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Every woman over 35 wants to throw at least 10 years from the shoulders down. And modern cosmetology full swing trying to fulfill our most cherished desires. Radiolifting face was a breakthrough that allowed the operation without the need to return the woman lost youth and freshness. Radio wave lifting has a second name - termolifting. Today, this technique is the most perfect way to combat the aging process. Termolifting allows perfectly align not only mimic but age wrinkles and reduce sagging skin, making it taut and toned. The procedure helps to bring women into order your tummy in the postpartum period.

This method has many names, which essentially means the same thing:

  • non-surgical facelift;
  • Thermage;
  • radio wave lifting;
  • RF lifting;
  • termolifting;
  • Radio Frequency lifting.

Radio wave lifting an impact on the following principle: during the procedure to closely monitor the heating of the dermis and subcutaneous fat due to the impact of high-frequency electric field of the contact .  Those who did radiolifting know that a specially designed temperature regime stimulates fibroblasts - the main skin cells .  Radio wave lifting has several advantages that distinguish it from similar techniques: heating of the epidermis occurs only as a result of contact heat exchange between the dermis and muscle tissue and does not heat up .  Radiolifting reviews has largely positive: the natural facial expressions after radio lifting remains unchanged, and the skin becomes visibly younger and healthier, while patients do not experience pain during the procedure, the conditions for which a minimum - before the procedure compulsorily removed contact lenses and the first day after the procedure, you can not play sports and overheating skin .

Indications and contraindications for radio lifting

For radio lifting enough to hold 4-6 procedures. Each treatment time lasts no longer than 1 hour. Indications for radiofrequency facelift are:

  • the presence of pigmented spots;
  • the presence of facial wrinkles and clutches;
  • bags around the eyes;
  • sagging skin;
  • presence of a large number of pores on the skin;
  • the presence of double chin;
  • the presence of stretch marks on the body;
  • fibrous, edematous cellulite;
  • stretch marks on the skin as a result of weight loss;
  • fat local character.

However, the procedure in some cases unacceptable. Radio wave lifting contraindications are as follows:

  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • disorders in the circulatory system;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • the presence of viral diseases;
  • the presence of benign or malignant tumors;
  • dermatosis at the site of treatment.

 radio wave lifting reviews

How does radiolifting in accordance with the characteristics of the skin?

It's no secret that the human skin contains collagen fibers .  From these tissues depends on the firmness and elasticity of the skin of female .  With age, the collagen fibers tend to stretch and lose elasticity thus .  For this reason, sagging skin does not make long to wait .  Equally important component for storing youthful skin are special cells - fibroblasts consisting frame connective skin tissue .  Radiolifting face and body allows flexibility according to the tissues .  With age, the skin becomes less and less fibroblast .  During the procedure, radio-wave lifting wave radio frequency penetrates the deep layers of the skin and on its way up the collagen fibers, giving them some of their energy by means of a powerful heat exposure .  This energy leads to a reduction of the fibers and thus provides a snug fit of the skin to the muscles of the face .  As a result, radio wave lifting reviews has the following nature: visual skin after termoliftinga compacted and reduced .  After exposure to heat the dermis literally comes to life before our eyes, significantly activates blood flow, and together with it and metabolism .

Radiowave facelift results are comparable in performance with surgical plasty, but with this method, there is not any mechanical action on the skin and its injury. It should be noted further that the heating of the dermis leads to stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers and fibroblasts. This fact is a favorable difference radio lifting by mechanical means facelift. Anyone who did radiolifting, confirm that the facial skin becomes incredibly velvety vascular grid disappears completely, and the diameter of the skin pores is significantly reduced.

From one session to another place quite significant changes in the state of the skin. In principle, the real changes can be seen after just one treatment, and gradually is their gain. Within six months there is a development and growth of new collagen rejuvenation effect. Young elastin and collagen fibers form a new framework that supports the skin, the presence of which is characteristic for young skin. Saving the result achieved in the first place depends on the woman's age, as well as the personal characteristics of the structure and condition of the skin. On average, the positive effect is over 2-3 years. On average, a full course of radio lifting helps to "reset" a man of about 15 years "in excess" of age and regain its former youth and beauty. If there are no contraindications radiolifting, within the limits of course, as a rule, carried out the order of 6-8 treatments once every week.

Radio lifting indisputable advantages over other methods of rejuvenation are:

  • no side effects;
  • no contra-seasonal;
  • the absence of rehabilitation period;
  • absolutely painless;
  • the speed of achievement;
  • rising long-lasting effect of rejuvenation;
  • the absence of contraindications for your skin type;
  • pleasant sensation during the procedure;
  • no need for anesthesia;
  • tightening of the skin around the eyes and a noticeable rejuvenation, correction of body and facial contours.

The age range for those who want to use the radio-wave facelift procedure is quite wide - from 20 to 60 years. Thermal effects can be rendered by experts in the areas of the face, arms, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

As a result, radio wave lifting is an excellent alternative to invasive treatments. This procedure is most effective to deal with the aging of the skin, eliminates fine lines, greatly reduces sagging skin, increasing its elasticity. A non-surgical lift is not at risk of complications, allowing patients the most natural results. Other techniques currently can not afford to offer women a lot of positive effects, and unsurpassed results.

 radiolifting contraindications

Radiolifting Reaction

Israeli apparatus for radio lifting procedures Reaction ™ provides frequency current of the bipolar configuration. This current flows in the applicator between the positive and negative electrodes, the distance between which is clearly fixed. As previously predicted arc situated between two poles, the RF current flows through the tissue of the skin, without providing for her absolutely no risk thanks to a certain amount of distance from the electrode to the electrode. Due to the distance between the electrodes in the nozzles specialist can not only make the control, but also with his own application to change the exact area of ​​radio frequencies. Tissue in the treatment area during treatment is heated to a temperature of 45 degrees C, which prevents tissue atrophy and fibrosis.

Reaction radiolifting different from the lack of monopolar technology the need for grounding pads, because the heating temperature are not subject to internal tissues and organs. With monopolar technology is a strong heating of the tissues and organs of up to 60 degrees C, also created the scattered electromagnetic field, which is a danger to the operator and patient. With Reaction ™ device you do not have anything to fear.

This technique bipolar current impact on the fabric makes it possible to obtain highly effective results expected and makes the procedure accurate, controlled and safe. This uses three nozzles, through which is conducted radio frequency lipolysis tissues of the body, face and delicate areas: décolleté, neck, inner thighs and shoulders, lifting of the skin. The device has a range of four power stages and four stages of vacuum, which allows individual selection of optimal parameters for maximum efficiency and comfortable procedure.

The Reaction ™ is based on technology Channeling Optimized RF Energy technology (different technology CORE ™). Plastic surgeons and dermatologists from all corners of the earth are combined protocols that are designed to assure patients in the efficacy of radio waves in order to quickly restore skin elasticity, turgor during the postnatal changes of tone or after an intensive course of weight loss. Who conducted similar reviews of radiolifting Reaction leave remarkable.   This is not surprising, since the power of the machine to do something that is not available over any modern invention of cosmetology: it tightens the skin knees and triceps, eliminates the double chin and removes the "crow's feet".

Patients aged over 35 years with the help of radio lifting return Reaction young skin, which gradually becomes a gorgeous radiant appearance. Exit sagging skin, disappear without a trace, "crow's feet", and all this beauty without plastic surgery and painful dermabrasion facial.

Patients aged 25 to 35 years old get the best prevention of aging of the skin for a long time to come. After the radio wave lifting, you can safely cancel all the costly trips to the salon for a massage and mask miraculous.

We have tried to tell you in this article about all the wonders of radio-wave facelift, and we hope that your youth and beauty eclipsed all around and always will be the key to your good mood and a source of endless inspiration.

 Radio wave lifting - reviews, readings, effect

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