how to enlarge breasts without surgery


  • Underwear with push-apom: Women's Tricks
  • Cosmetics and pills: creams, gels and dietary supplements
  • Products for breast augmentation
  • Physical activities and sports
  • Lotions, compresses and other dangerous methods
  • Professional massage and hydrotherapy
  • Whether it is necessary to increase bust

Mind, inner peace, education - all this will come in handy later. And in the early appearance of a man estimated future lady, eyeing her delicious curves and forms. Often, when we first met the girl young people pay attention to the chest (its presence or absence).

Most of the stronger sex attracted women form a large size. And they do not really hide it. Of course, if a man fall in love with you sincerely, it will be largely still is, what your breast size and increasing whether you wear a bra. But many women themselves want to have a big, bouncy and beautiful bust, as, for example, Pamela Anderson.

But unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get at least a second dimension. What should I do? Go under the surgeon's knife? But not all the operation Buda afford. Risking their health and increase the bust in the underground polyclinic? That's unlikely. In a few would agree to go. Plus, even if you are lucky, you will find a great professional, everything will be fine, will have at least six months to recover. The scars, bandages, corsets - fun is not the most pleasant.

A reasonable question arises whether it is possible to enlarge breasts without surgery at home? Of course! Properly chosen underwear, sports, cosmetics, traditional beauty recipes - this is just a small list of things that will help you change the shape. Do you seriously think about how to do this? Then check out the rules and precautions so as not to harm your health.

To begin to understand that non-surgical breast enlargement is not always safe. Therefore, pre-consult with a specialist, who will talk about the side effects. And only after that can start you like methods.

Underwear with push-apom: Women's Tricks

Today, every company store underwear you can buy a bra that visually enlarge your breasts. At the same time (if the item is quality), your partner will not notice that the curvy shape unreal. Foam inserts a certain thickness can increase breast volume several times. But it is better to restrict the size of one, in order to avoid unnecessary questions from acquaintances. A relatively new invention is a silicone bra, invisible under any clothes.

Please note, you must choose a product correctly. The problem is that many of the fair sex to buy a bra that lifts and squeezes the chest. It looks nice, but this beauty is not worth the victims. This breast augmentation is fraught with serious consequences, up to the formation of cancer and mastitis.

So the first rule - you must be comfortable. Chest should not "fall out" like dough. Trying on a bra, lift up your hands. He stayed on the ground or jumped, crawled, wrinkled? In the second case, either the pattern or the size of selected correctly. Also on the body should not remain traces of bones, straps, buckles. By the way, if a couple of hours later, the bust will get sick, throw underwear, because it is the cause of it.

An important role in this case is the quality of the material. You do not want to go with red spots, a rash on the body? Then do not buy products from synthetics. By the way, the summer is better to give preference to conventional bras that breasts are not sweating because foam. The so-called "greenhouse effect" can harm your health. The same applies to the silicone underwear.

Cosmetics and pills: creams, gels and dietary supplements

The most popular way how to enlarge breasts without surgery is the use of a variety of creams and gels that contain phytoestrogens in its composition, contribute to a fast metabolism and a rush of blood to the chest. But the use of these drugs have regularly, as after the termination of their use of the breast returns to its former size.

No less in demand among modern women medicated preparations based on various herbs that promote breast enlargement. Their only drawback is that some women may provoke an upset stomach. By the way, the effects of certain dietary supplements and pills are still unknown.

Products for breast augmentation

Girls who are interested in how to increase breast with proper nutrition, we can recommend include in your diet cereals and legumes, as well as citrus fruits, carrots and apricots. In fairness it should be noted that the effect of these products will not be instantaneous. It will take a considerable amount of time to produce visible results. But in the end you get some benefit and saturate the body with vitamins.

Meals should be balanced, and the menu - diverse. Any diet should not be followed. The myth about the benefits of eating fresh cabbage and brewer's yeast has been around for decades. But, unfortunately, these products are suited only to those girls whose body is in the process of formation. For adults the fair sex use of such ingredients in large quantities can only hurt. It only adds a couple of extra kilos in the waist and hips, and did not affect the size of the bust.

If you want to be beautiful, and most importantly - healthy breast, should once and for all to give up alcohol and cigarettes. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Also, do not experiment with some popular recipes, which can cause poisoning or volvulus. It is a raw test. Somehow, the girls decided that it helps to increase breast without surgery. In this case, the operation need only be cut belly.

 breast enlargement without surgery

Physical activities and sports

How to enlarge breasts without plastic? It is enough to work out and start to perform a specific set of exercises. The main thing - to know exactly which muscles you need to download. In fairness it should be noted that much to change their form will not succeed. The maximum that will do is add 1-2 cm in size.

The most loyal and reliable way - push-ups. For beginners, this exercise can really start to push away from the wall, and then the chair, well, really only then, when the hands get stronger - from the floor. You can also get a horizontal bar at home or go out every morning on the playground. Do not forget to follow the position of the body, palms. After all, only doing the exercises properly, you will achieve maximum success.

Stand on your toes, pull up both hands as much as possible, all housing drag them. This can be done during the lunch break to stretch your muscles. This is useful if you're sitting too long in one position. One more exercise - arms bent at the elbows, palms put on the shoulders. It simultaneously raise the shoulders, and then take them back and lowered. Then repeat this action in reverse.

The next exercise should be performed with dumbbells. So, you need to lie on your back, raise your hands at chest level and bend them at the elbows. Then straighten and then return them to their original position. Note that you can not immediately give a serious burden. Start with 0, 5 kg, gradually increasing the weight of gravity. Repeat this exercise 30 times for three sets.

Sitting on a chair, keep your arms with dumbbells to your chest, then spread them apart. To perform such movements should be at least 8 eight times in the two approaches. If the next day after the compound exercises muscles felt some pain, then you are moving in the right direction.

How to enlarge breasts without surgery? Join a gym! A professional trainer will give you good advice and will develop an individual program. Naturally, you have to go to class all the time, but not from time to time. Otherwise, the benefits of this will not have any.

Thus, performing various exercises daily for 15 - 20 minutes, you will increase the chest a couple of centimeters in about 5 months. In addition, the gain appetizing forms Defined arms and legs, hips and stomach. Agree not a bad prospect!

Lotions, compresses and other dangerous methods

Before you increase your breast size at home using the popular recipes and tips that are filled with many forums, be sure to consult with your doctor. Thus, for example, hot packs may lead to tumor formation. But the cold is not advised to use too often.

Thus, it is believed that the best way to do such procedures after exercise, imposing chest liquid or slurry (depending on the structure) for 10 minutes - 15. The material used for various poultices. This can be cucumber, shredded on a grater or a small amount of warm milk, with the addition of cheese. These components were mixed to obtain a slurry.

Any compress applied to the chest and, after waiting a few minutes. Then, begin to massage the treated area neat cautious movements, so as not to harm sensitive breast skin. Note: sharp mustard and other ingredients can not be used!

 how to increase breast size

Professional massage and hydrotherapy

Any woman will help increase the size of the breast massage. You can carry out this procedure at home in the shower, medium pressure water jet. It stimulates the growth of good cells. And you can turn to a chiropractor who makes a professional acupressure.

Women dissatisfied with the size of your bust, may resort to an increase in breast size using a hardware method of vacuum massage. During his chest impose a special cup, which, due to the lack of air created some pressure. This causes blood flow to the breast. Such procedures should be done necessarily in specialized stores, in order to avoid undesirable effects in the course of its independent conduct.

Following the method of the breast increases, but remains in this form only for a month, then you need to massage again. Less of this method is that the breast becomes too sensitive, and sometimes appear even painful. High probability of stretch marks.

All these methods will help to increase the breast and make it taut and toned without the intervention of the surgeon. The main thing - to choose for themselves the one that suits you and enjoy it. However, remember that large breasts, it is not all that should be a woman. The soul must be as beautiful as the body.

Whether it is necessary to increase bust

Before you decide to absorb tons of cabbage, to exhaust your body in the gym and buy special ointment, think about it you need it. Indeed, in some cases, a non-surgical breast enlargement - is a direct path to the oncology department. Any impact (chemical, mechanical, physiological) at such a delicate part of the body is very dangerous to health. All of this will be consequences. Maybe not now manifest the disease, but much later. Still not worth the risk.

Plus, you have to realize that breast augmentation without surgery, in most cases it will be temporary effect. That is, unless you use drugs, massagers and creams, your bust will be lush and beautiful. But it is necessary to stop taking or using similar means, everything will return to normal.

 How to enlarge breasts without surgery: what do modern women?

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