how to make a flat stomach and elastic

Each representative of the fairer sex wants to look beautiful and attractive, and first of all wants to have a chiseled figure. For the sake of beauty and order to please a loved one, myself and friends, we often sit on exhausting diets, giving up almost everything.

However, no matter what diet you go sat the hardest for you to be the way to make a flat stomach and elastic, remove excess fat with this very problem area of ​​the female body. Unfortunately, the fat into the first start to lay on our tummy. Cleaves them in this area, by the way, is also the last. That is why to get rid of excess centimeters in the abdomen, we make a truly tremendous amount of effort.

The main cause of obesity

Numerous important experiments, scientists were able to establish that the most common cause of obesity today is a constant tension. If you are in a state of stress - no matter what you do, no matter how hard to lose weight, all efforts will come to naught.

Why is that? And all because during stress in humans is many times increases concentration of the hormone cortisol, which is due to the fat begins to linger in the body, they accumulate in the cells.

Lose Weight Fast - start disclosing hidden secrets

In order to help you as soon as possible to achieve the desired result of weight loss, you must first get rid of stress. Try to avoid any feelings, even the most minor, caused by some trifling situations. Let your body will be as calm as you are in harmony with itself. Then you gradually become less and less to be worried about how to make a flat stomach in a week.

In order to get rid of stress, try to drink sedatives. Fortunately, today in pharmacies they really represented a great many.

Taking sedatives, do not forget at the same time to take vitamins, which include magnesium and calcium. This way you will not only strengthen the nervous system, but also all the tissues of the body.

Folk remedies in the fight against excess centimeters at the waist

Make a flat tummy and a nice help broths. The most effective ones:

  1. Mix 2 teaspoons peppermint leaves, 2 teaspoons of bean trefoil, 1 teaspoon of valerian root, 1 teaspoon hops cones. Pour the resulting mixture in two cups of boiling water, then leave for her for thirty minutes, covered with a lid on top and wrapped a towel. Once the broth infusion, strain it. Drink half a cup of broth, 2 times a day - in the morning, as soon as you wake up and just before going to bed;
  2. Mix 2 teaspoons of valerian root, 3 teaspoons of chamomile pharmacy, 5 teaspoons caraway fruit. One tablespoon of the mixture brew as well as in the previously described recipe.
  3. Take 15 grams of motherwort herb, grass cudweed 15 grams, 15 grams of flowers of hawthorn, 5 grams of chamomile. One tablespoon of the resulting mixture pour cup boiling water, leave the broth 8 hours (it is better to leave it in a thermos), then carefully strain. Drink 100 milliliters means three meals a day, an hour after eating;
  4. Take the same amount of tincture of hawthorn, valerian tincture, mix them. Every day before going to bed dilute 30 drops of the mixture in a small amount of water, drink the broth.

 how to make a flat stomach

Proper nutrition

To achieve the most effective results consume food only in small portions, but not less than six times a day. It is important to remember that the last meal was at least three hours before bedtime.

If you follow advice and recommendations outlined in this article, you will soon own experience make sure that the advice presented here is incredibly effective.

What should I eat?

In order to consume only useful and important for your body foods, try to stick to the following important tips:

  • First and foremost, try to eat more cucumbers, sweet yellow or green peppers, lettuce, dill and parsley;
  • Do not forget to include in your diet legumes. Cook porridge of beans and peas, lentils;
  • Eat shelled sunflower seeds;
  • Meat can only consume food cooked poultry or boiled fish;
  • Do not add sugar to the porridge, cook it only on the water;
  • Eat boiled eggs, they will saturate your body with useful protein. For a week can not eat more than three eggs;
  • Try to fill the oatmeal and salads peanut butter. This oil is one of a health food;
  • Be sure to include in your diet citrus fruit - oranges and lemon, very useful, and pineapple;
  • Include in your daily diet dairy and dairy products, which contain a reduced amount of fat.

To make the process of losing weight was the most effective, try not to eat all the foods that promote the deposition of fat in the human body.

If you like fried food and vegetables - instead of frying them simmer.

Eliminate from your diet:

  • Whole milk products, the concentration of fat in the composition of which is reinforced;
  • Fast food;
  • Canned food;
  • Juices and carbonated water;
  • Sweets and chocolate;
  • Alcohol.
  • If we abandon the sweet you absolutely can not, replace sweets with fruit.

 how to make a flat stomach in a week


If you do not regularly conduct training, pumping abdominal muscles, then you will never be able to make your tummy beautiful and fit. Do abdominal exercises at least four times a week. Explore the full set of exercises to work out the abdominal muscles, and each workout do them all, do not be lazy.

Try to run more, engage in sports walking, cycling.

After each workout, take douche. The greatest effect of the weight loss you can achieve when it will turn rinsed with warm, then cool water. While taking a shower you have to switch the water at least eight - ten times. This will allow you to keep your skin in good shape, do a full body massage.

After a shower, enjoy a rubdown. To do this, use a towel. Grinding should be continued for two to three minutes.

Another sure way to lose weight. This method will help you get rid of the search for an answer to the question of how to make a flat stomach and nice.

Use the cellulite cream. It will help you burn the fat on the tummy. Rub the cream into the skin of the abdomen soft circular motions clockwise until it is completely absorbed.

Apply the cream should be at least twice a day, morning and evening. Train yourself to put this miracle cream after each water procedures.

 How to make a flat stomach and elastic for a week

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Women have always tried and try to look good, to be beautiful and attractive. Hard to believe, but even thousands of years ago, they tried all possible means to prolong their youth. In doing so, they helped to stone therapy - treatment of body massage and facial with hot stones.

In the stone therapy is based on the thermal effect on the blood vessels of the human body by changing temperature conditions.

The history of the stone therapy

It is believed that this procedure appeared in ancient times. Doctors Mesopotamia, seeking to heal the sick, laid on his body small size hot stones. They believed that the stones are specially able to inform the body about what it lacks substance and nourish him with them.

Ancient Indians were convinced that some of the stones can take a person all the bad energy, and Japanese monks at the beginning of our era were already familiar with the special properties of hot rocks and skillfully used them in practice.

Under the warm stones often indulged Chinese emperors and the inhabitants of ancient Rome.

In this procedure, the soul was filled with a pleasant calm, the body relaxed, and people distracted from thinking about routine daily tasks. Perhaps that is why the treatment of stones and enjoyed today very popular, it is considered to be an excellent way to relieve stress.

Modern methods of treatment with hot stones

An important contribution to the development of modern stone therapy made Mary Nelson Hennigan, a member of the American Association of Masseurs, which has developed a special technique for treating hot and cold stones.

The basis of this technique is a system touches, alternating with a special massage using hot and cold stones. The massage is performed according to the method of acupressure shiatsu.

In the stone therapy is used, as a rule, are very rare and exotic stones (for example, Hawaiian pebbles, jade), which are heated to a certain temperature in a special unit. Warm stones are placed on the important active points on the human body (it is believed that they do have a positive impact on the internal organs), and then proceeds to the very specialist massage.

Massage during stone therapy is easy and soothing movements and strokes with little pressure. Typically, this procedure is carried out under the calming music to instill harmony in the soul come to the process of human stone therapy.

 stone therapy training

Useful properties of stone therapy

Typically, stone therapy procedure lasts for 30 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, it should be at least five to six treatment sessions.

Health stone therapy today is inextricably linked to each other.

So stone therapy:

  • It has a positive effect on the internal organs;
  • It normalizes the body's metabolism, promotes blood microcirculation in the tissues;
  • It has an incredible relaxing effect, calming the man, causing him to be distracted from everyday problems and matters.

For women, this procedure does not, however, perhaps even more useful than for men.

So, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity stone therapy, among other things, to stabilize hormonal (breaking it contributes to the development of cellulite, the process of premature aging), which is incredibly important for a nice quiet life.

Also, this procedure may provide a tonic and sedative effect.

If a tonic effect:

  • The human central nervous system enhances the excitation processes;
  • The body comes to tone.

With soothing action:

  • Inhibited the activity of the central nervous system;
  • Exteroreceptors proprioceptors and start working more moderate and rhythmically.

What stones can be used for stone therapy?

In most cases, when a hot stone therapy using marble or basalt, jade. It is believed that these stones, due to the fact that they have a porous structure, very slowly cool, warm and giving person filling it with positive energy.

Important! Basalt before use must be tested for radioactivity.

Each stone has its positive properties, which simply need to be mentioned. Thus, when stone therapy procedure can be used:

  1. Pearls. He gives human skin tone, allowing it to retain youth for a long time;
  2. Hematite, which is recommended to massage the pale skin, the blood circulation which slowed down;
  3. Lapis with unique anti-inflammatory properties. This stone is most useful after sunbathing;
  4. Aventurine. It improves the complexion;
  5. Diamond, protects the skin from appearing on the surface of wrinkles;
  6. Moonstone, which allows to get rid of the problems of oily skin and skin prone to a variety of redness, the appearance on the surface of acne and rashes;
  7. Rock crystal, which is most often used just for relaxing massage;
  8. Amber. This stone is considered the most miraculous of all. It helps to cure skin diseases, ulcers, festering different. It is believed that with the help of amber can also prolong youth.

Stone therapy at home

You can spend a relaxing stone therapy session at home. Today, in specialized centers is carried stone therapy training. After finishing this course, you will be able to operate in beauty salons and centers offering customers a similar service.

In order to successfully carry out the procedure at home, do not need to have any special knowledge unique. The most important thing - to find the right drum stones. They have to be completely flat and smooth. These stones will not scratch your skin, on the contrary, they are extremely stable to hold onto his back.

The best stones have effects that are of volcanic origin. If you have the opportunity to buy them, be sure to use it. Also in stone therapy can be used semiprecious stones.

For heating and cooling, use the stones hot and cold water. Cool stones can be even in the freezer.

So, in order to spend your own home stone therapy session, you should:

  • Special conditions that promote relaxation. To create them, inclusive soft music, dimmed lighting in the room, light the candles;
  • The stones with which you will be doing massage;
  • Hot water, freezer or a small bucket of ice;
  • Soft cream-gel for the face;
  • Special aromatic oils (you can choose the oil itself);
  • The desire to relax and spend some quiet time.
 Stone therapy. Art therapy stones

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