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  • Daily cleansing
  • Moisturize skin with creams
  • Exfoliate Skin
  • Protect skin from the sun
  • Healthy eating

Waking up early in the morning, you look in the mirror and turn away with displeasure: swollen eyelids, uneven complexion, a pair of new pimples on the chin few people will cheer up. Sound familiar? If yes, then you have time to immediately proceed with the care of their appearance. Beautiful skin of the face - the main tool in the arsenal of any woman seeking to look young and attractive as long as possible.

How to achieve the ideal of a beautiful, clean skin on the face, where to get a formula of eternal youth? Fortunately, these recipes - not secret, they are available to all who wish to be always on top, regardless of age and circumstances. In fact, the rules are not so difficult, the main thing - do not be lazy and every day to pay attention to his beloved. We will give you valuable tips on how to lovingly care for their skin, making it soft and tender.

Daily cleansing

It does not matter whether you consider your face dirty - it is subject to daily cleansing anyway. Even if you do all day will not leave the house, and did not use makeup, then spent a damp cotton pad on your skin, you will notice a nasty, dirty footprints. Every night before going to sleep necessarily wash and clean the face with a special lotion, suitable for your skin type.

Even such simple daily activities like washing, calls for a very special relationship. We will give you tips and simple recipes for beauty, which will help make the procedure most useful and effective to achieve our main goal - a beautiful skin.

  • Avoid soap when washing - it is often very dry skin. Now on sale there is a huge amount of cleanser that gently cleanse the skin without causing dryness and irritation. Take the money and buy himself such means, the good, it is inexpensive. If the issue is financial edge, then take in the guy shaving cream - it is a means, as a rule, hypoallergenic and fine foam.
  • If you have sensitive skin of the face, avoid washing with hot water at the tap - as a rule, this water contains various contaminants that can cause irritation and redness on the skin. The ideal option - it is clean drinking water. When it comes to beauty and youth of your skin, do not skimp on the quality of water. Believe me, these tips will help you avoid many problems with the skin, prone to irritation.
  • Hot water opens the pores greatly, kicking out all the moisture on the surface too cold - on the contrary, narrows the pores, making it difficult cleansing of dirt and excess fat. So try to wash your face with warm water.
  • Rinse the detergent, splashing water over his face. The fact that a fine spray of micro spend a great face and moisturize the skin. Lean over the sink and splash your face with water in at least ten times.
  • Do not wipe the face of a rough, rough towel, do not rub with a cloth that has power - you can injure delicate skin and cause irritation. Your face towel to be soft and gentle, just pat them moisture.

Another golden rule for a clean, well-groomed skin - never go to bed with makeup. As much as you may tired, as if no sooner you had to get up - make sure that your skin is free from a layer of makeup. Foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow and other attributes of beauty fill your pores, the skin is almost not breathing. So never forget to thoroughly cleanse the skin - it will be grateful to you. Take note of these tips, then you will not annoy any pimples or acne or dark spots on the face.

 beautiful skin facial recipes tips

Moisturize skin with creams

In order for your skin gets enough moisture and nutrition, you should regularly use creams that are suitable for your skin type. Buying a new jar of cream in the store, pay attention to what nutrients it contains. To facilitate your choice is the list of the most popular components of face cream:

  • Vitamin E. It prevents aging.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Liposomes. Nourish the deeper layers of skin.
  • Panthenol. It soothes the skin, relieves irritation.
  • Enzymes. Promotes skin elasticity.
  • Acid. Promotes cell renewal.

Choosing the right cream, you should not forget to apply it to the skin twice a day - morning and evening after cleansing. There is a day cream - it moisturizes the skin and apply no later than half an hour before going outside (you need to give it time to soak it properly). In winter, especially at very low temperatures, apply a moisturizing day cream should be an hour before, or your skin is frozen, the freezing cold. Night cream is responsible for the power of your skin, relieve fatigue and restore tone. Do not apply it just before bedtime, otherwise you risk to wake up with traces of swelling on the face. It is better to do it at least an hour before you go to bed.

Apply the cream should be on the face massage lines, but do not rub it on the skin and gently 'hammer' fingertips. Special care should be taken to the eye - there is skin is most thin and delicate. In no case Do not apply too great a portion of the cream on the eyelids - just one small pea to the skin has received enough food. Do not pull or push, otherwise instead of beautiful, radiant skin will get a few extra wrinkles around the eyes.

Exfoliate Skin

Often the skin on the face of women starts to peel off. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the skin is not enough moisture, and sometimes due to incorrectly selected cosmetics. As a result, the skin looks irritated, make her look sloppy. What recipes can be given to women who suffer frequent peeling of the skin on the face? The most simple: regular exfoliation and moisturizing will help solve this problem.

Every day our skin cells die and in their place are new. Getting rid of dead skin cells, you not only make your skin soft and smooth, but also get rid of many small wrinkles. To exfoliate the skin, you will need to scrub. It can be purchased in the store, but you can cook at home. Here is the recipe of scrubs that you can do yourself.

  1. Scrub the coffee grounds. After drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, do not rush to wash dishes: grounds remaining in the cup, it is useful to make peeling the skin at home. For this we need two teaspoons of grounds and two teaspoons of oatmeal. If you have dry skin, then to the mix you want to add a teaspoon of sour cream, if oily - one teaspoon of unsweetened yogurt. Apply the resulting scrub on the face and gently massaging the skin for three to four minutes. Then wash and we put a moisturizer for your skin type.
  2. Three tablespoons of fine sea salt mix three teaspoons of cream. Gentle movements apply the mixture on your face, rubbing it along the massage lines. This scrub is better not to use those with the skin there are small sores or cuts.
  3. One tablespoon of orange zest mixed with two tablespoons of almonds, and a teaspoon of olive oil. It is believed that all the recipes scrubs containing citrus, helps not only perfectly clean the skin, but also to whiten it.
  4. Mix one tablespoon of cleansing milk, one teaspoon of melted honey and one teaspoon of baking soda. Apply scrub on cleansed, damp skin, massaging neat movements for five minutes.

Using these recipes, you will get rid of the problem of peeling and skin irritation. Before you can use all the ingredients, make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to them.

 how to make skin beautiful

Protect skin from the sun

We all love to sunbathe, all dream of a beautiful, golden brown skin. Unfortunately, the action of ultraviolet rays causes serious harm to our health. This pigmentation before aging, and even a serious disease such as cancer. Therefore, each of us just need to be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

You may not have enough time to perfect make-up for the perfect hairstyle, but the fact that the search for a moment and put on the skin sunscreen before going out - certainly should be enough time! Remember that it is enough to stay in the sun for fifteen minutes to get burned. Furthermore, the sun protection is needed not only in summer but all year round, because ultraviolet rays touch our skin all year round.

Healthy eating

"We - are what we eat" - a truism, a forgotten many girls and women, concerned not in the best condition of my skin. You can give the most wonderful tips and recipes for the most stunning beauty of the skin, but if you ignore the laws of a healthy diet, your efforts will be in vain transformed.

Vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins - are the main friend clean, healthy, well-groomed skin. Please note our recommendations on the selection of high-quality food to improve your skin.

  1. Omega-3 contained in large amounts in fish and walnuts, are essential for skin health.
  2. Due to vitamin C pimples on the face heal much faster, so try to eat citrus fruits daily.
  3. Cellulose, which is full of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, perfectly regulate the bowels, and therefore very useful for the skin.
  4. Daily consumption of sugar in large quantities will not only seriously harm your health, but also "give" your face a lot of acne and blackheads. Eat at least forty-five grams of sugar per day.
  5. Too much salt is also not good for your appearance: the excessive use her face looks puffy and swollen.
  6. Do not neglect multivitamins, they should drink twice a year - spring and fall. It is in these times, our body is weakened, and the most in need of our support.

Now that you know how to make skin beautiful - love yourself and take care of your health. And this should be done not occasionally, but every day, throughout life. And then they rose up early in the morning and look in the mirror, you smile cheerfully at her reflection, admiring the perfectly smooth, healthy skin.

 Beautiful skin of the face: keep blooming

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