how to get rid of hair on his hands

Until a few decades ago, anyone in the head would not come to seriously discuss the issue of how to get rid of hair on your hands. Girls and women with vegetation in their hands - and not very noticeable - this fact was considered completely natural and does not require any correction. There was even an old sign: if the girls at the hands of thick hair - then marry rich. Is it any wonder that instead of complexes about their "lack", winner of excessive vegetation on their hands quietly rejoiced in his happiness, and proud of this feature!

Another thing - our time. Now, in an era of prosperity hair removal and waxing, the hair anywhere on the body of a woman, except that the head are considered indecent. Women online forums seething with indignation at the first hint that someone of girls like their hairy arms. "What a nightmare, it's a monstrosity! "- Shouted angry blyustitelnitsa absolute smoothness. But what men think on this occasion? Here are some excerpts from the various forums devoted to the discussion of the topic:

  • If a girl is blonde, then no problem - at the hands of virtually nothing unnoticed. But if the hair on his hands, like a horseman, the better it is somehow correct.
  • Earlier, too, I hated the hair at the hands of girls, but then I noticed one thing: The more hair, the more passionate and sexy she was in bed, and vice versa. Now select only those whose hands are covered with hair.
  • If the light fuzz on the body - it is not at all worried. But if the "jungle", it is a disaster!

So what we conclude? Those girls who have hair light and subtle, is unlikely to seriously wondering how to get rid of hair on your hands. In the end, if the point is to please a man, then remove the hair on his hands does not necessarily - as we can see from the above presented remarks, smooth hairless hands for them is not a panacea. But those who are not lucky and in whose arms adorn the thick dark hair, will have to think seriously about how to faster and easier to part with this vegetation

Hair removal without the pain

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of the hair on his hands - razor. This is the quickest and least painful option, other types of hair removal does not give the most pleasant sensations. That's only drawbacks for such a method of removing a lot more than the pros. Well, it is not accepted in today's society, a girl with spiky hands go! And the fact that the handle "slaughtered" a couple of days, no doubt does not matter. Not only that, the hair starts to grow very quickly, so instead of more delicate, smooth skin you get a "sandpaper". And what will be the reaction of a male on a "touching" a touch?

Alas, the only way to avoid such troubles can be a daily shave. Imagine, oil painting: every morning you argue with her boyfriend, who was the first shave in the mirror - it is the person, or you hand! Br-rr ... So you'd better set aside a minute a razor for other, more suitable cases and think about how to get rid of unwanted hair on the hands of a different way.

By the way, razor - not only painless method to combat hair on their hands: there is also a depilatory cream. All you need to do - put the cream on the skin, wait a few minutes and rinse with annoying hairs. This procedure does not require you to any time-consuming or painful experiences because of the pain experienced. Here are just a method of hair removal works on different people in very different ways. Someone really possible to get rid of the hair on the hands of virtually all after two or three such procedures. And someone complains that after depilation cream hair to grow not only stopped, but become thick, thick and black. Well, in addition, there is a risk of allergic reactions of your body to a substance included in the cream. So, before you suffer the similar tool - make sure that it is safe for you.

 how to get rid of unwanted hair on the hands

Hair Removal: painful, but stay happy

Electric depilatory - the perfect remedy for a long time to forget about that and are on the hands hair. Due to the fact that the hairs are pulled out with the root, you do not have to deal with their disposal too often. With each procedure unpleasant hairs will become smaller and thinner. And if you are afraid of the problem of "ingrown hairs" (this happens after depilation feet), your experiences in vain: at the hands of the hair does not grow after the removal. This means that you can avoid, and "red spots" on the skin caused by your efforts to remove these harmful hairs. So feel free to take up depilatory and use it to health.

The only disadvantage of this method of getting rid of hair - it's painful. Every woman has a pain threshold: for someone to process instant plucking hairs may even be pleasant and remind tickling, but for most the pain is so strong that it seems very real torture. What can I say, beauty demands victims.

In addition to electric, you can use depilatory and wax strips - they will cope with the problem of unwanted hair on the hands, making you forget about the problem for a long time. It is also quite painful option - skin on the hands is very thin and sensitive. But if you decide on this method - do not worry: after a few treatments skin sensitivity decreases and you can tear strips without tears and silent cries.

Those who do not trust the methods of hair removal and waxing, in principle, it may be advisable to clarify the hair on her arms. In this case, all the horror stories about what chemical staining spoils the hair structure, making them thin and lifeless, you will only benefit. Once your thick black hair on his hands turn into a light harmless fluff, all the complexes and worries about the "imperfections hands" will disappear by themselves. And even if you get rid of the hair on the hands of all you do not succeed, then you are the loser will not stay: with such smooth hands did not seem ashamed on the beach in summer and winter in the office. No one would think of what your hands look "like something is wrong," blond hair completely invisible tolerated in our strict time smooth hairless body.

 How to get rid of unwanted hair on the hands

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 Cream of stretch marks after giving birth


  • Early treatment
  • Right choice
  • Peeling
  • Discipline
  • Do not harm the child
  • You want to do something good - do it yourself

Every woman wants to not only the strong family and healthy children, but still wants to be beautiful, no matter what. Pregnancy and childbirth are often subjected to this dream at risk, because the hormonal disruptions and dramatic weight gain is still no one painted. Especially women suffer from stretch marks after giving birth. And they loved the ugly strip, ran to the whole body? The more that get rid of them is very, very difficult. As a rule, for this purpose we used a cream for stretch marks to be applied to the body, not only during pregnancy but also after birth. But not every woman knows what it is to use a cream to stretch marks do not appear. So we decided to focus on this issue in detail whiter.

Early treatment

Look at my mother and grandmother. If they have on the body, a host of stretch marks after giving birth, then you are likely to face the same fate. Therefore the cream to improve elasticity of the skin you just need. Moreover - treatment should be started in advance rather than after the first signs of skin stretching. Many mothers ignore this rule, and then are surprised that the imported vehicle does not help, and purple bands still "decorate" their body. In fact, everything is simple. As to the proverb, where the spoon is good for dinner, and here. The problem is easier to prevent than later to spend a lot of time and effort on its elimination. But do not be distracted from the problem of stretch marks.

Right choice

Do not buy the first cream that will advise you tired pharmacist. Also, do not need to rely on the opinions of many friends who have had postpartum faced with having to deal with stretch marks. The best remedy for stretch marks will write you a doctor, based on knowledge of the characteristics of your skin. Each of us is unique. Therefore, to the choice of drugs should be approached individually and responsibly. You do not have to ask to recommend a cream cheaper (even if your financial situation is poor), you do not just want a beautiful body, but also the health of children, right? A cheap creams can contain harmful for the child components. Therefore, we recommend not to save money on your health and the baby to opt for higher quality cream. Especially as a result you get probably the most favorable, if you use this cream.

It is better if the cream for stretch marks will contain retinol. This component is most often included in the creams for the face to improve skin elasticity. And if you have not had time to buy a cream for stretch marks, can be used for the care facility that is usually applied to the face. The only drawback in this case is the high price of such a procedure. After all, an ordinary face cream more expensive means of stretching, as designed to cover a smaller area. As for retinol, it is intended to produce collagen in the skin, which is very important both during pregnancy and after birth, as in the first case, the body suffers an enormous weight gain, and the second can not cope with its sharp decline. Hence, sagging skin, stretch marks and flabby.

The result of retinol can be seen six weeks after use, so do not tune in to instant results and do not dispose of the cream after the first week of use, explaining his choice by the fact that "it does not work."

 good cream for stretch marks after giving birth


However, if you scored during pregnancy pampering and allowed the appearance of stretch marks, the standard cream really does not help. The fact that its composition can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where stretch marks occur. But the cream of stretch marks can eliminate itching and dry skin, which is also important young mother.

As for the problems after the birth you will have to solve it is particularly active. And it should be done with the help of exfoliation. This is standard procedure, during which exfoliating particles gradually eliminate the skin surface. By the way, the composition of the peeling and without significance. Therefore, choosing an exfoliating cream, pay attention to it included almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin and wheat germ oil. If during skin care after childbirth bothers you a little itchy, it means that you do not have enough moisture. Apply a new layer of cream after peeling or exfoliating procedure postpone until next time.


Very often young mothers spend fabulous sums on a cream for stretch marks, but after a few days use of forget about it or reduce body care to a minimum. Understand, if the instruction is written, that means must be applied to the skin at least twice a day, any deviation from the schedule can be reduced to a minimum effect. And stretch marks on the body will not because you did not help the cream, and because of your negligence. We understand that childbearing - is, of course, work. And after the birth time it is not even something to look at themselves in the mirror. But if you want to be beautiful, put the cream on the stretch near the toothpaste and do not be lazy to use it.

Do not harm the child

We have already said that the derivatives of vitamin A can harm the baby in the womb. However, the list of creams, prohibited not only for pregnant women, but also for nursing women, much more. It makes no sense to list all the components that should not contain your cream for stretch marks. The easiest way to carefully examine the packaging means before buying. The manufacturer is required to write a warning, if the cream is really harmful to nursing mothers. Hazardous components can be absorbed along with the cream into the body and into the mother's milk, and then - in the fragile body of the child. So be careful. After all, you are now responsible not only for themselves but also for their baby. Incidentally, it is worth mentioning yet another omission that allow young mothers. They do not look on the package shelf life of the cream. A expired goods can cause no less harm than the wrong composition of the funds.

 Valuable cream for stretch marks after giving birth

You want to do something good - do it yourself

After reading the article, many pregnant women may be afraid to use a pharmaceutical cream for stretch marks after giving birth. This is not entirely correct. But if you really panicky afraid to hurt your baby, then offer a few recipes cream that can do the most. Moreover, all the recipes are absolutely harmless and are suitable after childbirth and during pregnancy.

Option number 1

  • Shilajit (natural, rather than tablets) - 2 grams;
  • Boiled water - 1 tsp;
  • Baby cream - 1 tube.

Preparation: mummy dissolved in a tablespoon of water, mixed with a children's cream. Apply after delivery to the damaged areas, morning and evening. After use store in a cool place.

Option number 2

  • Olive oil - 0, 5 cups;
  • Aloe - 0, 5 cups;
  • The oil solution of vitamin E - 10 drops.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients. The resulting mixture waft 2 times per day. Store olive cream in the fridge.

Option number 3

  • Cocoa butter - 0 5 glass;
  • Almond oil - 0, 25 cups;
  • Vitamin E - 2 tablespoons;
  • Lavender essential oil - 10 drops;
  • Chamomile essential oil - 10 drops.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients, put in a warm place for 2 hours (the cream of the present). Apply 2 times a day. Keep refrigerated.

I would like to conclude the article by saying that soon all of your extensions will last. Unfortunately, this is not so, and many women have to put up with their presence until the end of days. However, think for yourself, it's not the only thing that nature gave you after birth? Together with your child appeared extensions, which (we believe) - a real miracle. Do not you think that stretch marks on the body - this is a modest price for the right to be a mother?

 Cream of stretch marks after giving birth

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