problem of dry skin, even though there are numerous means to care for your hands. This is not surprising, because your skin is very delicate and vulnerable. It contains five times less moisture than the skin of the face, as well as almost completely absent sebaceous glands. For this reason, hands requires regular competent care.

Peeling of the skin on the hands and cracks that cause considerable pain and discomfort, have their reasons:

  • various types of damage: bruises, scratches, cuts, etc .;
  • Environmental factors: in sunny weather your skin is dehydrated, thus accelerates the aging process of cells. In cold windy weather, the skin thickens and coarsens, there is redness and peeling of the skin of hands, quite often there are cracks;
  • illiterate hand care, or lack thereof. For example, if bad threadbare after washing hands moisture evaporates from the skin surface, drying it;
  • detergents have a devastating effect on the upper layer of the epidermis, which is responsible for the protective function. Moreover they can cause allergic reactions, dermatitis, eczema, etc .;
  • beriberi winter-spring period;
  • congenital dry skin hands.

 peeling fingers

How to deal with dry skin of hands?

Keep the hands clean is the main rule of skin care. Wash your hands regularly is necessary, warm water with soap or a special gel. The composition of these hygiene products include additives which prevent drying of the skin. After the hands are washed, they should be wiped dry, including the area between the toes. This will serve as an excellent prevention of peeling of skin between the fingers.

Do not feel sorry for his favorite pens moisturizing lotions and creams that contain lactic acid, sorbitol and glycerol. Up to 30 years can be used in daily use any moisturizers, and after 30 - the cream should contain a light-protective filters, which prevent the appearance of age spots.

When you do housework such as washing dishes, windows, or wash your laundry by hand, try to use vinyl or rubber gloves. They will protect the skin of your hands from the adverse effects of chemical compounds. Under gloves can be put on a nourishing hand cream or butter or grease with vegetable oil. So you tell your peeling skin on the fingers.

Experts in the field of cosmetology is recommended to apply the cream after each hand washing. It is desirable that the cream you are using was based on plant extracts. In autumn and winter, apply a barrier cream on your hands before each exit to the open air, and your pen will respond to you with gratitude. In cold weather, do not neglect mittens and gloves, otherwise the wind and frost would negate all of your efforts, and your hands will be cracks and peeling.

During summer, your skin also needs protection. UV light damages the skin, drying it, increases the number of cracks and leads to peeling of the skin on the hands. For this reason, in the summer, use a sunscreen before going out.

Never use for the purpose of cleansing the hands of any kind of solvents - acetone, kerosene, gasoline. Of course, they are well washed the dirt, but the incredible cause dryness of the skin. It is much safer to use detergents specifically designed for the removal of complex contamination.

Softens dry skin of hands

Do periodically hand wraps and bandages with any vegetable oils. It is best to soften the hands of virgin olive oil. It's best to apply bandages at night. Even more effect can be achieved by mixing vegetable oil with honey (taking 1 part of honey and 3 parts oil). The mixture was heated on a water bath to a temperature of 40-45 ° C and warm superimposed in several layers on a bandage or gauze. Then the bandage is applied to the hands, covering with wax paper, and fixed with a tubular bandage or cloth gloves. This procedure yields positive results in redness and peeling skin of hands. If the lesion is small enough to make just one wrap. If the hands are seriously ill and bleeding cover cracks better to apply two wraps per week up to a visible improvement of the skin of hands.

Excellent results are obtained by skin softening hand with a mixture of five drops of ammonia, 3 tbsp water and 2 tablespoons glycerol. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and rubbed in thoroughly cleansed damp skin. After the procedure, the hands should be wiped dry with a towel.

Not less effective cream, home-cooked. Lamb and pork unsalted bacon melt in a ratio of 1: 1 in a water bath, then poured into a separate jar and rubbed into the night in the skin.

To remove the dryness and peeling of the skin with the hand, you can use a mixture of juice of half a lemon, ½ cup water and 1 tablespoon glycerol. The components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the cleansed skin.

Packs and masks for dry flaky skin of hands

Cosmetic masks and packs are designed to prevent dry skin of hands, which leads to unpleasant flaking of the skin on the fingers and on other sites.

  • Potato mask

This mask is very well established. Mashed potatoes impose a thick layer on your hands, wear gloves on top of the mask. Mass washed in two hours.

  • Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal mask is prepared as follows: oatmeal is cooked with broth is poured water, add a small amount of vegetable oil. The resulting composition is applied for 10-15 minutes. Better use oatmeal mask at night.

  • Compresses with sour cream

Sour cream - exceptional for its nourishing and moisturizing properties of the product. Sour cream prepared compresses hand. For their preparation take the juice of one lemon, 1 cup thick cream and 1 egg yolk. Products are thoroughly mixed, superimposed on a dense layer of gauze and put on the hand. Then, wrapped in cellophane and wrapped in a towel. The mixture is removed with a cotton swab after 15-20 minutes, then put his hands on cotton gloves.

  • Packs of honey

Packs of honey also helps fight dryness and flaking of the skin. For the preparation of the initial mixture used ½ cup honey, 1 tsp salicylic acid and ½ cup of olive oil. Honey butter is heated on a steam bath and then salicylic acid was added. The mixture is applied to the skin of your hands with a cotton swab, wrapped in polyethylene and wrapped in a towel for 15-20 minutes. Fund balances do not absorb into the skin, remove the pad soaked in lemon juice.

  • Egg and honey mask

The mask is made from 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 2 tbsp honey and 2 yolks. All products are triturated to give a soft paste. The mask is applied to the hands and used to dry completely, then remove the moistened cotton swab.

  • Protein mask

Masks are made not only on the basis of egg yolks, and proteins. 2 egg whites mixed with the juice of 2 lemons and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil until smooth. The resulting mixture was rubbed into the skin of the hands twice daily.

  • Linseed oil

Excellent softens hands peeling skin flaxseed oil. A few drops of oil is applied to the hands and fingers, thoroughly rubbing in the direction upwards over 15-30 minutes. This tool helps remove remarkably peeling skin between the fingers.

  • Broth of celery

As a means to care for your hands is very effective decoction of celery. 1 liter of water pour celery medium size and boil for half an hour. The resulting broth is used as often as possible to wipe your hands.

  • Baths with infusion of plantain

Good tool, softens skin, - trays from the infusion of plantain-based. The infusion is prepared from 1 liter of boiling water and 1 tablespoon mashed plantain leaves. The resulting infusion hands hold 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry and grease with a fat cream.

  • Mask with mother and stepmother

If you have dry flaky skin hand perfectly helps mask of leaves mother and stepmother. Fresh leaves thoroughly washed, crushed, and then mixed with fresh milk. At the 2 tablespoons Herbal slurry using 200 ml of milk. The resulting mask is kept on hand for 20-25 minutes, wash off with warm water and applied to a nourishing cream.

 peeling and cracks on the fingers

Peeling the skin of hands

In peeling of the skin on the hands of the reasons may be different. The main reasons we have already described above. Typically, the skin suffers from the lack of fat and moisture. Cold water, dry and cold wind slowly destroying the natural fat barrier of the skin, and the hands are dry. In the absence of proper care of your skin starts to peel off, and shows small cracks.

An important step in the care of scaly hands is the removal of dead skin particles using scrubs for hands and face. The procedure should be prodelyvat twice a week. To the same end-use gels, exfoliating peels and masks.

The daily care is better to use a cream with moisturizing active ingredients (silicone, mineral oil and others.). Before going to bed is recommended prodelyvat following procedure thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry with plenty of hands smeared with oil or cream and then overnight wear thin cotton gloves.

To weather-beaten hands, protect them from the cold, or even a special cream is not able to help you cope with the problem of peeling of hands. In extreme cases, it makes extra care in using compresses, masks, baths.

Baths with a strong hand peeling

If the problem is peeling you know firsthand, you will be able to help your trouble baths for hands:

  • The oil bath

If too dry skin of hands helps oil bath: the water is added, sunflower, olive or other vegetable oil. The hands are kept in the bath for 15-20 minutes and then smeared with cream.

  • Tray potato broth

For potato trays used potato broth. It perfectly removes redness of the hands as a result of exposure to low temperatures, and effectively helps with the cracks and peeling skin of hands. The procedure is carried out for 20-30 minutes.

  • Fermented baths

Baths made from fermented whey or sour, which is slightly heated. After 15-20 minutes the adoption procedure smeared hand cream. Sometimes fermented milk whey starch added (1 tablespoon of starch in 1 liter of liquid).

  • Baths of decoction of oatmeal

Oatmeal bath is prepared from a warm decoction of oatmeal. The procedure is carried out for 10-15 minutes. Coarse and rough skin, prone to peeling also reduced with trays of sauerkraut juice. This bath makes the night 2 times a week, then the hands smeared with fat cream and wear cotton gloves.

Poultices for the hands peeling

Compresses also very useful for the skin of hands:

  • Compress parsley and raspberry

Fight peeling of the skin on the hands has a significant positive effect of wrap of parsley and raspberry. To make it, use 200 grams of crimson berries, 1 bunch of parsley and half a glass of water. Parsley is brewed in boiling water and leave for 20-25 minutes. Berry mash with a wooden spoon in an enamel pot. Infusion of parsley mixed with raspberry puree, blotted gauze in the liquid and spread compression on hand. The procedure lasts at least 15 minutes, then hand washed with warm water and dried with a soft towel.

  • Compress from the leaves of burdock

Equally effective tool - compress on the basis of the leaves of burdock. For the preparation of use 2 cups of water, 1 burdock leaf and half a cup of raspberries. Sliced ​​burdock steeped in 1 cup boiling water, half an hour filter. Berries brew 1 cup boiling water and infused for 20 minutes, then strain well. These extracts are mixed in solution wetted gauze and spread compression on your hands for 15-20 minutes.

  • Romashkovo crimson wrap

Beauticians recommend to use when peeling of the skin on the hands Romashkovo crimson compress. It is made from 2 cups of water, 200 grams of raspberries and ½ cup of dried chamomile color. Chamomile flowers are ground and brewed 1 cup boiling water in a warm place for half an hour. A second cup of boiling water brewed raspberry. Strained infusions are thoroughly mixed, moistened gauze and spread them on the hands, 7-10 minutes procedures gauze moistened in the solution again and repeat the imposition on the skin. Compress change at least 3-4 times. This tool is incredibly effective in rough, chapped, flaky skin of hands.

 peeling of the skin on the fingers

Masks with strong peeling skin on hands

These masks have a good healing effect:

  • Mask of olive oil and lemon

When flaky skin hands very well to the mask of olive oil and lemon. In 1 tablespoon oil was added a few drops of lemon juice. The resulting mixture is applied to the half-hour rests impregnated with a dry cloth and then smeared hand cream.

  • Romashkovo-oil mask

Not lost its popularity Romashkovo-oil mask for the preparation of which take 2 tsp vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons crushed chamomile color. Daisy insisted in boiling water for 1-1 5 hours, cooled and filtered. The infusion of chamomile prepared and added to the flour slurry, which is then added the vegetable oil. On the cleansed skin of hands spread the resulting mask for half an hour, and then wash off with warm water. At the end of the procedure the hands smeared with cream.

  • Oat and honey mask

To prepare oat and honey mask, take 1 tsp honey, 1 tablespoon milk, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 3 tablespoons oatmeal. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the hands for 60 minutes to produce a more pronounced effect, it is desirable to use a top glove. After the procedure, the mask is washed off with warm water, applied to the skin of the hand cream.

  • A decoction of flax seed

Incredibly good milk decoction of flax seed. In 1 cup of boiled milk 1 tbsp Flaxseed. Ostyvshim broth lubricate peeling skin.

  • Oil-yolk mask

For the preparation of oil-yolk mask mix 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp honey and 1 egg yolk. Mask rubbed into the skin of your hands for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, lubricate your hands nourishing cream.
Honey-yolk mask is prepared as follows: carefully mix 1 tsp honey with 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon oatmeal. The resulting formulation is applied to the hands, wearing gloves on top of the cloth. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the mask, and the hand skin nourishing cream smeared.

  • Mask of potatoes and milk

To prepare the potato effective mask 2-3 medium potatoes boiled and triturated with their milk. The warm slurry was applied to the hands, arms, or dipped directly into the mass prior to its cooling. After the procedure, the hands are washed and applied nourishing cream.

  • Potato and cucumber mask

Another option potato mask: boiled potatoes mixed not with milk, but with 2 tsp lemon or cucumber juice. The mass in the form of heat is applied to the hands of a thick layer of gauze and harbor. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes, after which the mask is washed off with water and applied to hands nourishing cream.

Cucumber itself is extremely useful for scaly and rough skin of hands. You can regularly wipe the skin with a simple piece of cucumber, and then grease the hands of a special lotion. To prepare the lotion was mixed in equal parts of lemon juice and glycerin.

Help flaky skin in the cabin

Among the salon procedures wide popularity and won the love of such a method of care for chapped, rough and scaly skin of the hands as paraffin.