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The development of new technologies in the field of nail design does not stand still, and almost every day there are innovations for women of all ages .  One such proposal is the use of nail design "photo stickers" for fingernails .  This greatly simplifies the process of creating a manicure, and most importantly, that they can easily be used independently at home .  After all, you see, it is not often possible to find an opportunity to visit a beauty salon to use the services of professionals in the field of manicure .  Nevertheless, almost every woman in our time turns for the services of manicure at least once a month, and even more often, while leaving in the salons of the considerable sums of money for a beautiful and high-quality nail design .  At the same time, manicure uses a variety of different decorative elements which are not always convenient to deal with daily chores .  GM may stick to your nails rhinestones, sequins, sculpting or making artistic painting and even attach to your nail a small earring - piercing .  Of course, it all looks nice and original, but there is no guarantee that the wizard you have to taste .

With stickers on your nails this will not happen. You will immediately see the image clearly legible, which is exactly like on paper, to fix on your nails. Besides graceful figures translated labels are much cheaper than the services of master in the cabin. To learn how to use the stickers for the nails, do not have a lot to tell, because it's very simple. Buy special stickers on your nails can be in any specialty store.

Photo Design Nail

Using labels with images to create beautiful nail design is called a photo design. Application to the nail sticker can be instantly decorated with sequins, Bulonki, color gel, and so on. N.

Pictures are of various kinds: french (smile decorates the area or is superimposed on the free tip of the nail), application (with transparent background), manicure (picture with opaque background), pedicure (unlike his manicure only in size stickers). Most beauty salons, you can ask for a directory where you can select a photo sticker on the nails. Photo Design has a number of advantages. Stickers save time master and client, drawing depends on the imagination of the client, and will be on the nails exactly as in the catalog labels. Quality labels are much higher than the handmade images.

Pictures anyone can use without having certain skills in the art of manicure. With Photo Design can be applied to the nails on the implementation of complex drawings. Photo Design can be used for absolutely any image. It can be stickers polish fruits, flowers, pictures of loved ones (custom made), a beautiful abstraction.

Sometimes it is hard to select the desired pattern despite the fact that commercially there are wide variety of labels. But if you find a suitable electronic image, you can try making your own stickers for Photo Design. Information on how to make the nail sticker on the internet and books abound, though the process will not be difficult. For this you need an inkjet printer and consumable material - a special adhesive tape for Photo Design nails.

Printer for Photo Design is a must novice manicure. He's just going to, very easy to use and easy to pay. It is desirable to establish the highest brightness, or color labels to get a little washed out. Figure must be reduced by 10 and multiply these pictures. To make the nail sticker, economical place them on a sheet, select the required settings and start printing. After that stickers will be ready for use.

 photo stickers on nails

How to decorate the nails with stickers?

To start, you should buy a sticker on the nails of the desired color and size. Buy stickers are available in any store cosmetics or order them through the Internet. Sales to be able to explain in detail how to glue stickers on your nails, although the process is not complicated. Think about the color of the background and possible additions to the design of your nails. Attach to nail a picture of a very simple. Here are a few tips on how to stick on nail stickers.

Take a plate, on which the images are fixed and then cut into individual squares, each claw. Take the label to the left hand, turn the face to him and fine forceps gently disconnect the film with the image of soft paper substrate. During this film can curl up, so it to hook the index finger of his left hand.

Now take the film for the opposite edges, careful to avoid contact with their own nails, or a film with a picture may deteriorate. Stretch gently and attach the sticker to the middle of the nail. Try to keep the center coincides with the center of the sticker nail. Carefully and very lightly flatten the film from the center to the tip of the nail, with the leave of the second edge is not glued. Only if the sticker goes smoothly, you can stick it carefully along the bottom edge. Smoothes the film soft sliding movements. If you're pushing too hard, the pattern may be crumpled or deteriorate.

If the picture on the nail beds uneven or slightly wrinkled - it does not worry. If damaged contour drawing - try to hide the error by Docherty sequins or some small lines using a fine brush and nail polish. Perhaps during adhesion sticker little crumple and wrinkle appears unpleasant, but it can be easily cut down nail file.

Do not despair if the first attempt to paste on nails image over the fiasco. After several attempts, you certainly will succeed.

Under the label, you can choose any background that matches the shade of stickers. Be sure to wait for the complete drying of the layer of varnish, and only then it is possible to attach labels. When the sticker is in place, cover the nail varnish layer fixer. So you will save the image from erasure.

Beautiful and high quality manicure - this is your guarantee of elegance. Nail Stickers can be ordinary (on a sticky ribbon), three-dimensional and water.

The first appeared in the windows of stores just water nail sticker. Here are some tips on how to paste stickers on your nails. To put the sticker on the nail, it is necessary to pre-steam in the hot water, and after 30 seconds soggy picture placed on the nail plate in the middle and carefully remove the backing paper from the labels. This is best done with the help of tweezers. Then, dab nail lint-free cloth and allow to dry the label. Only then will it cover the layer of clear lacquer sealant. It turns out very nicely, because the lacquer layer, on which a pattern is very thin. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish accurately attached water sticker nail from skillfully executed drawings.

New labels do not require contact with water. They are made according to the principle of adhesive tape. These stickers are easy to use even for a beginner. Base paper can be easily separated from the film and is easy to attach the label to the nail. But this label is also sure to attach a layer of transparent varnish.

Stickers Naroscheny nails differ from standard only for its size. They are made in different sizes, they can cover the entire nail or only a part. It can also be small decorative elements that can be combined and make the desired pattern. Thus, you will create a unique nail design stickers with their own hands without much effort.

To create interesting combinations and you can use 3d nail sticker. They are bulky and something slightly reminiscent of modeling, but it looks neater and more elegant.

There are a variety of nail sticker drawings on which depend only on your wishes. Nail design with stickers can complement a variety of rhinestones, sequins and sparkles. Pofantaziruet little and create your corporate design nails, original and beautiful manicure truly unique. Will be a good complement to nail stickers decorative beads suitable color. Try to put on the still wet nail small rhinestones or colored powder. Very nice look and stickers in the form of small snakes on the tips of the nails, especially in the area of ​​the cuticle lay bright rhinestones.

Try using different labels on different nails. Or leave a beautiful label only one nail, such as where the wear ring. Small stickers on the tips of the nails, perfectly complement your French manicure.

If you create a nail design using the labels for the first time, it is best to use nail stickers transferable. They are easier to use and does not adhere to the nail surface as quickly as usual. To use the stickers for nail design will not necessarily grow long nails. The standard size labels designed for mid-sized nail. But, for example, 3d nail stickers, look better on long nails.

Look, before you create a nail design stickers with a photo of the finished manicure using the same labels in the catalog shop or beauty salon.

Here we tell you how to use the stickers for the nails. It remains the case for small - to buy and use them.

Strive to create not only original, but also a stylish design that harmoniously complement your image. Pick a combination of labels, given the combination of colors and textures. The main rule that should be considered when choosing the color patterns of design manicure - this is not to combine warm and cool shades. From the correct color depends on the quality of the whole manicure. Depending on your taste design can be elegant or extravagant. Options to create a unique set of design - try and experiment, you certainly will!

 Photo stickers on nails

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