Swarovski crystals for nails

In recent years, a manicure itself has changed significantly .  Now it is not only painted lacquer nails .  Manicure now - is an art .  On nails created whole composition - from simple patterns to entire paintings .  The design of the nail varnish is not only used, but also a variety of sequins, threads, stencils and more .  Particularly popular was nail designs with rhinestones .  First rhinestone decorated clothing, then the crystals began to appear on the interior, and then they began to participate in the festive makeup and finally settled down on the nails fashionistas .  And no wonder, because the decoration nail rhinestones fully able to make any woman - you just the tools you need, desire and bit of imagination .  And, of course, no small role in the quality manicure with rhinestones plays a good taste and a sense of harmony .  Patterns rhinestones on your nails will look beautiful only if you have a taste and sense of harmony, in another case, rhinestones on your nails will look normal sleaze .

I think you know what the crystals, but, nevertheless, explain what it is .  Rhinestones - a small decorations that imitate semiprecious and precious stones .  Rhinestones are made of several kinds of materials - glass, rock crystal, plastic, zirconium .  So, for the manufacture of Swarovski crystals for nails used rhinestone .  One side of the paste has many facets, whereby crystals sparkle and play of colors, like real gems, rhinestones and the other side - smooth, so they can be glued to a particular surface .  The color of crystals and their shape is also distinguished by a great variety, so you can create a variety of patterns on the nails rhinestones .  Rhinestones are both very small - the smallest details to create a pattern, and very large, that you can decorate the entire nail plate using only one crystal .  The average dimensions crystals range from 0, 5 to 4 mm .  Crystals are oval, round, square shape, and also in the form of droplets and the polyhedron .  And the color palette ranges from 20 different shades .  Particularly impressive look pictures on nails with rhinestones "Halogen" - they are iridescent in the sunlight, which is undoubtedly very beautiful and festive .

Rhinestones on short nails may look as good as on the long ones. Here, as they say - a matter of taste. Just not all love long nails, and some - the young mums, for example - willy-nilly, to do short manicure, so as not to scratch the long nails his favorite child. It is also not uncommon to see rhinestones on nails feet.

In this article, we'll tell you all about crystals - a technique of applying a paste on nails, on the laws of harmony necessary for high-quality nail design with sequins, about the kinds of designs with rhinestones, as well as many other things that come in handy in the life of any woman.

The laws of harmony in design of nails

As we have said, failure to comply with the laws of harmony can turn your manicure with rhinestones in tasteless cheap. This section of the article, we'll talk, which should be followed when creating designs with rhinestones on nails.

Of course, the hard and fast rules when decorating nails there. The main thing is to stick to a simple rule - the smaller the better. This rule is related to the fact that the crystals not only make manicure more graceful, but also significantly heavier nails not only weight, but also an abundance of excessive brightness and volume. Particularly dangerous presence of a large number of large crystals on the nails as they are much more attracted attention, much clutter and nails. In this regard, more secure is to use small crystals.

In order to design the nails rhinestones was more attractive, you should choose one thing: either the small crystals dissipate evenly across the nails, or to focus on the massiveness of the main pattern on one finger. You can create a light, subtle drawing using multiple crystals developing in the thin air pattern in all fingernails. But if the pattern is supposed to make of the massive and colorful rhinestones, it is best to position the pattern only at a certain one finger.

It should also be noted that the colorless crystals look good with any color paint, but if you want to create a drawing on nails with rhinestones in a minimalist style nail design, it is best to choose the stones pastel shades. In this case, pastel stones together with small transparent do not violate the border of good taste. In addition, in the case of colored crystals, it should be noted that they must either match the tone of some of the selected picture, or should contrast with the basic design of the nail. Otherwise decorating nails with rhinestones will suffer irreparable harm tasteless.

Technique of rhinestones

 nail design jacket with rhinestones

If you have decided on their own to decorate your nails with rhinestones, it would not be any problems - crystals can be purchased at any store that sells the necessary accessories for manicure. In addition, you should know how to glue rhinestones on nails because they do not all kinds of rhinestones enough to secure the only varnish. Large and shaped crystals should be fixed with glue.

And now let's proceed directly to how to decorate your nails with rhinestones. To begin to prepare the nails to manicure - to file the nails to the desired shape and size, remove burrs, cut cuticles. Then, before the decorative work on the nails should be applied or varnish-based, or perform a pattern conceived varnish. We should not forget that before you stick rhinestones on nails waiting for drying varnish should not be! Pastes should be applied to the uncured varnish so that they stick to the nail plate. In order to take small crystals you quite handy toothpick dipped in water or that another wooden stick. For gluing large rhinestones, use glue. Once glued rhinestones on your nails, you should wait to paint has dried. Then nail hardener is applied. In stores you can find special fixative for manicure with rhinestones.

Strictly speaking, crystals are always applied to the penultimate stage manicure, and the last stage will always be applying sealant. In general, not hard to do nail designs with rhinestones - photos stage gluing rhinestones presented below:

 how to glue rhinestones on nails

 Figures on nails rhinestones

 how to glue rhinestones on nails

Before gluing rhinestones on your nails, you should carefully consider the pattern on paper, that is to make a sketch of a manicure. So you can plan not only the background, but is well placed rhinestones.

When using paste in manicure can take into account some tips master nail design .  So if the volume of paste to put the details of patterns and colors on the border of two shades of nail polish in the background picture, the crystals are practically invisible .  They only give the basic pattern of volume and shine, but does not spoil the manicure .  Moreover, it is best to use in this case clear rhinestones .  In this case, actual use of Swarovski crystals for nails .  Also, do not combine with other kinds of rhinestone jewelry - thread, feathers, piercing, acrylic moldings, etc. . d .  And if you are not sure how to choose the right color and pattern, in which case you can use for manicure Bindisi (ready patterns, which only need to be transferred to the nail plate) .  Especially look beautiful Naroscheny nails with rhinestones - photos of nails, you can always see in the catalog dedicated to beauty and manicure, as well as directly in beauty salons .  Graft nails with rhinestones look better because in such places much more nails, and therefore, the composition of the crystals will not be too overloaded .

For example, you can see the look of crystals on the nails - picture patterns are as follows:

 rhinestones on the toe nails

As you see, long nails with rhinestones look very impressive. Strictly speaking, nail with crystals - standard procedure in any nail salon, so do a manicure is not a big problem.

Of course, you can decorate with rhinestones their own nails, but it is better not to do so, because these stones can damage the nail plate. And it is not very good, because then it is necessary to restore the long nails. That's why most women prefer artificial nails with rhinestones. By the way, this procedure is very convenient to the party, especially if your nails are too short, and you want to show off beautiful long nails. In this case, use nail extensions with rhinestones - the perfect solution. And fast, and beautiful! And most importantly - festive.

Wedding Nail Design

 rhinestone patterns on the nails

Wedding - is always a joyful and long-awaited event in the life of any woman. On this day, every bride wants to be excellent in everything - from clothes and make-up hairstyle and manicure. With the emergence of various kinds of manicure appeared the concept of wedding makeup. After all, the bride's hands for the time of the wedding very often will fall into the attention of visitors - with murals in the registry office, the exchange of rings, and then when picked up glasses and so on. Wedding nail designs with rhinestones is now one of the most popular types of manicure.

Rhinestones for wedding manicure are different both in form and in color. But, nevertheless, Wedding Nail Design with crystals characterized by very gentle tone, just as bright manicure will look grossly out of place against the backdrop of the white wedding dress. Most often chosen for a wedding manicure transparent and opaque crystals or rhinestones "halo". If you decide to ramp up for the wedding nails, then this should be a week before the event, so that you can get used to the little nails. So, wedding decoration nail rhinestones - photos taken above - is both long and short nails.

For three or four days before the wedding should be made a regular manicure, and the day before the holiday should make wedding design. As with any type of nail design, wedding design should look harmonious with ornaments and dress, thus completing the image. Of course, coming up with design for a wedding manicure should advance, as in the last days before the wedding time for experiments already left.

By the way, often used in wedding manicure nail Swarovski crystals, known throughout the world. They come in different shades. The shape they are round, with the same number of faces. All Swarovski crystals for nails are transparent because they are made of high-quality rock crystal. In addition, the smooth part of the paste are added reflective film, so shiny and transfusion of colors magnified.

French manicure

 How to decorate your nails with rhinestones

French manicure is a classic, it is very simple and elegant. French is still very popular, despite the various fashion trends. Moreover, this manicure is suitable for everybody - both young girls and women aged. In addition French is relevant in any situation - from everyday life to festivities and business meetings. On the whole, the French manicure is deservedly be called universal. Nail design jacket now has a variety of species, but one thing remains the same - a kind of "smile" on the tip of the nail. One type is the French manicure nail design jacket with sequins. About him we'll talk in more detail later, but for now let's look at the main varieties tunic:

  • Classic. Pale pink or flesh-colored nail in combination with white at the tip.
  • Color. White tip of the nail is replaced by any other.
  • Millennium. The tip of the nail is covered with shimmering sequins in different colors or glitter gel on the basis of.
  • Fan. The tip of the nail is decorated with rhinestones, colored foil, dried flowers, Fimo, dry leaves, and the like. It allowed a combination of several kinds of jewelry.
  • Mixed (non-standard). It differs from other species in the first place changes in the shape smile at the tip of the nail and its length. That is, "smile" can be V-shaped, sloping, straight, more rounded, sawtooth, sloping, shaded, with a continuation of the design.

As you can see, the French manicure can be varied - for every taste. Some people prefer the classics, while others prefer nail design jacket with sequins.

In general, the theme of manicure is very extensive, you can talk about it and tell, but in this article we talked only about the nails with rhinestones photos which were presented to your attention. Of course, the crystals - it is rather a privilege of youth, because the crystals on the nails of a woman aged look is not always true. Moreover, rarely any woman aged dare use rhinestones on nails feet. But, nevertheless, at any age, you can find the perfect pedicure and manicure. Young moms may prefer rhinestones on short nails, women aged prefer classic manicure or color, and young women and girls are free to choose any kind of manicure according to their taste preferences.

We very much hope that our article will help those who want to decorate their nails with rhinestones and you will not have questions about how to stick rhinestones on nails what colors rhinestones choose and how to come up with a good design. Be irresistible in everything, even in small things!

 Nail design with rhinestones - photos and technique

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