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And who came up with this painful procedure - hair removal? Who decided at what point, where the girl "necessary" hair on the body, and in which - "unnecessary" ?! Surely this is a man made out of revenge for what they have to shave every day. For some reason they believe this procedure just riding torment (they have tried at least once to remove the wax the hair on the legs or armpits). And we, the girls do the depilation .... That is, the hair removal. ... Even here is the problem: ever-these two concepts are confused! Let's understand, the difference between hair removal by waxing, or maybe it's all the same thing?

What is different from hair removal depilation

It would seem that "hair removal" and "hair removal" - quite similar in meaning of the word. They both mean the removal of unwanted hair from the body. But the difference between them is. The main difference from the waxing hair removal is that if depilation removed the visible part of the hair follicle, and continues to live, and at the root of the hair removal of hair is destroyed. Simply put, hair removal - this is temporary and hair removal - forever. Go for hair removal - get rid of excess vegetation on the body forever. Prefer depilation - shaving razor, using wax strips or special creams and repeat the procedure every few days.

Wait-wait a minute, why then the word "hair removal" refers to virtually all of the above procedures? Go to any electronics store and next to hair dryers and irons, you will see an entire shelf electric "epilators"! But they do not eliminate the hair permanently, so it's not e- and depilatory? And in such familiar expressions as "waxing", "sugar hair removal" - also not correct? Alas, it is. In fact, what it is sold in the store on a shelf with appliances - elektrovibrodepilyator, and not "Washing Machines", as written on the price tag. And most beauty salons offer services for depilation different areas of your body.

Why are all mixed up? Now it is difficult to say when the buzzword "hair removal" will appear on the lips of virtually all the girls of our country. Indeed, the main point of it is that the extra hairs can be removed, and only for good or not - it tenth. It's like the story of the famous words "photocopy", when most copiers no relation to the trademarks of Xerox had not. But the ad with the word "photocopy" and now hang on every corner, and it does not bother anyone. Also, with the removal of the hair: the word became popularized overseas, and what is the difference between epilation of hair removal, especially if one is not interested. Moreover, few experts of beauty salons and can now communicate clearly explain the difference between them. "Is there life on Mars, if there is life on Mars ... What's the difference? ". The main thing is that the customer has left satisfied. Because some confusion still exists.

 It differs from the waxing hair removal

History of Hair Removal

Whatever it was, but waxing originated in ancient times. Ancient Egyptian woman shaved off excess hair sharpened objects - like a modern razor. In ancient Rome, unwanted vegetation was removed from the body, twisting the hairs on a strong thread and pulling them abruptly. Nothing like? What, you think, are arranged modern electric depilatory? The good old method of Roman beauties still works: spinning mechanism sharply pulls the hair from your body.

Cleopatra and Nefertiti first hit upon the idea to put on a body mask of honey, beeswax and herbal infusions to remove excess hair from the body (so it appeared shugaring!). Do not disdain the beauty and forceps, causing accidents maids hours to pull out "divine hairs."

Wax strips and depilatory cream analogues were invented in the East long before the XIV century BC At harem in had plenty of time trying to come up with a way to make your body absolutely smooth and attractive. Why not do for a chance to bring a single man, when there are hundreds of nice competitors!

As you can see, for hundreds of years in the process of hair removal, little has changed. And it is not surprising that the new can come up with for the temporary removal of unwanted hair? On the other hand, technical progress is still not leave this delicate problem in the side - a great opportunity not only to shave the hair, but do get rid of the problem of excess vegetation on the body. Hair removal has come a century!

Oddly enough, but the hair removal could appear in 1896. Then a German physician named Freund offered the perfect solution to the problem: in just a few sessions is absolutely painless to get rid of unwanted hair forever! The fact is that at a time were discovered X-rays. Here are all of those wishing to irradiate yourself to the waist do not line up, and lost "a brilliant idea" for nothing.

At the end of the XIX century, and began the first experiments with electroepilation, this method improved virtually all of the past century. Many of today's young ladies use it until now. The meaning of electrolysis that is introduced into the hair follicle tonyusenkaya needle-electrode has a current destroys the hair root. You can imagine how painful this procedure. And to do it in stages, and the traces of "pricks" can not heal up to two months!

At the end of the XX century, we are pleased Laser hair removal - a painful procedure though, but more effective. Its main problem is that the "killing" of the hair roots one zone lasts 5-6 hours, and the owners of dark skin or light hair on the body just does not fit. And even now quite often advertised this kind of hair removal - in its place came a different, more powerful system: epilation. This procedure is very fast, fit and blondes and brunettes, that's just to get rid of the pain factor and failed. They say Europe is catching enzymatic hair removal. .... They say that it is almost painful!

 It differs from the waxing hair removal

Hair removal and depilation: what to choose

As you can see, there are many methods of hair removal, and each promises to remove hairs forever. But do not be deceived - to achieve a perfectly smooth skin forever, need to undergo the procedure many times. What you visit a beautician and spend a fashionable hair removal, still does not mean the immediate destruction of the hair follicle and the cessation of hair growth. Any hair removal requires courage, patience, and considerable funds. But some people, such procedures generally are contraindicated for health reasons.

Of course, the difference between epilation and depilation there, and more. But it is rather theoretical. But in both cases practically get rid of excess vegetation, all in one session, and for life is impossible. Indeed, after the hair removal hair grow rarer and more subtle - but this is a detail. So you decide whether to treat the cool creams and waxes and save money on hair removal, or do grandmother means. It all depends on the character: for someone to shave your legs and brush your teeth in the morning - the usual non-burdensome ritual. And who is willing to go through the pain several times to no longer deal with this problem.

 Hair removal and waxing - the difference and similarity

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 wrinkles in the neck

Wrinkles in the neck - a fairly common phenomenon, even at a young age. Not all ladies 30 can afford to flaunt along with a cut on his chest, preferring to hide wrinkles earlier under strict clothing. Many girls in despair looking at the vertical rolling folds of the skin, do not understand how they could appear at an early age. After all, open dresses and swimsuits, deep cuts in the blouses - all this becomes absolutely unavailable. The most common question young women facing the same problem - how to get rid of the vertical wrinkles in the neck. It is quite impossible to explain to others why you have to face any wrinkles and deep creases in the neck, as a woman of advanced age.

In fact, the answer is hiding not far: it décolleté aging before other parts of the body. The skin is smooth and there are very sensitive, there is almost no sebaceous glands. Any adverse effect on this area of ​​the body could lead to premature aging. The fact that the skin in the neck requires special care - an axiom. But most women simply forget that the face and hands - are not the only part of the body that need their care. But Estheticians long been said that the real age of the woman is easiest to estimate not the face, and as of the skin in the neck.

The main causes of early wrinkles in the neck

Go to the mirror and lower the shoulders, ssutultes. What happened to your neck area? That's right, it cut through deep folds. If you continue to "hump", these folds become wrinkles, get rid of them will not be easy. Now straighten your back and straighten shoulders - only with the posture you avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles in this delicate area.

No less dangerous factor affecting the health of the skin in the neck, is a passion for girls to sunny beaches and a solarium. In pursuit of tan they simply do not realize is the impact the ultraviolet rays have on your skin. Under the influence of the sun, it dries out and becomes thin, listless and covered with a mesh of wrinkles. Moreover, it decollete most susceptible to sunburn, careless sunburn can lead to unsightly dark spots. Even if you use a solarium, it will not protect your skin from aging: ultraviolet light is harmful in any amount. Therefore, those who can not imagine themselves without chocolate skin tone, better use tanning - it's nice and safe.

Another important reason for the appearance of wrinkles in the neck - incorrect posture during sleep. Almost all the lovers sleep on high pillows or in a fetal position to suffer the imperfection of the skin in the neck. In the same category are those who love to read in bed. There are funny aphorism: "No other book does not make a woman beautiful." Perhaps here - the only one hundred percent hit the target jokes. And trying to hide wrinkles and folds, women are tightened neck thick cloth or tight scarves, further disrupting the blood circulation and nutrition of the skin. In the end result: just shy of his young girl wrinkled and sagging skin in the neck.

 how to get rid of the vertical wrinkles in the neck

How to beat those wrinkles?

Do not rush to throw out all of their open orders and buy the stringent fastening buttoned things. Instead, think about ways to reduce wrinkles in the neck or did get rid of them. Eventually, they can simply mask. It is clear that every day you will not do it, but before an important event - easily! Here you have two options: either a good concealer with light-reflecting effect, a special cosmetics, wrinkle for a short time (it is quite possible to buy a good product). However, like it or not, and to remain with the signs of aging at a young age do not really want to, so many girls more interesting following workarounds:

  • Daily home care: wet towel in hot water, wring out and attach to the upper chest. After 10 minutes, repeat the same procedure, but with cold water. Then wipe the skin with ice cubes. Such a contrast compress well tones the skin blood vessels and trains. Do not forget after the procedure applied to the décolleté moisturizer. Better if it will be a special cream for décolleté, but you can use and the one that you use for your face.
  • Masks and wraps neckline - the most requested treatments in the salon. In contrast to the home of cosmetics, professional cosmetics line is more saturated with active substances. After all wrinkles in the delicate area of ​​needed components, such as algae, minerals, collagen and elastin - all offers professional beauticians. Equally popular are the "fruit wraps." First you make peeling, then the skin impose a mixture of different fruits and wrapped in a thermal blanket. After 20 minutes of free and make a gentle massage. Several of these procedures - and your skin will thank you.
  • Photorejuvenation: light waves help restore your natural collagen. Setochki vessels disappear, spots become invisible, pimples also evaporate. At the moment it is considered the best way to rejuvenation solutions decollete - 5-6 sessions, small wrinkles disappear and deep become barely noticeable. However, this method has contraindications - pregnancy is a serious skin disease, cancer, epilepsy, heart disease severe.

So, in order to protect the region from the early cleavage wrinkles, you need to straighten your shoulders, be careful with sunburn actively use creams and masks, and do not forget to visit a beautician. But the most important rule -Never refuse, his beloved, if nothing of the above!

 How to reduce wrinkles in the neck and neck

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