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Surely, you catch yourself thinking that your body looks like something is wrong, that some places would like to make a more toned, which is something I would like to change. Thoughts come and actions demonstrating their effectiveness, should not have. And not because beauty salons are too high prices, because you nothing for himself a pity. The reason is simple - lack of time: up to cosmetologists and massage therapists still need to reach. But do not despair, vacuum massage at home is no less effective than salon treatments. Why is this so, try to understand.

What is vacuum massage?

Jar vacuum massage - a procedure that helps to increase blood flow and increase metabolism.   The result will be a natural improvement in all tissues (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, muscles). In addition, the vacuum massage can be done, including, on the face.

The effectiveness of vacuum massage has been proven eastern medicine. Using cans for vacuum massage, you create pressure drops, causing blood to the acupuncture points (biologically active points), regenerative processes will improve, and the body will remove toxins.

The method of vacuum massage restores normal movement of vital energy in the human body and increases its power.

How do vacuum massage, and when?

 vacuum massage reviews
 Jar vacuum massage can do cellulite, bronchitis, osteochondrosis, tracheitis, musculo-tonic syndrome.

Vacuum massage with varicose veins, varicose veins if there directly to the affected area, is not allowed to do (more pressure). By vacuum massage for varicose veins can be used only at the initial stage of the disease, and only after consulting your doctor.

Vacuum massage is contra under the following conditions: a variety of malignant tumors, acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, skin diseases and blood, the acute form of rheumatism, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis. If the patient has an implanted cardiac pacemaker - vacuum massage is contraindicated.

Vacuum massage can bring harm, if you increased fragility of blood vessels, and you, in spite of prudence, decided, after all, put yourself this procedure.

Harmful if vacuum massage, if you do it on the skin of the face? Definitely not. After the procedure, there is improvement in the oval of the face and skin color.

Vacuum massage for weight loss is used by many women. In general, this method could adjust its shape. In addition, vacuum massage cellulite will return the skin to its former smoothness and elasticity.

Nor any harm caused by the vacuum massage will not, if you do it according to the rules.

How do vacuum massage than it should be reserved and are there any requirements? Of course, there are requirements and stock up on something necessary.

First, banks will need to vacuum massage. They can be either plastic or glass. There may be both traditional and manual vacuum pump.

Secondly, before the vacuum massage is not harmful, and, more precisely, just need to lubricate the skin cream, Vaseline or massage oil if there is at hand.

Vacuum facial massage

Properly done facial vacuum massage at home with the help of special cans for vacuum massage. The skin before the procedure lubricate the moisturizer.

Vacuum massage at home is best done after a person is pre-steamed. You can visit the sauna and massage right there, and the house can be steam in the bathroom. This will reduce the risk of bruising after a vacuum massage.

How do vacuum massage at home, what method? After pretreatment stage, which we have described above, we proceed to the massage itself.

Set the jar for vacuum massage on the skin and gently begin to create a vacuum in it. Banks vacuum massage of the face must not be absorbed very strongly, and the duration of the procedure - only a few minutes.

After sucking for vacuum massage banks face it starting to make cautious flowing movements. The move follows the massage lines. Bruising after the vacuum massage may occur if the motion would hastily and sharp.

Make vacuum massage at home should be neat. The area around the eyes and the eyelids just covered jar for 2-5 seconds, rotate and move the jars vacuum massage in any case can not be.

How often do vacuum massage of the face, that the procedure was most effective? Not more than once a week. After the massage, for half an hour, it is better to sit in a warm room.

Make the vacuum massage can house in order to increase the immunity of the skin, smoothing the fine wrinkles and improve skin appearance in general. Using a vacuum massage at home, you can fight with various scars, but it is better to consult a doctor.

The effect of vacuum massage evident immediately: a radiant complexion and a more aesthetic contours. Vacuum massage reviews which are left satisfied with the result of women helps significantly to "soften" and scar tissue.

Vacuum massage slimming

Vacuum massage the abdomen was invented in Tibet. Modern physicians and cosmetologists use it in cases where it is necessary to reduce the weight and reduce the amount of excess fat in the body.

During vacuum massage slimming effect on certain areas of the body. The receptors located in the skin and stimulates the lymph inflow and contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes. As a result of the physiological reactions of the body temperature begins to rise, adhesions gradually broken down, and subcutaneous fat is burned. Doing massage vacuum banks, you are contributing to the removal of salts from the body. And the whole process generally helps to reduce weight.

How to massage vacuum banks in the home? The procedure quite complex, but will take some effort.

Initially well-pound body, preheat it. Those who often makes the vacuum massage, can be used as a hot compress to warm up as well as a normal hard massage.
Doing vacuum massage bruises may remain, if you will not smear the surface of the skin massage oil or cream, remember that sensitive skin requires less effort and shorter treatment time.

How do vacuum massage of the abdomen? Squeeze gently jar and attach to the skin. Decompress it should be slowly, watch for the "absorption" of the skin.

Doing vacuum massage the abdomen, keep in mind that the more you compress a jar, the greater the amount can massage. From a medical point of view it is considered permissible height of the "lifted" the skin is equal to 1, 5 cm.
Vacuum massage of the abdomen begins to smooth movements in a clockwise direction. After repeating the same operation after a pause, but counterclockwise. Turn the jar gently so as a result of vacuum massage bruises practically no choice.

Massage the abdomen vacuum banks without special knowledge and advice is better not to do. Independently, you can hurt yourself.

Reviews of excellent vacuum massage. It is an effective method to help effectively lose weight. The only vacuum massage cupping reviews which left themselves doctors are not allowed to do on the inside of the thigh. As if you do not seem that this part of the body requires the greatest elaboration, it is not necessary. The fact is, that is where the lymph nodes, which can be damaging, and it is fraught with adverse consequences.
If you are going to do abdominal massage vacuum banks, but doubts about the correctness of its decision, do not rush. Go to a specialist, perhaps in your case, this method of getting rid of fat is absolutely contraindicated.

Vacuum massage cellulite

 vacuum massage at home
 Vacuum massage cellulite is today considered a very effective tool in the fight against the "orange peel". Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks helps soften dense fat formation and increases the blood circulation in problem areas.

Vacuum massage is effective for cellulite and at home, but should be required to adhere to the rules.

If you come to do vacuum massage cellulite, do it regularly and not from time to time. In this case, your muscles will always be on our toes, tighten skin and restore its elasticity.

Massage anti-cellulite vacuum is applied in cases where the required correction of the body, such as the method is very effective.

Vacuum massage is done with the use of anti-cellulite cosmetics, very good, if this procedure will alternate with manual massage.

These are the principles of cellulite vacuum massage, which will help to achieve maximum results:

  • Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks made solely from the bottom up.
  • In order to avoid violations of lymph flow, anti-cellulite massage vacuum is not done in the groin, popliteal cavity and the upper inner thigh, about what we have already mentioned above.
  • Vacuum Massage banks reviews, tips and tricks which leave and write themselves masseurs, best done with the help of complex anti-cellulite oil.

Women who do cupping vacuum massage reviews of self cooking oils leave a sufficient number that allows you to choose any, I liked it and cook it at home.

All recipes use the same base - 50 ml linseed oil or olive oil:

  1. Base + 5 drops of essential oil of anise, grapefruit and orange.
  2. Those who make massage vacuum banks respond very well to oil red pepper mixed with the base and with tea tree oil. Base + 2 ml. red pepper oil and 5 ml. tea tree oil.
  3. Basis + on 5ml. each oil: lemon, fennel and tangerine.
  4. Base + 3 ml. essential oils of fennel, cypress, juniper, tea tree and lemon.
  5. Base + 5 ml. vetiver oil and 3 ml. essential oils of mandarin, lemon and cypress.

Vacuum massage cellulite reviews, which is not difficult to find, and even has a general strengthening effect on the skin.

Vacuum massage feet

Vacuum massage feet - a process during which affect the subcutaneous fatty tissue, in order to normalize blood circulation, as well as the removal of edema of the vascular wall.

Due to the vacuum foot massage stimulates the leg muscles, activates the synthesis of proteins, collagen and elastin, provides lymphatic drainage effect.

Let vacuum massage during pregnancy, you can do with the swelling. Main watch your feelings and reactions. You can work out jars leg or face, but, in any case, not the abdomen. But, of course, before you decide to vacuum massage, you need to consult a doctor.

Vacuum massage is used after childbirth with a view to get rid of stretch marks, in order to quickly return to the beautiful body shape and lose weight. In both cases, it is necessary to control the sensations and carefully read the creams and oils, so there was not any harmful substances or allergens.

Vacuum massage is not the most pleasant procedure, there will have to have a little patience, but the result is worth it. The main condition - systematically. Another point: if you do not keep a diet, do not exercise, do not expect that the result will be long. Massage is most effective in the complex. And work on yourself or not - it's up to you. Be beautiful!

 Vacuum massage at home

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