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During facial important not only to apply various masks using natural products, but also to include in their composition cosmetic clay. This tool is considered unique because it is perfect to restore youth and health of skin. Cosmetic clay is of several types, but today we'll talk about it blue. It includes numerous nutrients including minerals and trace elements. Among the trace elements (iron, phosphate, silica, magnesium) isolated especially radium, in which clay is present in pure form.

The mask of blue clay is used to clean the skin, giving it a radiant and fresh appearance. No less important is the fact that the cosmetic clay for the face can remove excess amount of sebum, eliminates peeling, redness, and to prevent irritation. Masks made from cosmetic clay, can be used for oily and dry skin.

Blue clay is an ecological material of natural origin, which is able to satisfy the epidermis with nutrients, increase exchanges and improve circulation in the cells. Clay - excellent anti-inflammatory agent, cleansing pores, get rid of acne and pimples.

Beauticians blue clay is used as a prophylactic measure: to eliminate the diseases of the skin tone correction and Face. With this natural ingredient you can improve facial contours, smooth wrinkles, because among other things, the mask of blue clay is famous for tightening effect.

 face mask of blue clay

Terms of Use blue clay face

Before we discuss the variety of clay masks, let's take a look at some of the nuances of their use. So:

  • Regular use (1-2 times weekly);
  • The therapeutic effect of the mask is significantly increased by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil;
  • Do not smile and do not talk, facial muscles should be in peace;
  • Mask to the face to hold at least 20 minutes;
  • Before applying the skin should be thoroughly cleaned;
  • And after use or apply a nourishing moisturizer.

Now let's look at what the mask of blue clay, is used for what purpose. It should also be said that the mask in its pure form is very well suited oily skin. Owners normal and dry skin types, of course, can also be used with nothing mixed clay masks. However, remember that when you use redness, which will take place after 20-30 minutes, so he did not worry about need.

 face mask of blue clay

Recipes masks out of clay

To prepare the classic mask clay must connect blue clay with water in proportion 1: 2 ratio. Stir the resulting composition until a homogeneous mass, similar to sour cream. Then a mixture of blue clay should apply a thin layer to clean face and neck, leaving intact the areas around the eyes and nose. This medical procedure should last at least 20 minutes. After the time necessary to thoroughly wash the clay to the skin and lubricate it with cream.

Masks for dry skin

  • Blue clay should be diluted with fresh sour cream or cream and add a little water. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and neck, wait until the mask is completely dry. After you wash away the mask from the face, apply a nourishing cream;
  • Family Dining Room spoonful of blue clay, mix with a teaspoon of liquid honey, 30-40 drops of lemon juice. Get too thick, you can add a small amount of water. Now apply the mixture on the face, neck and decollete. After 30 minutes, a clay mask should be thoroughly rinse with cool water, and to improve the effect, you can wipe your face with lemon slices. Finish the treatment with cold compresses.

Mask for oily skin

For this recipe you need to calculate the percentage of funds:

  • 20 parts of the powder blue clay;
  • 10 parts of talc;
  • 1 part of alum;
  • 5gramm glycerol and 5 grams of alcohol;
  • 30 grams of water.

All mix thoroughly. The resulting mixture should be quickly put on the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and eyebrows. Also, when applying the mask you need to retreat from the edge of the hair is not less than a centimeter. Such a mixture dries out quickly enough, thus forming a white mask. The duration of this procedure - no more than 15 minutes. At the end of time the skin should be cleaned with a soft cotton swab.

But the recipes described below, with specific action: clean, whiten, nourish, refresh. It all depends on the selected ingredients.

  • Mask for oily skin. For this mask you need to mix 3 tablespoons of powdered clay, 10-15 drops of lemon juice and 30 grams of alcohol. The resulting mass is put on face for 15-20 minutes;
  • Nourishing Mask. Blue clay should be diluted with cold water and add the egg yolk and olive oil, and lemon juice, or honey. Remember - you can vary the mask only one additional tool;
  • Purifying Mask. For cleansing mask need to take 2 tablespoons of blue clay, diluted with plain water and stir until the mass of uniform consistency. To this mixture, you need to add 2 tablespoons rice flour. This clay mask is very good cleans pores;
  • Whitening Mask. Pre-need steamed 1-3 tablespoons of oatmeal. Then the flakes to be mixed with blue clay here and add a few drops of lemon juice. The resulting clay mask is well whitens skin, removes age spots, reduces pores;
  • Refreshing mask. For a refreshing mask to help buy a nice complexion, it is necessary to dissolve the powder blue clay fresh milk. It is recommended to use this mask twice a week;
  • The mask for acne. As you know, the blue clay has antibacterial properties and is able to dry skin, which is a very successful method to combat acne bothers. To make a mask from acne need to take half a tablespoon of blue clay, add four drops of apple cider vinegar and a small amount of cold water (preferably boiled). The resulting mixture should stir to form a slurry and distribute evenly across the face.

Before you start using a mask with blue clay, remember another tip: to enhance the effectiveness of the result can be diluted powder blue clay decoction of herbs that match your skin type.

 The mask of blue clay for the face - the best remedy for skin care

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 Professional Skin Care

Qualitative and proper skin care can not and should not depend only on one cosmetics. After all, our skin, especially the face and hands, loses its appeal is not due to lack of makeup, and a lack of attention to your body. Of course, you can refer to age, but age is not the most important factor that has a negative impact on our appearance.

Experts say that the pro-active attitude - is 50% of our longevity. If we are constantly on the move, the body is not overloaded with bad habits (nicotine, alcohol, light and heavy drugs), we sleep and eat as much as we need, on the condition of the skin can remember is closer to 50 years. And this is not fiction! Fiction can be considered a way of life, so the problem of maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin is important.

Each person is different, and the approach choice of cosmetics to the skin should be appropriate. Unfortunately, the choice of hygienic and cosmetic products we have to rely on the integrity and honesty of advertisers. Each new product is going to be the best and most useful. But having a great experience behind them, we can safely say that we need only professional cosmetics for the face.

What it is? Professional - means quality and most suitable for your skin cosmetics. It will never cause irritation and staining because it contains only natural ingredients. Professional - this means that this cosmetics are master cosmetologists during the correction of skin appearance in a beauty parlor or spa.

The main criteria by which one can determine the level of cosmetics, it is safe and effective. These products include cosmetics Algologie, and other brands Beauty Spa, Ahava, and others.

It is worth noting that for young skin to use professional cosmetics is not necessary, and experts recommend its use after 30 years.

In the meantime, should develop the habit of regularly skin care face, hands and neck. Regularity - is the key to a healthy and beautiful skin. And it is usually necessary to produce more from a young age, accustoming themselves to the mandatory four stages of skin care: cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection. All procedures will not take much time, and the effect will last for years.

 Professional Skin Care

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