hair removal thread


  • What good hair removal using a thread
  • The essence of the procedure, hair removal thread
  • A few tips and warnings about hair removal thread

For our compatriots hair removal thread - a relatively new method of hair removal, although the story had quite ancient. Before our time preserved Egyptian name «fatlah» and Arab «khite», means the removal of superfluous hair by means of a thread. Historians believe that the first time this method has been applied in Turkey, in ancient times. It is in our country hair removal thread - a wonder, and on the eastern continent, it is as familiar as braiding.

What good hair removal using a thread

In India and the Middle East masterly use thread teach girls from a very young age. At that time, as our daughter from morning till night playing with dolls, girls study in the east of unwanted hairs epilate thread, exercising on their older friends. It is thought that any educated woman is obliged to be able to monitor their appearance, including - on their own to remove excess hair on the body, if required. Unfortunately, in our area to teach children such things are not accepted, so all who wish to try this method for yourself is to see a specialist. Of course, I will not find it so easy, and only to find experts in their field - and even more so! But if you meet someone who is able to competently carry out hair removal thread, you will become his (its) constant client.

First, the hairs on the face of even the tiniest - this is a real "headache", because to remove them permanently and without irritation is not so simple. A thin thread was created in order to remove everything superfluous hairs from the skin. This is one of the few methods that can permanently remove even the smallest fuzz off your face.

Second, hair removal thread - this is the most painless way to remove excess hair. Do you want to remove the mustache on the upper lip or eyebrows to give a beautiful shape - a good specialist to work with the thread will do everything quickly and almost painful. The fact that a thread operates only on the hair itself without exposing the top layer of the destruction of the epidermis.

Thirdly, the thread captured a number of hairs, thereby epilation occurs much faster. Though this method is practically painless, some client with hypersensitive skin will experience discomfort in any way. So fast hair removal - a definite plus for those who are afraid of the pain.

And fourthly, hair removal thread, usually much cheaper than other types of hair removal. Therefore, almost every woman can afford to go to a salon and remove hairs, spoiling appearance. In addition, hair removal using a thread - a fairly simple procedure, which is to master if you want any woman could. In this case, hair removal is not only effective but also free!


The essence of the procedure, hair removal thread

Waxed thread can be performed manually, and can be used for this purpose a special device. There are special mechanical and even electrical machines that simulate sliding filament. But most professionals prefer to do without the aids as manual removal of hair allows better "feel of the client."

So, for this type of hair removal is taken specially prepared thread length of forty - fifty centimeters. Some prefer cotton, others work only with silk threads. Hair removal specialist teeth bites into one end of the thread, and the second holds the fingers of his left hand. The average of the yarn is wound on the index and middle fingers of his right hand. It turns out a kind of loop that captures the number of hairs to be removed. A slight stretching of the thread - and excess vegetation removed from the face with the follicles. This is done so quickly that the client simply does not have time to feel a sharp pain.

If you want to learn this procedure at home, it is best to train on foot: there are special precision is not necessary, and the hands will get tired less. The network is full of videos with training courses on hair removal thread. If you get the hand, pretty soon you will be able to do to remove hair from the body without resorting to the services of professional beauticians. Just do not forget to epilation clean and degrease the skin, and it is also better to steam. So you not only avoid unnecessary pain, but significant skin irritation.

A few tips and warnings about hair removal thread

Similarly, as for other types of hair removal, hairs in the removal thread has its contraindications. They are fairly standard, but they are worth to know those who decided on hair removal thread. Thus, it is:

  • Damage to the skin on epiliruemyh skin areas. Since the thread captures hairs at the root, it can hurt and damaged area of ​​skin.
  • Herpes in the acute form. Firstly, a thread can injure the infected area, and secondly, a high risk of getting infections.
  • Warts, moles, papillomas. You can exacerbate the build-up, damaging them during epilation.
  • Sunburn. Because of the increased sensitivity of the skin worse pain, high risk of long-term skin irritation.
  • Exacerbation of chronic disease. Increased risk of irritation and infection.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. Pain can harm the baby, but also affect the quality and quantity of mother's milk.
  • Oncology. When cancers lowered immunity, increased risk of infection.

Moreover, after the completion of hair removal thread, do not forget a few simple rules. Their observance helps you to permanently save the result and avoid a lot of trouble:

  • Do not go to the bath, sauna and solarium for a few days after the removal of the hair strand.
  • The day after the hair removal on the skin, do not apply any makeup, is only allowed to wash with clean water.
  • A couple of days it is impossible not only to sunbathe, but simply expose your skin to ultraviolet rays. So, go outside, do not forget to use special protective cream with SPF filter.
  • To enhance the effect, use the tool to slow the growth of hair.

The main drawback of epilation thread is that this method is not well distributed in our country. Although more and more beauty salons offering this particular service to their customers, because this type of hair removal is becoming fashionable. So readers living in big cities, not be easy to check the effect of the new method on itself. But those who live in remote areas, to find a specialist more complicated. In such cases, the best way to find a thread of hair removal wizard - refer to areas where there are numerous southern diaspora. That's where you're sure to find the right specialist.

 Hair removal thread: cheap and cheerful

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 how to make a firm buttocks


  • How to start the morning
  • And once again about proper nutrition
  • Simple exercises to firm buttocks

Today we reveal the secret of the two women. The first is the way to man's heart is through his stomach did not like our grandmothers taught us. And a slim woman's body and firm buttocks. And to prove this theory is simple enough. Just answer a couple of questions. Do you think you know how to cook soup Jennifer Lopez? Or fry pies with cabbage and eggs? Maybe he can. But not so for her dreams of a good half of the male population of the planet. The object of desire is its stunning, sorry, the fifth point. Jennifer Lopez has insured her buttocks, even for a few million dollars, so it is afraid of losing its appeal.

We are with you to insure nothing will. Well, except that favorite five that misses in the garage (who know how to park woman will understand). And the singer, too, jealous of no reason. Well, think of the beautiful ass! We will do this myself too. How? And this is our second secret that talks about how to make the elastic buttocks. And the crowd of muscular massage therapists we do not need. Go under the surgeon's knife - also. All will pass without too much pomp, modestly, at home. So pull your old tracksuit and - forward, to compete ageless Jennifer Lopez.

How to start the morning

Are you still sleeping? And thousands of women are already making his ass firm. Catch up! Just do not immediately reach for the coffee machine. Caffeine - fight! It is better to look in the attic is dusty, do yourself a juicer and fresh morning. They remembered how to include a mechanical source of health? Great! Fresh juice drink up and go for a jog. You can bring a player with recordings of classical music. No, Beethoven will not make your ass beautiful, but the mood is guaranteed to raise!

How to run - you decide. First weakened body would require to reduce the load, capricious, blackmail aching muscles. Do not give over and over again and increase mileage. And another important rule: no elevator. Even after the morning run when power is almost gone. On foot, on foot and on foot! Stairs - is the most effective exercise for the buttocks. Why spend money on gyms, home fitness equipment, which takes up half the room and gives a large bruise than muscles (try not to hit the pass), if you can just once a day up to the sixth floor. You live above? Great! So your way to an elastic ass will be shorter.

After a run - once in the shower. Turn on the cold water, armed with hard sponge and start diligently rubbing his buttocks. Be careful not to rip off the skin to the blood, it still is useful to you! After water procedures lubricate the ass moisturizer. And do not look so surprised. Hydration should be all over the body, not just the face, neck and hands. Moreover, the men on the beach are much more likely to stare at your buttocks, not the shape of the eyes, believe me. And only depends on you, they will see: flabby skin, adorned with cellulite, slim and toned body.

 how to make the buttocks elastic

And once again about proper nutrition

Now many women sadly throw up his hands. Again diet? And as without it! After all, cellulite and flabby skin appears mainly in those who are overweight. And there will have to choose between her love for fast food or muffins and a desire to have a beautiful ass. Yes there ass! A girl without extra kilos can boast of a thin waist and shapely legs. Do you think it's worth it to give up cheeseburgers for lunch?

And from fried meat pies? Look how he shines. And it's oil, stuffed kontseragenom, will be in your stomach. And later - at the waist, hips, buttocks. Is the desire to eat a tasty meal worth your hesitation on the beach and it is impossible to put on a short skirt?

No, dine you certainly will. Hungry you will not leave. Only diet will be significantly different from the previous one. And we think that you know very well their future menu. Since almost all people know how to eat properly, but ignore this knowledge. Women are more disciplined, but often exactly as long as the long-awaited achieve weight loss. After the scales show the correct number, losing weight with a sense of accomplishment is reaching for a cake.

For elastic priests need fresh fruits, vegetables, low-fat foods, nuts, yogurt. Therefore delay sandwich aside and Eat breakfast cottage cheese with strawberries or peaches. Also worth special attention to dinner. You remember that you can not eat after six o'clock in the evening? Otherwise, your body just does not have time to process food, and all that you ate, will alternate folds on your body. You need it? I think not. Therefore, patience, patience, patience and more time! We recommend just do not buy junk food to avoid temptation.

 how to make the buttocks beautiful and resilient

Simple exercises to firm buttocks

We will not torment you describe complex exercise as simple movements make elastic buttocks is not worse than the training program for Olympic athletes to compete. After all, you're not going to win a gold medal, right? Then memorize a series of unpretentious exercises for the buttocks.

  1. This method is ideal for women who spend a lot of time in the workplace. Agree, it is difficult to exercise in the office with numerous colleagues and even in a business suit? But there is one imperceptibly way to bring the body into a form that you can do anywhere, anytime. To do this for a few minutes, strain and relaxes the muscles of the buttocks. And we encourage you as long as possible to keep the muscles tense. This will contribute to the development of elasticity.
  2. Make beautiful buttocks help ordinary squats. Repeat twenty sit-ups in the morning and evening, and your body will thank you harmony and flexibility.
  3. Remember, a physical education exercise on girls like the most? Most of us have great pleasure in jumping rope. Remember the childhood, as usual elastic skipping rope makes the buttocks is not worse than the newfangled simulators. Plus, you can do it without leaving home.
  4. If you are in your apartment, lie down on the floor, three or four ... Now slowly lift both legs up to 10 centimeters. Freeze. A little lift. Again, pause for a few minutes. Continue to exercise until you feel tired. Just do not throw exhausted feet on the floor and slowly lower them to the starting position.
  5. Do not get up from the floor. Bend your knees and slowly lift the hips up until the body forms a symbolic triangle. Lower. Again lift.
  6. And now the most pleasant exercise - walking in the water. As you know, in a lot of hot tub is not suitable. And the place is small, and the situation does not have. While the coastline - the most it. Bring a swimsuit, sunscreen - and forward, to wind kilometers of sandy beach. Try to keep your legs up to the knees in the water, then the exercise will be particularly effective.

As you can see in this article, there was not a word about liposuction or a surgical procedure to increase the buttocks. And why? Because restore beauty and elasticity of the body can be by means of simple physical exercises and physical training long forgotten. Add to this a great desire and persistence, and eventually will definitely get tempting buttocks, which, if not envy J-Lo, then at least half the beach.

 How to firm buttocks

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