how to remove wrinkles on the forehead

Remember how you first spotted on his forehead first wrinkle? Surely you were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that on an absolutely clean, fresh face take yes and there was this nasty wrinkle! And how many years were you then? Thirty-five, twenty, maybe, fifteen? Do not be alarmed if your third option. Some wrinkles on the forehead may appear in ten years. It all depends on genetics and how emotional girl.

Although emotions - is not the only reason to settle for wrinkles on our foreheads. The reasons for the appearance of early wrinkles in this place is and the effect of direct sunlight on the skin, and poor vision (squinting, we strain the muscles of the forehead, forming folds), and, of course, aging. Looking at these reasons, it would seem that the wrinkles on the forehead - it is a necessary evil, which it is useless to deal with. But do not give up: there are enough ways of how to remove wrinkles on the forehead or even prevent their occurrence.

We are watching the facial expressions

First wrinkles hurrying appear on our forehead - mimic. They can "earn" even in a very young age, and give thanks for this is too emotional, mobile face. To avoid such troubles it is possible, you just have to closely monitor the facial expressions. It is not necessary permanent grimace, frown and squint - from your face that is guaranteed to acquire a couple of wrinkles on the forehead.

Try it while talking to look at yourself in the mirror - for example, in a telephone conversation with a friend. You'll enjoy seeing how to move the muscles in your face and under no emotion on his forehead wrinkles appear. As soon as you smile or laugh, there will be a horizontal line, get angry or scowling - vertical. Try to learn to control his facial expressions, it will help you avoid the appearance of early wrinkles.

We try not to squint

Another important reason for the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead - the habit of constantly squinting. Someone underestimates the importance of sunglasses and squints in the bright sun, and who is suffering from myopia and constantly screws up his eyes to something to consider. Go to the mirror and soschurtes the way you used to do it. What did you see? Many small wrinkles on the forehead. Now you can see for yourself that the "planting" them in the face, becoming visually over?

Prevention of wrinkles like it is no secret: just do not forget sunglasses, regularly check the vision in ophthalmology. It will be very nice if you put summer hat with a wide brim that will protect you from direct sunlight. So you stop and squint, and protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

 remove wrinkles from his forehead

To treat skin properly

It's no secret that each of us enjoys cosmetics in the hope of preserving the beauty and youth as long as possible. And the quality of the final result depends on cosmetics: it so happens that, using creams or underground overdue cheap products, we are doing a great harm to the skin. And even if the makeup is fresh and of excellent quality, it is necessary to choose according to your skin type and age category. It is known that oily skin wrinkles appear later than in the dry. However, if misused cosmetic skin of the forehead can be a "dry up", whereby it will be a lot of deep wrinkles.

Use moisturizers, do not neglect masks and lotions. And, of course, often do a facial massage is a great way to combat premature wrinkles, including those on the forehead. Of course, you can learn and self-massage, but a much larger effect you get when you visit a professional beautician. Believe me, it is not so much money, and absolutely every woman deserves to from time to time to trust yourself hand specialist. Better to save on something else: in the end, remove wrinkles will fall much more expensive than to prevent them.

Folk remedies for the fight against wrinkles on the forehead

No matter how good was a beautician and homemade masks that allow to improve the condition of our skin, it has not been canceled. Their advantage is that for best results do not have to go anywhere, to spend a lot of money and effort. Suffice it to look in the fridge and kitchen cupboard, to find all the necessary ingredients.

  • Mask made from rice flour with grapefruit help remove wrinkles from his forehead. Chop a small amount of rice in a coffee grinder, for the mask we need 1 tablespoon of such flour. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice (certainly not out of the box, and squeezed). This mixture can be applied not only on the forehead, but also on the entire face. Keep the mask for 3-5 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Suitable for all skin types.
  • The following mask is very simple to prepare all that is required for it - it's the yeast and milk. Yeast is very rich in vitamin B, and therefore have the ability to perfectly tone skin. It is best to buy the yeast is not in bags, but in the form of bricks (they are still selling at stops grandmother). Rub a small amount of yeast and add to milk them as long until a creamy mass. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
  • If wrinkles are just beginning to emerge, it will help the next lotion: Take 50ml of strawberry juice, fresh cucumber, alcohol and water. Add 0, 5g of salicylic alcohol. Get the lotion moisten a cotton pad and apply to problem areas for 10-15 minutes.

Remove wrinkles on the forehead is not easy, it is much easier to prevent their occurrence. However, such a formula is relevant to other aspects of life. In any event, carrying out the recommendations, if you can not get rid of, or at least reduce the depth of wrinkles, but it is not enough.

 Keeping youth: how to remove wrinkles on the forehead

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 how to do a French manicure House


  • Preparation to manicure
  • French manicure: stages of a "big way"

According to a popular TV host and editor of a fashion magazine L'Officiel Evelina Khromchenko "Neat woman always gets what woman can not achieve in a robe." And she, of course, right. But can you imagine a well-groomed woman without a good manicure? I think no. After all, a woman taking care of her appearance, is well aware that "spoil relations" with their hands in any case impossible. Otherwise, they may take revenge on cruel and at the worst possible moment to give your little secret - talk about your age. And think about the possibility of "treason" as early as possible.

Of course, hand care includes a range of measures - baths, creams, massage ... there are many ways to "treat" their hands. However, the final chord, of course, is a manicure. And believe me - to keep their hands in order, it is not necessary to run a day in a beauty salon. You can quite cope with this task on their own. Take, for example, so popular in recent years "french" ... How to Make a French manicure at home? It's very simple! All you need - a suitable set for manicure, a little time and a little patience.

Preparation to manicure

To neat manicure turned out, prior to its application should be carefully prepared hands. What is included in this training? First, of course, need to remove remnants of the old varnish. When choosing a nail polish remover is better to give preference to those that do not contain acetone. Fortunately, finding them is not difficult. This is especially important if you have brittle, dry nails. They are suitable formulations containing a variety of vitamins and oils. However, even if your nails are strong and robust, so why spoil them with acetone?

The next step - bath for hands. Do not feel sorry for this time - to do a manicure "dry" is not worth it. Tray will help soften the cuticle and you will be much easier to bring the hands in order. If the skin on your hands weathered, peeling or inflammation it has, the better to prepare for the bath some decoction. For example, the ideal oak bark or daisy - they soothe inflamed skin and have healing properties.

If problems with the skin of the hands is not, you can use lemon juice or sea salt. Lemon softens the cuticle, salt - strengthens nails. However, one can add water and a shower gel or liquid soap. Water, of course, should be hot - hands should be well steamed. Time the whole procedure takes a little - 5-7 minutes. Then gently dab hand cotton napkin.

Perhaps the most crucial moment - the removal of the cuticle. If you want to understand how to do a French manicure at home, so this step will not be able to miss for sure. The main thing is to determine what method you're going to do it. Two choices - cut and uncut. By the way, the classic French manicure usually edging. However, it is a matter of taste and habits.

If you are a fan of edging manicure, you need to pay special attention to the selection of the "correct" tool - it's not on anything worth saving. From it it depends very much. As a rule, there is a direct relationship between price and quality tool steel from which it is made. Dear scissors do not require sharpening and will serve you for a long time. Cheap You will not be able to use a couple of months. Yes, and "tear up" the delicate skin they are completely ruthless. Carefully cut the "dead" skin, trying to cut was smooth and even. Do not grab too much - the more you cut, the more quickly grow new skin and the rougher it is. If you still hand trembled, and you cut yourself - immediately disinfect the wound.

To make edging manicure, you'll need a special tool for softening cuticles. Apply it and leave it for two or three minutes. After your cuticle soften, gently move the skin to the base of the nail. For this procedure, you can use a special tool, included almost all manicure sets (he has a concave flat tip). However, trade experts believe that it is best to use wooden sticks.

After removing cuticles, take a nail file nails and give the desired shape. For a classic French manicure is usually chosen square or polukvadratnaya. Polish the nail plate special sawing-polisher. Well, now, the preparatory work completed. You can start the most important thing.

 how to make a beautiful French manicure

French manicure: stages of a "big way"

How to make a beautiful French manicure and what is needed?

In order to get it right, you will need:

  • special stencils;
  • white lacquer;
  • natural varnish - pink, peach or beige - colors;
  • white lacquer;
  • white pencil for the French manicure.

Coat the entire surface of the nail plate basecoat. It will help to hide all roughness and smooth the surface. In addition, it will prevent the composition from discoloration nails - exposed lacquer they often begin to turn yellow. Wait for the complete drying of the "base". To make sure that it has dried, you can gently tap the nail a wooden stick. We ate it does not stick - all right. But do not hurry up and wait for a few minutes - so much "sure."

How accurately do a French manicure? Use stencils! Perhaps it is - the most crucial and difficult stage. On how accurately you do it will depend on the final outcome. Glue the strips on the nails on the so-called "smile lines". This line divides the nail bed and the free edge of the nail. The strips will protect the part of the nail, which should not be painted white. Gently apply a white lacquer on the tip of each nail and let it dry. If desired, one can apply a second layer. Then carefully remove the stencil.

Take a white pencil for French manicure nail tip and handle on the inside. This will make nail polish more accurate. Coat the entire surface of the nail lacquer natural color. Typically, a solid color, but you can take a pink or transparent. Allow the coating to dry and apply a nail-hardener. With him this beauty will persist longer. Done. With such a manicure is not a shame to visit the theater, the disco ... but at least an appointment with the Queen of England. He will always be appropriate and suitable to any outfit. And most importantly, your hands will be very grateful.

 How to do a French manicure at home: simple rules

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