How to remove a double chin

"Second chin" - for many women, these words sound almost like a death sentence. Reflection in the mirror ceases to please, often welling tears and constantly gnawing thought: "I'm not beautiful." Familiar?

Unfortunately, this problem - not a rarity. Face it at any age. The emergence of such "highlights" in the guise can ruin any look and much lower self-esteem. Where does this attack and how to remove a double chin?

The causes of double chin

Quite often it turns out that our problems are to blame ourselves - or rather, our habits. One reason for the appearance of "extra" chin - bad posture. The habit of walking with his head down, still no one was decorated. Not only does this fit the head gives the whole figure of the poor and sad look - it is also a sure way to weaken the muscles of the neck and, as a consequence, to "earn" the second chin.

I love to read in bed? She loves to sleep on the high pillows soft? Then be prepared for the fact that over time, the fibers of the connective tissue that supports fat, will weaken. As a result, the fat will "sag" and then remove the double chin is not so simple.

You can not live without fries, pastries and fresh bread rolls? Perhaps the most common reason for double chin - is overweight. The chin is considered one of the "problem" areas. Somehow, along with the hips and belly fat "chooses" exactly that place. Quite often this problem occurs even in very young girls, if they are 5-10 kg of excess weight.

Along with this, there are situations in which it is practically impossible to change. Such cases include some anatomical features of the structure of the jaw, a genetic predisposition and age-related changes.

 How to remove a double chin this week

The methods of struggle - general advice

Perhaps the most important issue of concern to virtually all women faced with this problem, it is - how to eliminate double chin.

If you have come to the conclusion that the cause of the second chin is overweight - most likely without dieting will not do. But do not rush to starve yourself - before "sit" on a diet need to consult with medical specialists. Be sure to visit a nutritionist, cardiologist and endocrinologist - this defect can be associated with thyroid disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes and other diseases.

Moreover, quite often sharp loss of weight only worsens the situation - the skin does not have time to cut and sags. It turns out the effect of "pelican pouch" - is unlikely this is what you wanted.

Try to keep track of your posture - do not slouch and keep your head straight. Avoid soft pillows - it is better to enclose a neck roll. Do not read lying down and do not take a laptop in bed.

"Home" methods of struggle

Remove double chin is quite possible "home" means. As part of the integrated home care for the skin of the neck?

  • Special exercises

For this gymnastics you do not even have to allocate a certain time. Exercise is quite possible to do while you are in the shower or preparing breakfast. However, it is desirable that there was no one - you may be misunderstood!

  1. The first exercise. Stand up straight and imagine that your chin is attached a heavy load that must be raised. Slowly lift the chin, straining the muscles of the neck and throwing her head back. Repeat 5-6 times.
  2. The second exercise. Pull, hands-free, thus the lower lip to expose the lower teeth. Repeat 4-7 times.
  3. The third exercise. Squeeze hands into fists and attach them to the chin. Open mouth, overcoming resistance. Repeat 6-10 times.
  4. The fourth exercise. Tilt your head to the right. Try to reach the chin to the shoulder. Turn your head to the other side and repeat. Do 5-6 times.
  5. The fifth exercise. Zaprokinte head back. Pull out the lower jaw up and forward, to the bow. Repeat 5-6 times.
  • Massage

Prepare two liters of cold water and dissolve therein teaspoon salt. It is better to use sea, but the fit and regular table. Take a rough towel and wet it in the resulting solution. Lightly press, roll and harness, holding the ends with both hands, pat on the neck. Follow for 3-4 minutes.

  • Packs and masks

Compress of sauerkraut. Remove double chin help ordinary sauerkraut. Take the cheesecloth, fold it in several layers of wet and in cabbage pickle. Gently squeeze and apply on the chin. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Rinse skin with cold water.

Mask of parsley. Heat a cup of milk. Chop parsley - should turn out 4 tablespoons. Pour the milk and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Apply the resulting composition on the gauze and apply on the neck and chin. Wait until completely dry. Apply a moisturizer - to wash off the mask is not necessary.

Regularly performing these simple manipulations, you can remove the second chin yourself. However, count on the immediate effect is not worth it - you will need at least a month.

 remove double chin

Salon-beauty treatments

However, not everyone can bring himself to do the exercises every day, apply masks and compresses. How to remove a double chin, if you just belong to this type of person? In this case, you can get help from doctors, beauticians. Depending on your individual circumstances, they will pick up a special program. As a rule, the basis of the program - this vacuum massage. The procedure improves blood circulation and increases metabolism. This increases muscle tone, and the skin of the neck and chin noticeably tightened.

Another popular way to get rid of double chin is mesotherapy. With injection cosmetologist introduces into the subcutaneous fat of the special cocktails of vitamins and medicines. A full course of 8-10 sessions, which are held at intervals of 5-7 days. Typically, results are visible already after 4-5 sessions.

No less effective method is considered to be resurfacing - impact on the 'sensitive' zone special light beam. The session lasts 15-25 minutes. As a rule, for the appearance of the first visible effect requires 7-10 sessions.

Unfortunately, virtually all of these procedures have certain contraindications. So before you sign up for them, should consult with your doctor. In addition, all of these methods have one common drawback - in order to see the result, you must wait for a long time. And what if the power and wait for doubt is simply not? How to remove a double chin in a week? And is it possible?

Plastic surgery

If the problem is really hot, you can resort to more radical methods - such as liposuction or, in severe cases, a plastic face. Such operations are conducted in clinics of plastic surgery and allow you to quickly and effectively solve the problem.

However, we must remember that any surgery is a major stress to the body and can cause a variety of complications.

As you can see, there are several ways to eliminate the double chin. Some will take time, perseverance and patience, the other - financial costs and a certain courage. Which one to choose - you decide. The main thing - do not despair and remember that double chin - not a sentence and this "decoration" can be eliminated.

 How to remove a double chin - a simple solution to a complex problem!

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 how to become beautiful

Every woman wants to be beautiful, to cause male admiration. After all, what, in fact, a member of the notorious women's happiness. Quite simply, every woman feels the need to love and be loved. And for that she wants to realize his irresistibility. And the eternal question of how to become beautiful, constantly occupies her thoughts.

The terms of beauty

Universal recipe of feminine beauty, perhaps, no one will tell you. Each specialist will harp on his. The psychologist will tell you about the beauty of the interior, beautician - how to properly care for the skin, manicure would argue that the main decoration of a woman - her hands fitness trainer will tell you that there is nothing more important than a beautiful figure, but according to stylists bedrock is the ability to dress and the right to follow the fashion. The list could go on and on, but this is not necessary, because each of them will be right in their own way. It's really basic terms to become beautiful.

But try to tell the inner beauty of a thirteen-year girl who fell in love for the first time, and now tormented by the question, as she become beautiful. She just did not hear you. She wants it all fashion stuff to look glamorous as on the cover of the magazine. And do not try to dissuade her from doing so. You just have to teach her how to use all those tricks that help to become beautiful, even outright plain woman. Moreover, the well-known truism that there is no ugly women. It is necessary from a young age to instill a girl - the woman of the future - the culture of beauty: to teach it properly to do makeup, choose a hairstyle and manicure, follow the figure and subjugate fashion. And, of course, manners. Perfectly groomed and dressed doll, behaving in public lax and loose, never to others will not be able to become beautiful. Possess it even looks Marilyn Monroe, or, at worst, Vera Brezhnev.

But how to become beautiful in 13 years - is a separate issue. In a nutshell, it does not respond. Here we will talk about what not to do to the invaluable gift of nature - the beauty - stayed with you for a long time. Because it is not enough to be beautiful, one must be able to preserve its beauty for a long time. And it's a long and laborious work. Work on yourself. And it should allow the slightest negligence, everything will come to nothing. So before you say that we must do to be beautiful, let's talk about what should be avoided.

In the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life and the pursuit of beauty standards, flashed before us on TV or in fashion magazines, advertising in a blind submission, we sometimes so careless attitude to some things that can very quickly deprive us of what we generously endowed by nature. To avoid this, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our selection of "crimes against the beauty." As they say, to find out what it is and how to fight it.

 how to become beautiful 13

8 crimes against beauty

Angels among us there, so we all share the bad habits. And for them, as is well known, you have to pay. In this case, its beauty. If you want to avoid punishment, then here are some tips.

  • Obkusyvaniya burrs

Obkusyvaniya burrs can lead to inflammation around the nails and their fragility. To avoid burrs, moisturize the skin around the nail plate. You can use a cuticle oil or light cream, and hand - exfoliator. After the shower, even after the skin has dried, carefully with the help of a cuticle stick shifts. And in order to get rid of a bad habit can be used to polish special bitter coating.

  • The frequent change of hair color

To change from time to time shade of hair - this is normal. But by doing this very often, you can dry up and damage the hair. Do not take a cue from celebrities because they though changed regularly, "suit", but they do it out of necessity, subject to the requirements of the role. They do it under the guidance of experts. And then, of course, reducing agents are used to minimize the damage.

To avoid this, follow this advice:

  1. lighting - the most harmful to hair treatment, as it dries them most. Do not lighten strands for some time. Staining was performed every six months, each time using the paint on the tone is lighter, until you reach the desired shade.
  2. transition from blonde to brunette for your hair painlessly. For this purpose bezammiachnymi paint formulas, so staining can be carried out every three weeks.
  3. after each staining sure to use moisturizing conditioner. In addition, twice a week, a mask for the hair. And in order to avoid frequent use of paint, use means to restore color.
  • Neglect demakijazha

Falling asleep with mascara on the eyelashes you very much risk. The next morning under the eyes can be a bag, and she mascara can cause conjunctivitis. Do not eroded overnight blush, powder or layer of foundation clog pores. The skin is not breathing, he loses shine and begins to become inflamed. To avoid these problems, keep constantly on hand wipes. Then you can remove any conditions make for a couple of seconds, not applying for this special effort.

  • Excessive solarium

You should not "fry" themselves in the solarium. Moreover, the intensity of the sun's not in vogue. Ultraviolet rays are also called "aging rays". Penetrating deep into the skin, they weaken the connective tissue and disrupt the protective function of the skin. As a result, this leads to premature aging. If you want to safely and effectively create the effect of sun in the winter, then use a toning lotion or tanning. All you need is to choose the right shade and learn to apply the remedy to tan evenly distributed.

  • Plucking ingrown hairs with tweezers

Plucking ingrown hairs with tweezers, you can store the dirt in the follicles. This may result in pustules. You do not want your bikini zone and legs were covered with this mess?

Frequent waxing or shaving ingrown hairs accompanied. Depending on the type of skin may be more or less. In order to remove the dead skin cells regularly use a scrub or a hard sponge. If you can not without the epilator Pick a model with peeling attachment, which can replace the scrub.

  • Teeth Whitening

Despite the fact that white teeth is very beautiful, very bad for teeth whitening. Constant exposure to hydrogen peroxide tooth enamel weakens it and makes the teeth very sensitive. Bleaching teeth at the dentist, you can lighten them by 8-9 shades. This can be done at home, but then this figure will amount to four tones. Since you have decided on this, then carefully follow the instructions and do not make this procedure more than twice a year.

  • Using testers in the store

Using testers risky in that you can pick up any infection. The probability is, of course, is not so great, but still. And then, it is unlikely you will be happy the thought of that before you someone else's used this tester. To avoid trouble, refer to probes were sealed in disposable packaging. If you need to pick up cosmetics grab the store cotton swabs, sponges, powder puffs, applicators, etc. If you use the store, make sure the box with sponges are not already used.

  • Squeezing pimples

Squeezing a pimple, you run the risk that it will not for two or three days, and a week and a half. Or even near it can pop up a few new ones. It comes from the fact that the pores of the introduction of infection, so do not squeeze pimples - inflammation of allow myself to go. For that to happen more quickly, you can double daily smear salicylic acid acne. Apply the product with a cotton swab on the spot only, then it will disappear without a trace in three to five days.

Understood the question of how else to do, let's talk a little bit about what is it that you need your beauty to it eventually just blossomed. Lessons beauty will leave for later. Now analyze truths, so to speak, the basics without which beauty is impossible in principle.

 become beautiful

The main rules of beauty

  1. Get enough sleep

    If you want to stay beautiful for a long time, even if sleep position 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep threatens bags under his eyes, unhealthy complexion, dark circles under the eyes and sharply denote the slightest wrinkles. Required satellites sleeplessness - headache, and general weakness. It is necessary to you? So try to go to bed early, good airing the room before going to bed.

  2. Try to walk more in the open air

    Oxygen is essential not only to the body as a whole, but also the skin. If walking is particularly busy, you can go during the week to work on foot, and at the weekend to leave the city, or just a walk in the park or park.

  3. Move more

    We will not repeat for the thousandth time that the movement - is life. It is already known to all. Sports help us to recharge your batteries, allow to become stronger, add agility and flexibility. Well for this all means: aerobics, shaping, Latin American and belly dancing, weight training - whatever you like. And if you do not have time to train under the guidance of an instructor, do not worry! Walking with friends or with family, playing with children may be able to become a worthy replacement.

  4. Eat right

    Proper diet and diet greatly affect the appearance. In all good middle ground. Do not force yourself to starve, but also do not pass - no need to rush to extremes. Food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. In winter you can take mineral and vitamin complexes. But better to have organic vegetables and fruits. They are a real fount of useful substances for the organism.

  5. Quit smoking

    And if you do not smoke, it is not worth starting. Smoking is a very detrimental effect on the body and on the skin. The result of this is a dubious pleasure dry grayish skin wrinkles early in the grid, the so-called smoky voice, halitosis.

  6. Care for your skin

    Sunlight early age the skin, so use sunscreen in the summer. Always take care of your skin. Use nourishing and moisturizing agents, appropriate to your age.

 How to become beautiful? The eternal question

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