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In the autumn calendar. On sunny summer, but even more so on the bronze tan left alone ghostly memories. You come up to the mirror and understand - so pale to face except that of Japanese geishas. Not far off the New Year, and a festive night so want to shine in the open dress and preferably with a luxurious tan! What to do?

Today there are many ways of getting a tan without the sun - solarium, lotions, bronzers, different body spray effect of sunburn. But the quickest way - this is undoubtedly an instant tan.

Of course, you can walk to the solarium. But this procedure has many contraindications. It is proved that between UV radiation and skin aging, there is a direct relationship. The rays of type A reduces the elasticity of the skin, cause "loosening" of the connective tissue, increases the likelihood of unsightly age spots. Harmful UV rays can weaken the immune system, thus, increase the risk of infectious diseases, and even provoke burns the retina. But the worst thing that regular visits to tanning increases the risk of skin cancer by 75%! In many countries, the solarium has long been banned. Before visiting the solarium consider whether you want the beauty of these victims?

You can try to perform the procedure at home bronzing. Cosmetic shops and salons offer new products vying for "sunless tanning". A variety of sprays and creams are applied to the whole body or its separate parts. Cosmetic product to be distributed evenly throughout the body, just following the instructions on the package. But the side effects of "home Sun" are obvious: the skin is not painted very carefully, can suddenly acquire or carrot jaundiced hue. Often, of class "mass-market" washed away after the first visit to the shower and went uneven spots, also give the skin an unpleasant flavor.

Is there an alternative? Of course. This will help a little magic - instant tan in a salon. It is called in different salons in various ways - instant tan, instant tanning, Hollywood tan, tan without sun, bronzing, tanning in a salon. In English, this unique procedure called Sunless tanning. All these many beautiful names speak about the same - uniform, resistant and beautiful instant tan.

 instant tan

Procedure bronzing

Instant tan - very simple and fast procedure. Just a few minutes, and voila - you are the owner of a luxury golden color! Many colors to suit every taste - tan cane, European, tropical tan - beautifully set off by a slender figure, which give the skin a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Immediately prior to the procedure, it is desirable to take a shower and wash off all cosmetics. Instant tanning session is held in a specially equipped room. Using a spray unit which is equipped with a control device the direction of the jet in several thin layers applied spray bronzer. All body parts are painted alternately from different angles - front, rear, side. On the face lotion is applied last.

The studio offers instant tanning lotion, one hundred percent made up of natural ingredients - extract of aloe vera and sugarcane. All the components that make up for instant tanning lotion, completely harmless and do not cause allergies. Also contained in the lotion vitamins A, B, C, D, E strengthen the skin, contribute to the production of elastin and collagen, protects the epidermis from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Good results can be achieved instant tan, only entrusting your body experienced master. The effect is visible immediately after the end of the session, and already after 6-8 hours, the skin permanently darkens, acquiring the necessary shade.

Instant tan: the validity of

The main question of any girl, decides to use a bronzer: how many rests instant tan? The answer to this question is clearly difficult, as everyone here is very individual. On average, instant tan lasts seven to ten days. The fact that the pigment substance bronzer affect only the top layer of the epidermis, without penetrating deep inside. Therefore, the golden hue of the skin rather quickly washed off.

However, you may well "prolong life" to their instant tan, if you carefully take care of the skin, moisturizing it twice a day. But even in this situation it is difficult to say that you have a tan will last a week or more: each skin has its own individual characteristics. It is known that the more smooth and smooth skin, the longer it is kept on any tanning, including instant. But if you are the owner of oily skin inflamed with multiple sites, wrinkles or signs of peeling, then you will truly be an instant tan "instant" - will come within a few days.

No less strongly influences the duration of an instant tan and hormonal women, as well as her health. It's no secret that these factors will largely depend on the condition of the skin. So if you want your instant tan kept as long as possible, keep a healthy lifestyle, watch your appearance and your health.

In general, the best way to know what instant tan and how much he derzhtsya - is to try to apply it to yourself.

 What is instant tan

Pros instant tan

  • It's fast. Session instant tan lasts about 15 minutes.
  • Is it safe. Instant tan lotion completely hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types, even for very light, thin skin, which instantly burns in the sun.
  • A varied assortment of lotions allows you to choose the shade that perfectly suits your type of appearance.
  • Instant tan falls perfectly straight.
  • Part of the lotion pigment sugarcane has toning and lifting effect. Your skin is not only a tanned, but also tightened.
  • Instant tan looks natural.
  • Tan does not stain clothes.
  • Instant tan lasts 10-14 days. All the while, you look perfect.

  How to maintain tan?

  • 2 days before the procedure, do not use instant tan moisturizer for the body.
  • Before a session make bio-peeling, and take a shower.
  • Within 6-8 hours after the session of instant tanning do not take a shower.
  • After the procedure, get dressed in loose-fitting clothing.
  • Avoid hot baths and making use of all kinds of alkaline soap.

Follow these simple rules and you will look attractive for two weeks!

Instant tan - it is completely safe for the skin, pleasant and quick procedure that will help you enjoy the tanned skin in all weather conditions and at any time of the year.

 Instant Tan: How much is kept and how to apply

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 How to care for your hands

During a long day of arm muscles feel incredibly heavy loads, there is accumulated a very strong power, and then gives a muscular pain in the neck, the shoulder. These muscle spasms as if straight stifle joints of hands and fingers, while sometimes completely disrupting the normal function of the joint capsules, in addition, also impair blood flow to the skin, as well as other tissues. Another would be: all day at the computer, the mouse is compressed in suspense with his right hand, the other, we constantly kept the phone ringing off the hook, for unlimited calling, unlimited MTS example, contribute to a longer conversation. Still, our wrists would not have problems in such a pastime ... However, all these rather unpleasant simple massage can be easily removed by pulling and simple hands.

In addition, even in ancient times people have noticed the close relationship between our pens and brushes over the rest of the organism, so the skin of hands and reflected on the state of the whole organism.

Well, we are, in the framework of a sort of home reflexology, can improve your body all the same, so common and regular hand massage.

Incidentally, such a massage can usually be carried out and master Estheticians - for example, before a manicure or apply a variety of masks and creams. After a massage and self-massage brushes not only stimulates blood circulation and enhances all metabolic processes in the tissues, thus improving the condition of the skin of your hands and affecting the growth of nails. At the same time, it also affects the operation of the internal organs, which largely depends on the condition of the skin and your hands. That is why, directly guided by these strategic knowledge, many cosmetologists and includes a hand massage and hand in a wide variety of beauty treatments.

Some existing rules of self-massage of the hands is not difficult, and it takes only five to seven minutes of your attention, but benefit from it, you feel for yourself very soon. Of course, like any other massage, it can be performed with the use of butter or cream, and, of course, it is best if it is carried out in a calm atmosphere, listening to their feelings.

Just before the start of massage lift arm and gently shake it, it will help you to relax your muscles.

Then put a hand on the other hand, with fingers pointing in different directions. Crush in the palm of his hand gently, but at the same time and springy movements, bending the wrist in the wrist - this is an exercise for the muscles and joints of the wrist. Change hands and repeat.

Next, you will need to choose a hand ("passive"), and you will be massaged with the other hand (ie "active").

Grab your "active" hand over the soft ground at the thumb "passive" hands. Thoroughly massage this place, though easily several times "pressing" him.

Then turn their "passive" hand palm up and thumb of the other hand massage your entire soft circular motions. Always listen to your body and especially the massage exactly those places that do that "ask for" massage or that respond to your touch light pain. Then simply push your thumb "active" hands on different parts of the palm of "passive".

Turn your "passive" hand it back up. Now a thumb to massage you can quite hollow between thumb and forefinger. After that, massage and feel for all the hollows between the tendons and the rest of the fingers.

Now comes the turn of the fingers themselves. Carefully massage each of them, from the base of the nail, a kind or simply urging the friction movements first at the top and bottom, and then to and laterally.

Now grasp the very tip of his index finger and rotate it for long "axis" back and forth a few times - it is a very valuable exercise for the joints. And after the turn of the index finger of the other toes.

Then you can nibble fingertips, squeezing them from above (that is, from the nail) and below. Some methods even in plain text is recommended for a moment to put on his fingertips clothespins.

When you have finished your self-massage on the one hand, boldly go to the other, and then for a few seconds (and sometimes even minutes) vigorously make the so-called kindergarten "lanterns": that is, smartly, but not dramatically raise the brush up and rotate them back -back.

Of course, such a massage can be done at the reception of the specialist, their beautiful cell phone numbers can be found in any newspaper or magazine. However, self-massage will help you get to know your body and your feelings as well.

Beauticians strongly recommended to treat with great attention to the skin of their hands as soon as possible. The fact that the biological aging process tends to start early as 25 years, and very often the skin of hands can give your real age, even under the condition that you have a great figure and a flawless makeup. In addition, skin care is required not only hygienic, but also, of course, from an aesthetic point of view. After all, well-groomed hands at any age is very eloquent testimony to the good health and well-being. And that's grown old prematurely your skin tells others not only heavy, full of life works, but also a lack of attention to his mistress of the most pens.

 How to care for your hands

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