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Imagine a modern average woman. Just not the one so vividly described in the series (driving an expensive car in a business suit and free work schedule), and real urban women of middle age that morning comes out of the house or the crack of dawn, and returned home when streets even dogs cease to bark. Do you recognize? Such women can be found in the subway, on the rear platform trolley and in line at the supermarket. And most importantly, all of them have a family trait. Chronic fatigue on the face. Who is to blame? Feminists, so zealously defend the rights of women? Or men realized that the fair sex may decorate the office and perform the work, along with all? That's not counting the usual burning huts and horses rushing somewhere. Now set fire to the hut young children left unattended, and the horses at this time lying on the couch watching TV.

Meanwhile, a woman to be an ornament of society with each passing year it becomes more and more difficult. Especially that busy schedule leaves no opportunity to go to the hairdresser or a beautician. What can I say! We women are accustomed to bathe even in haste. Bath filled with foam and misted glasses of champagne on the edge - is a pipe dream, remaining in the distant past, girlish. Since there is no time. We would make the cleaning of the face, to erase a couple of years and a few black spots from the skin. A champagne - it is self-indulgence. Normal woman drinks beer. And then from the glass of her husband until he turned for roach. Correctly?

No no and one more time no! Whatever the load at work, we must always remain women. Nice, exciting and well-groomed. And let time to spare, but make cleaning person at home - it is a sacred duty of every city resident. Moreover, it is quite easy. Do you want to learn? Then leave the right to drink up the beer drunk husband and get ready for a cosmetic procedure.

 both in the home to make cleaning of the face

Facial cleansing: Walkthrough


Remember: everything cosmetic procedures performed on clean skin. So run to wash and tack with a peeling and tonic. What for? Who will teach. In the meantime, lather the face. (You do not use ordinary soap and a special gel, right?) So, after the last soap flakes disappeared into the sewer, gently wipe the face tonic. Allow to soak, then gentle movements massage the skin exfoliation. Have you noticed that we have not mentioned the word "scrub"? He is very aggressive, and cleansing at home should be particularly sensitive. Rinse exfoliator. It is time to begin the second phase of the procedure.

Steamed face, opens the pores

Remember as a child my mother made us breathe on a hot potato broth? So we used to treat a slight cold. Today, steaming will help make deep cleansing facial at home. Namely - to prepare the skin for the cleansing procedure. Just breathe will need to not over boiled potatoes, and above decoction of chamomile flowers. Beauticians assure that this daisy has a healing effect. We believe them at their word, and within 20 minutes from the ferry will enjoy herbal teas. In order to open the pores more intensely best cover with a towel. Just not to burn (once again the voice of my mother from childhood).


Now your face reminds her husband payday: complete helplessness. So, before you start doing the cleaning person at home, thoroughly disinfect the skin of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Regarding hand, they are better wipe alcohol. Some women decide to save and routinely disinfected with alcohol and his face and hands. So it is better not to do this because you risk to dry skin.


What is the cleaning person at home? In fact, to remove excess sebum from the face. The same goes for the black dots that bring a lot of trouble to its owner. Some women do cleaning hands. Or rather - fingertips, squeezing out the dirt from the pores. If you want to follow their example, you should consider one rule: no nails. All movement should be gentle and careful, if you take the baby in her arms. Imagine what can be left traces of the nails on the delicate skin of the face steamed? In addition, forcing the black dots, do not overdo it. Some (very persistent) pustules may not be. Let them ripen. Remove them, you can always cleaned at the next person in the home.

But back to our procedure. If you do not want to produce mechanical cleaning (read - with his hands), we recommend to put on a face mask out of clay deep cleans pores. Many specialty stores sell special series of cosmetics, which copes with this task. But before you incur the products go to the checkout, remember the golden rule of modern women: Do not skimp on makeup. Otherwise, cheap funds not only do not help, but harm the skin.

Those women who have not clean the face, we recommend to make a so-called "mask of Cleopatra." This is a series of three successive masking. First you put the means deep cleans pores. Expectant required 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Should be applied to the mask tightens pores. Give it to dry. Flushed Away. And ends with a promenade masks sedative. Cosmetologists say that this method of cleaning person at home - the most effective. You just have to check out their opinion.


If you think that you have completed cleaning the face, then let us go on to upset you. Only a few steps, after which you can finally go to sleep (we remember how early you get up and how much work). So, we need to narrow pores alcohol-tonic and apply on face moisturizer. If alcohol is causing your lack of confidence, you can replace it with boiled water with lemon juice.

Some may argue and say that we have only recently applied to the mask with the same effect. But rules are rules. Beauticians prescribe it so the cleaning person at home, so we will obey them. By the way, we recommend you carry out the procedure in the evening and on the eve of the weekend. Since the morning your skin will "shine" slight bruising and redness. Do not worry. This is normal. In a few hours, and the irritation subsides. Continue to wipe the face tonic the next day and enjoy the opportunity to stay at home.

 how to make a cleaning person at home alone


So, congratulations. You clean the face at home and, I think, perfectly coped with the task. Now it's time to determine how often the procedure is carried out to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and does not turn into a compulsive personality, extremely puzzled state of their skin. Everything is simple. Facial cleansing should be done every two months. But this does not exempt you from visiting professional beautician. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the next, instead of cottages and the unpleasant hanging out in the neighborhood of Colorado beetles and capricious potatoes, go to a beauty salon. Science has proven: men can forgive a woman moodiness and excessive preoccupation with their appearance, but not the loss of attractiveness.

Therefore, in pursuit of a new position or salary increase, do not forget to look in the mirror and remember that you're not just an office worker, and above all, a woman. Keep it in spite of everything. And remember that the champagne - is not just a drink, and a great way to relax after a successful cleaning person at home.

 How to clean the face at home

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 Secrets of proper nail care

Well-groomed hands every woman's dream. Many believe that it is certainly nice, but too long and too expensive. Although it is not so, because the manicure at home is a reality that does not require much time and money.

You only need to follow this simple and pleasant sequence, then the result will be visible after some time. To begin to determine the type of manicure: there are cut and edged (European) manicure. Not manicure practical and hygienic, but the cuticle when applied not immediately equalized, but only after April 3 procedures. Both species are quite capable to perform even a novice.

Buy for yourself quality manicure instruments. Pay special attention to scissors, because they should be well sharpened and convenient for you. Do not forget to nail file and stick an orange tree for moving away cuticle. Be sure to purchase nutritious oil for cuticles and a special coating for nails. For the general comfort in the room can take an aromatic candle or air ionizers cleaners from allergens.

Our manicure session begins with shaping the nails, and for this we use a nail file, moving it from the edge of the nail to the center. The classical form of an oval or square with rounded corners. The procedure will give you pleasure, if we continue its relaxed hand bath. Can be added to the water sea salt. Then trim the cuticles, orange stick to push the pre and brush with butter. During this operation, do not be distracted. If the process takes place in the summer, it is advisable to install modern electronic mosquito repeller to divert bites.

If you prefer not to manicure, the cuticle must be removed with a special cream. The cream is applied to the inner lining of not more than 5 minutes, so as not to damage it. Then calming water treatment, as in the first case, and then have to dry hands again apply the cream. Another 3 minutes and it is already possible to remove the cuticle, using for this purpose our irreplaceable stick. Rinse off the cream, lubricate nourishing oil. Tidy other hand.

Now turn the coating, use the type of coverage for your nails. Colour varnish depends on your desires. But there are several versions of classic short red or dark nails, French for an average length. Long nails give scope for the imagination of colors and nail-art you can write a whole thesis. The simplest rule varnish should be in harmony with your image and style.

 Secrets of proper nail care

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