Nail design

Every woman wants to look great on top of the head to the tip of the nail. Well-groomed and beautiful hands attract the eye; achieving well-groomed appearance, special attention should be paid not only to the skin of hands and nails. To express their individuality, to emphasize mood or to realize any fantasy woman helps design nails or Nail art, as it is often called today.

The pictures on their nails for the first time in the history of the people began to render ancient Egypt. Then, by drawing on nails could determine which caste belongs to one or another woman. Over time, the tradition of decorating their nails borrowed from the Egyptians resident of India, and then the fair sex, who live in the Slavic countries. Often, nail design had not decorative, but rather a ritual.

Methods nail decoration

Today nail design can safely experiment. Some Weaver coming up with their own ways of decorating nails, and some prefer to use the services of professionals. The nail-art use of sequins and rhinestones, lace and foil, paint (paint on nails can be extremely water-acrylic paints), varnishes, special gels and acrylics. Decorating can be not only natural but also Naroscheny nails.

With each passing day it becomes more and more popular piercing polish. Most often pierce Naroscheny nails, however, if the natural nails possess enviable strength, you can do the piercing on them. Pierce recommended the nail of the ring finger or little finger of his left hand if you're right-handed or right hand if you are left-handed. So you will not constantly touch the piercing, it will not interfere with your work.

Nail design is considered today as marked on the nail stickers, french-capacity (when the tip of the nail is highlighted in white), a color coat (when the tip of the nail emit a variety of colors of the rainbow).

Painting nails

Painting nails is today considered one of the most popular and incredibly fashionable trends of nail design. It's nice that now painting nails became available for any modern woman.

On the nails can be drawn almost any image. Patterns may be different textures - when painting the nails tend not only to professionals use brushes of different thicknesses, but also sticks the needle. Painting nails is performed using: water and acrylic paints, glitter, paints, colored powder.

You can bring into the salon's own design sketches (to find something interesting in the vastness of the Internet, just type in a search line of the phrase "the nail design pictures" and she will give you a huge amount of photos), or use the operating time of the master - Maybe you are interested in his proposed design.

Types of nail design

Today there are many types of nail design, each of which has its own characteristics, unique technique application.

The most popular kinds of nail design are:

  • Art painting nails;
  • volume nail design;
  • aquarium nail design.

Let's look at each kind of a little bit more, consider its characteristics.

 Nail design photos

Art painting nails

The most popular technique of drawing on nails is their artistic painting. Professional master puts drawings using water and acrylic paints.

Good to know! Water-acrylics and nail design, a photo of which you will find a huge number of not only our resources, but also on the Internet as a whole, are inseparably linked with each other. These paints are incredibly easy to use: they do not flow, have very bright and pleasant color saturation. By mixing different shades of water-acrylic paints, you can get new and interesting colors. In addition, these paints have almost no negative impact on the human body, they dry quickly and are very convenient to use.

With nail art use professional tools (airbrush, gel pens), and the technique of application of even the most seemingly simple pattern requires special skills.

Pros nail art:

  • Nails are obtained incredibly smooth;
  • Under a layer of clearcoat, if desired, a woman can put even the petals of these flowers;
  • Pens are very attractive and beautiful, even if the design applied to the clear nails;
  • You can achieve the effect on the nails a smooth transition from one color to another.

Surround Design

Nails with three-dimensional design looks very impressive. However, the volume nail design recommended for holidays or parties. Work, do any chores with bulk nails very uncomfortable. You can not only damage the nails and scratching people leave tightening clothes.

When applied to the nails dimensional design experts use special gel or acrylic powder. Of these, molded figures, these materials are fixed decorative elements.

Pros volume nail design:

  • volume nail design can be convex, virtually indistinguishable from the design, made in
  • according to technology art of painting nails;
  • the image on your nails can be three-dimensional.

Aquarium Design

Aquarium Design is performed solely on the nails of extension.

Pros aquarium design:

  • nail surface is very smooth, with thickening;
  • creates the effect of "aquarium glass";
  • This kind of design is very durable.
 Nail design: how to decorate nails

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 To my eyes glistened

Expressive eyes can sometimes say more than words. On the property beautiful eyes, one stroke lashes can conquer any man, it has long been known. About expressive look composed poems and songs. The delight and sorrow, sadness and joy - any expression of feelings and emotions can be read by the look. Special gleam in his eyes tell what feelings in the soul of man. Therefore, women are so eager to make your eyes beautiful and attractive.

Perfect view at different times

About how to change the idea of ​​beauty eye as the ideal representation of female beauty, could fill a book. In Egypt was considered a beautiful woman with slanted eyes, which are specifically visually lengthen, Greece prized beauties with green eyes; it is now fashionable to have a very thick and long eyelashes. But women always wanted to eyes glittered under the admiring glances of men, not only in his youth, but in later years.

Feminine beauty is fleeting and lasts until such time as burning eyes, full of life and energy. So you should take care of that for many years to maintain the beauty and health of the eye.

Therapeutic baths and procedures for the eyes

Beautiful eyes of every woman wants to have, but few people know how to keep forever young and fresh, and what to do to eyes shone around them, and did not appear premature wrinkles.

The most important thing to remember any woman who wants a long stay young and beautiful - is a timely rest, proper balanced diet and the optimal amount of exercise. Unless these conditions are observed, no treatments, massage the face and eyelids, traditional methods of brilliant eyes on the woman's face will not be able to do. After several years of constant stress, lack of seasonal holidays, weekends and daily sleep less than 7 hours is not only a person, but the whole body is exhausted and old.

There are several ways to refresh tired eyes:

  1. Lower face in warm water and wide open eyes. This bath should be done each day, but no more than 2-3 times per day.
  2. Reddened eye fatigue washed with chamomile broth (5 g of chamomile in 1 cup of water pour boiled water, and filter). To do this, take a cotton swab dipped in a broth of them a little squeeze and gently spread on closed eyelids. It is best to carry out the procedure at bedtime, making it as necessary.
  3. As a compress on the eyelids twitching and premature wrinkles by using decoctions of rosemary, chamomile, mint and black tea (1 tsp. To ½ cup of boiling water, and drain). Impregnated tampons infusions applied in 3-4 hours.
  4. To remove the swelling compresses applied to the eyes of linden, sage, linseed (1 tsp. To 1 cup of boiling water for 10-15 min., Drain). Compress doing an hour before bedtime. After the procedure it is necessary to lubricate the eyelids cream.
  5. Dark circles under the eyes can be avoided by using cheese eye compress (1 dessert spoon cottage cheese, wrapped in a cloth).

For a beautiful and healthy eye colors have to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, apricots, herbs and berries (especially blueberries and currants).

 traditional methods of brilliant eyes

Shine in the eyes of women from covers of magazines

Women who are not satisfied with their eyebrows and eyelashes, are now able to change it. Invented over many millennia ways that would correct the defects of nature, can be listed for a long time. This make-up and use of the artificial eyelash and surgery, and colored lenses to change eye color.

All of these methods give the desired results, but they are not always beneficial effect on the health of the woman. Often, excessive use of cosmetics can cause premature aging of the eye, loss of gloss, premature loss of eyelashes. Therefore it is better to try to experiment with less use of artificial means to revitalize and rejuvenate the face look.

Glossy magazines are full of ox-eyed beauties with languid eyes - actress, singer. Looking at Teledom, modern women tend to make the same hairstyle, want to have a similar eye. But few people think that the beauty of these women are often created artificially. As centuries ago, the girls on the portrait of the artist often tinker with some of their shortcomings, and the modern woman can not only fix the figure in the photograph, but also add shine to the eyes in Photoshop and other graphics programs.

The attractiveness of a woman depends primarily on her own. Only the awareness of being a beautiful, whole and perfect will keep her young expressive look for years to come.

 Gleam in his eye. What do you need?

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