how to make water a manicure at home

Modern manicure - this is not only the ideal form of nails and even coating, but also a huge room for imagination and creativity. How often we see interesting patterns on nails friends and acquaintances as often blame ourselves that do not find time and money to decorate your own nails? However, with beautiful nails unusual, unique pattern, you can create yourself, and at home. And do not worry if you are not a professional manicurist - there is a wonderful technique to learn that the power of any woman.

Water manicure - this is a method of applying an incredibly beautiful patterns in minutes. Even if you do not know how to draw - it does not matter. Learn how to make water a manicure at home, you will get the results that you are genuinely surprised. Maybe to Dali and Van Gogh you far away, but a talented artist you yourself feel this is a fact! And all you need for a gorgeous view of nails - a glass of water, a few favorite lacquers and toothpick.

The essence of this technique is to add a drop of water in the various nail polish, to create on any image to get a spot, and dip it in nail. You agree that this is an interesting way to create a manicure, although this principle of obtaining the pattern is not new. Even in the 7th century in Japan by creating a similar marble paper, this technique is used in our day for painting all sorts of surfaces. Think cute pictures on the Skin cappuccino: they are made that way!

 how to make a water manicure

Getting to the creation of water manicure

Technique of Water manicure is simple, it can master any schoolgirl. The main point that needs to be respected - it is the cuticle and clean the skin around the nail. After all, without it any manicure, even with the most incredible cover will appear sloppy and cheap. Therefore, carefully read the execution order of Water Manicure:

  1. Paint your nails lacquered in white, to the picture that we have done, to get the most bright and clear;
  2. Prepare a small cup, fill it with water almost to the brim;
  3. Remove the caps from the vials favorite nail polish, so they can be quickly access and use;
  4. Varnishes must be at least two and should be contrasted with each other by color;
  5. Now we need to protect the skin around the nail polish from falling. To do this, lubricate your finger with a fat cream, carefully avoiding the area of ​​the nail plate. It is known that paint does not stick to the surface of the oil, so do not regret the cream, and apply a layer thicker. In addition, you can use a cream and adhesive tape, carefully having covered beneath the skin around the nail;
  6. Take the first nail, pull out the tray and brush it as close as possible to the water. Capa at the center of a glass of water. Get a spot, which will begin to fade;
  7. Take the second nail and drip into the center to get a spot. Alternating varnishes, continue the procedure until a drop of 10-15;
  8. Take a toothpick and smooth movements hold on the colored spot, creating a pattern;
  9. Bend your finger so that the nail plate is parallel to the surface of the water. Without changing the position of your finger, dip it in the place of drawing that you like the most. In the water, straighten the finger;
  10. Not pulling your finger, remove the second hand with a toothpick remaining lacquer surface of the water;
  11. Pull your finger. If you've used a cream for protection against varnish, just wipe it off with a normal cloth. If the skin was closed with tape - carefully remove it;
  12. Let the picture on the nail to dry thoroughly and use a fixer.

Voila! Amazingly beautiful pattern on nails provided to you. What is most interesting to see the same second to someone else you do not get, because each design is unique. Of course, to do this procedure for all 10 nails, you will need considerable time and a sufficient amount of varnish, but the result will amaze everyone. In extreme cases, it will be enough to put the whole picture on the nail 2 - on the left and right hand, setting off the color of the other coating.

Knowing the secret of how to make the house a water manicure, you will always stand out from friends, struggling to find time for a trip to the salon. While you can change the picture on the nails at least every day, seeking ever more amazing and unique patterns.

 Water manicure at home: a unique pattern

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 body wraps for weight loss

Which of the girls do not dream throw a couple of extra kilos, especially with the arrival of spring and summer? With the onset of warm people start to wear clothes made of light fabrics, under which it is easy to detect flaws visible figure. So that work to improve their shape better in late winter - early spring. Along with the usual diet and going to the gym can be used and such pleasant treatments like body wraps for weight loss.

History of

Wraps used in ancient Rome. Residents of Rome using therapeutic mud, with the addition of useful herbs and wine, recovered their health and beauty of the body.

In ancient Egypt, the great queen Cleopatra used mud from the bottom of the Nile, which was applied to her skin, and then wound up on top of a thick cloth. Queen of several hours in such a way in the sun. After washing the sludge skin became smooth and reduced in volume by several centimeters.

After a long lull wraps for weight loss in the US revived in 1961, when one of the beauty salons have decided to recall the ancient methods of body care.

Today, almost any interior provides wraps for weight loss, which have a professional beautician.

Types of home body wraps

Wrapping - a method for improving skin condition and reduce weight. Comfortable, quick and easy to do for weight loss body wrap at home.

Components wraps there are many, it is necessary to choose for themselves the one that is right for you:

  1. Seaweed wrap (seaweed can be purchased at any pharmacy). He is considered the most effective. This form will improve your metabolism, get rid of cellulite and remove puffiness.
  2. Herbal wraps. It has a rejuvenating effect. During the procedure, the skin is smoothed, and the muscles relax.
  3. Wraps Slimming clay. Oxygenates the skin, removes toxins and waste products.
  4. Honey wrap. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  5. Chocolate wrap. It moisturizes the skin, reduces body fat and improves circulation.
  6. Wine wrap. It softens the skin, enhances cell regeneration and strengthens blood vessels.

 Slimming wrap

The rules of the household wraps

  • Before the procedure, it is best to take a bath with sea salt to clean the skin.
  • Before you spend wrap for weight loss need to also cleanse the skin by using a scrub to remove dead skin cells.
  • The mixture needs to be done to wrap thick, so it does not drip down from the body.
  • Never mix products of different manufacturers.
  • The mixture is applied to the body uniformly thick layer.
  • After applying the mixture, the body wrap several layers of plastic film to create a greenhouse effect.
  • If desired, you can further insulate with a thick blanket.
  • Time wraps for weight loss 20-60 minutes.
  • After allotted time should be carefully remove the tape and wash the mixture with warm water.
  • After a shower or bath, apply a nourishing cream on the body.
  • To achieve full visible effect necessary to 5-10 procedures. The frequency of 1 every 2 days.

Contraindicated wraps for weight loss when: varicose veins, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and various tumors, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, skin dermatitis, and kidney disease.

Recipes wraps

    Wrapping with blue clay

300 grams of blue clay to dissolve in an amount of warm water to result in a thick mass. Add a few drops of any essential oil. The mixture was put on the problem areas, wrap with foil and leave for 30 minutes.

    Seaweed Wrap

3 tablespoons of kelp Pour ½ liter of water. Wait when seaweed swell and drain excess water. The algae add 5 drops of citrus oil and 1 egg yolk. Apply to the skin, wrap and hold for 40 minutes.

    Honey wrap

A little warm up 5 tablespoons of honey, add the 5 drops of pine oil and stir. Time of the procedure 25-30 minutes.

    Chocolate wrap

200 grams of cocoa powder (without sugar) Pour ½ liter of hot water. Cool to 40 degrees and applied to the skin layer of 2-3 mm. Wrapped and wait 15 minutes.

    Herbal wraps

You can use infusions of sage, chamomile, calendula. 150 grams of any dry grass to fill in 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes. Add 3 tablespoons of honey. Fabric cotton moisten well with the mixture, put on the skin, from top to wrap the film. Hold for 45 minutes.

    Wine wrap

Pour boiling water ½ cup shredded kelp, let stand 30 minutes. Add ½ cup dry red wine 4 tablespoons black clay. All mix thoroughly, apply to problem areas and leave for 40-45 minutes.

All procedures wraps can be alternated with each other. A few of these treatments, you will notice a stunning effect: the skin becomes smooth and silky, the "orange peel" disappears and the volume will decrease.

 Wrap slimming at home. Combine business with pleasure

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