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Perhaps you can not think of a more challenging period in the life of a woman than pregnancy and childbirth. Expectant mother dipped into the joy of motherhood, and all the events in her life start automatically divided into "before" and the birth of a baby "after". However childbearing does not always bring only joy. The dramatic weight gain sometimes leads to stretch marks on the body of a woman. And if the extra weight can lose a young mother with the help of exercise and food restriction, the stretch marks are not easy to get rid of. They are like uninvited guests - they come when you do not expect, and go, it would seem, are not collected. But we are with you are not going to give up, right? And we will fight for the beauty of his body to the last? The more that is known and weapons. It's essential oils. They help prevent stretch marks and get rid of existing stretch marks.

So, be reserved by patience. We go to the mysterious world of aromatherapy, to find out which essential oils rid of stretch marks. But first, let's look at the essence of the problem: why do arise striae, and what kind of lifestyle you need to lead to treacherous strips on the body did not appear.

Stretching: study ancestry

Stretch marks, and in the medical world - striae, occur due to a sudden weight gain. This usually occurs during pregnancy or after sudden weight loss (here it is - a devastating effect diets!). But this is not to blame for the drastic weight loss and lack of body elastin and collagen. That is, the skin just does not have time to react to changes in the readings on floor scales, and on it there are tears. The skin becomes thinner, and the place of its destruction appear dark purple stripes.

Over time, the natural process of regeneration doing stretching brighter, but to get rid of stretch marks can not everyone. Moreover - the damaged areas of the body due to lack of pigment is absolutely not susceptible to sunburn. That is, if you want to hide unflattering stretch, lie a couple of days on the beach, have to disappoint you: it will not turn. Striae remain the same color, they were before. Moreover - you will strengthen the contrast between the main parts of the body and those who have undergone stretching.

Many after finding the body of strips begin to run on doctors to question whether it is harmful. We hasten to reassure you, stretch marks do not affect human health. Is it only on the psychological state as a little woman like to see in the mirror instead of a shapely, toned body skin with lots of deep purple color strips. Add to this the post-natal depression, and you will understand how difficult it is to reconcile the young mother with the changes that brought with pregnancy.

 essential oils against stretch marks

Essential oils from the stretch: Prevents appearance

You agree that any problem is easier to prevent than to long to find methods for its solution. Therefore, if you do not want to become the owner after the delivery of freshly stretch marks, you need while carrying a child to carry out a number of preventive procedures, which also help to significantly strengthen the nerves. And the thing is that the essential oils help people relieve irritation after a hard day, normalize blood pressure, and ... to get rid of stretch marks. So, be reserved by patience and start the procedure!

  • Carrot

The medium-sized carrots Wash, Brush, grate. Then pour the grated mass of boiled water at room temperature so that the liquid covers our little carrot. Leave the mixture on for fifteen minutes, then press carrot mass and discard. The remaining water, add 5-6 drops of almond oil. Let sit. The therapeutic composition is ready, you can wipe the resulting solution so-called "zone of risk" - the abdomen, chest, legs, buttocks. In short, all the parts of the body, which usually arise stretch.

  • Almond

For this you will need infusions tablespoon of almond oil and three drops each of orange tree and geranium. Mix all ingredients and rub with the mixture before going to bed.

We treat fresh stretch marks

Let's say that you were patiently prenatal bandage and even doing massage against stretch marks, like the doctor ordered. But unruly white stripes still appear. What to do? First, do not panic. All problems can be solved if desired. A treat fresh stretch marks, according to doctors, is much easier than it seems at first glance. And all thanks to natural essential oils and boundless desire to preserve the beauty of the body.

  1. You've got almond butter? Perfectly. Mix a teaspoon of essential miracle with eight drops of rosemary. Tincture ready. Have a nice rubdown!
  2. Again, almond oil, used as a basis. 10 drops. In a duet with him are the 5 drops of lavender essential oil. According to doctors, it is this mixture was neutralized with fresh stretch marks before birth. Happy healing!
  3. If you have an allergy to almond oil, or just wanted to diversity, we offer another recipe. At this time we need to 5 drops of rose hip seed oil and two drops of oils of mandarin and neroli. The resulting infusion is necessary to rub into problem areas daily.
  4. If you love the soothing scents, you should try the following tincture: mix two drops of frankincense, neroli and lavender. This means you not only heal stretch marks, but the nerves.

 essential oils against striae

Older striae: I put up or just?

Even if your stretch marks are as old as the world, we should not consider them part of their lives. And especially not to think that the swimsuit is now closed - this is all that you face on the beach. Old stretch marks are treatable. Do not believe? And you try essential oils against stretch marks, and your problem will be solved if not completely, it will become less acute. That is, the skin in the affected areas will gradually be tightened, while they themselves striae will be less visible. However, this method has one drawback - the time. You will need at least a year to ensure that the strips have become less visible, and you have started with great optimism to look at myself in the shower. Try?

  1. Take a basis of 50 ml of wheat germ oil. Add to it two drops of lavender oil, neroli and mandarin. Use once a week as a massage oil. Here it should be noted that the standard massage in the fight against stretch marks is not suitable. Intensive massage can further stretch the skin at the site of injury and cause the appearance of new stretch marks. Therefore, using the so-called "plucking massage": Apply the oil on the fingertips and light hammer tingling in the affected areas. Remains of essential oils remove the paper towel. Do not worry about that means no time to soak. Your skin is the first minutes of massage time to get enough of medical infusion, and what is left on the surface - a surplus.
  2. Equally effective is considered an aromatic bath. Enter the water, add the sea salt and a couple of drops of chamomile oil and lavender. Just lie in the hot water does not need five minutes (if households suddenly start banging on the bathroom door), and at least an hour. So either warn relatives in advance that will become a mermaid on time, or take water treatments when all sleep.
  3. Daily rubbing aromatic compounds, according to witnesses, too, can work wonders. To prepare the therapeutic infusion, we need nine tablespoons of olive oil, 15 drops of essential oil of rose and one tablespoon of wheat germ oil. As you can see, all the ingredients are readily available and easy.
  4. If you have left an hour and a half, and you are sure that nothing and nobody will disturb your peace, you can do an aromatic body wrap. We can offer two options for wrapping butter. In the first case, the basis of a medical dirt and adds a 2 drops of lavender essential oil and one drop of lemon oil and neroli. In the second embodiment, will serve as the basis for therapeutic seaweed wrap, in which you need to add three drops of essential oil of neroli. Of course, it is best to carry out this procedure in the cabin under the supervision of a beautician. However, if you do not have time or opportunity to just put ether mixture to the usual plastic wrap, wrap it affected areas and leave for half an hour to operate. Be careful not to burn the skin. Do you feel a strong tingling? Then it is better to stop the procedure.
  5. If all the proposed methods have been tried, and the results are not there, make a special wrap with essential oils. It is believed that this method of treatment is more effective than conventional rubbing. To do this, mix two drops of rose oil and one drop of oil of neroli and petit Grein. The resulting mixture is dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. Now take otrez gauze, soak it in our aromatic tincture and apply to the affected areas of the body for 30-40 minutes. Just do not expect instant results. To striae become less visible, the procedure should be repeated at least three times per day.

A few tips on the use of essential oils

Each treatment has its contraindications and warnings. Of course essential oils - a natural thing, but with them you have to be careful. Firstly, before you rub a tincture of the body, make sure that you have on the selected ingredients are not allergic. Secondly, carry out the procedure are not closely bathroom, bedroom and ventilated because essential oils have a rich aroma and a pregnant woman - high sensitivity to odors. Do you feel the connection? Third competent advice will buy oil. Do not buy these products from the hands or in the subway. These essential oils are sold in pharmacies. Of course, there is a chance that the bearded uncle pan-stool near the escalator will sell you natural oil rose. And if not? Then you should only hope that in the bottle will be colored water, and not some poisonous substance.

The last tip I want to give those women, who have long and unsuccessfully trying to get rid of stretch marks. Do not despair. Look at your problem from another angle. And every time you change clothes, do not remember the lost beauty and the favorite of the children who were given life. Are their smiles and glowing eyes are not worth all of your stretch marks? Especially because for my family, and so you - the most beautiful mother in the world. Believe me!

 Essential oils from the stretch: fragrant panacea

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