how to lose weight at home


  • Rules of getting rid of extra kilos and challenges
  • Hulahup - a direct way to slim waist
  • Home Sauna: losing weight in the complex
  • Daily charge: we continue to lose weight

With the onset of heat acute question of excess weight. Kilograms which dutifully covered in winter warm clothes, are now shamelessly peering extra folds on the sides, abdomen and back. And what to do in the summer? When instead of the free shirts have to wear a swimsuit? Do not swim at all? Or choose solitary places to excessive fullness was not visible to outsiders?
Why indulge in such extremes? It is enough to lose weight at home, to feel confident again.

Rules of getting rid of extra kilos and challenges

To do this, you do not need a grueling diet or hours of training on simulators. The secret to losing weight is simple. As the great Maya Plisetskaya, "want to lose weight - sew the mouth." Of course, to persuade you to starve yourself no one is going. But to teach the culture of proper nutrition we can. To do this, you need to observe the following rules:

  1. Eat little but often. Often overweight is a result of the fact that the human stomach is overly stretched. He used to have a lot, and the body obediently requires half a bucket of food for lunch. Naturally, neither of which weight loss in this case we are not talking. What to do? Coaching a habit of eating little. Do not eat from a common dish - for example, do not eat salad straight from the salad. Always put food on a separate dish, so you can see exactly how many have eaten at one time. If you feel hungry between breakfast and lunch, snack apple or an orange. Practice shows that it is difficult to be just the first two days. Then the body begins to adapt to the new system of power.
  2. Avoid harmful products. The fact that fat and sweet harms figure and health, they know everything. But somehow, many neglect knowledge and continue to eat chocolate tiles vymakivat fat gravy with white bread. And each with the dream to lose weight at home! This paradox, is not it? Whether people believe that their extra weight has nothing to do with the way of life that they lead, or simply too lazy to make some effort and force yourself to eat properly. And only then you need - limit yourself to a sweet, do not eat fat and replace the white bread in the rye.
  3. Eat slowly and in small pieces. If you are determined to lose weight, any food you are going to eat, chop as finely as possible, chew longer and more thoroughly. Experts say that a person eats far more than he needed to, just because the stomach does not have time to send a signal about saturation. So do not rush.
  4. Do not eat after six o'clock in the evening. Dietitians proved that obesity appears to those who are used to close late in the evening for dinner. The fact that the body simply does not have time to night burn extra calories, and they are deposited on the hips, waist and abdomen. And lose those kilos home is a daunting task. It is therefore easier to limit yourself to eating in the evening. Would you like to have? Eat an apple or drink a glass of nonfat yogurt. If you find it difficult to limit yourself to just a dinner, evening meal, move the first half of the eighth, then seven, gradually approaching the coveted six o'clock in the afternoon.
  5. Be able to negotiate with a .  No one knows us better than ourselves .  Sometimes it plays havoc with those trying to lose weight at home .  Here's a small example: a woman frying patties, and she, of course, like to try them .  At first she holds, and then the subconscious mind begins to persuade to eat at least a piece to see whether roasted delicacy enough in salt pies .  Such an excuse sounds quite convincing, and the woman breaks off a piece of one, then another, until completely eats pies . How to avoid it? Use your inner voice in order to lose weight, not in order to convince myself to eat another slice of cake .  Look at the bun? Promise yourself it in the morning for breakfast .  Then a feeling of regret from the inaccessibility of goodies is not as sharp .  And even better - to convince yourself to give up bread in favor of a healthy salad or green apple .  One humorist advise anyone who wants to lose weight at home, there is naked and in front of the mirror .  Whatever it was, but the truth in this is, .  When you see all the extra weight, your appetite disappears by itself .
  6. Proper nutrition - it is undoubtedly very important. However, without strenuous exercise to lose weight at home is unlikely. And what kind of exercise to choose - you decide. We just offer you several options.

 lose weight at home

Hulahup - a direct way to slim waist

Remember how, as a little girl, we enthusiastically twisted hoop? Then the simple exercise we just amused. Today, the skills learned in childhood will help us regain the harmony of your waist. Just do not have to twist the standard aluminum hoop and hulahup - sports trainer for weight loss. Classes for the return of harmony waist will need to spend every day at least 10 minutes. Some underestimate the role of the home hulahupa losing weight. However, only a month of regular exercise will help get rid of excess centimeters at the waist and abdomen.

Home Sauna: losing weight in the complex

Everyone knows that the bath - a great assistant for weight loss. So why not take advantage of the healing action of the couple at home? Even if you do not have a home sauna, you can always arrange a mini-steam room in an ordinary bathroom. Or simply highlight once a week a couple of hours in the sauna. And where you will lose weight - in Turkish, Russian or Finnish sauna - do not care. The main thing - how to sweat.

There are some nuances that must be followed when visiting a steam room. The first rule is: no alcohol and pickles! For lovers of beer and smoked fish it will be a real challenge. However, scientists have proved that salt prevents the withdrawal of fluid from the body, so the more you eat pickles, the worse propoteete and, consequently, less lose weight. The second rule is even more ruthless than the previous one. Not to drink. Absolutely!

In the bath (if you are determined to lose weight) can only moisten the mouth. No more. By the way, diving into the pool after the sauna is also not recommended. The fact that the body all the forces will try to compensate for the lack of moisture, which is lost in the intense sweating, and "drunk" the water from the pool. Therefore, be patient, and your reward will be a loss of 2-4 kilograms of excess weight over 2, 5 hours spent in the steam room.

Daily charge: we continue to lose weight

Next on the list of struggle against excess weight is the usual morning exercises. And exercise can help not only in losing weight but also in promoting health. You will not notice you start to feel much better. Constant fatigue gone, replaced by cheerfulness. By the way, you can replace the exercises on a daily jog, and forget about cellulite.

In a word - to move. Proper nutrition for weight loss a little. If you all day lying on the couch with a plate of vegetable salad, the result will be. As practice shows, the more effort you exert in order to lose weight, the more weight you manage to lose.

 How to lose weight at home

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 Lack of tactile sensations compensate massage

Something is missing. Often, our feelings are reduced to this "sigh". And to understand the reason of mental neuyuta not always possible. And sometimes, it's in the elementary deficiency of tactile sensations. Man by nature need touching, hugging, stroking. If not enough of them, suffering and physiology and psyche.

You can certainly take advantage of publicly available methods of psychological relief: some shopping, make a hardware manicure or complain to the vest sworn girlfriend. But there is a simpler and, most importantly: effective. Doing massage, fairly regularly. Absolutely real fact, experimentally proved repeatedly confirmed: even the youngest children, where parents daily pat lightly massaged arrive much faster in weight, fast-paced, and fun to look at the world of their peers deprived of parental affection.

With adults - the same picture. Massage helps to speed up recovery processes after an illness, the resorption of hemorrhages, strengthening immunity, etc. The fight against excess weight wears many women. Of course, anti-cellulite serum partly help in this battle. But if you add to it a massage, then victory will be complete and unconditional.

Do not questioned and the role of anti-stress massage at the events. It has long recognized traditional medicine as an effective method of psychological relaxation, improve mood through the production of the hormone of joy. The result is increased vitality during the day and night to normal healthy restful sleep.
The influx of oxygen to every cell increases, and gives an overall improvement in health status, and adds beauty to the skin is very susceptible to environmental influences, unbalanced diets, nervous overloads.

Even 30 years facials modern woman delivers a lot of hassle. What to talk about aging, aging skin. A massage quickly removes swelling, skin tone and give skin and muscles. Further, the chain, growing tissue metabolism, and therefore little weight, naturally "melts".

Even if you just take a loved one by the hand, he immediately slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, a sense of peace. It was also noted that suffering from mental disorders for children and adolescents is enough though to rub his back every day for about 10 minutes.

Where are these effects? In the area of ​​skin the size of a five-ruble coin is 50 nerve endings plus about a meter of blood vessels, and cells and all the millions. This wealth of nature has created for us, and we must use it wisely.

 Lack of tactile sensations compensate massage