apple cider vinegar from cellulitis


  • How to make apple cider vinegar from cellulite at home?
  • How to use apple cider vinegar from cellulitis?
  • Massage with apple cider vinegar
  • Wraps apple cider vinegar
  • Honey lotion with apple cider vinegar from cellulitis
  • Cellulite dough from apple cider vinegar

How many girls can boast of beautiful figure, smooth skin and a complete lack of cellulite? Unfortunately, only a few are so lucky, and most, having good shape and toned body, suffer from this disadvantage. But do not get frustrated and depressed because of the orange peel skin on the thighs. This problem is easy to solve, and in the home. And to help in the fight against cellulite is well-known in cooking apple cider vinegar.

How to make apple cider vinegar from cellulite at home?

Of course, you understand that it is better to use natural apple cider vinegar home against cellulite, not shop. After all, the quality of the purchase of acetic acid may be very different from cooked at home. A cook a vinegar is not difficult.

You will need:

  • 1 kg of ripe juicy apples (better even overripe from his garden);
  • 50-150 g of sugar;
  • Hot water, but not boiling (about 70 ° C);
  • Enamel pot or other convenient container.


Ripe apples are a good wash and cut into small pieces. If you store apples, you need to give them time perespet. Put the slices in a saucepan and mash them well, so there was juice. In the resulting mass add 50-150 grams of sugar (sweeter than apples, so you will need less sugar) and pour all the hot water so that the water was above the level of apples in the 3-4 cm. Remove the pot in a warm dark place - in any case not leave it in the sun.

Cultures need to stir not less than 2 times a day, the top layer does not dry out. After 2 weeks, strain the vinegar through a folded in several layers of cheesecloth. The resulting liquid drain in several jars and leave to ferment. It is important not to pour vinegar into jars to the top, as it is in the process of fermentation will rise. Step back from the edge of 5-7 cm dishes. Leave the tank for two weeks in a warm, dark place, and your vinegar is ready to use!


For long term storage jars and processed in paraffin best to avoid contact with oxygen vinegar.

 apple cider vinegar against cellulite

How to use apple cider vinegar from cellulitis?

There are several ways to use apple cider vinegar from cellulitis. You can do all kinds of massages, body wraps, rubbing lotion vinegar, and you can even use it for general health inside in diluted form. Cellulite is not going to help, but the body in exactly the order you introduce. Consider the most common methods of dealing with annoying orange peel using vinegar.

Massage with apple cider vinegar

Massage - a great way to even out the skin surface, and combined with apple cider vinegar it becomes much more efficient. Vinegar cleans the skin and helps the process of fat digestion and pulls toxins from the body. Massage also helps to break up lumps of fat tissue and make the skin smoother.

For the procedure, mix 2-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon oil. You can use special massage oils, but if there are at hand was not, fit the usual olive or sunflower. Apply the mixture evenly on the problem areas and massage using special massage gloves or a vacuum cans. For the first time enough to perform a massage for 5 minutes. When you get used to the procedure, you can extend the time to 10-20 minutes.

If you have sensitive skin, you should use apple cider vinegar for a massage of cellulite through the day. After you finish a massage, be sure to take a warm relaxing shower and put on a good body moisturizer or lotion. You can use anti-cellulite cream and warming.

Wraps apple cider vinegar

No less common method to combat cellulite - homemade apple vinegar wraps. This procedure requires a bit more skill and experience, but still very simple and accessible to each of you. In addition to vinegar, you will need water, food film and warm underwear (you can use a blanket or rug).

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting mixture is gently rub into problem areas for about 5 minutes. Then wrap in plastic wrap in several layers of warm underwear and put on for one hour. You can take a chance and lie under a thick blanket relax, read a book or take a nap. After an hour, remove the foil and rinse under a warm shower. The body is better to grease moisturizing lotion or cream. To achieve good results, repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week.

Honey lotion with apple cider vinegar from cellulitis

If for some reason you can not do wraps or do you think this is not enough, you can resort to the help of honey. Not only apple cider vinegar is good for cellulite! Honey is widely used in cosmetics to combat this disadvantage.

If you mix 2 tablespoons underflooding natural honey 1-2 tbsp boiled water and 2 tablespoons vinegar, you get a wonderful body lotion, which will help in the war against orange peel. Home thoroughly mix all ingredients until smooth.

This lotion is necessary every day to rub the body. If enough time, you can make an easy hand massage or a special massage roller, and then wrap with cling film 30-40 minutes. After that, it remains only to wash off the mixture with warm water and body thoroughly dry off.

 Wrap cider vinegar

Cellulite dough from apple cider vinegar

This simple way to fight cellulite will not only help you get rid of the hated bumps, but also eliminate the swelling, pulling excess fluid through the pores of the skin. To prepare the dough, mix the vinegar and honey in equal parts, depending on the required number of tests. The resulting mixture add regular flour to obtain a mass similar to dough slightly thicker than pancakes. Now spread a mask problem areas and leave for 1, 5-2 hours. Then rinse with cool water.

Now that you know a few simple ways to get rid of cellulite, which will be a great alternative to salon treatments and professional massage. After all, not every woman can afford to spend quite a large sum of money for a special pampering, and apple cider vinegar - is an inexpensive and effective means for obtaining smooth and even skin. But remember that the main enemy of cellulite - it is a balanced diet. Combine diet with such procedures, and the orange peel leaves you forever!

 Apple cider vinegar from cellulitis - Assistant against orange peel!

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 Cream after epilation


  • How to choose a care cream after depilation
  • How to make your own cream

Perhaps nothing is as strange and repulsive as the light, slim and ... hairy female legs. No, of course, still preserved all natural supporters. They sincerely believe - and tirelessly promoted the idea! - That "what is natural - no shame." However, getting to this point of view, we can think of to a very interesting things. However, what may be, for example, more natural than to go to the toilet? But for some reason no one comes to mind to do it, where "itch." The same can be said of depilation.

Yes, unwanted hair continues to grow where they want - if you believe Darwin is - "hello" from the distant past of our common - but civilization still leaves its mark. And so with excess vegetation can and must be fought.

However, today there are not so many women who have this postulate would cause doubts. Another thing - the choice of method. And here we come to the aid of the old grandmother's recipes and the latest technology - who like more. The truth is almost all of these methods of depilation have a common and sufficiently serious drawback.

Together with unwanted hairs are removed and the fine particles of the skin, and it is strongly irritating and injure the skin. As a result, instead of the soft, smooth and silky to the touch of the skin, you get the ugly red spots, scaling, and sometimes pustules. Agree, the result is not quite the one that you expected! How to cope with this problem? Here comes in a special tool - the cream after depilation.

If you want your skin was smooth, smooth and healthy look, you must not only regularly remove unwanted hair, but also to conduct a thorough postepilyatsionny care. The main objective of such an agent - to activate blood circulation and restore the protective properties of your skin after hair removal treatments. What other qualities should have a cream?

He must:

  • anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the skin;
  • have a light texture that allows it to be absorbed quickly;
  • be composed of the active substances and antioxidants that help to quickly restore normal skin pH level;
  • after his application should not have any sensation of tightness, dryness and soreness. The skin should be firm, elastic, smooth and even.

 after epilation

How to choose a care cream after depilation?

This is a really difficult question. The modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of depilatory creams, after that it is time to get lost. Some of them only disinfect and protect the skin, the other - has a moisturizing effect, and others - inhibit the growth of hair. And there are those that successfully combine all these qualities.

When choosing the appropriate device, read the label. Make sure that its composition does not include perfumes. During this period, the skin and stir well, and they can cause further irritation. Very well, if the cream contains substances that have a slight anesthetic effect - for example, menthol. It can help relieve the burning and itching, eliminates redness and make the post-depilation as comfortable as possible. If you choose a moisturizer, it is necessary to make sure that it contains panthenol. This substance is not only regulates water balance, but also promotes regeneration of the skin and helps heal wounds.

It would seem the easiest option - is to buy a universal remedy, which, according to advertising, successfully cope with all these problems at once. However, as a rule, in this case the principle of "all inclusive" not so justified. The fact that different stages postepilyatsionnogo period different skin needs care. So, immediately after hair removal, it needs protection. Therefore it is better to put the cream, which includes alcohol. After five or six hours your skin will need the moisture. But after a few days you can start to use a tool that slows down hair growth - it will help to delay the onset of the following procedure and, consequently, to save money.

However, one universal tool still want to tell. It - cream after depilation "Kloran" Russian company Farm Pro. This wonderful tool is designed for sensitive skin in a difficult for her postepilyatsionny period. Moreover, the approach "Kloran" for any part of the body - you can use it on the face and bikini area, underarms or legs. The new, specially designed formulation has a dual action. Its constituent fitoskvalan - the active ingredient of vegetable origin, has a remarkable nutritional properties - and the lipid concentrate poplar buds help to quickly soften, moisturize and soothe irritated skin.

Other vegetable matter - sorbain - slows down hair growth. Thus the cycle of growth is not blocked, but the vegetation becomes much thinner, lighter and grows much more slowly. The cream has a light texture that is instantly absorbed into the skin, restoring its elasticity, firmness and soothes irritation. How to use the cream "Kloran" is very simple. Apply it right after depilation and repeat this procedure every day, after a shower or bath.

Manufacturers warn that during the first week of application possible slight scaling of the skin. This is - the result of sorbaina. Do not be scared - this process contributes to the deep penetration of active ingredients and ensures that your skin is perfectly clean. As the creators insist the drug, it has no contraindications and side effects. However, before the first application of the best, after all, put the cream on a small patch of skin and wait a few hours. After all, people - different. And most importantly - do not harm his beloved.

Of course, "Kloran" - is not the only means of fleeing from irritation after depilation. The choice is big enough. If you've never used them before - consult your cosmetologist or just go to any cosmetic shop - you will surely prompt and help you choose the most suitable option. And if, for whatever reason, to get the finished product you could not - it's not a reason for sadness. It is possible to make such cream at home, alone.

 cream after waxing irritation

How to make your own cream?

So, if you decide to make the cream at home, you need to buy all the necessary ingredients. You will need:

  • 8 grams of jojoba oil;
  • 8 grams of palm oil;
  • 10 grams of wax emulsion Polawax;
  • 3 milliliters of liquid menthol;
  • 3 milliliters of D-panthenol;
  • 5 ml of sodium lactate;
  • 56 milliliters Hydrolat celandine;
  • 3 grams of betaine;
  • 4 milliliter hlorofillipta;
  • glass rod;
  • disinfected jars.

Perhaps it is worth a little more focus on all the components of this "magic potion." After all, for sure, not everyone know even the names.

  • Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E. Because of this, it has a strong anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Oil helps eliminate redness and irritation of the skin that occur after epilation and perfectly moisturizes and promotes the conservation of water.
  • Palm oil, in addition to vitamin E, coenzyme and contains carotenoids, which are potent antioxidants and beneficial to the skin, helping it to maintain its barrier function.
  • Emulsifying wax Polawax - this herbal drug that does not cause allergies, even in people with very sensitive skin. Our cream it will play a dual role. Firstly, it helps to moisturize the skin. Secondly, thanks to him, a stable substance that does not flake into fractions.
  • Hydrolat celandine. This substance has a very strong anti-inflammatory action. It will almost instantly remove the redness after depilation and easily remove all microtrauma caused her process.
  • D-panetnol included in most creams intended for skin care postdepilyatsionny period. Its regenerating properties to quickly deal with all the damage to the skin.
  • Betaine - a completely natural product belonging to the amino acids. Cosmetic properties of this substance are very diverse. One of the key is the ability to soothe and moisturize the skin active. Betaine will leave your skin smooth and soft and improve its appearance. It reliably protects cell membranes and help them retain moisture.
  • Sodium lactate - sodium salt of lactic acid, which is obtained from sugar beet, corn or other plant material. This substance - good antiseptic with strong antibacterial action. It is often used as a preservative and will provide long-term storage of cream.
  • Menthol has analgesic, sedative and disinfectant action. It tones and refreshes the skin while improving its protective properties.
  • Chlorophyllipt - herbal preparation, which belongs to the group of antiseptics.

 Kloran cream after epilation

Let's get started. Warm the jojoba oil in a water bath and gently pour in a palm oil. Stir. Put in a mixture of emulsifying wax. Make sure that it is completely dissolved in the oil, then add the menthol. Measure out the required amount of Hydrolat celandine, slightly warm, and pour off a certain amount into a separate bowl. Dissolve therein first D-panetnol then betaine.

Type of the sodium lactate. Stir well and pour the remains Hydrolat celandine. Add hlorofillipt. It will give the cream is very beautiful and unusual color green. Carefully pour the fat component of the cream into the water. Mix thoroughly using a minimixer for 60 seconds. Try to do it in such a way as to form a foam. Turn off the mixer and continue to stir the cream with a glass rod. Once it thickened, shift it into preformed parison. Your cream is ready.

This structure will help you cope with irritation after depilation, calm, cool and soften the skin. It is perfectly absorbed and leaves no greasy feeling. As you can see, getting rid of irritation after epilation not so difficult. And even if you have delicate and sensitive skin prone to redness, flaking and reacts violently to any action - it is not a reason to go "hairy." After all, you can always find a way out - it would wish! And let your legs will always be slim, lightweight, and sexually attractive.

 Cream after epilation - how to soothe skin

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