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Women's hands can tell a lot - about hobbies, lifestyle and even profession. And most importantly, they sometimes reveal secrets to outsiders, which you would prefer to remain silent - for example, to tell tell everyone about your age. Agree, such frankness is not always necessary and appropriate. Is it possible to silence this uncompromising "pravdolyubits"? Of course, such methods have. But in return, "blackmailer" require you to care, love and attention - will have to take care of regularly, not sporadically.

However, to be honest, your hands are quite worthy of careful treatment. After all, they do all the hardest work - wash, cook, clean, "dig" in the garden and do a million different things all. And that they have contact with different - not at all helpful - household cleaning products. Of course, this is reflected in their state. Nail care hands, and most of the skin, will not take you much time and does not require any special effort. Everything is quite simple. Just do all these procedures should be regularly.

Let's start from the beginning - how to properly wash their hands. It would seem a simple question. Even at an early age my mother taught us that it is necessary to wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water. And it's certainly right. After all, in the hands of the accumulated huge amount of bacteria and various disease-causing bacteria. However, frequent contact with water is not going to benefit any skin or nails. Therefore, you should try to "minimize losses".

For example, do not make the water too hot or cold. Hot water dries out strongly and degreasing hands. Cold - leads to the fact that the skin starts to peel off and becomes rough. Ideal - room temperature water. To wash is better to use a special gel with a neutral pH balance. As a rule, a part of these funds include special material not only cleanses the skin but also to care for her, protecting from drying out.

However, not always ordinary soap can cope with pollution and return the arms white. For example, in the process of cleaning vegetables nails and hands darkened, and wash them by conventional means is impossible. To cope with this problem will help ordinary lemon. Cut into slices and gently wipe them skin and nails. No lemon? Suitable citric acid or vinegar. Simply soak a cotton tamponchik - all dark spots well away.

Ingrained into the skin of dirt, rest after working in the garden or the garden, wash with plain soap is also likely to fail. But do not worry. There is a little trick. Prepare a soapy solution, then add a large spoonful of sugar. The skin is clean and soft. After any contact with water, hands should be thoroughly dry. Otherwise can appear burrs.

And of course, do not forget about the special nourishing cream - without the proper care for your hands and nails is not possible. It is necessary to use them on a daily basis, regardless of the season. Usually, such formulations contain herbal extracts, nutritional oils, vitamins and glycerol. If a suitable cream at hand was not, it is quite possible to do it yourself. For this you will need:

  • honey
  • butter
  • herbs (plantain, calendula, series, chamomile)

Take one large spoonful of each herb and place them in a thermos. Pour a glass of hot water and allow to stand for six hours. Then add 50 grams of butter and 1-2 tablespoons of honey. Mix thoroughly. Store the resulting composition should be refrigerated. After the first two or three applications, you will notice that the skin was soft and smooth.

Equally effective and honey cream. To cook it you need:

  • egg yolk
  • honey
  • oat flour

Take one egg yolk, add a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon - oatmeal. Mix and rub the mixture into the hands. This cream perfectly smoothes and nourishes the skin. How to properly use it? Here, too, has its own tricks.

When applying the cream - it does not matter, "purchased" or homemade - very useful to do a light massage. Take a little cream and apply it on the hands carefully distributed over the entire surface. Gentle movements, from the center to the sides, massage your hands. Pay attention to each finger, "treating" it first from the outside, and then on the sides. Rub your wrist and bend between the thumb and forefinger.

 Care of hands and nails

Baths and masks for hands

Care of hands and nails includes additional procedures - a variety of masks and baths. Take the time to make a little "treat" their "true assistants." Moreover, it is not necessary to attend to this salon. Prepare all the care products you will be able, using the conventional products. Therefore, the costs will be minimal.

  • The oil bath

In order to soften the skin of hands and return its elasticity, you can prepare an oil bath. Take two quarts of warm water, add the two large tablespoons vegetable (preferably olive) oil. Dip your hands into the water and hold them there 25-30 minutes. Then blot with a towel. This procedure is recommended daily for 15 days as well. If needed, the course can be repeated after one month. And if the skin is greatly coarsened, it is possible to do without water. Just a little heat the oil and dip your hands in the tub 20 minutes then gently wipe with a clean cloth. Rinse the oil with water is not recommended - the effect is not the same.

  • Tray with starch

If your hands are cracks or roughened corn, you will help bath of starch. In one liter of warm water you need to take one spoonful of starch. Hold your hands in water for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under the tap. Apply a nourishing cream. You can cook and another "miracle" means. It will also help to cope with the rough skin and return your hands tenderness and softness. To this must be mixed in equal proportions whey juice and sauerkraut. After the procedure, be sure to grease the hand cream.

  • Potato Mask

Of course, nail care and hand skin and involves the use of different masks. For example, such. Mask "potato". Despite its simplicity, it is considered to be probably one of the most effective. Preparing elementary - in fact, probably, in the world there is no woman who does not know how to cook mashed potatoes. It's all the same. Boil two or three medium sized potatoes, mash them and add milk. Allow to cool a little weight - so as not burned - and apply on your hands. Hold up until the potatoes will not quite cold. Then rinse with water.

  • Mask "Cabbage"

Take two sheets of white cabbage and rub them on a fine grater. Break off a small piece of banana, mash it with a fork and mix with cabbage. Add a small spoonful of honey. The mask is applied on the hands for 20 minutes. It is recommended to make at least three times a week. Well proven and "sour cream" mask. For it, you will need one egg yolk, one small spoonful of lemon juice and vodka, and one large spoonful of sour cream - preferably fresh. All mix and apply on the skin. Wind and polyethylene wear gloves. Keep this mask is recommended for about 15 minutes. It not only eliminates peeling and dryness, but also perfectly whiten skin.

These funds will help preserve the beauty of hands. But they were suited more for the skin. And what about the fingernails? After all, they, too, need care. If you have good nails - consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, too many women are fragile and layers. And it is - a real problem. None manicure will not save if the nails and then break off. But this is quite possible to cope - to help strengthen solutions. However, making them need to remember that they are just for the nail plate and not to the skin. So immersed in the liquid should be only the tips of his fingers.

 nail care and hand

Nail care

For example, very useful gelatin bath. They do brainer. Take two spoonfuls of gelatin and fill them with two cups of boiling water. Cool to room temperature and lower the fingers for 15 minutes. These procedures are very strengthen nails and improve their appearance. "Iodine" bath will help your nails "to gain power." Making it should 3-4 times a week. Time of treatment - 20 minutes. Slightly warm the oil. Take the pipette and add three drops of iodine and vitamin A. Then a little bit - five drops, no more - lemon juice. After the bath carefully dab hand cream and apply to the nail plate and brush. Save and help to cure the layer of nails red pepper. Mix it with a nourishing cream at a ratio of 1: 1. Apply to the nail plate and hold for five minutes to seven.

And of course, what kind of care of nails and hands will do without the final stage - a manicure? It makes it necessary, at least once a week. Here, too, no problems. The only thing you need - manicure set. In order to give the desired nail length and shape is better to use glass nail files - scissors can lead to cracks. Movement nail file must always be directed toward the center of the nail plate. Not to file the nail on the sides - this may form burrs.

Now - all the cuticle. Perhaps it is - the most important point. Rasparte hands and apply to nail bead special softening lotion or cream. Wait a couple of minutes. Move the skin back to the base of the nail. You can use a wooden stick or a tool of manicure sets - there is such a blunt spatula. If desired, you can carefully cut the excess with scissors with curved ends - they are designed for this purpose. And you can leave that. Strictly speaking, this manicure is different from not edging.

Clean the tip of the nail. Simply wrap the tip of the nail file cotton wool and gently wipe the inner surface. Repeat with the other hand. Rinse your fingers with water, adding a lemon juice and blot with a soft cloth. Polish the nail plate with a soft nail file sanding. If desired, apply a varnish. That's all. Nothing complicated, right?

As you can see, taking care of your hands and nails - it is not difficult to learn and it can any woman. It is not necessary to apply for this service to the professionals. And they - your assistant - will be very grateful and have no one open your little secrets. And more and more often you will hear from loved ones: "What are you soft and tender hands! ". But it's so nice!

 Caring for nails and hands - little tricks

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