how to do a manicure at home


  • Tools for home manicure
  • The procedure for home manicure

Did you know that the history of manicure is rooted in the days of ancient Egypt? Even Cleopatra paints her nails in bright colors, emphasizing their status. However, similar to modern lacquers at that time it was not, and usually serves as henna dye. Today, women are much more opportunities to be beautiful. Even if their work schedule does not leave a free minute to visit the beauty salon. Tidy up the appearance of hands help home manicure procedure. And if you master it to perfection, the hands will not look worse than after receiving a professional beautician.

Many underestimate the role of manicure in everyday life. And for good reason. Beauticians notice that it was the hand give the woman who takes care of herself, from that long ago given up on their appearance. The second category of women are not interested in how to do a manicure at home. All their thoughts are busy cleaning, cooking and child rearing. They jump out of the house, his hair hand lip tint in the elevator, and the hands hands ... they prefer to hide. And it is not that these women do not want to be beautiful.

Just a household so engulfed them, they look in the mirror just to wipe it with a clean cloth. And it's not bad. Only much better when a woman in pursuit of a life of the device does not forget about yourself and still feminine. It was then that the man have a desire to protect his mate, get rid of the everyday difficulties and elementary help with the housework. Do not believe? It is easy to check. Master the art of home manicure and see with what delight will be seen around your hands. And how readily the husband begins to wash the accumulated per day dishes. We present our small training course on the art of manicure at home.

 how to make yourself a manicure at home

Tools to manicure machine interface

First of all, prepare the tools for manicure. We need: nail files, nail clippers, wooden stick (if you prefer not edging manicure) Clippers (if you plan to cut cuticle) of various colors and varnishes. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of nail files. After all, they perform a major role in manicure and to shape your nails. Do not choose metal nail files, as they destroy the structure of the nail. It is better to stop the choice on sapphire or sand Manicure. If you have weak and brittle nails, be careful twice. To further not to harm the nail plate, use a glass nail file. By the way, coarse sawing for artificial nails are so set them aside and listen, how to choose paint.

  • If the label on the bottle is worn, glued crookedly, and the cap varnish recaptured or deformed, do not get this varnish in any case. A self-respecting manufacturer has never released a similar schlock and unscrupulous will save not only the appearance of the product, but also its contents.
  • We do not advise you to check the color of the varnish on paper tester. The result may be biased. By purchasing varnish, better try it on the nail.
  • When testing pay attention to brush varnish. It must be resilient, long and thin. Wide, spade brush is very inconvenient to use because with their help, it is difficult to paint over the entire nail, do not stain your fingers at the same time. Also refer to the villi did not stand out from the crowd. If one or two hairs of the brush look out, then the pile is fixed poorly and brush oblezet likely soon.
  • The following condition will be difficult to perform in small shops, where your choice of monitors Sales. It is necessary to check the varnish thickness. Namely - to give a drop of varnish to drain into the bottle. If this occurs within 5 seconds, it means fresh products, and the varnish is not diluted or thickened. Do not believe that after dilution with varnish does not lose its qualities. This myth invented sellers in cosmetic departments to sell illiquid product.
  • Any paint stir before use is necessary. In order to make it as simple as possible, buy products with the so-called "beads-mix". They, of course, not seen, but if the vial with shaking emits clicking sounds - the manufacturer has added to the bottle metal balls for easy mixing varnish.

 how to do a manicure

The procedure for home manicure

So when all the necessary tools for manicure purchased, it's time to proceed directly to the procedure itself.

  1. Prepare Hand bath of hot water with a blend of lemon juice and the essential oils. Poparte brush for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Allow hands to dry completely. Remember that it is impossible to file the wet nails. This leads to damage and delamination of the nail plate.
  3. Dry your hands? Then take a nail file in his hands and gently start to give nails a proper shape. Note that the motion should be sent only in one direction. You can not file nails on the same principle, on what loggers sawing logs. You have to work sawing in one direction only.
  4. Remove the cuticle. If you are not confident in their abilities, it is advisable to apply the principles edging manicure and push the excess skin with a wooden spatula. The most daring can remove the cuticles with special pliers. Just do not forget to treat their alcohol, and in the case of a cut cauterize the wound with antiseptic. By the way, the remarkable effect of helping to achieve the oil to soften cuticles. It should be applied for 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water (otherwise the varnish will fall unevenly).
  5. Do not rush to take up the varnish. After the main stage a home manicure your hands should rest. To do this, lubricate them with cream and leave it alone for a few minutes. Then degrease the nail plate using nail polish remover, and can apply the framework under the lacquer.
  6. Many people are impatient shrug. Like, why spend the extra money on some colorless base paint if so perfectly lie on nails? But you want to color a long time kept on the nails? Then the nail plate will certainly need to be prepared. In addition, we need nail-hardener, so do not forget to buy it in the store.
  7. As for colored lacquer, it should be applied in three stages - one motion by the center and another two on the sides of the nail. By the way, first of all you need to paint the right hand (if you - the right-hander). If you plan to apply a second coat of varnish (for more intense colors), let the first coat dry and only afterwards apply a new batch of paint.
  8. Very often it hits the nail cuticle, what spoils the whole look of a manicure. Remove this disadvantage can be using a cotton swab soaked in acetone.
  9. After the last stages of a home made nail, let warn you. Firstly, it concerns the homework. Try to wash the dishes (pure vegetable) in rubber gloves. Second, do a manicure at least once a week, if you want to get your hands were really well-groomed. The third (and last) item refers to the health of your nails. To nail plate was healthy, eat more cheese. Of course, you can replace it with a pharmaceutical calcium, but in fact delicious cheese, right?

As we have said, many girls feel sorry for wasting time on a home manicure. They justify their choice by fatigue, lack of professionalism (and suddenly something does not do so), or vital principle brush up only in the beauty salon. Lovely woman, taking care of yourself does not happen much. And your manicurist only thank you for the well-groomed hands. Do not believe? Then try between trips to the salon to do your own manicure. You look, and the master is no longer required.

And again, you are not tired of hiding arms into the sleeves of clothing that others do not notice flaked varnish? Count how many times a day you are trying to hide the lack of nail polish? Do not it be easier to give yourself 15 minutes of time to no longer be ashamed of their hands? The choice is yours.

 How to do a manicure at home: The concept is simple

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  • Methods underarms
  • Underarms with a razor
  • Underarm hair removal with wax
  • Underarms with an electric epilator

Long gone are the days when women do not bother to care about the smooth skin in the armpits. Now any of us - whether very young girl or a woman in a respectable age, is careful to excess vegetation in this delicate area surrounding the eyes is not embarrassed. Beautiful skin, no odor - so should look like the armpits, the more so that all this can be done at home. That's just the skin in this place very much thin and most depilatories injures her and annoying. That is why underarm hair removal - this topic, most exciting girls.

Methods underarms

There are several methods of hair removal delicate underarm area at home and we'll tell you about the most popular of them. Although, if we are to be completely accurate, the term "hair removal" - not quite true, because if any of the methods of removing hair from the skin disappear is not forever. Correct would be to say "waxing armpits," but the word "waxing" somehow did not stick to the spaces of our country, and any type of hair removal we used to call epilation.

So, often waxing armpits in the following ways:

  • with a razor;
  • with an electric epilator;
  • hot wax.

Of course, there are laser and photoepilation, but at the moment we consider only those methods to remove unwanted hair from the body, which can be done at home. After all, not every woman can afford to regularly attend the expensive beauty salons for hair removal latest techniques. Whatever leaps and bounds progress has not come, and the most popular and accessible method has been and remains an ordinary safety razor shaving. It was with him, and we will begin review the most popular methods of hair removal underarms.

 underarm hair removal wax

Underarms with a razor

It would seem that what could be simpler: take the machine with a safety razor and Bodi them up and down? No pain, low cost and a very decent result - armpits look well almost the whole day. However, that's not dark-haired girl was very lucky, because after shaving armpits are a sort of dark areas - microscopic hairs, which has not held up to the blade. Yes, and fair-haired, sometimes, problems aftershave enough: much irritated skin and hair grow on the second day. What to do?

Underarm hair removal razor - this is a long-standing, proven method, but it is necessary to use it wisely. Slow hair growth, alas, will not work, but avoid redness, irritation - it is possible. The main thing is to approach the matter responsibly and perform a few simple rules:

  • Before shaving, make sure that the armpits thoroughly cleaned. Yes, foam and shaving gel is absolutely not enough to "disinfect" the skin without soap and urine you can not do! Think about it: how would you carefully did not use the machine, the blade causes the skin microtrauma anyway. Now imagine that all the germs that are in the sweaty armpits in one fell swoop to get damaged blade skin. What will happen? Of course, a monstrous irritation! And the blame will be nobody - only himself.
  • The razor must be sharp - it is usually necessary to observe all, without exception. Well, imagine that you have two knives: one blunt and one sharp, and you need to cut these knives apple. After a knife cut is smooth, and after what - "ragged"? That's the same as it is with the skin - use a sharp razor to avoid tiny lacerations on the skin, and you can avoid irritation.
  • Shaving should be strictly on the growth of hair. Note that the majority of girls armpit hair grow in several directions - keep this in mind during epilation.
  • Having once razor hair, immediately rinse the blade under hot running water - is another way to avoid irritation. The hairs and shaving foam "clog" the blade, from which it becomes blunt (see second paragraph).

Few efforts and compliance with all hygiene procedures - and you best protect yourself from irritation after shaving underarm area. That's just the result achieved last very long: the next day in the armpit appear small bristle. It's not very convenient, especially in summer, when the hands are open and all the unwanted hairs may be in sight. It is for this reason, many girls prefer a different method of hair removal.

Underarm hair removal with wax

Perform hair removal of body parts waxed started a long time ago. Rumor has it that this method invented Cleopatra herself, who introduced the fashion for a perfectly smooth, hairless. This method is popular now, because waxing at home is not too expensive and easy to perform. And the result is kept much longer than the razor from two to four weeks!

For such a hair removal wax use two types: hot and warm. It is sold in jars, cartridges, and a wax strips. The skin in the armpit hair removal is very thin and it takes quite painful, so, preferring strips, it may not remove all hairs at a time (see, quite unpleasant to do the procedure again after just experienced pain). So buy hot wax either in banks or in special cartridges.

In addition to the pain waxing, there are other drawbacks: possible irritation and ingrown hairs. If you want to minimize the risk of such effects on the skin, contact a good beauty salon waxing hold a master of his craft with the help of professional cosmetics. Yes, it costs more, but the result will be felt: not only do you avoid serious annoyance, but also experience a lot less pain than at home! If you want to carry out the procedure at home, then you need to keep a few important rules:

  • Do not take before waxing shower or bath, because the skin in the armpits is completely dry.
  • Make peeling at the site of hair removal for cleaning the skin of dead cells (this will help avoid the problem of ingrown hairs). Sprinkle talcum powder to the skin giving it dry.
  • Heated to the desired temperature, the wax is applied on the hair growth and firmly pressed to the skin tissue.
  • Napkin pulls off fast, sharp movement. This should not upward and toward itself.
  • The remaining wax is removed with a damp cloth. In order to reduce irritation to lubricate the skin moisturizer or special cosmetic milk.
  • Ideally - after epilation should be applied to the skin means slowing the growth of hair (it can be purchased in the salons of professional cosmetics and online shops).

Of course, the procedure is quite painful waxing, but after each use hair grows more subtle and rare, so remove armpit hair you have less and less. Moreover, you reveal a little secret: the best time for hair removal - the middle of the menstrual cycle, because at this time of hair growth slowed by almost two times!

 underarm hair removal at home

Underarms with an electric epilator

This method of hair removal at home, perhaps, for the most persistent - to withstand such pain the strength is not for every woman. Despite this, such a method has a lot of follower. First of all, it's cheap and cheerful: buy it once the appliance and using it at home as many times as necessary. Second, almost all of the ladies are accustomed to remove armpit hair epilator, say that it is very painful for the first time only! Then the hair becomes less and thinner, and the skin is "accustomed" to such treatment.

For those who have decided on a similar experience, we give a few recommendations:

  • To use the epilator, hair in the armpits must have a length of about five millimeters. If they are very long (centimeter or more), we recommend pre-cut them with scissors.
  • Conduct epilator is against the direction of hair growth, keeping it perpendicular to the body. Do not forget that hair grows in the armpits, usually in different directions, so you have to drive the device up and down.
  • Do not press hard on the appliance, simply tilt it slightly. It is best to do this procedure slowly, but once - so you can avoid further irritation.
  • If you are doing with the help of underarm hair removal epilator for the first time, start with the first speed is less painful.

Do not be surprised red spots on the skin after hair removal, it means only that the hair pulled out by the roots. Soothes the skin after the procedure should also, as in the case of waxing - moisturizers and other special cosmetics.

As you can see, underarms it is possible to do yourself, at home. The main requirement for the successful completion of the procedure - your patience and the desire to be beautiful and well-groomed. But such negative moments as irritation and redness can be completely avoided by taking note of the above recommendations.

 Underarms: tips and tricks

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