Facial Cleansing Home

Beautiful, every woman wants to be. And since childhood. Little girl trying on her mother's delight with shoes and clothes, tangling in the long hem and stumbling heels. Over time, trying to become attractive become more successful. Shoes fit, clothes are bought for fashion. Take care of women and the state of their skin. Still would! After all, what high heels no matter, no matter how slim figure, but well-groomed person is guaranteed to spoil the whole picture. Moreover, in order to fix the condition of the skin, face creams alone will not be enough. A more thorough ultrasonic cleaning persons who carry out professional beauticians in beauty salons.

But what if a woman is not possible to make an appointment to the beautician? Because there are all sorts of situations - and life and financial. Then will face cleaning the house. And to do it will not beauticians and yourself. How exactly? Who will teach.

Face Cleansing

Any cosmetic procedure performed on clean face. So first of all milk and wash with a special gel. After that, apply on your face a little scrub and massage skin lightly. It is important that the grain in cosmetics are not too large, otherwise you will injure the skin. It is advisable to use a scrub to clean do not shop, and homemade. The more that make it easier than ever. You need to separate the coffee grounds to the usual sour cream mushy state. Everything is ready to scrub, you can use! But the use of the coffee scrub have to give women whose skin is prone to irritation. They can be put on the face mask, the film, which also cleanses the skin and prepares it for cleaning. Once your skin is smooth and silky, wipe the face tonic.

 ultrasonic cleaning person at home


Now we have to open the pores. The beauty parlor is accompanied by ultrasonic cleaning hardware rasparivaniem skin. House for these purposes, you can use an ordinary pot, towel and herbs. This herbal tea should be chosen according to your skin type. For a fat suit horsetail and camomile, for dry and sensitive - tarragon, rosemary and yarrow. Boil in a saucepan herbal, remove from heat, cool slightly. But remember that couples should stay. It will help us to reveal the pores.

Sit down. Take a comfortable position. Leaning over a saucepan, cover head with a towel. Make sure that under your homemade dome did not get air. You should breathe only herbal steam. Two minutes later, the person starts to sweat. This is exactly what we need. A 15-minute steam bath every pore on your face will open and be ready to clean. However, we want to warn you: during the steaming can not rub the face with a towel, so you do injure your skin. Therefore, if the sweat is flowing too liberally, gently pat it with a towel and continue the procedure.


Well, we come to the most important stage of cleansing the face. Before you do it, it is advisable to wipe the face of three percent hydrogen peroxide. That you are preparing to face "spring cleaning." Next on the schedule:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water. Rub the palm of alcohol.
  2. Wrap forefingers on a sterile bandage, gauze creating a so-called caps.
  3. Gently and gradually squeeze the wall of the sebaceous glands on both sides of the index finger. Your task - to squeeze out the grease tube from the excretory ducts.
  4. During the procedure you need to wipe face three percent hydrogen peroxide. This will help remove flakes to make skin more loose and disinfect it. However, do not use alcohol lotions. They are intended for the drying of the skin and pores contraction, so just make it difficult to clean.
  5. Remove from the skin comedones (the so-called black dots) is possible by means of shaving cream. Thoroughly whisk the foam and apply it to those areas of the skin that hit the black acne. Rub it in person so that the soapy substance has penetrated deep into the pores. After that, take a bone or wooden knife, wrap it with gauze and tightly pressed to the skin, perform strong movements in the face. The intensity of pressing allows to squeeze the suds out of the pores, and with it the remnants of fat.

 how to make a skin treatment at home

Care after cleaning

After all the grease tube removed, cleaned pores, the skin is necessary to reassure. Apply on face mask tightens pores, and leave to dry. Then wipe the skin lotion on alcohol.

For the hasty girls or young mothers whose child is guaranteed to not let rest for half an hour, there are a couple of other recipes for skin cleansing. Here at home facial cleansing will take place in two or even three times faster than usual. Intrigued? Read, write:

The first recipe

Soap shaving cream diluted with three percent hydrogen peroxide. Beat in a strong lather, apply on face. After that, the skin (on top of the foam) put salt "Extra." Leave to dry, then rinse with warm water. Cosmetologists say that such a simple way to help cleanse your skin at home is not worse than it makes ultrasonic cleaning. Of course, this does not mean that you can now ignore the office beautician and ultrasound as a skin cleanser. Not at all. Just as rapid cleaning this method is fine.

The second recipe (for owners of oily skin with comedones)

  1. Within 10 minutes to steam the face with the help of herbal steam baths.
  2. Then about a minute to rub into the skin of a soap solution.
  3. Wash off the soap with hot water.
  4. Again, to make a steam bath for the face. At this time the skin to steam for 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe face swab dipped in a five per cent hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Next - another herbal steam bath for the face.
  7. Wash your face with cold water and rub a mixture of water and vinegar (1: 1).

That's the whole secret to beautiful skin. Quality cleaning, whether ultrasound or make it at home, it helps little face shine with cleanliness and grooming, and you - from the pride in their appearance.

 Face cleaning the house? There is nothing easier!

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 remove double chin

You know the old anecdote: "My mother in law has finally got rid of the double chin! True, the first jaw is now immediately transferred to the third .... "? Alas, alas, a double chin is not only in jokes involving thick-law, but also on the faces of quite a young and lovely ladies. Moreover, not necessarily overweight, to this unpleasant defect hoisted on your face. Remove double chin dream and thin persons, very young and attractive girl.

What can we say about the ladies "in years", full-bodied, or those who have broken hormones? They are at risk and may get a bad gift in the form of a double chin. And in fact it visually enhances the face oval, making it unattractive and disproportionate. I remember an old story, when a famous movie star, posing in front of photographers, assistant team heard: "Chin up .... And the second is also "

If you think that the only way once and for all get rid of this problem - the surgeon's knife, you clear a pessimist. Believe me, there are many ways to remove the double chin outside medical clinics. Of course, home methods require much more time and effort than the "cut-and-forget" the surgeon, but it's cheaper, and much safer. It's no secret that any surgery - is a serious risk to your health, and plastic surgery is not an exception.

What we need to quickly get rid of a double chin? Let's drop the clear recommendation in this case, "lose weight" and move on to other, more realistic methods. First, you need to stop being lazy and start acting, taking the "rescue of drowning" in their hands. And secondly, it is necessary to introduce a rule to conduct daily special exercises for the face, periodically feeding the skin problem areas homemade masks and lotions.

 remove double chin

Gymnastics face against double chin

So let's start with a wonderful gym that will help us to quickly get rid of the hated double chin and make the shape of the face clear and attractive.

  1. Lie on your back, lift your head so you can see your feet. This exercise gives you a super-effect, it tightens the jaw line and neck muscles. But those who have back problems or heart disease, the exercise will cause quite discomfort.
  2. Sit back, put your elbows on the table so that the chin lay on hands. Now somknite teeth, tighten the muscles of the chin, pushing it forward. In this position, snapped his fingers under the chin thirty or forty times. If you regularly carry out this exercise, it is very fast and forget to think about what you once had a double chin.
  3. Stand up straight, hold hands and shoulders to maintain them at a time when the struggling neck stretches upwards. Exercise should last no less than ten seconds to perform should be six or seven times.
  4. Another simple way to remove excess chin - like five or six minutes with a thick book on his head. If the you try to straighten your shoulders and pull the neck, you will not only get rid of double chin, but also will become a happy owner of a regal bearing.
  5. Periodically, "sing" the letter "i", "y", the most severely straining the muscles of the lower face and neck. Doing this exercise can be even now, during the reading of the text. And do not worry about the opinions of others: do eventually get used to!
  6. Sit back, shoulders squared. Attach a fist to the chin and try to lift it by them, at the same time resisting the pressure. Keep your muscles tense for at least ten seconds and repeat eight to ten times.
  7. Imagine that your chin is suspended from suffering a heavy load and you need to pick it up, they say, "no hands". Tighten the muscles in the T-zone of the face and neck, stay in this position for ten seconds. This exercise will also need to be repeated six or seven times.
  8. Zaprokinte head back and pull the lower jaw forward and upward. And now make such a move, if you want to get the lower lip to the nose. Note the time of maximum muscle tension for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise five or six times.

 How to remove a double chin

We remove a double chin with the help of herbal medicine

The problem of double chin will be resolved fairly quickly, if you decide to combine exercises for people with phytotherapy. We offer the following recipes:

  1. Mask of garden mint. Brew mint leaves boiled water in a ratio of one to three. Three minutes later, put the mixture in a cool place, in process of cooling evenly apply a thick cloth and apply to the problem area. Keep the mask to twenty minutes.
  2. Fresh nettle leaves chop and pour the vodka, put in a dark place and leave for ten days. Infusion of strain, dilute with two tablespoons of boiling water. Use as a lotion, rubbing the chin and neck.
  3. Steam bath from linden flowers. Brew three tablespoons of lime blossom in three liters boiling water. If you have dry skin, then sit on the ferry no more than five minutes if the fat - fifteen minutes. After the procedure, wash with warm water and apply to the face and chin any nourishing mask.

As you can see, there are many ways to remove a double chin. When the integrated use of these methods, you will get not only fast, but also long-term result. And let someone laughs at jokes about thick-law with a lot of chins - something you certainly will be able to quietly look in the mirror, admiring the perfect contour of your face.

 How to remove a double chin

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