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Another five or ten years ago, thin, thread plucked eyebrows were all the rage. Moreover, the world's catwalks and then flashed a model with much flashed or completely removed the eyebrows. Now the situation has changed dramatically: in fashion, natural, bushy eyebrows, like Natalia Vodianova and Megan Fox. But how to achieve such beauty, if you by nature thin, sparse eyebrows and hair are constantly break and fall out?

It is in such situations will help you a wonderful tool - castor oil to your eyebrows. It makes the skin softer under the eyebrows and prevents peeling and makes the hairs themselves shiny, thick and contributes significantly accelerate their growth. And most importantly, this oil is very inexpensive and is available absolutely for any girl or woman who wants to have beautiful, thick eyebrows.

Castor oil: what is the secret?

Most of us "castor oil" (or castor oil) is still associated with a powerful laxative, to which recourse should be very careful. However, the application range of the tool is very wide: it is used in the manufacture of industrial products (synthetic resin, paint, nylon, brake fluid), food industry (additives and flavors) and, of course, in perfumery - for the manufacture of soaps and oils hair.

Castor oil is obtained from a special plant - castor, which is popularly called the "palm of Christ," and it is of two types. The first - a pale yellow liquid with a specific smell, manufactured in India, Brazil and China. Second - black castor oil, and it is done in Jamaica. A long time ago it was seen a natural property of castor oil to promote faster hair growth, restore bulbs roots. The fact that the castor bean contains large amounts of ricinoleic acid, which when applied to the skin penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, strengthening the hair root and causing an accelerated growth.

The United States, one of the main importers of castor oil, many years uses this tool for the manufacture of oil to strengthen the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. In our country the means of hair care products on the basis of this wonderful product are no less popular. However, in the home, you can make a few masks with castor oil to help improve the structure of the hair and prevent hair loss.

 Useful castor oil for eyebrows

Masks and packs of castor oil for eyebrows

Make such masks is a snap. The main thing - a little effort and desire. With regular use of castor oil works wonders: a month later your eyebrows will be more dense and well-groomed. Here is the most popular recipes for masks with castor oil, which can be made at home.

Poultice of castor oil

Such a compress is usually at bedtime. First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the eyebrows and the skin around them with a cotton swab dipped in baby shampoo (not burned his eyes in case of contact). Saturate cotton strips slightly warmed castor oil and apply them to the eyebrows. Soak in a position five to ten minutes. Then remove the cotton strip and go to sleep without washing oil from the eyebrows. In the morning wash thoroughly and wipe the brow first with warm, then cool water.

Attention! Be careful to ensure that castor oil does not get into your eyes! Castor seeds contain toxic substances that cause serious damage to your vision and cause a rash on the skin around the eyes. So be careful and do not rub your eyes in the morning and evening hands to prevent any oil on the mucous membrane.

The mask for eyebrow from castor oil and rum

To prepare this mask you will need: rum - one tablespoon of castor oil - a tablespoon. Mix the ingredients and heat the resulting mixture on a water bath to about forty degrees. Put the mask on cotton strips and attach them to the eyebrows, forehead with a towel wrapped around. Keeps this mask approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

With regular use of the rum mixture will become your eyebrows well groomed and shiny. Just a month there will be new hair, and the color will darken the eyebrows about tone. This is especially significant for the girls with light on the nature of the eyebrows.

The mask of licorice powder and castor oil

This recipe is extremely popular in India, where almost every woman regularly uses such a mask for strengthening hair and eyebrows. For the preparation we need the following ingredients: Licorice powder (available at pharmacies and health food stores), sesame oil and castor oil. Everything is mixed in equal proportions and heated in a water bath to room temperature.

To be applied to eyebrows will need a soft toothbrush. Dip the brush into the mix and gently rub into the roots of the contents of the eyebrows. Leave on for two or three hours and rinse with warm water. Eyebrows then grow thick hair stopped falling out and thicken.

Even our grandmothers used a "castor oil" to strengthen their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Maybe that's why at the old photos we often see women with luxurious hair and eyebrows? Is not it time and we learn old folk recipes and become more beautiful and more attractive with the help of funds undeservedly forgotten - castor oil?

 Castor oil for eyebrows: remember the recipes of our grandmothers

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 cacao butter

Cocoa butter is known to everyone as one of the ingredients so loved us chocolate bars, because it is the cocoa beans give the most bitter taste. But this is not its only advantage, this oil is widely used in cosmetics, but also used for home skin care.

The process for obtaining cocoa butter is much harder and longer than in the case with other oils. Seeds collected from the fruits are fermented cocoa tree or in other words - fermentation, so that they become dense brown color and the same chocolate flavor. Thereafter, all the seeds are cleaned, crushed and subjected to heat treatment, resulting in a cocoa nibs, which again ground to cocoa liquor. Well, the last means of pressing the oil is extracted.

In cosmetology used cocoa butter, which has passed a high quality cleaning and does not contain harmful chemical contaminants. This oil remains solid even at 25-27 ° C and is easily broken into pieces. It begins to melt at a temperature of 32-35 ° C, which is very convenient, because our skin temperature is around 36 ° C, and therefore, in contact with the oil once it starts to melt.

In his part of the cocoa butter contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, lauric, linoleic, stearic, palmitic and arachidic), which play a crucial role during the life of the skin: they moisturize, nourish and slow the aging of cells.

 cocoa butter in cosmetology

Effects of cocoa butter on the skin

Cocoa butter has a really valuable properties which are necessary dry skin and skin prone to peeling and premature aging. It is perfectly rejuvenates and hydrates and nourishes the cells, filling them with energy and restoring skin radiance, firmness and elasticity.

For normal skin cocoa butter is also useful. It will help soften and keep your skin in good shape, which is sure to become even more soft and smooth. Furthermore, this oil has a smoothing property that simply need to get rid of wrinkles.

Especially important application of cocoa butter in the winter, because the cold and the wind dried and injure the delicate skin of the face and lips. Due to the properties of the oil recovery process of damaged cells is accelerated.

In the summer of this oil will be the perfect companion for those who like a good suntan, but also help in the healing of small scars or signs of acne.

Another great feature that has cocoa butter - protection against toxins and other harmful substances penetrating into the skin cells. This is especially critical for people living in major cities.

It is worth noting that this oil is perfect for sensitive skin and skin around the eyes, because it penetrates deep into the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue and shine. The use of this oil gives a chic result, and most importantly does not cause inconvenience and hassle.

The use of cocoa butter at home

Optionally, apply to beauty salons to get a quality facial. Today the market offers a variety of cosmetic products for the skin, based on cocoa butter. However, you can use it in a separate cosmetic preparation in the home.

Cocoa butter is perfect instead of the usual nourishing cream for dry and weakened skin, as well as when the signs of aging and wrinkles. Suffice it to a small piece of butter applied to cleansed face. For the convenience of the application of the oil is to hold in their hands, so that it melted, or to apply a thick layer as a mask, not melting. The most convenient way to carry out this procedure before going to sleep at night because it is better absorbed by the skin nutrients. If you are the owner of a very dry and sensitive skin, the oil is quite suitable as an alternative to a day cream. Just do not forget a little wet face cloth before applying makeup.

For the skin around the eyes can also be used pure cocoa butter, it will not lead to swelling and redness. If you think that after the application is feeling greasy film on the eyelids, can use oil as a mixture with other oils (rose, almond, peach or sesame) at a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3. It is also an excellent tool for strengthening the eyelashes and eyebrows, and treatment of cracks on the lips.

 cocoa butter hair

Hair Care with the help of oil

As you can see, the cocoa butter in cosmetics plays a very important role, but it is not the only area of ​​its application. This is not only an excellent face cream, but also a good remedy for recovery and growth of hair, because it contains a lot of minerals and fats, which are able to quickly restore their hair strength and shine, as well as to give additional volume and elasticity.

Cocoa butter hair can be used as the massage of the scalp, and as masks. It can be combined with other oils, yogurt, egg yolk, etc. Options for preparing such a great variety of masks, and each in its own good. Apply the mixture on the roots of light rubbing movements, and then evenly distributed over the entire length to the tips of hair and hides polyethylene or a special hat for one hour. For best results, the head can be wrapped in several layers of cloth, so that the oil is better absorbed by the heat. Washed off the mask with warm (not hot!) Water. Suffice it to carry out such a procedure 2-3 times a week to notice a significant improvement in the quality of the hair.

All in your hands, it remains only to remember that in any case the main regularity and consistency, only the results will please you!

 Cacao butter. Application and benefits

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