how to fight cellulite

Did you know that most women still believe that cellulite - a disease? What toxins and bad environment are to blame for the appearance of "orange peel" on the hips and waist? However, nothing surprising in this: for several decades, numerous media suggest panic on poor women, will start calling "treatment". However, cellulite - is innocent cosmetic defect, absolutely safe for health. Although for many women, it does not matter whether or not the disease is the main thing that the skin on the thighs was perfectly soft and smooth, like a movie star of the TV. Someone's coming for salvation in a beauty salon, and someone looking for a recipe for how to deal with cellulite at home.

Who "invented" cellulite?

A few centuries ago, and no woman had not occurred to worry about bumps on the skin. All the greatest artists of the past, drawing beautiful ladies could embellish their faces and age, but bumps on thighs and buttocks loomed just with maniacal precision. Is it because they considered them beautiful? Take a look at the work of Rubens, Titian, Kustodiev in the end. Their paintings represented the female body in all its glory, without hiding a single bumps on the skin below the waist.

Throughout the history of mankind female style of lovely ladies let bare neck, shoulders, arms, and even the chest (at least most of it). But all that was below, was chastely hidden lots of skirts of all styles and sizes. That is why the women of the time and did not confuse the existence of tubercles on the thighs: all their attention is focused on the skin of those body parts that were visible.

In the twentieth century, the ladies began to publicly expose their bodies: there were dresses open later - separate bathing suits, mini skirts. On wide screens began to appear naked actress and model, displayed in public what was hidden before: a woman's body below the waist. The standard of beauty have become a slim girl with an absolutely smooth, clean skin, without any signs of cellulite.

Hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world began to seek the help of beauticians, look for recipes on how to deal with cellulite at home. So was born the era of the "fight against orange peel"

 how to deal with cellulite during pregnancy

Causes of Cellulite

First of all, let's understand what a "cellulite" and for some reason it appears on the skin. "Cellulite - cosmetic problems caused by structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer" (Wikipedia). Approximately the same treatment in different dictionaries. Note that a word that is a disease that requires immediate treatment!

Causes of Cellulite - different, that's the most basic of them:

  • Genetic predisposition. Like it or not, and if my mother and grandmothers had similar problems, and you are at risk.
  • Overweight. Here, everything is clear: violations of fat metabolism and lead to the notorious "orange peel"
  • Malnutrition. If you eat fatty, salty, sugary foods in unreasonable amounts, your body simply does not have time to strengthen such important metabolic processes by which the skin becomes smooth and elastic.
  • The disadvantage of liquid. Everyone knows that people in the seventy percent water, and the water that it helps rid the body of salt. With its lack of metabolic products accumulate, making the skin sagging and inelastic.
  • Alcohol and smoking. Surprised? Alcohol delays in the body fluid, and smoking contributes to oxygen starvation. With regular use of these hazards, the hormones in the body, "sounding the alarm" and try to save the situation: send the toxins in the least dangerous places - namely in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks. Now you understand that the relationship between cellulite and addictions most direct?
  • Lack of physical activity. What better way to normalize the metabolism and "burn" the accumulated fat? That's right, move more. What happens to those who spend days sitting at home, staring at the computer, there's no such thing as a "sport"? And they were sad to see their view of cellulite in the mirror.
  • Narrow clothes. Unfortunately, modern fashion can not be called comfortable: Women prefer a narrow, tight clothes. Of course, in most cases, it is beautiful, but the blood circulation in problem areas slows down, there is a swelling of the tissues. And is not the reason for the appearance of cellulite?

Cellulite During Pregnancy

Believe me, you can name a lot of causes of cellulite: it is a variety of diseases, and walking in high heels, and stress, and even improper breathing. But most of all cellulite appears in pregnant women. In addition to health care and the full development of the baby, moms care about questions of their own health and attractiveness. And how could it be otherwise, because after the birth of a child wants to be beautiful and sexy. And so the question of how to deal with cellulite during pregnancy is quite natural.

First of all, it is advisable to postpone the anti-cellulite creams and lotions. They need to be rubbed into the skin, it can cause a rush of blood to the pelvic organs. Better efficiently use soap and a washcloth in the shower and rub the problem areas are not too intense. In general, the best means to combat cellulite during pregnancy - a proper diet, refusal of heels and tight clothes, reasonable physical activity. After all, the absence of these items and gives rise to irregularities in the skin as in pregnant women, and ordinary women.

Honey massage against cellulite

In order to ensure that your skin has become supple, reduce body fat and improve skin tone. And best of all to cope with this problem, honey massage. Its main value is that it removes from the body toxins, and smoothness of the skin can be seen in two or three sessions. And no less important is the fact that honey massage can do itself, without resorting to specialists.

So, for effective massage we need two tablespoons of pure honey nezasaharennogo. Apply warm honey on the hips and tummy, evenly distributing the amount. After a while, your hands will stick, hands need to smoothly detach and re-attach to the body. Soon you will begin to notice the palms nasty gray mass - do not worry, these are the toxins and wastes that you are "pulled" out of your body. Occasionally rinse hands and continue to massage. Do not make it longer than ten to fifteen minutes for the first time, because this is related to massage strong enough pain. However, if you decide to go through the entire course - ten or twelve sessions is already the third time the pain will be felt much less.

Do not forget that honey massage has contraindications: allergic to honey, fragility of blood vessels, bronchial asthma, diabetes, mental illness.

 how to deal with cellulite at home

Sports against cellulite

In general, any physical activity - be it fitness, cycling, hiking - to help fight all signs of cellulite. But there are a number of special physical exercises aimed at combating annoying "orange peel". Paying these exercises for twenty minutes a day, and you do not have time to notice how lost not only the cellulite, but extra weight that prevent you from living.

  1. Stand with your back to the wall, put his feet shoulder width apart. Leaning against the wall whole body, slide down as deep as you can. When straightening strain muscles of the thighs.
  2. Prone position, feet on a low stool. Raise and lower the pelvis, straining the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.
  3. Prone position, legs bent at the knees, heels pressed together. Slowly pull your feet up, draws back.
  4. Prone position, outstretched legs raised up. Slowly vaults and tamper with the legs in this position.
  5. Prone position, the foot is one foot on the other knee, the heel rests on a free chair. Raise and lower the pelvis.
  6. Squatting - one of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and thighs. Start with fifteen or twenty sit-ups, gradually bringing the number up to a hundred, two hundred pyatisesyati.
  7. Waking up in the morning and at night before going to sleep in bed do the following exercise: Lift taller legs and leaned them against the wall a few minutes. It stimulates circulation and prevents the appearance of cellulite.

Orange against the "orange peel"

In the fight against cellulite, do not forget about proper, balanced diet. That it will help to avoid unnecessary fat and exclude the possibility of bumps on the skin. Secret anti-cellulite diet is not: to give up fried, smoked, sweet and salty in favor of low-fat, rich in vitamins and other nutrients products.

Especially good in the fight against orange peel various fruits and vegetables - they should be about two-thirds of your daily diet. You will not believe, but a wonderful citrus orange is an excellent tool in the fight against the "orange peel". Just enter in the habit of daily consumption of one orange a day and your cellulite drastically decrease the chances of existence.

Keep yourself in shape, fight the "orange peel" skin all available methods, but do not become a "victim of cellulite." Perhaps this problem except you, no one notices. You know, as a joke?

Husband (thoughtfully) -Honey, and you have this ... as it is ... Cellulite?
Wife (straining) Yeah ...
Husband (pricked) -And still something my beauty is! ..

 How to fight cellulite?

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