how to quickly get rid of a black eye


  • How to get rid of a bruise using badyagi
  • How to get rid of a bruise using potatoes with honey
  • How to get rid of a bruise using vodka

It is no secret that the life of each of us can happen quite serious trouble - a black eye. The reasons for the emergence of such "beauty" can be myriad: a child machine of the person stopped, to handle the cabinet bumped, bullet from a children's gun fell, the door jamb turned up at the wrong time, finally ... That's just the most unpleasant thing is that, no matter how much you do not explain this obvious reasons around, behind your back will be heard one husband (man) put a bruise. Agree, it is unpleasant? So let's look at how quickly to reduce black eye and stop all the rumors in the bud.

So terrible happened: you just hit your skin and eye treacherous blush, going about to be painted in a nasty purple color. The first thing you need to do after the impact - be applied to the injured area of ​​the skin cold. It may be ice, a bottle of milk from the refrigerator or a cold metal object - no matter how important it is to narrow the blood vessels and prevent hemorrhage spread further. The only request - do not overdo it, otherwise close to hypothermia.

If the impact was small, then this procedure can stop, bruise could get. If not, it is necessary to find other methods of how to get rid of unpleasant marks on the skin. So, we present you the best ways to quickly and effectively reduce black eye:

How to get rid of a bruise using badyagi

Badyaga. What it is? The plant, to be exact - a freshwater sponge, growing in fresh water, which was ground and got a wonderful powder green or brown. Powder this unusual, because it contains silica needles, which help to quickly get rid of bruises and hematomas. For centuries, all over Russia that is what this tool was panacea from various bruises heal her bruises after hitting.

In order to reduce the bruise, mix a couple of tablespoons badyagi with one tablespoon of water. The resulting mixture rub into the sore spot with soft circular motions. By its composition badyaga mixed with water, is more reminiscent of the rough scrub and rub this mixture in a thin skin (which also hurts!) Is not very pleasant. A single procedure to do, alas, does not work, to endure the pain and badyagu have applied several times - up until the bruise disappears. But believe me, it's worth it: the result will exceed all expectations.

The fact that the same silica needle that are composed of powder badyagi mechanically irritate the skin, which promotes resorption of stagnant spots - that is to say, bruises, appear on the skin after impact. Furthermore, badyaga removes local seal on the skin and any hematoma. Using the remarkable properties of this plant, you can easily and quickly get rid of any bruises anywhere on the body. Rubbing the mixture, be very careful and do not fall in her eyes, otherwise you can seriously injure or even earn mucous membrane inflammation.

By the way, badyaga sold at any pharmacy, and not only in the form of a powder, but also as an ointment (for lazy people that do not like water to plant themselves). It means sweeping raids peeling impact and is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

 black eye from a blow to get rid

How to get rid of a bruise using potatoes with honey

Oh, that's that, and potatoes have in any home. Once you have a bruise, immediately think about it and about its medicinal properties. Potatoes are full of vitamins and organic acids, which quickly will your skin in order. It is important not to forget that the only useful ripe potatoes - if you try to get rid of a bruise using tubers greenish color, nothing but harm to health do not get.

Equally useful for such injuries honey, because it prevents the spread of the bruise. And so the potato mixture with honey - a splendid aid against a black eye. In order to get rid of unpleasant marks on the skin, you need to grate the potato medium size, squeeze it, add a pinch of baking soda and a teaspoon of honey. Thereafter, the resultant mixture is wrapped in a gauze bag and superimposed on the bruise.

We perform this procedure better lying down, try to hold the lotion as long as possible. If you can not afford the luxury of a half-day lain on the couch, then put the potatoes and honey lotion every two hours - more often, in order to get rid of a bruise.

How to get rid of a bruise using vodka

Another easy way to quickly get rid of a bruise - vodka diluted with plain water. It is no secret to most of our citizens better medicine than vodka does not exist in principle, and treat them almost all known medical illness (perhaps except for alcohol). Well, yes, we take you inside the alcohol does not have enough to build a small wrap of vodka diluted with water at a ratio of one to one.

Generally, it would be ideal if at the time the bruise you in the house was available herbal tincture. It is known that alcohol is perfectly warms and "absorbs" in all the most valuable properties of medicinal plants, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and decongestant. The only warning - be careful and do not fall accidentally on the mucous eye

No matter which way you decide to get rid of bruises - in any case, is to start with a cold. If the injury is insignificant, that is more likely to avoid bruising at all. If not - do not despair, the above methods will help you "save" face and to avoid unpleasant conversations behind. At least, just in case, keep in their medicine cabinet badyagu and alcohol tincture herbal Who knows, maybe they will soon need? Be beautiful and healthy!

 How to quickly get rid of a black eye?

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 hair removal forever


  • Traditional recipes
  • The current strength against unwanted hair
  • Laser against excess vegetation
  • Light for smooth skin
  • Three in one
  • Safety measures

There is an anecdote: "Do not do it in time hair removal can save the girl from rash acts." That's only if the woman refuses to this procedure, it risks becoming a target for much less harmless jokes. It is good that in this age there are many ways to cope with unwanted vegetation on the body! Let's talk about the different methods of hair removal.

For a start look at what is hair removal and how it differs from waxing. So, during the waxing removes only the visible part of the hair. If hair removal is removed completely, including root. Gradually decrease the amount of hair follicles and the hair stop growing completely. To achieve a smooth body without unwanted hair, there are many methods. But which one is best to choose now we face it.

Traditional recipes

Of course, there are several "granny" methods that will help you rid yourself of annoying vegetation. But do not forget that all hair removal at home - a very difficult procedure. It should treat it with extreme caution. Most importantly - do not cause yourself harm removing hairs unattended specialist. But if you absolutely do not want to visit the salon, you can try to "deduce" the unwanted hair using the following recipes of traditional medicine.

  • Pour 100 grams. partitions walnut 150 ml. alcohol 70%. Allow the tincture in a dark place for a week. Then lubricate unwanted vegetation every day until hair does not begin to fall.
  • Take 50 grams. seeds of nettles and mixed with 100 ml. vegetable oil. Incubate the mixture for 2 months. Then lubricate the skin with tincture 2 times a day.
  • Mix 50g. Nettle seed with 100 grams. sunflower oil. Leave the composition in a dark place for 2 months. Then, regularly lubricate the places with increased vegetation to completely remove the hair.

Remember that the house - not the best place for such a delicate procedures like hair removal. To get rid of unwanted vegetation always better to go to the salon. Under the supervision of specialists will take the process less painful and without any damage to the body.

The current strength against unwanted hair

One of the most popular methods of combating excessive body hair - electrolysis. It was first used in the early 20th century. Since then, this type of hair removal has won many admirers. This is partly due to the fact that this procedure is virtually no restrictions on the type of hair and skin.

During electrolysis a needle is introduced into the follicle-electrode is formed on the end of an electrical discharge. This creates a high temperature, which destroys the hair follicle. Affect the hair follicle only in the stage of active growth of hair. Therefore, in one session remove all hair does not come out. The procedure will have to be repeated several times. But after that, you can forget about the problem of unwanted body hair.

Electrolysis can be applied to all areas of the skin. But because of the duration of the procedure is most often recommended it to carry out to solve minor problems. Best of all, this method is suitable for the correction of the eyebrows or get rid of hair on the upper lip. It should be noted that the procedure for all its effectiveness is still quite painful. However, many medical centers now offer different types of anesthesia.

Electrolysis is contraindicated in:

  • various dermatological diseases;
  • oncologic diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes.

Also, the procedure is not recommended during pregnancy.

 hair removal forever home

Laser against excess vegetation

One of the most popular techniques for hair removal - laser hair removal. During the procedure, the laser beam heats the hair and absorbs the cells containing melanin. Gradually, the hair bulb is destroyed, the hair becomes thinner and stop growing. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not suitable for owners of light, gray hair or dark skin.

In all other cases, laser hair removal is very effective and virtually painless. This allows you to use it for hair removal on all body parts. However, all hair removal by laser often requires 6 to 8 treatments. It all depends on the individual characteristics of your skin and hair.

Laser hair removal is contraindicated in:

  • acute infectious diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • Varicose veins.

Also, do not use this method of hair removal during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Light for smooth skin

Laser hair removal - is another effective way of controlling undesirable vegetation. For hair removal uses a series of short light flashes that destroy the hair follicle. The principle of operation in this case is similar to laser hair removal. Since hair removal is dependent on the melanin content, the more effective for the epilation of dark hair.

Laser hair removal is virtually pain. Therefore, it is used for hair removal, even in sensitive areas. Moreover, experts note that the flash stimulate the production of collagen, which improves skin elasticity. But that procedure was as comfortable as possible, please only in specialized clinics that use professional equipment.

Laser hair removal can not be performed:

  • during pregnancy
  • if you are suffering from diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, and other skin diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • if you have diabetes.

Three in one

Elos hair removal combines the advantages of the three methods at once - electric, photographic and laser hair removal. The hair bulb is destroyed by exposure of the light pulse and current. With this Elos hair removal can get rid of hair, regardless of their type and color. The method is effective even for light and gray hair. But it's worth noting that for maximum effect, be required to hold more than one procedure.

Elos hair removal is safe for all skin types. The system of additional cooling during the procedure helps to avoid unpleasant effects - redness and irritation. Therefore Elos hair removal can be carried out even in the catering, when it is so important to look perfect. However, as with other types of hair removal, hair removal Elos has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • allergic to the sun and light.

 proper hair removal forever

Safety measures

For the procedure was successful and without harm to health, it is necessary to carefully prepare. Pay close attention to the choice of a medical center and a specialist who will perform the procedure. It is best to apply to specialized clinics rather than private "craftsmen". Be sure to check the availability of the necessary licenses and documents confirming the specialist qualification.

Remember that clearly say what type of hair removal is right for you can only professional. After all, it affected by several factors:

  • Type of hair and skin. Some types of hair removal are not suitable, for example, light hair.
  • Your pain threshold. Some procedures are quite painful.
  • Having a variety of chronic diseases. Many of them are considered contraindications to one or another type of hair removal.

Be sure to ask your doctor to tell you more about all the contraindications and side effects.

If you do it right, you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Hair removal done in time to help the girl to hear compliments in his address, but "reckless actions" ... Sometimes they bring a lot of fun!

 Hair removal forever - a sure way to become perfect

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