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Every summer, basking on the beach, all women, of course, dream of a smooth and beautiful tan that they will be able to for a long time to surprise friends and acquaintances. Yes, and they themselves, too, will enjoy the excellent skin tone. Unfortunately, over time, any one of them begins to fade, brighten, and from the dark beauty in the end no trace remains. Therefore, women are worried: how to keep a tan for a long time, and how to make it more stable? And the answers to these important questions, of course.

First of all, it should be noted that a tan can be different. That is, the duration of its presence on the skin often depend on how and where it was received. For example, it has always believed that the southern tan goes faster than the acquisition of the country. And this is indeed the case, but on condition that it is about finding a specific direct sunlight. Not adapted to such aggressive action in the southern countries, our skin immediately begins to suffer. And even when you are sunbathing by all the rules - only in the morning and evening, and using high-quality sunscreen. In this case, the skin will still get a very small, but still sunburn. Naturally, after starting the process of recovery, that is, there is a heavy exfoliation "burned-out" cells topsheet updated, and as a result, the tan is coming off quickly.

The basic rules of conservation Sun

So how do you keep a tan after a holiday in hot countries? Firstly, it is best to receive it in the shade. It is almost the most important answer to the question of how long to remain a "chocolate" because tan under indirect sunlight does not harm the skin. However, the time to get it, you need more. But it's worth it, because the skin will be healthy, and it ottenok- beautiful. Second, the stability of any Sun still depends on the individual characteristics of your skin.

Sometimes it turns out that golden luster faded, and in fact took place only a week, and have your friend, with whom you had a vacation together, he kept the whole month, and it does not bother, unlike you, the problem of preservation of the southern shade. Perhaps the reason is that the skin is dark your girlfriend, and you-skinned by nature - this is important. Therefore, you should take a closer approach to the question of how to maintain your tan for a long time.

And should start with the preparation of the skin. And in the preparatory process includes a visit to baths or saunas, as well as other water treatment, for which should be required to use the exfoliating agent. Such procedures are well steamed, and the skin was removed from the surface of not only all the impurities, but also keratinized. If you're not a big fan of baths and saunas, you can take, for example, a bath with sea salt and various vegetable oils. After that, any tan is not just to go smoothly, but "stick" to your skin will be much faster and better.

Another secret is to keep longer tan southern color - is a special cosmetics .  After sunbathing, never forget to use a moisturizer designed for skin care .  Since, as we have seen, the effects of the sun automatically triggers the natural mechanisms of regeneration, and as a result the upper layers of the epidermis will peel off, taking with them and our tan .  But intense hydration enables qualitatively slow down this process .  Especially that such cosmetic products for skin care after sun has a whole range of useful and necessary functions which are well retain a golden hue .  They are excellent to soothe the epidermis, even after intense UV exposure, moisturize it and, of course, protect .  By the way, here's how to keep your tan after the sea: do not be lazy to take a vacation in quality cosmetics designed before and after sunbathing .

But other means with the opposite effect, whitening can only hurt and reduce your efforts to nothing, so it is better not to use temporarily. And it's not just special masks and creams, and other cosmetic products for skin and color cosmetics, and even some home recipes, having in its composition components with a bleaching or peeling effect. For example, the interior is not necessary to use different skin dairy products, lemon, cucumber, pumpkin seeds. Therefore, if you want as long as possible to keep a tan, forget for a while about all the bleaching agents, however useful they may be.

 How to keep a tan for a long time

Home remedies for prolonged tanning

How to keep your tan after the sea folk or home remedies? There are effective prescriptions maintain long golden hue. These include rubbing the skin or rinse her coffee, cocoa or tea. The latter, moreover, well pores and moisturizes the epidermis. And one of the ways to keep a tan on his face, rubbing the skin is a series of infusion of chamomile or eight tablespoons need to pour a liter of boiling water, cover and leave for two hours. That means you can use on a daily basis during the morning water treatment.

How else to retain a tan on the face of home remedies? With the carrot mask: you need to grate carrots and squeeze some juice and mix with a little olive oil, then apply for 15-20 minutes and rinse. The only caveat here is that for too pale skin, this mask is contraindicated - it can be yellow, not dark.

Another folk secret talks about how to keep a tan is to use the coffee scrub, but made only from freshly brewed beverage. This home remedy is not only cleanse your epidermis from pollution, but also support perfectly golden.

Temporary help prolong the skin tan and tomato mask. For its preparation take two tomatoes, mash them, add one tablespoon of olive oil and four tablespoons of fat cottage cheese. Such a mask may be applied to the whole body and hold 15-20 minutes. After skin should in turn cool and rinse with warm water.

Diet Sun

How to keep a tan through nutrition? There are certain rules to this case. It is necessary to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day while on vacation. It may be carbonated or noncarbonated, conventional mineral or purified. It is also impossible to deny the skin recharge a sufficient amount of fat in the diet, which contains, for example, the many varieties of fish (mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon), and vegetable oils. Incidentally, in addition to these products, there is also the amino acid tyrosine, which supports a dark pigment of the skin.

Keep tan long time and with the help of vitamins A, C and E, which are one and the same time preserve a golden hue, eliminate the negative effects of UV dose of shock and contribute to the rapid assimilation of selenium, a powerful antioxidant. In addition, be sure to increase the intake of beta-carotene, or provitamin A, which stimulates the production of melanin. He is one of the most powerful natural tanning activators and fixers. Most of it is contained in carrot. Lean on this orange vegetable that golden skin tone did not disappear as long as possible. Champion of beta-carotene are also watermelon, spinach, peach, melon, apricot, mango.

Vitamin C can be easily found in the fresh summer fruits and vegetables. There should be raw, parallel leaning on fresh juices. For years the sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, black currants, tomatoes, watercress, peppers, strawberries.

Vitamin A is found in large amounts in the milk, egg yolks, apricots, spinach, carrot, beef liver, fatty fish, butter, tomatoes, cheese. It is well absorbed only with fat, so that the grated carrots are best eaten with vegetable oil or sour cream. Also great save tan yellow and red fruits and vegetables, lettuce. Vitamin A may be administered in the form of oil solution. Although in this case, its dosage and duration of admission to let you determine the physician.

Vitamin E is contained in vegetable oils, especially sunflower and corn. More its a lot of fresh vegetables and almonds.

 How to keep a tan right

Tanning solarium

How to keep a tan using tanning and tanning? Support received a golden skin tone can be using different creams. There are tools that give a natural tanned look and regenerate the epidermis after sunburn. Such creams should be of high quality and luxury brands, the skin did not go after them spots, and kept it even tan.

And finally, let's talk about the most effective ways to save the golden hue, which is the solarium. The only thing is to use it in the absence of a variety of medical contraindications. And then a solarium in a week or even two weeks would be enough to golden hue did not go as long as possible. Only in this case is another vital question arises: how to keep a tan after tanning ?.

And here comes to the aid of a group of different cosmetics, which are prolongatory, or just fixers. They are just meant for use after being in the sun, and after a session in the solarium.

Such drugs are well-secured tan, keep it as long as possible. Usually it is rich moisturizing complex, toning and rejuvenating the epidermis, as well as providing rejuvenation. Some of them contained and special components that give the skin a beautiful shimmering luster.

Also, always remember to choose a cream that will suit your style and keep a tan after tanning for a long time, you will always help a specialist salon where you'll pass the solarium sessions. After all, professional cosmetics will be the key to getting not only beautiful and resistant, but also a safe tan.

We want you to enjoy the golden hue of the skin as long as possible, and always remain beautiful and confident!

 How to keep a tan for a long time?

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