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Well-groomed hands and nails neat characterize their owner as a real lady. Particularly impressive French manicure looks, since at all times the fashion was natural. And if you have no time on trips to the salon, do not worry. Make a French manicure at home is not so difficult. Quite a bit of patience, skill and experience. By the way, if you can not grow long nails, do not rush to run at capacity. After your nails are much better than a thick layer of gel and acrylic. Especially now that fashion is democratic: both long and short nails will look modern.

Classification manicure

Before you learn how to make french house, you need to understand the classification of manicure. You're not going to paint your nails, not treating them at the same time? Thus, modern manicure can be divided into classical (cut) and European (not edging). European manicure has a more gentle effect; however, the ideal result can be achieved only after 6-7 sessions. To learn how to not do manicure at home, we advise you to do it a couple of times in the cabin. This carefully follow the sequence of steps in the wizard to find out how to care for your nails. Buy the necessary tools for manicure:

  • nail files in different grits,
  • blunt metal blade,
  • orange stick to remove the cuticle,
  • sharp nail scissors,
  • cuticle oil,
  • cuticle remover cream (for the classic manicure)
  • white lacquer (to paint french)
  • varnish, simulating the natural color of the nail plate (to make the most natural french)
  • cover.

You should not lightly waving his hand and proceeds to read another paragraph. All of the above tools you will need and in order to do a French manicure at home. Therefore - a march to the store!

 french manicure at home

French manicure at home

Now that the main type of manicure is selected, you can start the procedure itself. The first step is to remove the old varnish. Next, nail file gives nails the necessary form, moving from the edge to the middle of the nail. In order to coat looked better, choose an oval shape of the nail. Just do not overdo it. Sometimes careless (and inept) treatment of sawing leads to irreversible consequences. If you drank themselves to the base of the nails, no jacket you do not get. But we hope that with the sawing operation will not cause you problems.

To shape, hold hands for 15-20 minutes in warm salt water. With an orange stick or blades gently move the cuticle scissors and remove it, and then process the oil. In the classic manicure before the salt tray, apply cuticle remover cream for 3-4 minutes, then dry hands with a napkin and put the cream again.

The cream is absorbed? Great. Then we do a manicure on. After 3 minutes after the remnants of the cream completely disappeared from the skin, gently remove the cuticle using the orange stick. Those pieces of cuticle, which failed to remove, can be neatly cut with scissors. If you are not sure that you can cut your own skin, better leave it at that. Believe me, no jacket will not look at the hands of wounded. Washing by water under the fingers, lubricate them with oil. Do not rush to apply lacquer. Oil-nails he simply does not lie. Therefore, before making jacket, degrease nails nail polish remover without acetone. Then apply the base coat (or treatment) in a single layer. No, no, put the nail in the side. It is too early. Proceed to the next step. To do this, apply the oil on the skin side pads firm, after which it powertrowel fine nail file.

And now you can apply varnish. By the way, French is not only natural, but also color. So if you like red shades, you can safely use them. In short nails looks perfect red and dark, long - any shade. French (French manicure) is perfect at any length. By the way, choose paint color that blends in with your skin color. Very fashionable, when selected hue in the color of clothes, but because of the impracticality better to choose neutral classics. However, the color coat should be protected. If you take good care of the cover, he will continue to ten days. To do this, the nails should be covered in a day covering 3 in 1 (drying, protection and shine). Although, if you learn how to do a French manicure at home, such precautions are unlikely to be needed. Most likely, you will paint the nails every day, creating a fresh coat for a particular dress.

French manicure on the artificial nails

If you build your nails, do something jacket home, you will be much easier. The fact that the gel or acrylic coating varnish goes flawlessly. And keeps on french artificial nails three times longer than natural. If you still tip white tunic worn down a bit (which is unacceptable), apply to the damaged area and a new layer of varnish after - coating. If the time for alteration or correction of the tunic is not just coat pearlescent nail varnish, which will hide the flaws.

In addition, in your arsenal should be a special adhesive that can be used to repair a broken nail without cutting it. To accrued nails look natural, refuse lengths. Especially that jacket looks on short nails is not worse than the extremely long.

 a beautiful French manicure at home


No matter what your nails: accrued or natural. And what jacket you have chosen for themselves - natural or colored. In any case, make it a rule that we must take care of your hands every day. Before homework, always wear gloves. Buy a nourishing and moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type. Before purchasing please read their composition and purpose. Apply the cream several times a day, carefully rubbing the tips of his fingers gradually moving to the wrists. For bleaching and strengthening then polish your nails a slice of lemon (this applies only to natural nails). Once a week, at night impose a mask, for example, olive oil, before it processed scrub your hands. To consolidate the effect wear cotton gloves.

Following the advice listed, you will quickly master the art of perfect manicure and challenge "beautiful hands at minimal cost," you will be successfully achieved.

 French manicure at home

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 beauty secrets of Eastern women


  • Women from East and West: look for the 10 differences
  • Secrets of Oriental women

Oriental women have always been considered a real beauty. Thick, lustrous hair, dull skin, dark almond-shaped eyes. This poet's dream! And the envy of other women, whom nature has not bestowed so generously. Just want to reassure all the blondes who is haunted attraction Oriental women - all of this will come with time. Nature, of course, also had a hand in the creation of female beauty, but the main thing - is the ability of the fair sex to care for themselves. Therefore, you too can become such. Suffice it to know the beauty secrets of Eastern women that mad men western (or what you want them).

Women from East and West: look for the 10 differences

Just let us go on to upset a good half of the readers. For the Oriental women to be beautiful - it is a duty. Almost all of them do not work and are engaged only in order to clean up the house, cook dinner and meet her husband. Therefore, they can spin the whole day in the mirror, trying new recipes and carefully scrubs inducing makeup. That is all that you are doing on the run in the remaining time from work, they carry out gradually for a long time and with great pleasure. You will not believe, but even comb eastern woman three times slower than the usual Russian girl. And the point is not that one, the other, the hair is longer. She just hurry. And you probably already somewhere late? This makes all the difference.

What to do? Search husband in the East? In principle, it is possible. Here only are you ready to wear the veil? And without obey her husband? I'm sure some would answer consent (still, they'll probably just tired of making decisions on their own and each morning in a hurry to make up). Then tell me: do you agree bezvylazno sit at home? And forget about the weekly gatherings with friends in a cafe around the corner? No, there is a cafe in the East. And friends are. But you'll be friends with exactly the people who are allowed to communicate with your husband. A café .... There you will probably not soon will be taken. Is that my husband and I on holiday. And in a burqa. But it neither eat nor drink uncomfortable. Therefore, let's better to learn the secrets of Eastern women, and stay free! Eventually, peeling can be applied and at bedtime.

 Oriental beauty secrets

Secrets of Oriental women


Eastern girls do not like chemical dyes. It is because their hair thick and shiny, but not so on forever split strands Slavic girls. Do you want to strengthen your hair? Use henna. It is this natural dye carefully and accurately fills the natural color of the hair, giving hair radiant ryzhinku. Do not want to be like Oleg Popov? Use a colorless henna. By the way, to strengthen the hair oriental beauties are not new-fangled balms and masks, as usual yogurt. Gathered wash your hair? Apply a little yogurt on your hair, let it soak, then you can continue the procedure.

The skin, nails

Matte leather modern Scheherazade - the result of good sleep, thoughtful food and green tea. It is the drink clears the body of antioxidants that our body is literally stuffed. Well, healthy sleep has always been helpful for both men and women. Just remember before you go to bed to ventilate the room. And again, any computer in the room. And, especially, to play "shooter" of her husband. The second half has to be close to you. This is also the beauty secrets of Eastern women.

If you have already adopted all the tricks dark-haired attractive rivals, and nails you still fragile, we suggest you make a salt bath. To this solution a little sea salt in warm water and hold it in her hands. From the East Sea Salt, you ask? Respondent. Import and export in tropical countries developed not worse than in cold Russia. You eat bananas? So why oriental women can not strengthen nails sea salt?

White teeth

As you know, a faithful wife to the dentist without the consent of her husband can not. And then, the veil will interfere. How to restore the natural whiteness of enamel? It's simple. Oriental woman whiten your teeth with the help of thick cream. For this they dry brush dipped in a milk product, they rubbed the enamel and allowed to stand for some time (the cream should not be there, whiten teeth, then have lunch). The procedure must be repeated 3-5 times a day. The modern interpretation of a prescription cream is replaced by powdered milk or natural yogurt with no added sugar. Although it seems to us, than to go with the mouth, sour cream crowded, easier to sign up to the dentist. We are a husband's permission is not necessary. And the burqa is not (thank God).

Smooth body

Eastern women do not feed bread, let me relax in the hammam and pamper body scrub (and what else to do while waiting for her husband poor thing?) In this body are rubbed with coffee grounds exclusively. To this end they steamed organic coffee, let it brew. After that, the girl added in the future scrub the olive oil in a ratio of 1: 3 (the oil should be less) and enrich the mixture of different essential oils. The variety and range of scented oils depends entirely on personal preference. Whether you like the smell of lavender? Then, add it to extract steamed coffee. Do you want to smell like a rose? A couple of drops of essential oil of rose fulfill your desire.

By the way, oriental women are very fond of olive oil. They are rubbed body during pregnancy (to avoid stretch marks) and eyelids before bedtime (to avoid wrinkles). Yes there forever! Many girls wash with olive oil, so as not to age prematurely. But, before you repeat their feat, keep in mind that the skin condition and typical eastern Slav women are very different among themselves. So that one person - a panacea for wrinkles, then another - the source of acne and excessive skin hydration.

What I want to say in the end? Do not try to be like someone else. Who knows, maybe oriental woman madly want to spend at least one day of the life from which you are running? So love yourself for who you are. And who knows, maybe the French skin cream around the eyes is 1000 times better than olive oil?

 Beauty Secrets of Oriental women

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