tar soap for personal hygiene


  • The value of hygiene for human health
  • Why delicate cosmetics
  • Tar soap and its properties

We use cosmetics for the face, hands and feet, hair; but also for the private parts is something there. High demand, which is used for cosmetics hygiene sensitive places, confirms the need for it. Currently, there are many types of gels and soaps for the care of a sensitive part of the body; but maintains its position over the newfangled tools and tar soap for personal hygiene. But before we begin the story about him, I would like to talk to you about what is important for the health care of their own bodies.

The value of hygiene for human health

Health science deals with the observation and study of the relationship between health and various factors that may affect it. There are several types of health: mental health, environmental and personal; and on proper compliance with each of them depends on your health. Personal hygiene is particularly important to maintain health; This acquisition childhood specific habits and skills that not only help to prevent many diseases and problems, and even can affect the way a person will be accepted in their social environment.

Of particular importance is the care of the skin. Skin - is the main natural barrier that protects our internal organs and systems from external influence. The skin prevents the invasion of bacteria into the body and other harmful microorganisms. She herself is protected by a thin film of fat. "Long-standing" fat, mixed with sweat and dirt, creating the perfect breeding ground, in which the rapid growth of bacteria and germs.

Clean skin performs its functions much better than dirty. Using soap or gel is easily washed off the dirt from the surface of the body; Leather is released not only from pollution, but also on the odor. Therefore it is necessary every day to wash all parts of the body, which accumulate dirt, grease, and all kinds of separation: the hands, feet, armpits, skin folds and all, of course, the genital area and the anus. It should be borne in mind that the intimate zone should be cleaned with the help of specially developed tools for this purpose.

 tar soap for personal hygiene tips

Why delicate cosmetics?

The fact that the normal vaginal flora is 90% of lactobacilli that produce lactic acid. Wednesday, they create, kill most germs. Soap detrimental effect on lactic acid bacteria, destroying them. Environment of the vagina becomes alkaline. In this environment, populated by microbes, and not always helpful. Consequence - dysbiosis. Hence the emergence of various women's ailments: thrush, vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases by. Intimate same tool saves and helps maintain normal pH levels (3, 3).

Intimate soap may be either liquid or solid. It moisturizes and optionally comprises additives, preservatives, thereby preventing the possibility of some inflammatory diseases. The soap may contain herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins. Such additives mikrotreschinok promote healing and increases blood flow in the tissues.

Intimate gel is mainly intended for moistening the mucous genitals, its effective toning. In gels are more effective antibacterial qualities. Therefore, they must be used after each visit to the reservoir, bath, basin, shower. Most gels contain herbal ingredients of herbs and oil. When buying, pay attention to the gel composition, since the concentration of plant extracts are usually very large.

Gels, lubricants intended for moisturizing the intimate area, they do not require rinsing. To use them you must immediately before sexual contact, which should take place without various kinds of discomfort that can kill the fun. The lack of natural moisture of the vagina during intercourse may indicate that women there are any diseases or psychological disorders.

In addition to soaps and gels, there are other means for personal hygiene: intimate foam produced on the basis of various oils; intimate spray that does not contain alcohol; wipes impregnated with a solution of extracts of herbs such as chamomile and calendula; Applicators containing gel with antibacterial action.

Precautions need to enjoy the intimate cosmetics for those who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. There are special funds specifically for sensitive skin. People who have an allergic reaction to an alkaline environment, and who have the ability to use the soap, will intimate hypoallergenic cosmetics.

There are people who use intimate cosmetics is necessary.

These include:

  • People with diseases of the intimate sphere, fungal lesions;
  • People with a reduced immune response;
  • people who have undergone treatment with antibiotics (to prevent dysbiosis);
  • men and women experiencing difficulties in their sexual lives;
  • pregnant women.

 tar soap for personal hygiene properties

Tar soap and its properties

Tar soap for personal hygiene are unlikely to have won the "beauty contest" among all the other means of personal hygiene. It has a brown color, it is unlikely that it adds a special appeal. Why, then, we are talking about it? What makes it so special? The answer is simple - the amazing healing properties of this soap makes it worthy of your attention:

  • Birch tar has been well-known for its restorative qualities for centuries. It is used to treat skin diseases that make up a long list of impressive: it is acne, seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff, itching and others. Tar wonderful old exfoliates dead skin and stimulates cell renewal. The skin under the influence of birch tar becomes a flat, smooth, shiny and very beautiful.
  • Birch tar is an excellent diuretic, it is used to detoxify the body and cleanse it. Tar improves blood circulation and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the muscles and skin.
  • As a disinfectant and antiseptic, birch tar can be used on smaller wounds and cuts, in order to prevent inflammatory and purulent processes and accelerate the healing process.
  • Birch tar improves blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis. And the healing properties of tar are not limited to the above-named; It is not only a cleansing, disinfectant and diuretic, but also an analgesic, antiseptic, insecticide and antipyretic.

And almost all of these properties are preserved in tar soap for personal hygiene!

Although the color of the soap and can hardly be called pleasant smell of it is very attractive, "smoke", warm, slightly astringent - just the smell tar soap. His smell casts on your memories of warm and cozy fire in the winter clearing, if you had been in the woods in winter. Of course, if you do not want to make such a specific smell soaked your whole bathroom, you will need to tightly screw the cover of a bar of soap or a vial. But if you do not mind the smell of smoke and fire, it can, on the contrary, to leave open the soap.

In Finland, for example, where the birch tar incredibly popular, everyone is convinced that the smell is quite pleasant. Many local media personal hygiene and even food containing birch tar or oil with its contents. Yes, we are not just talking about shampoos, perfumes, soaps and lotions, but also beer, ice cream and even candy! There is even a Finnish proverb which celebrates the healing properties of birch tar and which can be translated as follows: "If the vodka, a sauna, and birch tar will not cure you, then you will have nothing! "

But we must also warn you that birch tar can cause irritation to sensitive skin, especially if you increase its concentration. If you decide to use for personal hygiene tar soap, you must first have a "test" in a small area of ​​the skin. If irritation appears, you can safely enjoy this truly wonderful tool that has used our ancestors.

The next time you go to the store or pharmacy for another cosmetic product, do not forget to also purchase the soap for personal hygiene. And you made a good choice, if it will tar soap!

 Tar soap for personal hygiene: choose delicate makeup

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 castor oil for eyelashes

It's no secret that part of the success of female seduction laid in long thick eyelashes, which envelop the fan piercing gaze. If a woman has ink, only a few brush strokes help to create an individual image. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to use decorative cosmetics around the clock, because it can cause your precious cilia irreparable harm, it is possible, and eye irritation. Eyebrows and eyelashes are in need of rest and regular care using special tools. Oil for eyelashes and eyebrows can be your true friend for many years, protecting your health and beauty.

Which oil is better for eyelashes, say enough difficult because of the fact of any oil (even a normal sunflower oil for eyelashes) can have beneficial effects on internal and external condition of the cilia, fine feeding roots, strengthen lashes and giving them a rich natural color. Even if you are currently a full order with eyelashes, do not neglect preventive procedures to preserve their health in the form of oil applications. Essential oils for eyelashes differ in their nutritional properties and the nature of the impact. It is necessary to use a particular oil depends on the specific problem, and it is possible to use a mixture of oils and eyelashes by making its nutritional based mask.

Castor oil for eyelashes

Treatment eyelashes castor oil can help the modern woman to solve a lot of problems with their health and structural condition. Using castor oil for eyelashes possible the creation of the miracle, not only with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, and as well as to solve the many problems with the skin, from age spots and ending with age-related wrinkles. This oil you can meet a variety of names - oil castor bean, Ricinus communis L, Agno Casto, Palma Christi, Oleum Ricini or Castor Oil. What castor oil to eyelashes to buy - you decide, the essence remains the same. The oil is a viscous liquid with no color with a weak aroma, it is rather unpleasant taste. Strengthening the eyelashes castor oil is unmatched among the other methods of recovery.

It is safe to say that castor oil for eyelashes should be present in every woman's purse. It can return exhausted cosmetics and harmful external factors lashes healthy shiny appearance and density. Regularly applying for the growth of eyelashes castor oil, you give your eyelashes incredible length, density, beauty and make your eyes look more impressive and expressive, intriguing and fascinating.

In ordinary pharmacy you can buy without any problems always castor oil for eyelashes - the price will please you with its efficiency.   For the convenience of the means available in tubes, available in a special brush, through which you will not have the inconvenience of treatment eyelashes castor oil. If you castor oil for eyelashes bought in an ordinary package, the procedures can be adapted to the old package from the decorative brush and mascara for eyelashes. Modern manufacturers enriched with vitamins and mineral supplements means for eyelashes - castor oil strengthens thanks to an additional ingredient in many times more effective. While many people prefer to use a simple castor oil for eyelashes - the use of pure natural product has its fans.

How to strengthen the eyelashes castor oil? Simply put means in the evening before going to sleep at peeled makeup eyelashes. Do not leave the essential oils to the lash for the night, because in this way can cause allergies, or swelling of the century. It is enough to sustain the eyelashes castor oil for about 30 minutes and thoroughly clean lashes with a cotton swab from the remnants of oil. Do not even think to wash off the oil with water or else you will wash all that time to soak up the beauty of the benefit of the cilia.

In the care, there is one important point - how to smear eyelashes castor oil. When applying the oil is necessary to try to prevent it fell on the delicate eyelid skin. Otherwise, the skin around the eyes may be red and swollen. Use oil for strengthening eyelashes only the middle of the lash and at the tips.

To strengthen the eyelashes castor oil can also be used a mixture of oil with aloe juice (2 parts oil to 1 part juice). Castor oil for eyelashes feedback from women is great, because it serves a very efficient and effective remedy. No wonder it is called "castor miracle" or "magic oil". However, caution and circumspection in its application will not prevent.

Burdock oil for eyelashes

Burdock oil for eyelashes contains incredibly useful vitamins and mineral salts, proteins, tannins, essential and fatty oils, as well as natural inulin. This tool can be used alone or in a mixture of oils for eyelashes. Due to its composition, burdock to lash glues flakes hairs that does not allow them to delaminate and safeguard the cilia from fragility. Oil nourishes every hair from the inside and permanently retains its youthfulness. In addition, the skin of the eyelids perfectly fed Burdock oil for eyelashes, thereby strengthening the hair bulblets happening. Because good health bulblets grow up strong and healthy, long and fluffy eyelashes.

To see the positive effect of burdock oil for eyelashes, application tools should wear a long time for nature, as natural ingredients never act instantly. The desired result is accumulated gently and gradually, from procedure to procedure, the effect in this case is extremely resistant.

The use of burdock oil is the same as that of the rest of the oil for eyelashes. Burdock oil is applied to the lashes for 30 minutes. Apply the product to be a cosmetic brush or cotton swab. Excess oil is removed gently with a dry cloth.

This oil is suitable for the growth of eyelashes for the manufacture of healing balm. His recipe is simple: take in equal proportions castor and burdock oil, add to the mix a drop of aloe juice and a small amount of oil solution of vitamin E. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and stored for months in a sealed container. This balm can be applied on all night.

Strengthening lashes Burdock oil can be produced as a finished product from the pharmacy, and the means cooked with his own hands. Typically, the home agent has a greater efficiency. Burdock root is dried and ground, take 3 tbsp. l. and pour them a glass of sunflower or olive oil, and then within days insist in heat, heat to boiling and boil a quarter of an hour on low heat. The oil is then filtered and poured into a closed storage for glassware.

Preparation of burdock oil for eyelash growth can produce and in another recipe. The dried roots of burdock ground to a powder and 5 tablespoons. l. raw pour ½ liter of vegetable oil. The mixture insist in a glass container for three weeks, and then used without straining.

Burdock oil for eyelashes provides reviews of various kinds. Many have noted the incredible results obtained with the help of agents. Some women complain of an allergic reaction. For this reason, before using burdock oil should test your skin on the inner crook of the elbow, because the skin of the eyelids is very thin and sensitive. However, it should be noted that hypersensitivity to burdock is extremely rare.

 castor oil for eyelashes reviews

Almond oil for eyelashes

Almond oil for eyelashes contains vitamins E and F - vitamin of youth. The oil helps to keep the shine and elasticity of the cilia, stimulating their growth. Proteins, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and glycerides in the composition of the essential oil for eyelashes have high softening and nourishing properties.

Almond oil for eyelash growth effectively restores damaged cilia, while stimulating the growth of new and nourishing their hair follicles. The tool is sufficient to use a couple of times a week, dealing with a special brush. You can use oil for eyelashes and eyebrows as a means for removing makeup. To do this, moisten a cotton pad with warm water, apply 2-3 drops of oil, and then gently promakivat eyelashes and eyebrows to complete makeup removal.

On the basis of almond oil for eyelashes can cook excellent nutritious and tonic: mix equal volumes of almond oil, burdock, castor, oil solution of vitamin E and cod liver oil. The resulting mixture of essential oils to lash should be applied every day in the course of one month. The course is repeated if necessary 3-4 times a year. On the basis of almond oil for eyelash growth is possible to prepare the mixture for another recipe: Mix almond oil with pink, castor, linseed oil, as well as grape seed oil and wheat germ. If you are not available every oil for eyelashes from this list, use the oils that are in your presence.

It is worth noting that the almond oil for eyelashes reviews gives exceptionally good, because it can be applied without exception, all women, even those who have a high propensity to manifestation of allergic reactions on the skin. Moreover, almond oil does not have any contraindications.

Peach oil for eyelashes

Peach oil for eyelashes on its unique therapeutic composition is included in the front ranks of oils used to maintain women's health and beauty. "Beauty oil" contains macro- and microelements, vitamin B15 and other nutrients that contribute to the revival and maintenance of thick, long lashes. The most effective use of masks and wraps with peach oil when it is heated to 30 degrees C. Therefore, before the procedure to be home for a while to hold the oil in a warm palms. Peach oil for eyelashes impregnated cotton pad, which then cover with a bandage or parchment paper. The desired effect is achieved on the eyelashes for 20 minutes, after which the cotton pads are removed, and cilia soak with warm water.

The greatest effect is achieved by using masks oil-based to enhance eyelashes. It is possible to use a mixture of peach oil in combination with castor oil (ratio 1: 1). Such a composition is absolutely safe, so some use it as a restorative masks and poultices for eyelash.

You can optionally cook and the other a mixture of peach oil and oils limetta, sandalwood and rose oil. With the help of these oils to lash make a kind of massage cilia by their scratching brush. With daily use of peach oil for eyelashes results will not keep you waiting. Absolute hypoallergenic means a guarantee that you will not know the problem of swelling of the eyelids. However, making sure that the roots of the eyelashes got adequate food, be careful with the mucous eyes Avoid contact to the mucous membrane.

Peach oil is suitable for removing makeup. Gentle cleansing of eyelashes mascara you can combine with their beautiful fed. In general, peach oil for eyelashes have great reviews: when properly used women acquire the eyelashes of your dreams - a healthy, long and thick. Besides natural remedy discreetly and delicately it has a positive effect on the skin around the eyes.

Apricot oil for eyelashes is not much different in composition from the peach, and can just as effectively be used to restore and maintain the beauty of eyelashes.

Sea Buckthorn Oil for eyelashes

Sea Buckthorn Oil for eyelashes is a good way to mitigate, nutrition and density of eyelashes. Effectively use as an independent agent, and a mixture of sea buckthorn oil in equal proportions with other oils.

At loss of eyelashes bring substantial benefit on the basis of the following mixture of sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes: 1 tbsp fresh or dried rose hips crushed, pour 2 tablespoons sea ​​buckthorn oil and 2 tablespoons burdock oil. The mixture was left in a sealed container and kept in a dark place for 10 days, then filtered and used each day to lubricate the eyelashes. Such oil lash gained very good reviews. The women say that the lashes noticeably stronger, stops hair loss and begin to grow new eyelashes.

Camphor oil for eyelashes

Camphor oil for eyelashes can be purchased at the pharmacy under the guise of a colorless, oily light yellow liquid with a rich smell of camphor. This tool is used to improve the brittle lashes and prevent their loss.

On the basis of camphor oil for eyelashes prepare the following mixture: a 3-5 drops of camphor oil add 1 tablespoon castor oil. The mixture is carefully applied to the eyelashes thoroughly cleaned with a brush from the carcass. The composition of camphor and castor oil recommended daily soaking means eyelashes at least 1 hour.

Olive Oil for eyelashes

Olive oil for eyelash stimulating their active growth and fueling nutrients. In this oil to the lash reviews are exceptional: women say that when used regularly lashes not only strengthens growth, but at the same time are incredibly soft and fluffy.

To strengthen the lashes using the following formula based on olive oil for eyelashes olive oil mixed with castor, almond, burdock oil, oily solution of vitamin E and fish oil. This tool is used in the course of a month, the courses can be repeated several times a year.

With abundant application means is recommended to remove the remaining oil in 20-30 minutes with a cotton swab to avoid irritation and swelling of the eyelids.

Jojoba oil for eyelashes

Perhaps the best oil to the lash - the oil which suits your eyelashes individually. We continue to acquaint you with the natural natural means upholding the beauty of your charming eyes.

Jojoba to eyelashes is a liquid wax obtained from jojoba nuts. It contains proteins and amino acids to help actively nourishes and strengthens the cilia and eyebrows. The tool is applied with a thin layer for 30-40 minutes, then carefully remove the remnants. Some women can not tolerate oil, jojoba oil, so it is advisable to test before applying the skin.

On the basis of jojoba oil for eyelashes prepare the following mixture: jojoba oil mixed with olive oil, burdock, sunflower, hemp, grape seeds, castor oil, essential oils of geranium, rosemary, lavender, rose petals and rose hips, and vitamin E. Such saturated nutrients tool gives instant results.

Linseed oil for eyelashes

Linseed oil for eyelashes like no other oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, biologically active substances and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. This tool is actively used at loss of eyelashes.

It is important to note that for linseed oil for eyelashes detrimental thermal effects. Therefore, if you want to get the desired results, purchase only cold-pressed oil. In addition, linseed oil should be stored in sealed packaging, or its nutrients will be quickly destroyed.

Coconut Oil for eyelashes

Coconut oil for eyelashes - is a unique product that helps to effectively strengthen the lashes. Oil evenly covers each eyelash, protecting it from loss of protein - an important building component.

For the preparation of coconut oil for eyelashes at home, choose only fresh and ripe coconut. The nut must be done three depressions in the ground of his attachment to the palm and pour milk over them. Then you need to remove the pulp and grind as finely as possible and rub it on a grater. The chips have to add water and put on a cold, is not formed on the surface of oily crust. This plenochku remove, drown in a water bath, in any case, not boiling, strain and pour into a glass jar. Coconut oil can be stored for a week at low cold. But the best oil for eyelash growth is fresh coconut oil.

 Burdock oil for eyelashes

Grape oil for eyelashes

Grape oil for eyelashes nourish the hair and makes them lose precious moisture. The oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition, record the contents of linoleic acid is different grape seed oil for eyelashes - up to 76%!