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  • The problem of ingrown hairs

"Use our epilator it removes hair painlessly! "" Finally, a epilator, makes your skin smooth without pain! "- Roughly the commercials and then flashed on the TV screen. But every woman at least once in their lives were holding the appliance and use it for its intended purpose, knows that advertising is lying! No matter what clever marketers inspire shoppers renowned companies promising instant, easy to get rid of excess vegetation on the body - the reality something quite different. In fact it is quite a painful process that requires time and patience, and courage. And often after using the epilator appears on the skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

So what do you do, go back to the old razor or other means to remove unwanted hair? Or maybe it is possible to tame this beast with spinning wheels and learn how to use the epilator right? You should not give up: the appliance - is not the worst means he has a lot of advantages over other methods of removing excess hair. Firstly, buying the appliance again, you can use it at home, without the help of expensive specialists. Secondly, it does give a good result: after treatment the hair does not grow from two to four weeks, and there are more than a thin and weakened.

Of course, every barrel of honey has a fly in the ointment, and that concerns the use of the epilator - so here are a ladle. And the name of it - the pain. Someone is stronger, someone weaker: it all depends on the pain threshold of each. However, as a rule, after several treatments hair removal pain subside, many women easily remove hair on such delicate areas of the skin, as the bikini and underarms. In order to help you adapt to this device and make the process as efficient as possible, we give some valuable tips on how to properly use the epilator.

 how to use the epilator

Terms of use epilator

In order to rotate the wheels seized hairs completely and removed them from the root hair length should be about half a centimeter. It's not very convenient for those girls that do not like to "grow" a nasty vegetation in open areas of the body, but otherwise it is simply impossible to catch hair. The only consolation for these young ladies can serve as a thought that almost another month, they do not touch the machine this bad, because hair does not grow very long.

Generally, any depilator has at least two speed settings. In slow mode, convenient to operate for beginners: the hairs are pulled out slowly, and have the opportunity to prepare for pain. For the "mother" of the fairer sex who are accustomed to using the device a long time ago, it is fine and a higher rate, because, as mentioned above, with time pain is becoming weaker. But not only in the extract the whole thing: different speed epilator like for varying the thickness of the hair. The skinny hair, the slower mode should be epilator, otherwise it will not pull out of his, and simply will break the surface of the skin. Try experimenting with different parts of the body where excess hair have different thickness.

In order to minimize the pain, start with a thin hair epilation. So you get used to and adapt a little to the device before moving to the thicker hairs. It is not superfluous to take a hot bath before epilation - so your pores will unfold and pull the hair will be much easier. But in any case do not lubricate body creams and lotions, or hair will become slippery, and when using the epilator you encounter serious difficulties.

Do not press too hard on the appliance, hold it at a slight slope and by simple hair growth. The slower you do it, the more superfluous hair grab, and the less skin irritation. Red dots appear in any case - it is a sign of successful use of the epilator and hair pulled out by the roots. To soothe the skin after hair removal, use a special lotion.

And, of course, try to set yourself psychologically. Turn on your favorite music, light scented candles, promise to buy something nice after epilation - in short, you can do anything distract you from discomfort. Do not think about the pain - imagine how you'll look stunning after a painful procedure.

Underarms and bikini line

Handle the soft, sensitive skin of underarms and bikini line or the power of the most persistent young women, or those with very low pain threshold. But if you decide to do hair removal in these delicate areas, you keep the following tips:

  • In contrast to the large flat surface of the skin (eg, feet), hair removal bikini and underarm areas requires a special approach. Do not be afraid to be put off as the skin in order to plot got a little smoother and it was more convenient to use the epilator.
  • Watch closely so that the hairs were not long, otherwise either the appliance will not be able to pull them, or the pain will be unbearable. Moreover, pulling several thick long hair, you can easily injure skin. Prepare the skin and advance sostrig extra length.
  • In order to reduce the pain, try to buy the appliance with different attachments. For example, there is a nozzle with special mechanical brushes which massage the skin after removal of hairs quenching feeling pain. There are nozzles with a reduced amount of tweezers, and is - with helium "mitt", which is cooled before use in a refrigerator. It is perfectly possible to buy one of them. Of course, the pain will remain, but still it will not be so strong.

 how to do hair removal epilator

  The problem of ingrown hairs

Whatever rezultativen was epilator, but one problem after its use still remains - is ingrown hairs. And the most unpleasant thing is that the problem - not just a matter of aesthetic appearance, but also the health of the skin in general. After all, what ingrown hairs? It is hair that after hair removal has become so thin and weak that they can not grow through the upper layer of the epidermis and, curving develop just under the skin. For this case, there is even a medical term - pseudofolliculitis.

How to avoid this trouble and what to do if the hairs have appeared? Let's first talk about the prevention of ingrown hairs. First of all, it is worth remembering that this problem occurs in girls, do not prepare your skin for epilation. Indeed, apart from the purchase of an expensive device and the ability to keep it at the correct angle, you need to remember about the state of their own skin. It is necessary to exfoliate regularly using scrubs and washcloths tight while taking a shower.

In order to overcome the hair could top layer of skin, the latter should be soft and gentle, and it means that you should not forget to use creams suitable to your skin type. Girls who use epilators, have long noticed that on a smooth, well-groomed skin hair removal process takes place much easier. Believe me, care requires not only the facial skin, but also the rest of the body too. Do not forget to do this!

Many cosmetic stores sell special cosmetics that prevent ingrown hairs after the appearance of hair removal. It is a real salvation for all the girls who have decided to do hair removal at home. Another tip: do not wear synthetic underwear and tights of poor quality, and the very epilation spend before going to bed. Do not wear clothes on the places where the hairs have been removed. Ideally, it is best to sleep a night naked.

If ingrown hairs have appeared, our main advice is: do not use a needle and alcohol to remove them. Pseudofolliculitis - it is an inflammatory disease, so do not pick a needle, the risk of worsen the condition of the skin and bring back the infection. Let inflammation go - hair will come out eventually, and then you can easily remove it with tweezers. But to carry out re-waxed at ingrown hairs can not be in any case.

 How to use the epilator and hair removal does not turn into torture

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 olive oil Sun


  • The benefits of Sun
  • "Shop" Olive lotion or a little?
  • How to use olive oil for tanning
  • Olive oil: a double benefit
  • Interesting facts about olive oil

"I know thy sorcery, olive, you dig out the blood of the land for peace." Federico García Lorca

I enjoy the olive oil? Probably you say yes. But what it does not love, if it is so rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements, and any dish flavored with them, gets absolutely fantastic, gentle taste! Olive oil is used in cooking housewives, they are actively using women dieters using it to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. But did you know that our much-loved olive oil can be used for sunburn? What is, in fact, an excellent substitute for cosmetics to give the skin a smooth, golden hue?

The benefits of Sun

Doctors around the world are sounding the alarm: it appears necessary to avoid sunburn, as it is very harmful to the health of the skin. The negative effects of ultraviolet rays can cause skin diseases, ranging from age spots, to cancer. Around advocated the rejection of a long stay in the sun, cosmetic companies that produce creams with SPF protection, market flooded with new proposals and, in some countries prohibit solarium persons under the age of majority. So what to do, sunbathing or tanning?

Clear answer to this question is difficult. For girls with a thin white skin prone to dryness and irritation, direct sunlight is really dangerous, especially without special protection. Generations of women - our mothers and grandmothers - with pleasure, "roasted" in the bright sunshine, and many of them with age really got unpleasant consequences mentioned above. In the end, a couple of decades ago, few people came into his head besmear oneself sunscreen at the beach, and some of these funds to sell almost non-existent (especially in our country). Over the past hundred years, the ecological situation in the world has changed for the worse, the ozone layer is slowly but surely destroyed, and exposure to sunlight without special protection is becoming more dangerous.

That may be so, but do not forget that not only bring us harm gentle rays of the sun. Many scientists and doctors slowly (almost a whisper) recognized that the complete rejection of sunbathing is no less dangerous to health. All of us - the children of the Sun, and all of us need his energy. Ultraviolet radiation UV-B helps our body to receive such an important and necessary for the health of vitamin D. It was he involved in the process of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, restores the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Now, due to the indiscriminate rejection of sun tanning, many of us are experiencing a serious shortage of this vitamin with all the ensuing consequences.

So do not rush to extremes: to burn sunbathing without any protection or, on the contrary, all year round to hide in the shadows. You just need a reasonable and responsible approach to the issue of protection from harmful ultraviolet and use tools that help achieve and even tan, and protect themselves from disease. To do this, do not be lazy and rub into the skin cream with high SPF. Well, in order to protect the skin in addition to getting enough food and tan turned out beautiful and smooth, useful to you wonderful, environmentally friendly product - olive oil.

 Useful olive oil Sun

"Shop" Olive lotion or a little?

Deciding to go on a sunny beach, we want as quickly as possible to get an even, golden brown skin. Most often used for this purpose, acquired special creams and lotions that promise a perfect result. However, scanned the shelves of cosmetics, we are horrified to realize how much money will have to pay for the lovely colored tubes and reading part of the package, we begin to doubt even more. Indeed, many of us have thin, sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. Despite the beautiful color and pleasant smell of expensive lotion, we realize how much there is chemicals. And not the fact that they are all a positive effect on our skin (especially when used regularly and in large quantities).

So what do you do rely on the conscience of the manufacturer and the risk to use these tools yourself, or try something natural, completely safe for the skin condition? Of course, the second embodiment which is preferable. And it helps us in this just the usual olive oil, standing on the kitchen shelf of almost every house. It is not only safe for the health, but also bring many benefits for the skin, located on the sun.

Olive oil - a godsend for dry, sensitive skin. It will help her soften and retain moisture for a long time, so necessary for the firmness and elasticity. Olive oil rejuvenates the skin, smoothes fine lines and prevents their appearance. Besides using olive oil instead of cosmetic products, you are firmly convinced that there is no allergic reaction after the application is not going to happen. Is not that reason enough to take with them to the beach, this is a natural product?

Moreover, in numerous forums on the Internet dedicated to sun tan, noticed an interesting trend: all the girls who use olive oil instead of the usual cosmetic product, noticed that adheres tan faster and smoother falls. Even if you-skinned beauty, accustomed during the first days in the sun blush and only a week to acquire a dark color, then the use of olive oil, you get an amazing result! By the second day, your body will get the coveted tan.

Besides, the skin tone received from the Sun with olive oil, will cause you a lot of enthusiasm. We all know that the "sea" a tan is very different from the usual: it is always clear who was sunbathing on the beds, and who on the shore of the sea. And it is very simple to explain: in seawater high percentage of iodine. It is responsible for the tender, golden skin tone, which we bring to the holiday resort. Returning home, we pretty quickly washed out iodine with deep layers of the epidermis, and very surprised why this sea tan as quickly washed off.

So, the trick is that Olivia is also a lot of iodine, retained this element and olive oil that we rubbed into the skin to tan. That is why the skin turns golden and beautiful so that a tan called "river" language does not turn. So if you decide to invent little friends, saying he had a vacation in the country, but on the expensive resort on the beach, you will be completely reliable, presenting as evidence the radiant, golden tan on the skin.

How to use olive oil for tanning

If you are afraid to look silly on the beach, head to toe shiny smeared with olive oil, then your emotions in vain. Of course, for a lasting and even tan requires a sufficient concentration of the product, but to use it in its pure form it is not necessary. There are lots of recipes for how to use the oil for application on the skin. The most useful and effective ones, and we will present:

Olive oil and water

Perhaps the most simple and not labor way - to mix olive oil with clean drinking carbonated water in a ratio of one to one. Mix well to obtain a mixture and pour it into a bottle with a spray for easy application to the skin. If you think that olive oil is still not the cheapest product, you can not get upset: the oil will require quite a bit, one hundred grams. As a result, you will have a great hand-ounce suntan lotion homemade. Believe me, it will be enough for long.

The only precaution: Keep this lotion correctly. If he would lie for months in your beach bag, you can just go bad. So keep it in the refrigerator, pulling out each time for a couple of hours to hike to the beach for oil warmed and melted.

Olive oil plus coconut

The benefits of olive oil have heard a lot, but that's what this is, useful in coconut oil, most of us have no clue. However, the benefits of coconut oil for healthy skin, you can write entire treatises. Firstly, it contains a large amount of lauric acid, which, by its chemical composition is very similar to the fatty acid contained in our skin. It kills harmful bacteria and prevents skin warts, pimples and freckles. Secondly, coconut oil - is an excellent antioxidant, which prevents aging of the skin, protects it from harmful UV rays.

In addition, coconut oil promotes shelled dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. Perfectly absorbed by the skin, it moisturizes and protects it, as an excellent means for a healthy, smooth skin color. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of coconut with olive oil works wonders. Using a mixture of sun, you very quickly get a beautiful, golden skin tone without any harm to health.

Prepare a tanning lotion is a snap: just mix both the oil in equal proportions. Rub this mixture you need to wet body - a proven sunscreen helps to ensure a quick and even tan. However, if the first time you got to the beach, to abandon the conventional creams with SPF protection nevertheless should not be, otherwise the risk "fry" in the sun.

Olive oil with lemon and iodine

It is well known that lemon is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent tool for getting rid of age spots and freckles. Due to the fact that a lemon - a bleach, use it as suntan lotion should be only when you have a bit of Zagora. No, you will not lose your tan and become milky white after using this lotion, because you only need a few drops of lemon juice. On the contrary, with the golden tan you get flourishing, well-groomed skin, get enough nutrition and hydration.

The benefits of iodine Sun we have said before discussing the cause of beautiful tan on the coast. But a nice golden hue - is not the only effect of the action of this element, because it is literally "awakens" our skin, making it soft and supple. Did you know that workers enumerating hand seaweed, rich in iodine, your skin becomes smooth and softened? The same effect is observed on various cosmetic skin care products that are rich in this element.

Therefore, it is clear that a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and iodine - a great tool not only for a beautiful tan, but also for the health of the skin in general. To prepare this mixture, we will need about half a cup of oil, the juice of half a lemon, and five drops of tincture of iodine (iodine do not overdo it - in large amounts it would not be useful). Keep a tanning lotion is best in glass bottle in a dark, cool place.

Olive oil with cocoa

All lovers of chocolate and cocoa drinks we suggest using this wonderful product is not in, but on the surface of the skin. Accustomed to count calories in every bite or a cup delicacy delicious drink, you do not even suspect how useful cocoa powder and cocoa butter for skin health. They contain valuable mineral substances - such as zinc, iron and the pigment melanin that can protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition, cocoa perfectly relieves stress, tones the skin and improves its elasticity.

To make this lotion we need: olive, coconut and cocoa butter in equal proportions. It is necessary to mix these ingredients and slightly warmed in a water bath for the mixture became homogeneous. After that, add one teaspoon of cocoa powder and stir all well. Of course, ideally for this lotion came to natural chocolate liquor, but if that is not available, the suit and the usual powder. With this mixture of your body very quickly acquire a luxury chocolate hue.

 the right olive oil Sun

Olive oil: a double benefit

We talked a lot about how important it is to apply olive oil to the surface of the skin to that beautifully and evenly tanned. But have you ever thought about what that normal use of the oil for food can help you find your dream tan? Surprisingly, it is a fact: olive oil contains substances that can not only protect the skin from burns, but also give it a beautiful golden hue. Moreover, not only in outdoor, but also for domestic use.

Have you ever thought about why men are unable to tan much faster than we women? After all, once they appear in the sun, their skin darkens immediately, and sunburn, they suffer much less than ours. How can you not envy this lucky: no birth, no waxing, and even tanning is faster and smoother than we are. What is the secret why this injustice?

In fact, no secret here. Their quick tan is simple: men's skin for fifteen to twenty percent more dense than ours, and besides, it contains a lot of melanin. This is exactly what substance in the skin, which is responsible for protection from burns and even, beautiful tan. Perhaps, with the density of the skin, we can not be helped (and do not want to be honest), but increase the amount of melanin - are quite capable.

There are many foods that can help you increase the amount of melanin, so necessary for a good tan. And among them, of course, olive oil. You can eat salads, seasoned with the oil, or add it to a few drops of your favorite juices and drinks - the result will be the same. The main thing - do it immediately before sunbathing.

There is a famous saying: "We - what we eat." And it is quite true. Eating olive oil on a regular basis, we enrich your body with essential trace elements and vitamins, improves the stomach and intestines. And it is not surprising that due to these effects on the body, our skin is just blooming - becomes soft, smooth and velvety. And it is this skin can get very smooth, very nice tan. So the conclusion is clear: eat olive oil and rejoice that we have achieved a stunning, golden tan.

Interesting facts about olive oil

  • According to Greek myth, the goddess created the olive tree War - Athens.
  • The great Greek thinker and philosopher Aristotle singled to study the properties of olive oil a science.
  • The oil - is olive oil, sanctified special church ceremonies and are used in many Christian worship.
  • For polishing of diamonds used extra virgin olive oil.
  • Raw fruit of the olive differs bitter, unpleasant taste. Before becoming suitable for cooking, olive soaked for about a month in a special brine.
  • Cream-based olive oil - the perfect remedy for cellulite.
  • One cup of olive oil (two hundred sixteen grams) contained 29, 1 gram of saturated fat, 21, 6 polyunsaturated and 159, 6 grams of monounsaturated fats. The last two species are very beneficial to the body in connection with the fact that help fight obesity.
 Olive oil Sun: beauty product for your skin

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