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Virtually every woman is convinced that one of the main criteria of feminine beauty is a taut and toned chest. However, there are various factors that affect the shape and state of the breast skin: pregnancy, severe weight gain or weight loss is dramatic, environment. Under the influence of negative factors of breast needs special care and constant care.

Positive effective impact on the beautiful appearance of the bust and décolleté cream may have a breast. As a rule, this means comprises a nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, nourishes the skin with vital energy, as well as preserving its elasticity and tone.

Any breast creams should be applied regularly. The most serious care is required for a breast that has lost the form because of pregnancy, especially if the skin appeared stretch. Often breast skin suffers from dryness and gradually becomes flabby. Fortunately, modern cosmetology offers a great variety of products for the correction of the bust. However, experts recommend constant care, even if your chest is in excellent tone - at least it needs a quality moisturizer.

The best cream to pull the breast does not exist, because every woman is individual: for someone perfect one cream, for someone - else. However, there are basic criteria that can be clearly defined, quality or poor quality before you cream-lifting for chest.

Choosing a breast firming cream

Quality-lifting firming cream has a rich soft texture and pleasant aroma. This cream does not create a greasy film on the surface of the skin, is quickly absorbed and does not roll. Good tool should contain components which condense and tighten the breast skin and also enhance cell activity and substantially strengthen the skin.

As an example, the active ingredients can result in a royal orchid extracts and caviar. In addition, the composition of creams for breast lift include polysaccharides and peptides, smoothes the skin and helps it to produce collagen and elastane - these substances and are responsible for the density and elasticity of our skin. Not less efficient wheat proteins, essential oils, extracts of seaweed and soy, vitamins E and C, - they strengthen, nourish and smooth the skin, remove pigmentation and helps to regenerate breast tissue. Chamomile and peppermint have an anti-inflammatory effect.

To reflect the intensity of the cream for skin tightening is breast during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as the owners of a dry skin and flabby neck. Some experts in the field of beauty expressed the view that in order to increase the elasticity of the chest is sufficient tightening cream for the bust, designed to care for dry and sensitive skin. However, it is recognized that in some cases pronounced effect can be achieved only by means of hormonal makeup.

Basically actively acting hormonal gel or cream for elasticity breast contains estrogen, which not only strengthens the chest, but also increase its size. Before using such tools need complete confidence that your breasts healthy and completely absent the risk of cancer or benign appearance. If the alarm predisposition occurs, it is recommended to use a different cream for breast reconstruction.

We use the cream for breast firming competently

An important nuance in the use of the cream is its storage. Such means must be kept cool and taken out from the refrigerator before use. Any cream to pull the breast is necessary to apply a very light massage, as the breast tissue and skin is extremely delicate and need to be carefully handled. Massage movements should be performed in the direction from the chest to the chin.

Speaking about the results, which gives the cream for breast firming, the reviews of users coincide with the approval of experts: as a rule, a visible effect on the use of funds evident after 2-3 weeks of regular use. The only exceptions are the cream for breast enhancement rapid action. For this reason, intensive care for the décolleté requires reserves of patience. The main and fundamental rights - a cream for skin tightening breast should be used every day, just in case you get a remarkable effect, which will give you hydrated, nourished and supple skin.

In this article we will talk about proven creams on the market for breast reconstruction - what is included in their composition, how to use them, what the main difference is available for each tool. We hope that on the basis of the data, you will be able to determine for themselves what cream-lifting is better suited to your chest.

 Cream for breast lift

Eveline Cream Breast

Eveline Cream-lifting for chest is designed for all skin types, for sensitive as well. This tool has the texture of the serum effectively maintain skin elasticity and firmness. However, the serum is not only able to lift and tighten the chest, but also slightly increase its size, improve the appearance form.

Unique technology Volufiline®, used in Evelyn cream for breast forms an invisible elastic mesh, which is like a bra provides a marked firming effect. This preparation has no effect on hormonal balance and can be used during menstruation and menopause. Serum is absolutely safe for the health of the breast. Experts recommend the use of Eveline cream for the bust at any signs of sagging due to age-related changes, the mode of weight loss or after pregnancy.

Among the natural components of the drug should be noted Volufiline® - is a natural extract from the Asian plant Gardenia Asiatica, which since ancient times, people used in natural medicine. It promotes the formation of lipid in adipocytes (fat cells), activates blood circulation and regulates the process of lipid deposition. Hyaluronic acid is a molecular "sponge" and provides an effective moisturizing the skin.

The structure of hyaluronic acid, collagen fiber twists and fills the empty space between them, thereby strengthening natural "bra". Centella Asiatica in a cream lifting Breast activates fibroblasts responsible for collagen synthesis. This increases the elasticity of connective tissue fibers. The component accelerates cellular metabolism, improves microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels.

Alga Laminaria contain mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that strengthen the skin's structure, it is removed from the toxins that contribute to the purification of cells and improve intracellular metabolism. Acacia Collagen based fitokollagena supports elasticity and stimulates collagen production within the skin cells. This component helps form a mesh that models and supports the breast. Caffeine works as a detoxicating agent, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in cells.

Evelyn lift cream is easy to use: the drug is applied to light massaging movements on the skin of the chest and neck twice a day (from the lower part of the chest up to the chin).

Members noted that regular use of the serum shape of the breast is significantly improved. Besides tool helps to make an independent control that is needed for prevention.

 Breast Firming Cream

Clarins breast cream

Leather neck - a very vulnerable spot on the body of a woman. Rejuvenating anti-wrinkle cream for décolleté by Clarins meets all the needs of such a sensitive area. Almost immediately after application noticeable tightening and firming effect means. Clarins Bust Cream makes the skin moisturized and smooth. With each application the skin becomes more supple and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is visibly younger. What is very important - this cream is suitable for all skin types, significantly reduces the already formed stretch marks and reduces the risk of new ones.

The structure of Clarins Bust cream vegetable oils, silicon and hydroxyproline, which turns out to stretch a double effect - corrective and preventive. The cream helps to restore the structure of the skin, improving its elasticity and reduce stretch marks. In addition, the means to actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks in the risk principle.

For a positive result must be a daily cream application to pull the chest, preferably twice a day - morning and evening. The cream is applied to the chest area and neck.

Cream for breast Lierak

Company Lierak is a series of tools aimed at improving the elasticity of the chest. Concentrated serum for neckline and chest Body Bust 10 recommended to improve skin neck and chest and correction of breast shape. It includes: liftilin, fruit acid, hyaluronic acid, pearl pigments and strengthens the plant-mineral complex.

Lifting cream for breast Lierak provides instant smoothing and firming effect, allowing the chest to return its former volume, tone and beauty, creates the effect of invisible bra, gives the skin a silky, soft and light brightness. The tool is applied lightly on the chest and neck every morning and evening in the course of 1 month.

Breast Firming Cream Creme modelase Soin fermete - Anti-taches recommended procedures for restoration of elasticity of the breast and prevent the appearance of pigment spots on the skin. The structure means includes glycerin, proteins, hazelnut extract of Chinese mandarin, hyaluronic acid, biotech oligopeptides, as well as the whole complex of hydroxy acids (maleic acid, glycolic acid, citric, lactic, pyruvic, tartaric).

After applying the cream for breast firming reviews are positive: breast shape is corrected and strengthened, recovers skin elasticity, pigment spots are, the skin is smoothed and leveled neckline. Use cream for the bust Lierak: the preparation is applied in the morning and evening soft 8-shaped movements for 4 weeks. It means not only treating skin of the breast, but the entire chest area, including the neck and shoulders.

Ampoule lifting solution restore skin elasticity breast Phytrel Ampoules recommended to correct the bust 2 and 3 stages of lowering the chest, which may occur as a result of pregnancy, rapid weight loss or age-related changes. The solution smoothes the skin, improves its elasticity, stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, gives breast rounded shapes. The contents of one ampoule is applied in the morning, and the other - in the evening after washing the skin on the breast and décolleté. The duration of the treatment course - 8 weeks. The composition of lifting solution includes active ingredients: Complex extracts of lady's mantle, Ivy, horsetail, Repeshko, sage extract.

Firming agent Spray Tenseur Soin Lissant Sublimateur recommended skin care breast and décolleté with a 20-Thielen age. The tool has the effect of supporting the frame, increases the elasticity of the skin, smoothes and softens the skin, giving it a soft glow. Spray applied gentle movements, morning and evening on the skin of the chest and neck. The tool has an active influence thanks to wheat proteins, elderberry flower extract, extract of Terminalia leaves katappa, glycerol, tannins, hyaluronic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, optical pearly microparticles and hydroxy complex.

Cream Avon

Light cream for breast Avon gives elasticity skin of the chest and neck and is suitable for all skin types, reinforces it, preventing the appearance of stretch marks. The unique technology of Virtual Bra tightens the chest, improving its contours. The tool is quickly absorbed, effectively nourishes and moisturizes, has a pleasant odor, restores the skin's structure.

Breast lift cream contains active ingredients such as: trace elements, polysaccharides, nourishing and moisturizing agents, as well as kelp extract - the most valuable gift of the sea. Polysaccharides retain moisture and form a dense gel with ordered collagen fibers, making the skin becomes firmer and denser. Phytol stimulates the renewal process of the skin.

Ginseng extract gives the skin energy and vitality, stimulates metabolism and enhances cell regeneration. Hop extract strengthens and tones the skin, promotes the synthesis of collagen. Hamamelis virginiana extract has on the skin antiseptic, astringent and soothing effect, increasing its elasticity. Cornflower extract tones the skin, relieves irritation, regenerates, soothes and acts as an antioxidant.

The cream for the bust Avon also includes a combination of grape fruit extract, saxifrage, Baikal skullcap root and black mulberry. These ingredients nourish the skin, improve microcirculation, saturate the cells with energy, contribute to their renewal and strengthening of connective tissue, give easy whitening effect. Beta-carotene and vitamins A, C, and E safeguard moisture in the skin, strengthening it and contributing to regeneration. In addition, they are natural antioxidants.

Eucalyptus extract soothes the skin, improves cell regeneration and relieves irritation, astringent and antiseptic. Apple extract contains natural fruit acids that promote cell renewal and prevents the breakdown of elastin. In addition a cream rich in trace elements - copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, silicon, manganese.

It recommended daily after showering apply the cream on the skin of neck and chest using a soft delicate movement of the nipple to the bottom of the chest, as well as from the base of the neck to the chest. Every movement must be directed upward from the center to the periphery. Optimally use all means when you exercise and diet during pregnancy, after sunburn. If necessary, possible to use a cream with 18.

Avent Breast Cream

Special massage cream Avent for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks helps the skin to withstand the weight of the incremental changes. Shea butter in a cream Avent Breast softens, and seaweed extract significantly increases its elasticity. Oil papaya helps to eliminate fluid due to the weakening of stagnation.

The regular use of massage cream strengthens the skin, relieves stress and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks. The tool is applied to the breast skin after a shower massage in circular motions until completely absorbed.

Avent Breast cream contains the active ingredient such as seaweed extract, which is produced in the north-west coast of France. Their fiber is so resilient that protects the algae from damage during periods of strong tides. Seaweed is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Bust Cream Green Mama

Lifting cream for the breast with collagen and algae from the Green Mama strengthens, tones and smoothes the skin of the chest and neck, struggling with her aging. The cream works on the basis of the complex substances that preserve the beauty and youth of the breast. African Kigelia contains a substance similar to flavonoids (female hormones), which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. With her in a pair of runs seaweed Dermohlorellu that tones the epidermis and smoothes the skin. Marine Collagen prevents aging of skin cells.

Aromaenergy complex comprises 100% natural essential oils -s. In addition, the cream contains: a little almond and sesame, glycerin, demineralized water, stearic acid, polyglyceryl-3-methyl glucose, butylene glycol, chlorella extract, African Kigelia, kelp, myrtle oil, collagen, parabens, carbomer, TEA. The product is essentially a wholly vegetable origin.

Lifting cream for the bust of Green Mama - the perfect prophylactic for women from 30 years. The tool is recommended after pregnancy as well as after intense sun exposure.