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Girls suffering from problem skin on the face, know what a meal - every day to watch the scattering of acne on his cheeks and chin. They do not hide under the clothes, not zamazhesh foundation: bad sore point show through even the thickest layer under the "plaster". And, apparently, is not a pity to spend any money for the sake of the skin finally become perfectly smooth and clean. Why do some face fresh and smooth, and the other is always covered with acne? Only one came down, and immediately there were new!

And the whole secret is that money alone will not help. Even if you go to the best cosmetologists, failing to clean the skin on your face, there is no guarantee that a month pimples return. Buy expensive lotions and means for problematic skin, of course, possible, but the main secret of success - a thorough daily care of the face. This is correct, regular cleansing and exfoliation and mask for oily skin. After all, if you do not care for the skin permanently, but no professional beauticians will not turn you into a beautiful woman with a nice, soft, clean skin.

How pimples

The most common problem skin with lots of inflamed pimples and pustules appear in girls with oily skin. The pores have a wider and constantly polluted, the sebaceous glands produce excess fat. Coming to the surface, this fat "found" pollution - dust particles cosmetics, etc. - And the skin becomes inflamed, "pleasing" You all new acne. However, absolutely every girl is able to control the process and prevent the occurrence of regular acne.

The main rule for problem skin - it's cleanliness and good hygiene. It is necessary to wash twice a day, by cleaning the skin with a special cosmetics. This may be a facial wash, gel, milky lotion. Excellent choice - buy a special brush to thoroughly wash the face coated with bristles over the vehicle. Just do not rub the face of it that there is power - so you can injure the delicate skin of the face and make a few extra wrinkles.

It would seem that the more often cleanses the skin, the better the result. However, it is not: it is not necessary to do this more than twice a day. If you often take away the greasy discharge from the face, the glands begin to work harder, highlighting the skin surface fat. Therefore, limit your morning and evening cleansing, that is enough. Do not forget to exfoliate the skin twice a week, it will not only help to remove dead cells from the surface, but do not give the possibility of contamination to linger on your skin.

Too many women believe that scaly particles on the cheeks - a sure sign that they have a dry skin type. As a result, they buy a cream for dry skin, called "butter up" the top layer of the epidermis to give disappointing results: the skin immediately covered with new spots. In fact flaking most often occurs just at owners of oily skin, as their metabolism is disrupted (enhanced sebaceous glands - proof). As a result of dying cells do not have time thinned, getting out to the surface in the form of whitish scales. Therefore it is very important not only periodically exfoliate dead skin cells, but also use the right creams and other beauty products for your skin type.

The most effective way to achieve purity and smoothness - regularly make a mask for inflamed skin. Due to natural ingredients masks, you will avoid the possibility of allergic reactions, which are often given purchased cosmetics. Almost all components of the masks in the house each family, and if not, they can be purchased at the grocery store or pharmacy for very little money. So you not only save your family budget, but also get a perfect, environmentally friendly product, copes with problem skin.

 facial mask for oily skin

Masks for oily skin

To mask has the most effective impact on the skin, the person must be properly steam. The more open pores of your skin and the more active circulation - that is a result provides a steam bath - the better the result from the use of components of masks. It is possible to hold a person of ordinary hot water, but you can add a few drops of liquid oils. This not only helps create the perfect anti-bacterial effect, but also the great cheer you up.

After steaming the face, you can proceed directly to the preparation of masks. Please note that it is not necessary to make money too in large proportions - a mask should be enough for you at once, store it in the refrigerator is not necessary. So, we present you some of the best recipes for oily skin:

The mask of baked apple

Bake in the oven and clean the apple peel. Mash the pulp with a fork until smooth. Add the apple mush one beaten egg white. The resulting mask is applied to the face and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash alternately with warm, then cool water. This mask is a "pull" dirt from the pores, preventing the chance of acne appear, moreover, it tightens pores and evens out the complexion.

Mask of honey and milk

You will need one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of warm milk, three quarters of a teaspoon of starch and the same salt. Stir the resulting mixture until smooth. Apply the mask on the face with a cotton swab - layer by layer. Leave for half an hour. Wash off with cool water, we put a moisturizing cream. This mask is perfectly cleanses the skin and nourishes and moisturizes it.

The mask of egg white

Carefully separate the white from the yolk and stir it in a lush lather. Adding a drop of one teaspoon of lemon juice, continuing to whisk. The resulting foam was gently put on the face, you can do so using the cooking brush. Wait until the first layer has dried slightly, and apply a second. After ten or fifteen minutes, rinse with warm, then cool water. This mask is not only perfectly tightens pores and eliminates shine, and smoothes wrinkles.

Carrot Mask

If you have pale, fading skin of the face covered with acne, this mask - for you. All you need to do - grate a big, juicy carrots. If the mass will be too liquid (depending on the kind of carrot), you can add to it a little cosmetic talc. Apply the mask on your face for about twenty-five minutes. Later, rinse with water and use a moisturizer.

The mask of herbal concoctions

Prepare a decoction of lime blossom, chamomile, and elderberry flowers. All the ingredients you need to take one teaspoon. Keep heat the mixture should be at least ten minutes. Then sue, drain and add half a teaspoon of honey. Once the honey has melted, add the oatmeal mask so as to obtain a paste. Apply the product to face with a thick layer of thirty minutes. Rinse with warm and cold water. This mask improves blood circulation, reduces pores, cleanses and tones the skin.

Mask of grapes

With three major vinogradinok remove the peel and remove seeds. Gently knead the pulp and add to it half the egg yolk and a little starch. The resulting slurry to carry on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. After rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer. This mask is perfectly nourishes the skin, tightens pores, improves the complexion.

Mask of clay and sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent healing agent. If you have jumped a big pimple can cause Dot small amount of oil to the affected area. The skin turns yellow, but the paint will wash off easily with water when cleaning. If you have multiple inflammation on his face, then prepare the following mask: Mix two tablespoons of clay (white or blue), and one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil. These ingredients can not be mixed in a metal container. To the resulting mass add as clean drinking water to make a sticky paste. Apply the mask on your face for twenty minutes, rinse with warm water.

The mask of yogurt and cottage cheese

This mask perfectly soothes inflamed areas, as well as refreshing complexion. You will need one tablespoon of fat-free cottage cheese and three tablespoons of yogurt one percent. Stir the ingredients and apply on face for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water, use a moisturizing cream.

Pimples and acne - a nasty problem, but you can cope with them. The main rule - do not be lazy and cleaned regularly, nourish and exfoliate the skin. To do this, particularly good means of natural ingredients, and especially - the homemade masks. Read recipes, check their action! Then you finally will find the skin of his dreams - a perfectly smooth, flat, without any red spots and inflammation.

 Masks for oily skin: the most efficient and easy recipes

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 loose skin of the face


  • Why our skin loses appeal
  • Basic rules of skin care, prone to sagging

Fresh, pink, elastic skin of the face shows not only of your youth and beauty, but also good health. For our internal problems immediately affect the appearance. Dull hair, under-eye circles, sagging skin is gray, covered with mesh of fine wrinkles - a depressing picture, is not it?

Is it possible to avoid such unpleasant age-related changes in the face? Of course, yes, though, I want to say, that Makropulos, has yet to be invented. Therefore, you should not expect a miracle, but to listen to advice on how to properly care for sagging skin, it is imperative.

Why our skin loses appeal

Health and beauty go, they say, hand in hand. And in order to permanently preserve the beauty and youth, it is necessary to take care of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity needed to say "no" to bad habits. Believe me, the body is required to respond to such care.

The worst enemy of every woman are alcohol and smoking. If you know of such a sin, review your lifestyle, otherwise very soon see in the mirror that same gray face with sagging skin, which we mentioned above. After all, in order to look good, we should not so much effort: the right diet, the right mode of work and rest, physical activity. Try at least a month to live in such a regime - and the changes in appearance will pleasantly surprise you.

A negative impact on our skin and a sharp increase in weight and sudden weight loss. Overweight nobody is decorated, and most importantly, a negative impact on health. Begin joint problems, heart and blood vessels. In this situation, losing weight just need to medically - it will tell you any doctor.

What we usually do? That's right, goes to extremes, choosing Express diet, taking a miracle pill. What is most interesting, and often one and the other gives a visible result. But we must be aware that the effect usually lasts for a short time, and then everything goes back to square one, often becomes even more weight. Moreover, rapid weight loss - it is always loose, sagging skin (this also applies to the face and body). The body is simply unable to adapt and properly respond to such rapid changes.

To not bring themselves to such a state, it is necessary simply to follow certain rules.

  • To maintain a stable weight, avoiding sharp fluctuations (especially if you a little bit of ... - figure substitute yourself).
  • If the number on the scale does not suit you, consult with a competent nutritionist who will develop individual long-term diet. Thanks to her, you can lose weight without harmful effects to the health and appearance.

 loose skin on the face

Basic rules of skin care, prone to sagging

Daily care

In order to bring in a sluggish skin tone, very good to use a variety of masks, body wraps, compresses.

Good give effect compresses contrast. You will need two containers with hot and cold (preferably iced) water and napkins. Change the hot and cold compresses, complete the procedure can be easily massaging face with ice. Then you should apply a light day cream, appropriate type of skin. This morning the procedure.

Evening care is to remove the makeup special means, then the face and neck can be wiped active tonic or lotion, which is suitable for your skin type.

And the last stage - night cream, which must be applied for at least an hour before bedtime. After 30-40 minutes, be sure to clean the face of the remnants of the cream, it will save you from swelling.

Special procedures using home remedies

Loose skin needs careful and regular care. This can be used as a variety of special products (creams, lotions, masks) from top manufacturers and available natural products that are available in every home. Main feature - regularity.

  1. A good tonic for the sluggish atonic skin are wiping cold brine - teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water. After such packs should definitely apply a nourishing cream.
  2. An excellent lifting, cleansing and firming action has lemon mask, which is simple and easy to prepare at home. To prepare the lemon masks should be parboiled, remove the peel and grate. Make a kind of gauze masks with slits for the eyes and nose, to impregnate her lemon gruel and put on clean washed face, blurred layer of fat cream or olive oil. Exposure mask - 15-20 minutes. Wipe face and neck and apply a nourishing lotion or moisturizer.
  3. Good tone flabby skin mask of cucumber. Exposure of such a mask for 20 minutes, after which the skin should be wiped on the face cucumber tonic and apply the appropriate cream.
  4. For oily skin atonic good as masks tomato and sauerkraut - a tonic effect is obvious after the first procedure. If the skin is thin and dry, in order to avoid irritation that can trigger such a mask, they should be put on a fat basis.

All these treatments (wraps, masks), we must pursue a course (10-15 sessions), with an interval of 2-3 days. The result will certainly please you.

Salon treatment for atonic skin

Currently, the market is widely featured products for the care of all skin types, including high-performance products for professional use. Advanced salons work only with high quality cosmetics, also have at their disposal the most modern equipment, which allows several times to increase the feedback means to care for skin.

If you have time and money (and there are such services in the salon is not cheap), it makes sense to seek the assistance of professionals. Offers holistic treatments to help deal with the problem of sagging skin.

In addition, the cabin you can offer the so-called plastic facial massage, which is ideal for people with loose skin. The course consists iz15-20 procedures as a result you will get tightened with good skin turgor and clear oval face. Typically, such a complementary massage special masks that improve skin elasticity.

The only thing I would like to note - it is a complex form of massage and not everyone can do it correctly. You agree to such a procedure only if you are absolutely sure of qualification beautician.

As you can see, the problem of sagging skin is completely solved. For this we need only your desire to look good and a little time.

Listen to our advice - and you will succeed!

 Proper care - and sagging facial skin will last

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