calluses on the toes treatment

Few of the women did not face such a nuisance as the calluses and corns on the feet. These structures not only detracts from the appearance of the foot, they also cause discomfort and sometimes pain. Scientifically speaking, corn - is a kind of thickening of the skin layer, which occurs as a result of prolonged pressure or friction, for example, due to wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes, and also in connection with the wrong skin care feet.

The cracks in the blisters can get germs that cause various inflammations and suppuration. That is why the appearance of calluses on the heels or calluses on the toes need to start treatment is necessary. You can apply for this special medicines and folk remedies at home, but if self-treatment does not work, be sure to consult a dermatologist.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of corns

To treat corns helps a great house plant known as Aloe. Young leaves need to pound into mush, attach it to the corn, smear Vaseline around, sticking plaster and a bandage roll up. This compress should be kept during the day. Then disinfected knife or scissors, and carefully scrape off the softened stratum corneum. Then, the skin should be lubricated moisturizer for the feet. If after treatment the stratum corneum still remained to be repeated until it disappeared. If the house is not aloe, you can use the pulp from raw potatoes. In order not to damage the skin around the corns should be before overlaying slurry coat it with Vaseline. Potatoes are superimposed at night it is necessary to impose cellophane and tissue dressing.

Equally effective for removing calluses helps onion. Fresh slices needed for the night to make corn, wrap foot polyethylene, and then bandage. Morning softened horny layer is removed, washed feet warm water and then sprinkled with talc. Useful for the treatment of corns, not only the bow, but the husk which is soaked in vinegar for two weeks and then make it an compress overnight. Likewise soften rough skin lemon, but before the application of lobular need to hold the feet in warm water.

One of the most effective means of getting rid of calluses is considered to be a mixture of garlic and bacon. For the preparation of this mass garlic and bacon should be crushed and stir well. This mixture is applied on corn at night. After several such procedures dry corn on the toe or heel gradually disappear.

A good way to remove corns are newly emerging soap-soda baths, which can be done every day until the complete removal of the stratum corneum. Well softens feet bath with the addition of baking soda and olive oil (2 tablespoons) and 5 drops of chamomile oil. Continued treatment - 15-20 minutes.

For the treatment of corns used the juices of herbs: dandelion, wormwood, sundew rotundifolia. Calluses are lubricated with fresh juice before their disappearance.

Medication to remove corns

One of the simplest medical devices that are used for the treatment of corns, a special plaster, which has salicylic acid. Before laying on the patch should hold his feet in a warm bath and wipe. The patch should be applied, such as corn on the toe and did not shoot for 1-2 days. For the complete separation of the stratum corneum may need 3-4 such procedures.

A good effect is the use of special keratolytic gel or cream that softens the horny layer gradually so substance is used regularly until the complete disappearance of blisters.

To remove corns and used a special liquid corn. It is spread on horny place after decoupling legs in soap-soda bath. Legs before applying the liquid should be wiped dry

Removal of corns made by experts during a pedicure salons. To do this, it uses a special device, which has a coarse-grained, and heads, and that made grinding keratinous formations.

Other methods of dealing with calluses

Before removing calluses long-standing need to pay a visit to the doctor - Podiatry, because in some cases it may be due to the formation of fungus. It is equally important to know that there is corn, which have a solid core, leaving the skin very deeply. In such instances, removal of calluses produces specialist using cryotherapy or laser therapy. The cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen, which by means of strong freezing destroys tissue web. The most difficult calluses removed by surgery. It is made only after examining the podiatrist.

 Calluses on the feet? There is an exit

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 Skin care during the cold season

With the onset of cold weather, especially in the winter, our skin, regardless of its type is very sensitive to temperature jumps, and is in a state of extreme stress. Not every one of us knows what is necessary to properly care for the skin, causing dryness and flaking, the feeling of constant tightness may appear thin red streaks. Your beautiful skin can not really buy a natural color.

Often, we do allow a number of errors, which might well have been avoided. In the morning, when it is necessary at an accelerated pace to meet to work, many women applied facial cream just before leaving the house, what to do in any case it is impossible, and for this reason. The cream consists of a hydraulic that the direct influence of the cold freeze and expand inside the pores, often being the cause of a pronounced vascular mesh on the face and appearance of extreme dryness of the skin. It should be noted that between the process of applying the cream and contact with the frosty air, it is necessary to have passed at least half an hour, or that good, you expect to get from your favorite cream, can be transformed into harmful.

Separately, you can say that in the morning should be applied only to creams with a high content of fat, mainly nutrients and fortified. In our time, their choice is big enough and you can always choose the cream that love is your skin. Use moisturizers winter is invalid. Set them aside until the summer - this time of year they will serve you faithfully.

Compact powder makeup for everyday use, not all women, but the benefits that accrue from its use in the winter, it is difficult to overestimate. She takes over the function of a kind of "barrier" of the skin hypothermia. It is best to use it in conjunction with a pre-inflicted with a fat cream. According to the recommendations of professional cosmetologists quite beneficial influence on the skin any vegetable oil, preferably olive or corn to take, but the lack of a suitable and most common - sunflower. It should be a couple of times a week to wipe the face and neck with oil, pre-heated in a water bath. After 20-25 minutes pass, you just need to remove the remnants of cloth and not to wash with cold water. Good choice for this purpose, a decoction of herbs: chamomile, sage, linden, marigold.

Do not forget about using different masks. Nutritious masks makes sense to do just one - one and a half weeks. If you do not ignore the advice of the foregoing, your skin will always have a healthy and radiant. And no cold can not stop it.

 Skin care during the cold season

 paraffin at home


  • What is paraffin?
  • Procedure for paraffin
  • Contraindications to the procedure

Paraffin - a pleasant procedure, which is designed for skin care body and face. It is a thermal wrap with melted paraffin and paraffin baths. This method is based on the high heat capacity of paraffin. At a temperature of 53-54 degrees paraffin is converted into a viscous mass of white, and is used in cosmetics such warm and viscous paraffin, which may be applied to the skin as a mask or applications.

Do not be afraid of burns - a process you can do yourself, even, because paraffin having low thermal conductivity, gives off heat in small portions, and the temperature of the skin under a layer of warm paraffin increases no more than one or two degrees. With this uniform warming effect on the skin there is a set of physical reactions that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. Himself Cosmetic paraffin contains various emollients, useful for the skin, as well as benzo - for anti-inflammatory action. Paraffin in the home can help relax and relieve joint pain.

The advantage of this procedure is its versatility. Applications of hot wax can be done on any part of the body. It is mainly used to compress the skin of hands, feet, face, thighs and abdomen. Some beauty salons offer this service as paraffin body using the new equipment. But not every salon can afford such a luxury.

Most often used for paraffin hand, because they are often stronger than other parts of the body affected by dryness, cracks and peeling. Paraffin in cosmetology in just a single session allows you to meet these challenges. Your skin will be softer, velvety and tender. The effect of the procedure will be noticeable after the first time and will continue for about a week.

Very efficient use of paraffin in the winter, when your hands are prone to hypothermia and chapping, making skin particularly hard shelled and even crack. And professionals are advised to use Paraffin to manicure. Paraffin remarkably strengthens nails, improving their condition and prevent breakage and separation.

No less useful hot paraffin wraps and baths for paraffin foot skin. During the day, your legs feel enormous pressure from the uncomfortable shoes, high heels and loads. The skin becomes inflamed, the feet appear on corns and calluses. Coping with these challenges will help paraffin for feet, after which your heels are soft and the skin is smooth and silky.

In addition to the therapeutic effect paraffin has a pronounced psychotherapeutic effect, because cosmetic wax has a pleasant smell and the bath with him have a soft, relaxing effect. Quite often, the girls relaxing on a pleasant procedure even fall asleep during the procedure, and waking up feeling rested and well-groomed.

For a relaxing effect is added to the paraffin beauticians aromatic fragrances and essential oils. The most popular sweet flavors of peach, vanilla or lavender. A warm bath and a pleasant smell will help to relax after a hard day and calm after the stress.

The use of paraffin for the person does not bring the same good feeling as paraffin for hands and feet. Applications of warm wax to the face helps to achieve effective results, but the procedure itself is not particularly pleasant. Especially the final part of it - when paraffin mask tightens the skin. But after the procedure you will be pleasantly amazed at the effect it will have on your skin.

Paraffin - a procedure is not expensive, so it is accessible to many. If you have enough time to visit beauty salons, the paraffin in the home will be your salvation, because its implementation does not require much labor.

 paraffin facial

What is paraffin?

Paraffin in cosmetology - an essential procedure to moisturize and nourish the skin. It helps to activate blood flow to the selected area of ​​the body, moisturize and make the skin smooth and taut. Use hot wax helps to normalize blood circulation and lymph circulation, cleanses the pores and allows the body to efficiently get rid of toxins.

Hot paraffin masks help to get rid of the swelling and improve the Micro-skin, which significantly slows the aging process. The most popular procedure - paraffin hand because it does not cause any discomfort, as opposed to using paraffin baths for the face - this we have already told you. The most common facial paraffin is used not as a separate procedure, but as a coating a mask on top of another nutrient application - it can be moisturizers, lotions or products containing collagen.

Also useful substances contained in the wax, it has several useful properties. For example, the fact that a layer of wax under the skin is a "greenhouse" conditions. Accordingly, sweat, acting on the skin, under paraffin crust can not evaporate, and the water is absorbed back into the skin, leaving the surface of the toxin. Since a change in extracellular fluid and its redistribution in the body.

Another useful feature of paraffin is its compressive action. Upon cooling, the hot wax is compressed and reaches the highest point of tension in twenty-five to thirty minutes. A layer of wax tightly encloses tissue, thereby going wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

What are the indications for paraffin? Dry and rough skin, weathered or frostbite the skin, joint pain, arthritis, muscle tension or inflammation. Paraffin in the home before the effective massage. Paraffin foot bath to help get rid of fatigue, moisturize the skin of the feet and heels and make it soft.

Treatments paraffin can be used for all skin types, including problematic, oily and sensitive. They are especially useful for dry and aging skin.

 paraffin for feet

Procedure for paraffin

Before the procedure, you will need to learn how to make a paraffin baths. To conduct paraffin in the home need to buy a special refined cosmetic paraffin. A wide range of different types of paraffin with aromatic flavor, and without them you can buy in beauty salons and cosmetics stores.

When you buy paraffin, keep in mind that each procedure will take at least two to three kilograms of the substance. Technology paraffin is extremely simple and does not require you to special skills or effort. Melt paraffin compress should be in a water bath. Pieces of solid paraffin fold higher in enamel pan, making sure that when boiling water from getting into the cosmetic material.

By the way, along with the paraffin in specialized stores can be purchased and a special bath for paraffin. Put the pan on the fire with paraffin, and in the meantime, prepare your skin for the procedure. Clean it with a soft scrub and apply a moisturizing cream. It was he who was the main mask under a layer of wax.

It is necessary to say a few words about how to make a paraffin bath. Before you apply the warm wax on damp skin, check its temperature on the back of the hand, so as not to get burned. Bath paraffin should not be too hot. If you are sure that the temperature of the wax is comfortable for you, you can start the procedure itself.

If you are going to spend paraffin hand, lower the wrist in a container of paraffin and hold for several seconds. Then, pull the arm, hold it in the air ten seconds, and then dip in a paraffin bath. Repeat several times until your arm is not formed quite a thick layer of wax. Then put into the hands of a special beauty or a simple plastic bag, and on top of it - terry mitt. Leave paraffin mask on hands for twenty-five to thirty minutes, then gently remove wax by hooking the edge of a fingernail.

Such Paraffin hand to help moisturize the skin and improve its tone, as well as save from hypothermia during cold seasons. Good results are obtained paraffin bath for nails. It softens the cuticle, strengthens nails and makes your hands manicured. Paraffin Foot held on the same principle.

Somewhat different is the case with paraffin baths for the face. After the first layer of wax, put gauze on the face and already on the top, it imposes the remaining five or six layers of warm wax. To remove this mask should be in the direction from the neck to the forehead. Paraffin facial at home is quite simple and inexpensive procedure. Moreover, this facial will help to achieve amazing results after the first session.

In no case should not collect the remnants of the mask and try to use paraffin for the second time. Once used paraffin loses almost all of its beneficial properties, so for each procedure need to buy a new, fresh paraffin.

For those who do not want to use the hot wax is a good alternative - paraffin cold, with a special cream. The procedure for applying cold cream-wax is not difficult, it is done with a soft brush. All other steps are the same - cause, close the bag and put on a terry mitten.

Effective cold cream paraffin similarly hot, just without the thermal effect. With this feature, you can use cold wax where there are contraindications to the use of hot. Cold wax improves skin elasticity, softens the skin, protects against cracking. Very useful such paraffin polish - it makes them stronger and more and gives a nice shine.

 paraffin face

Contraindications to the procedure

As you know, any cosmetic procedure has its indications and contraindications. By the procedure paraffin contraindications are also available, although there are not too many. Be sure to check with them before you go to a beauty salon or use paraffin baths for the face, hands or feet on their own.

Among the general contraindications to the paraffin can be called essential hypertension, diabetes, infectious diseases. All other diseases can prevent only local application. For example, in hypertrichosis is not recommended paraffin baths in the abdomen or full body paraffin. When acne pustules or undesirable conduct paraffin facial, while varicose veins - Paraffin Foot. Before the procedure, it is desirable to consult a doctor or a beautician, who will specify how often you can do paraffin for you.

Paraffin treatment is preferably carried out once every five or six days, treatment should consist of five to fifteen procedures. No unpleasant consequences will not be, if you know the details of how to do paraffin baths for body and face.

Age restrictions have no paraffin, baths and applications can be used as a young woman of twenty-five years, and mature - after forty-five years and older. Paraffin facial will help to cope with the effects of the cold, the wind and the shortage of vitamins, as well as age-related changes of the skin.

Side effects after the paraffin is not observed, if not just know how to use paraffin baths, but also to know how to comply with certain conditions after the procedure. Immediately after using the bath for paraffin desirable to go out, to avoid changes in temperature. In order to secure the effect and avoid problems with the skin, use a moisturizer after the treatment with essential oils. Continue to put these tools throughout the course of paraffin twice a day - morning and evening. Since paraffin bath for the hands and body will not bring unpleasant consequences.

Specialists many beauty salons will be able to advise you, to diagnose the state of health, will find out the presence of contraindications, and recommend what wax suit you best. If you can not visit the salon, you will be able to find out their individual characteristics in the nearest medical center. If the state of health allows you to spend paraffin - do not hesitate. This procedure has helped many women make the skin pleasant to the touch, smooth and velvety. You will improve the skin and will attach it a healthy appearance, and paraffin foot bath can help relieve stress after a hard day.

 Paraffin in the home: a nice relaxation

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