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  • The cause of freckles
  • Preventing the appearance of freckles
  • Protecting the skin from ultraviolet
  • Changes in diet
  • Getting rid of freckles folk remedies
  • Cosmetics for getting rid of freckles
  • Cabin treatments against freckles

"Red, red-haired, freckled, killed his grandfather with a shovel! "- Such a teaser haunts many of us since childhood. And let it refers to a male, but even with toddlers is very few people bother. It is so called all owners of luxury, golden freckles - both boys and girls. As adults, we are much comfortable with this "kiss of the sun" in the face, but no, no, but wants to see his face perfectly smooth, without any trace of red stains on it. What to do, how to get freckles and closer to his own ideal of beauty painted in the imagination?

One can speculate that freckles - it is normal that only paints the girls. But if you feel the same way, it probably would not be reading these lines. After all, sometimes it seems like all hard-won - thin waist, clear skin, makeup wisely cash - absolutely nothing worth while on the face of the nasty freckles. Anyone who sees this every day in the mirror - understand. So let's see where these freckles are taken and how to deal with this scourge.

The cause of freckles

Many little girls freckles appear in early childhood, and it is a matter of genetics. Most often funny konopushki appear in blond and red-haired people. And lighter than their skin, the more their faces freckles all sizes. Unfortunately, the genes responsible for the transmission of freckles "inherited", yet to be determined, and doctors believe they just wrong color skin.

"Kiss of the Sun" freckles called deservedly activity sunlight - one of the reasons of their occurrence. Each of us has a special ingredient in the skin - melanin. It is responsible for tanning, for dark skin tone and protect against the negative effects of UV rays. The more melanin - the skin is darker and more efficient tan.

We have red and blonde girls, as a rule, the skin is thin and white, and with great zeal melanin protects it from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. That's just, unfortunately, that they have very little melanin, and it is distributed unevenly, and not able to be painted in brown color all the skin entirely. All that it lacks for our protection from ultraviolet radiation - is to place on the face of the little red pigment spots, which we call "freckles."

As a rule, in the summer, when we are all under the hot sun, freckles, "bloom" on the face, become larger and their number increases. As soon as the cold come, we no longer fall under the constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and our konopushki "hide", decreasing in size. Color and freckles amount depends on the number of melanin in a human.

Preventing the appearance of freckles

As we have learned, these harmful freckles and waiting when we expose a person under the rays of the bright sun to climb out and spoil our mood. What can we do about it? To take this process under control! Well, if they are so fond of the harmful effects of UV rays, all we can do - carefully protect the skin from the bright sun.

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Protecting the skin from ultraviolet

First, never go out without a special application to the skin sunscreen with a high SPF. So not only do we not let the little red vredina bloom in our face, but the skin will be protected from premature aging. It has long been known that prolonged exposure to the sun without protection is very harmful for the skin condition, ultraviolet radiation is harmful to everyone - and freckled girls, and those whose skin is covered with a tan. By following this simple rule, you will save your skin from many diseases - including cancer.

Do not go out into the bright sunlight without sunglasses. The skin around the eyes is very thin, it is particularly in need of protection. In addition to the well-chosen points, any of us look sexy and attractive. In addition to the points you can choose the right headgear - cap with a visor or a hat with a brim - most importantly, that part of his face was in shadow. So you reduce the chances of their freckles fun shine on your skin.

Changes in diet

This may seem strange, but the appearance of freckles also depends on what we eat. Once the skin is no longer enough vitamins, it ceases to please us beautiful, smooth complexion, and even becomes much more susceptible to the effects of heat and sun. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that the correct power supply depends on many things - and the intensity of the appearance of freckles, too.

Therefore, if you want to reduce freckles, is focusing on products containing vitamin C. It is found in citrus fruits, apples, in sauerkraut. In fact, the list of healthy and delicious foods with this vitamin is very wide. Once your body starts to produce useful minerals in sufficient quantities, your skin immediately "wake up" and you will no longer disappoint unhealthy rash of red color and freckles all over his face.

Getting rid of freckles folk remedies

But what if the freckles still there, or they are on your face regardless of the seasons and diet? Then, to help you come to the old recipes that were used even by our grandmothers. Did you know that in the days of ancient Egypt freckles problem of local beauties was so acute that Cleopatra herself was looking for a way to get rid of this scourge? Proven, successful recipes she wrote in her book about the secrets of beauty that has reached our days.

We will not bore you with unprecedented recipes with ingredients relic, and give simple and effective tips on how to lighten the brown spots on the face called freckles.

  1. One raw potato medium sized grate on fine grater. Add to one tablespoon of almond bran, four tablespoons of sour milk or yogurt, a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Mix the ingredients, put on clean face with a thick layer. Keep this mask should be fifteen to twenty minutes, then rinse with water. With regular use, this mixture will help you make the freckles almost completely shallow.
  2. For this recipe you will need the seeds of cucumbers, they should be soaked in a glass of vodka and leave in a warm place for twelve hours. If you find it difficult to tinker with seeds, it is quite suitable finely chopped cucumber. Get the lotion is necessary to rub the skin twice a day - morning and evening.
  3. Displays freckles next infusion. Per liter of boiling water brew herbs: St. John's wort, calendula, immortelle and tricolor violet at the rate of one tablespoon each. Insist your potion for about three hours, then drink half a cup three times a day.
  4. Using this recipe can be derived freckles products located in virtually every refrigerator. So, just stretch out and take a lemon, cucumber, onion and fresh parsley. Squeeze the juice from them, and wipe the face with this mixture twice a day.
  5. One tablespoon of cottage cheese mixed with a tablespoon of sour cream, add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting mass is put on the skin for about twenty minutes, then rinse with warm turn first, then cool water.
  6. It will help reduce the freckles from the skin following recipe: sour milk diluted in one tablespoon of yeast so as to obtain a liquid slurry. Add to one teaspoon of lemon juice and mix the ingredients. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.

As you can see, there are many recipes on how to reduce the freckles from the face or make them almost invisible. Combined with real-time protection from the sun and proper nutrition, these folk remedies provide a superior result.

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Cosmetics for getting rid of freckles

Not every one of us is eager to make masks, infusions and decoctions at home (but in vain!). And then we remember that in drugstores and beauty shops selling numerous means for whitening the skin, helping to reduce freckles. I must say that most of them are quite effective, and with regular use, you can achieve impressive results. But do not forget that not every cream or lotion will suit your delicate, thin skin. Very high risk of irritation and allergic reaction.

Never buy a cream from unreliable manufacturers, or just with the hands of strangers. In addition to the waste of money, you can get much more dire consequences: instead reduce freckles, you can trigger a serious skin disease. Especially dangerous cosmetic products containing hydrogen peroxide and mercury, be especially careful with them.

Cabin treatments against freckles

In order to reduce freckles, you can go to a beauty salon. They can help you lighten the skin and get rid of unpleasant konopushek. Of course, it is expensive, but the result is worth it: a few steps, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the mirror and admire the perfectly clean skin. True, salon treatment has its drawbacks - it is different contraindications. Suffice it to say that a very large number of girls simply can not tolerate peeling face, because they are counter-acid, with which it is done. But peeling - a mandatory procedure to remove the top layer of the epidermis to remove age spots.

Furthermore allergic reactions there may be a variety of diseases such as heart failure or neurodermatitis. They, too, are contraindicated for such serious procedures. However, all those girls that do not complain about their health, it is possible to make an appointment to the beautician to finally bring these boring freckles.

Withdrawal freckles in beauty salons usually done in the following ways ::

  • Hardware cosmetology - in other words, the reduction of freckles laser.
  • Phototherapy - special light pulses remove the skin color pigment (that is, freckles).
  • Injection. The dot your skin to inject destroying brown pigment and reduces the activity of melanin.
  • Various topical pharmaceutical preparations, the effect of which is similar to the injections - destroying pigment and "calm" melanin.

Before choosing one of these methods, be sure to consult a dermatologist to make sure that you have no contraindications.

As you can see, it is possible to reduce freckles, even if a lot of them and they are on your face for a long time. Yet it is much easier to prevent their occurrence, taking advantage of our valuable advice. Love yourself, take care of their skin, and all the flaws and defects of appearance disappear.

 How can I see the freckles on their own or with the help of experts

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