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As a rule, women caring for a person much more carefully than in the body. That's it - the face - designed the most expensive cream, the most nourishing masks and a variety of beauty treatments. A body gets much less attention. And the excuse is almost always the same - there is no opportunity to visit a variety of SPA-salons, home to all of these procedures are simply not enough time. Moreover, and money to various means to care a lot ... go

Well, that argument is, of course, significant. However, there is a will - there is always a way out. You may well be able to take care of your body from the comfort of home with minimal cost, if the "return to basics" - remember the popular recipes. Even professional cosmetologists say that regular skin care body of folk remedies is not worse and sometimes more effective than visiting stores. True, at first it was not bad to find out why there was a "massive disregard" for his own body.

In fact, this approach is quite understandable. After all taken care of in the first place, on the most defenseless. And the body, it seems to us for a variety of reasons, are protected. Firstly, the skin on the body so fine and delicate, as represented. This means that all unwanted changes to it starting to happen much later. Secondly, the body hidden under clothing, which protects it from the wind, sun, rain, and other troubles. Besides, this is the Clothes successfully hides almost all the minor flaws. It turns out that the body delivers much less cause for experiences ... until a certain time.

However, as one understands the man: "It is sad, but in ten years, fifteen, even the most beautiful women are older by five years." That is life. You should not wait until the day, looking at himself in the mirror, you suddenly realize that missed something very important. And your well-groomed, young face is not very "fit" with lost tone, sagging body skin. The saddest thing is that without proper care, "cup" does not pass, even those who lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Even trained, relief muscles will not be able to hide age, if the skin has lost its elasticity. And the constant diet does it not useful. So take care of your body, no less carefully than the person. Moreover, care should be the systematic and daily - emergency "manipulation", held two weeks before the planned vacation going. What is needed to our bodies? Yes, almost the same as the face - cleansing, periodic exfoliation of dead cells, hydration, nutrition. True, the means to care will be different. This is understandable - the skin after another, more "thick." So, for the face with it can not cope.


The main method of cleansing the skin - this is, of course, the daily shower

During this procedure, the skin washed away excess sebum, sweat and dirt. Do not make the water too hot - high temperatures are bad for the skin, drying it out. Throughout need moderation. During the "water treatment" is very useful to do a light massage. Take a brush or a loofah mitt shaggy and, starting with the feet in a circular motion work up. This massage removes dead skin cells and improve metabolism.

The claim that the soap and shower gel dry skin, it is not fair. Modern facilities include small enough alkali and well suited for everyday use, provided that you have oily or normal skin. Dry skin is best to use baby shower gels. You can also resort to the "half-measures" - lather "completely" in a day. And at other times use detergent only for the most "important" places - feet, genitals, armpits. However, there is another way - to make their own shower gel.

Gel "Oatmeal with honey." For its production need:

  • liquid soap base;
  • Shea butter;
  • sesame oil;
  • honey;
  • olive oil;
  • milk powder;
  • oatmeal;
  • sea ​​salt

Take about 50 grams of soap "base", put it in a glass bowl and add a teaspoon of oil of all kinds. All carefully stir. In order to better solutions may be to take another capacity - larger - fill it with hot water and put there your bowl. Now add a small spoon of honey and two - milk powder. Again stir. Then - all of oatmeal. Previously it is necessary to grind. Add two teaspoons. To oatmeal mixed better, you can use a mixer.

Well, the last ingredient - sea salt. It will make a thick gel. Salt should be quite a bit - half a teaspoon. If there was no sea salt - it does not matter, fit and regular food. In order to "entertain" their sense of smell can be added to gel oils or food flavorings. However, it is - a matter of taste. The gel is ready, you can apply: "Oatmeal, ma'am ...".

Another way to clear skin - this bath

Take a bath is not only pleasant but also very useful - this procedure normalizes metabolism, improves the blood supply and, besides, perfectly calms the nerves. The main thing is not to "overdo it" with the water temperature and the time of "lying down." The temperature should be above 36-37 degrees, and the time for the procedure - no more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, instead of the desired benefits will only harm. One more thing. For bathing is not recommended to use the tools that you wash in the shower. After all, they are designed for short-term impact - lather and wash off all at once. And what can be added to the water? There are a lot of interesting - and most importantly, useful! - Recipes.

  • "Sea wave"

All you need to feel at the resort - sea salt. On the need to take a bath, approximately 350 grams. Carefully dissolve it in water and dip it in a homemade "sea". These baths should be taken every other day. Within 10 sessions you will feel that the skin is smoothed and become elastic. Bath "Spicy". For its preparation will need 12-14 laurel leaves. Fill them with boiling water and let brew for half an hour. Then add the infusion in the filled bathtub and stir. These baths are very well calm the nervous system and relieve irritation and redness.

  • You want to feel like Cleopatra? Then you fit milk bath

According to legend, its very fond of Egyptian queen. To arrange a personal home "rivers of milk", you will need the honey and, of course, milk. Do not take a powder - nothing will. Ideal natural cow. If you - the "child of the metropolis" and buy natural milk you simply nowhere, you can replace it with "Mozhaisk." Pour into a bowl of one liter, add 300 grams of honey and mix thoroughly. Now we have to warm up a little bit and you can pour into the tub.

 folk remedies skin care body


However, in order to keep your skin always looked fresh and was in good shape, a simple cleansing is not enough. Therefore, proper skin care body necessarily involves deep cleaning - exfoliation. This procedure allows you to "throw off the old skin," which stimulates cell renewal. If you have dry skin, you do need to peel once a week. If fat - twice. How to properly use tool for peeling - scrub?

Apply the product is necessary to damp skin. Take a massage mitt, with a natural bristle brush or sponge. Gently apply the scrub on the body. Distribute it should be circular movements, moving from the bottom up. Beauticians recommend a specific sequence of application tools. First, "we understand" with his feet. Gently massage the first outside and then the inside surface of the right leg. Repeat the same with the left. Then go to the stomach and "treat" him from the bottom up. Then - right breast. Massaging should be starting from the underarm and moving to the upper chest. Repeat with the other breast. The skin on the abdomen and the chest is very delicate, so do not rub it too much. It is quite easy movements.

Then - hands. Finally, the spin. Back at first massaged also from the bottom up, and then on the sides, movements towards the spine. Pay special attention to "problem" places - feet, elbows, knees. If you have moles on the body or a wound - be very careful not to hurt them. Leave the scrub for five minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Gently pat the skin with a towel.

Can I make a scrub yourself? Of course. For example, here are some recipes:

  Scrub "the beat"

To cook it you need:

  • cinnamon;
  • coarse salt;
  • olive oil;
  • krupnorazmoloty black pepper.

Take the four large spoon large (better sea) salt and add to it half a teaspoon of all other ingredients. Stir gently and apply to the skin. This scrub is especially good for first-class athletes - thanks pepper and cinnamon enhanced effect of sessions.

Scrub "Orange"

This tool is perfect for those who are struggling with cellulite.

You will need:

  • orange;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • olive oil.

Take five large spoons of salt and mix it with one teaspoon of olive oil. Wash the orange and rub it - without removing the skin - on a coarse grater. All the mix again, put on the body and leave for 5-6 minutes. Rinse with cool water should be.

Scrub "Coffee"

For the preparation you will need

  • sour cream;
  • honey;
  • olive oil;
  • ground coffee.

Oil, honey and sour cream are taken in the same proportion - one tablespoon. Coffee will need four tablespoons. Then as usual - mix and apply on the skin.

 proper skin care body

Hydration & Nutrition

Each time the water treatment - and, of course, after peeling - the skin, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. Make them, too, can own. There are some very simple popular recipes. East lotion. Take 100 ml of orange, lemon or grapefruit juice and put it in a water bath. Add 100 ml. honey and the same vegetable oil. It is best to use olive or almond. Stir, let cool and apply on the skin.

The lotion of rose petals


  • rose petals;
  • baking soda;
  • glycerol;
  • lime juice.

You will need 50 grams of leaves. Just do not use shopping rose - in their cultivation and storage of chemicals used too much of that, of course, will not benefit your skin. Flowers need to be environmentally friendly - it is best to put them on the site. Pour hot water colors - will be enough to take 500 ml. - Bring to a boil and boil for about five minutes. Give the rose water to cool, add a small spoonful of baking soda, stir.

To prepare the lotion takes only 5 large spoonfuls of the funds received. By the rose water, add three large tablespoons of lime juice and two - glycerol. The lotion is ready. Incidentally, it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator, however, if desired, can be made, and it is more. The rest rose water also goes to the cause - pour it into a spray bottle and spray on your skin after a shower.

Cream "Advanced"

The basis of this cream will make your regular body lotion. Additional ingredients - cream of the biggest fat. These components are taken in the ratio 2: 1. That is, the two parts of cream must take one - cream. All carefully mix and apply, towel-dried, the body immediately after bathing or showering. To prepare such cream is necessary prior to application - it is very perishable.

Of course, the modern beauty industry is not standing still and, if desired, to choose and buy any cosmetic product is not difficult. But what if people's skin care products are not worse than the body? However, to decide, of course, you. This is - a matter of taste. The main thing, no matter what - homemade or bought-- means you choose to use it, not to forget that the body skin needs care. A little time, a little bit of attention, and your body will always be well-groomed. This means that you can be proud of him for many, many years.

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